~ Building Life ~ (A Swadarsh FF) ~ Note, Page 76 (Page 72)

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Originally posted by Sana_Jannat

Clap poor girl Unhappy
Finally she come to know ..
I guess its Abhay's plan to reveal truth without hurting her ,i mean in that situation she might not listen ..
Thanks for PM ..

I know. She is a good girl who did not get the right guidance when she was young. 

No. Abhay had not intended for Simmi to know it this way. He thought he will first warn Ahuja that he knows the truth. He did not expect that Simmi will come there. Abhay will also be surprised to see Simmi there. 

Anyways, one way or the other, she found out the truth. Let us see what she does about it now!

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Originally posted by Aimsha

Thanks for such a fantastic update dear loved it pls update next part soon waiting eagerly thanks once again 

Thank you for reading the update! 
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Originally posted by olsen_124

Lovely update.Loved it.Poor Simmi though Cry...The way she had to find out about her father.I hope now she does the right thing and i also hope now Appa does not create and blocks.

Thanx for PM

Thanks Bonny! Yes, poor Simmi. But at-least now she realizes that all the Sinha's love and care about her. She will have support to get through this hopefully!

Appa Ermm. We will have to see. But there are so many people supporting Swadarsh now... Appa will have to relent I think Big smile
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Originally posted by Dumpling

Simmi always I thought lacked proper guidance n her life n was impulsive due to lack of education.
This version of simmi n ur FF s a thinking person.gud to see simmi thinking about her family members...

Yes. Simmi truly lacked guidance. And also the fact that her father was the only family she had made her defensive about him. But she is a bright young girl. Now she is part of a whole family of intellectual people who can guide her correctly LOL
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Originally posted by kennashreign

Aww... Poor Simmi! She is somehow always is at the receiving end of everyones ire/lies. I feel bad for her. 
This was a enjoyable read. I look forward to the next update. Cheers!

Thanks. I know. Simmi was a sensitive, bright, perceptive young girl. All she wanted was acceptance and she was willing to do anything to get that. The only thing she wasn't willing to do was give up on her father. So relatable. And her biggest asset, she was loyal and loving and extremely possessive about her family. 

Hopefully things will work out fine for her. 
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Originally posted by chemgirl

Hi dear...very beautiful update...poor simmi

I love the way u bring out the povs og each character...i love ur version of Simmi...its a character we can relate to...sometimes when someone very important to us does something wrong or even hurts us we still tend to protect them...in our heart we know they r wrong but we convince ourselves that they did nothing wrong and finally when at a point we have to accept tge truth and it hurts...thats exactly what Simmi is going through.

Wonder what she will do now...she is angry with her dad but will she let him be punished or will she talk to him?

Happy that she finally realised that the Sinhas n Swadheenta love her. One roadblock out i guess.

I love Abhay.

n of course one comment for 34 chapters bilkul acceptable nahin hai...will comment on every chapter after my exams.

update soon...plz...

Hey, I was joking about the comment bit. Thank you for reading, thank you more for commenting.

As unrealistic as it may sound, it is my opinion that there is goodness in everyone, and the number of venomous people we meet in our day to day lives (for most of us at-least) is limited. Particularly people with important and responsible professions such as IAS, IPS, lawyers etc are more logical and practical in their approach to things than emotional. Considering all these aspects, the possibility that all these characters will help each other and resolve problems is higher than them letting a problem guide them. 

So, Simmi's problem too will end. But yes, it will be interesting to know how she will handle it. She is not greatly educated or has not had the best guidance. But she is a bright young girl. Hopefully she will make the right choice Big smile
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Originally posted by MysticRiver


Thank you 
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Simmi separated herself from the hug and looked up into Abhay's eyes. What she saw in it warmed her heart. How she had misunderstood him and his family when all they cared about was her wellness! She smiled through her tears and touched Abhay's cheek with her palm. 

Just as Simmi had anticipated Abhay had noticed Simmi's car as soon as he stepped out. He looked around to check if she was anywhere in the vicinity, but realized that she wasn't anywhere. It suddenly struck him that she may have walked inside during his conversation with pappa. Had she heard anything? Was she ok? With fear gripping his heart, he rushed inside to see her standing near the door, immobile. Taking slow steps to ensure he did not startle her, he had touched her shoulder whispering a soft "baby". It had torn his heart to see her in tears, tears of realization! She had hugged him tight, and all he could do was hold her, assure her that he was with her. 

Now, seeing some relief in her eyes, Abhay held her hand that rested on his cheek. Baby tum

I am ok Abhay. Mein teek hu. Tum meri itni chinta kar rahe the ke itni badi baat mujhse chupaya? 

Baby woh

Mein naraaz nahi hu Abhay. Lekin I know. Agar tum mujhse pappa ke baare mein batate bhi, toh shaayad mein tumhari baat pe yakeen nahi kar paati. Aaj maine khud unke mu se yeh suna, toh... Abhay, mein bahut sharminda hu. Ghar mein saare mere liye itna pareshaan the, aur maine kabhi kisi ko samaj ne ki koshish tak nahi ki. Maine hamesha assume kiya ki saare mere paapa ke khilaaf hai. Aur apne insecurity mein maine Swadheenta ko itna bhala bura keh diya, woh bhi uske parents ke saamne. I am so sorry Abhay

Nahi Simmi. Please, don't feel bad. Hum sab samaj te hai ke yeh ek misunderstanding tha. Mom, dad, Jai bhaiya, Jaya bhabhi, and in-fact Adarsh bhai aur Swadheenta bhi jaante hai. So, don't worry about it. Aur, anyways, bhai ne Swadheenta ko mana liya hai. They are ok now. And soon, hum Swadheenta ke parents ko bhi mana lenge. 

Swadheenta ne mere liye itna kuch kiya hai Abhay. Mere paapa ne uske saath jo bhi kiya, meri help karne ke liye woh chup rahi. Woh chahti toh kuch bhi keh sakti thi. Lekin woh chup rahi Abhay. Woh itni achi hai. Aur maine uske saath itna bura kiya? I am so ashamed

Simmi, chup. Maine kaha na. We all know that this was a misunderstanding. Chodo yeh sab. Chalo, ghar chalte hai.

Nahi Abhay. Not so soon. Mujhe pappa se baat karni hai.

Simmi, maine paapa se baat kar li hai. Mein manage kar loonga. Tum aaraam karlo Simmi. You need your rest. I know this is all too strenuous. Please, hum baad mein baat kar lete hai pappa se. 

Nahi Abhay. Don't worry. Mujhe kuch nahi hoga. Aaj mein jitna halka feel kar rahi hu, pehle kabhi nahi kiya. Aisa lagta hai ki sach jaane ne ki baad ek alag hi aazaadi mil gayi hai. Jab se tum mujhe mile ho, tab se ek hi baat ki insecurity hai mujhe, ki mein tumhe kho na du. Jab bhi tumhe paapa ke against kuch kehte hue ya karte hua dheka, socha ki tum mujhe chod doge. Lekin aaj yakeen ho gaya ki jitna paapa mujhse pyaar karte hai, utna hi tum sab mujhse pyaar karte ho. Ab mujhe kuch nahi hoga Abhay. But I have to talk to pappa.

Are you sure? Sirf baat karange, ok? No stress?

Haan. Sirf baat karange. 

Ok. Chalo. 

Abhay walked in with Simmi to support her during her conversation with Ahuja. 


Ahuja turned around as soon as he heard Simmi's voice. He was shocked to see her there, and noticed Abhay standing behind her. Abhay looked composed, while Simmi looked determined.

Puttar? Tu yaha kya kar rahi hai?

Aise hi aapse milne aayi thi paapa. Abhay ko bahaar dheka, toh usko bhi le aayi. 

Acha kiya puttar. Aaja, hum saath mein khana khate hai. 

Paapa, mein aapse yaha kuch important baat karne aayi thi. Aapke paas agar time ho toh pehle woh baat puri karle?

Haan puttar. Tu bol na, kya baat hai?

Woh, mein hospital jaana chah rahi thi paapa. Swadheenta se maafi maang ne. Maine uske saath kuch galat kiya hai. Aur iss baat ka mujhe bahut bura lag raha hai. Mein jaake usse maafi maang na chahti hu. Par jaane se pehle socha ki aapse pooch lu ki mein usse kis kis baat ke liye maafi maangu?


Mere pappa ne uski accident karwayi, mere pappa abhi bhi uski jaan ke peeche pade hai. Unki chup rehne ki wajhe se maine jaake usko itna bhala bura suna diya... kya itna kaafi hai, ya kuch aur reh gaya hai?

Simmi puttar?

Paapa, aaj tak maine aap se zyada kisi ki respect nahi kiya hai. Sab se zyada aapko maana hai maine. Mere paapa hai aap. Aapke liye duniya bhar se lad sakti thi mein. Lekin iss baar aapne jo kiya hai, galat kiya hai. Ab mujhe aise mode pe khada kar diya hai aapne, jab mujhe sirf aap par nahi, khud par se vishwas utt gaya hai. Kyon paapa? Aise kya zarooth thi aapko? 

Ahuja stood still without saying anything

Aapne abhi thodi der pehle kaha ki Swadheenta aap hi ke haaton se maregi. Ahuja looked up in shock. Simmi's face for devoid of any emotion. She continued to look at him as she stated Pata nahi mujhe aap pe itna haq raha ya nahi ki mein aapko mana saku ki aap jo kar rahe hai, galat kar rahe hai. Lekin agar aap ko aaj bhi mujh se pyaar hai toh sunn leejiye. Aapne Swadheenta ke saath kuch aur karne ki koshish ki, toh isse pehle ki usko kuch ho jaaye, mein apni jaan de doongi. Ek khooni ki beti kehla ne se acha hai mein mar hi jaaoo

Simmi Abhay and Ahuja echoed together

Mujhe jo kehna tha, maine keh diya. Dinner kisi aur din kar lenge. Chalo Abhay. Ghar chalte hai With that, she held Abhay's hand and walked out of her father's house. 

Once they stepped out, Simmi stopped Abhay by tugging at his hand.  I am sorry Abhay. Mein jaanti hu ki tumhe acha nahi laga ki maine jaan dene ki baat ki. Par if there is something that will stop paapa, woh yahi ek baat hai. Mein jaanti hu ki woh mujhse aaj bhi pyaar karte hai. Hopefully this will stop him. 

Simmi, jo bhi ho, hum manage kar lenge. But tum mujhse promise karo ki tum aisa kuch stupidity sach mein nahi karogi?

Simmi smiled. Don't worry Abhay. Itni kamzoor nahi hu mein. Aur waise bhi, ek IPS officer ki wife hu. Itni aasaani se haar thodi na maan loongi?

Abhay smiled back at her. Simmi continued, Abhay, mein sach mein Swadheenta ko visit karna chah ti hu hospital mein. Maine jo bhi kiya hai aaj, I want to apologize to her. Kya hum waha jaa sakte hai?

Mein ek baar bhai se pooch leta hu ki waha pe sab teek hai ya nahi. Abhay quickly called Adarsh and confirmed that everything was alright and if they could visit Swadheenta now. Adarsh quickly confirmed with Swadheenta if she was alright about meeting Simmi, and Swadheenta was only happy to oblige. Leaving Simmi's car behind, they drove together in Abhay's vehicle to the hospital. 

In Swadheenta's room, Adarsh sat with her as they enjoyed some casual conversation as they waited for Abhay and Simmi. They heard a knock on the door, and Adarsh voiced a "come-in".

Slowly, and hesitantly Simmi walked in to the room followed by Abhay. Once inside the room, Abhay closed the door behind him, but Simmi did not come in any further. She was determined to seek forgiveness from Swadheenta, but now, as she stood in front of her, couldn't find the will or the words. Understanding her situation, Adarsh looked at Swadheenta who blinked her eyes in response. Knowing her unspoken words, Adarsh got up from the chair and walked towards Simmi. When he stood in front of her, Simmi looked up to see Adarsh. She couldn't help the tears that rolled down her eyes. Adarsh wiped her tears, and nodded his head in the negative. Then to lighten the mood he said Kya yaar. Tum ladkiyaan. Aise senti hoke hamesha hum ladkon ko bhi rula dogi. Haina chotu?

Haan bhai. Pata nahi kaise baat baat pe roh dete hai. Jaise inki bodies mein khoon nahi, sirf paani hi bhara ho. 

Chup karo tum dono Swadheenta said from the bed. Hum ladkiyan sensitive ke saath saath sensible bhi hote hai. Our reactions are always right. Tum logon ki tarah nahi. Acha suno, mujhe pyaas lagi hai. Sab ke liye cafeteria se juice lao na.

Ok madam Abhay said with a bow. Chale bhai? Hamara yaha pe ab koi kaam nahi raha. Hum juice laate hai. With that Abhay and Adarsh walked out leaving Swadheenta and Simmi to themselves. 

Simmi looked at Swadheenta wondering what she was made of. She had sent the boys out simply because she sensed that Simmi was feeling uncomfortable and vulnerable. She couldn't feel more ashamed of herself.

Itni naraaz ho ki mere paas bhi nahi aaoogi? She heard Swadheenta say

Smiling a sad smile Simmi looked at Swadheenta Tum chahti ho ki mein tumhare paas aaoo? Kyon Swadheenta? Kaise? You know ke mere paapa ne tumhare saath kya kiya hai. Itna sab ho gaya. Aur tum chahti ho ki mein tumhare paas aaoo? Dar nahi lagta tumhe? Trust kaise kar sakti ho mujhpe?

Waise agar dheka jaaye toh trust toh mein Abhay pe bhi nahi kar sakti. Aur Adarsh ko kitna jaanti hu mein? Aise socha jaaye, toh trust toh kisi pe bhi nahi kiya jaasakta na?

Swadheenta, meri mom ke death ke baad sirf paapa ne mujhe paala. He was a good father. Aisa nahi hai ki mujhe nahi pata ho ki woh kuch galat kaam karte hai. Lekin jaha tak mujhe pata tha, woh kuch bribes dena, lena, aise cheezain karte the. Unke illlegal kaam ki hadd itna badi hai, yeh mein nahi jaanti thi. 

Simmi, kya tumhe sach mein lagta hai ki mujhe yeh sab nahi pata hai? Meri chodo. Tumhare paapa galat hai, yeh baat toh puri Sinha parivaar jaanta hai. Lekin aaj tak kisi ne tumse iss baare mein baat nahi ki hai. Ek baar socha hai kyon? Kyonki sab jaante hai ki tum inn saare cheezon mein bilkul bhi involved nahi ho. And no one wants you to feel the way you are feeling now...

Simmi was now sobbing slowly, still standing away from Swadheenta's bed. Mujhe bed se utna mana hai. Lekin ab bhi tum mere paas nahi aayi, toh mujhe utne ki koshish karni padegi Swadheenta said to Simmi. 

Slowly, smiling through her tears, Simmi walked towards Swadheenta and held her out-stretched hand. Swadheenta pulled her hand to guide her to a chair near her bed. 

Simmi, aaj jo mere appa ne Suhasini maam ke saath kiya, woh bhi galat tha. Lekin yeh unki galati hai Simmi. Mein iss baat se upset ho sakti hu, embarrassed ho sakti hu, iss baat ko teek karne ki koshish kar sakti hu. Lekin unki galti ki mein responsibility nahi le sakti. Tum samaj rahi ho meri baat?

Swadheenta, tum age mein mujhse choti ho. Lekin mein tumse bahut choti mehsoos kar rahi hu abhi. Swadheenta tried to stop her when Simmi continued Nahi, not in a negative way. I am very happy. Jaanti ho, maine Abhay se pyaar toh kiya. Lekin usse shaadi maine iss liye bhi karna chaha tha kyonki mujhe ek bade parivaar ka hissa ban na tha. I grew up as an only child without anyone around me. I wanted a lot of people around me after marriage. Lekin shaadi hone ke baad bhi mein kisi ke saath ek mazbooth rishta nahi bana paayi. Lekin ab, tumhari wajhe se mujhe bhi ek parivaar mil raha hai Swadheenta. Adarsh bhaiya sach mein bhai lagne lage hai. Aur tum, you are the sister I didn't have before. Thank you Swadheenta. And I am so sorry!

Swadheenta with tears in her own eyes wiped Simmi's tears. Acha hua. Tum, Jaya bhabhi aur mein milke inn Sinha brothers ki waat lagha dete hai. Maza aayega. 

Now, almost laughing, Simmi acknowledged Haan. Unki toh ab khair nahi

Adarsh and Abhay who had come back stood at the door and had heard the last bit of their conversation. Happy about the turn of events, Abhay side hugged Adarsh. Now, looking at the girls he said Bhai, maine kaha nahi tha. Inn logon ke bodies mein khoon se zyada paani bhara hota hai. Dhekiya na, ab tak ro rahe hai dono!

Swadheenta looked at them and trying to put on an angry face said Simmi, mera ek kaam karogi?

Simmi who had also been looking at the door towards Abhay and Adarsh now turned back to look at Swadheenta Bolo na Swadheenta. Anything

Mere pyaare bhai ko samjhana hai ki aisi baatein karange, toh saza toh mile ga hi. Toh, aaj raat unko counch pe sula dena please. 

Gladly Swadheenta. Room ke andar wali couch pe, ya living room waali? Waise living room waali comfortable hai. Room waali hi teek hai unke liye.

Abe yaar. Mein toh mazaak kar raha tha. Bhai, bolo na kuch!

Mujhe nahi padna tere lafde mein. Mujhe toh bed pe sona hai. Teri problem hai, tu sambhal le. 

Acha? Aisa dhoka? Aapke liye maine kya kya nahi kiya. Aur aap mera hi saath chod rahe ho? Ek couch se dar kar? Abhay tried to make a faceto show how hurt he was by all their behavior, but landed up looking cute like a puppy. The resulting "Awww's" and the laughter could be heard even outside the hospital room. All was turning out to be well!

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