~ Building Life ~ (A Swadarsh FF) ~ Note, Page 76 (Page 70)

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Originally posted by Aimsha

Thanks a ton dear the wait was worth while the update really enjoyed the update will wait for next part eagerly thanks once again dear

Thanks. I am glad you think it was worth the wait Big smile

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Originally posted by kennashreign

Simmi is so strong! I really like how you've revealed her strength. Kudos to you!

Hey. Yes, she is a very strong girl. She has endured so much when she was young. Because of her medical condition, people try to protect her from these negative things, but she is very strong. 

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Originally posted by Sana_Jannat

guess wrong LOL
bt way was nice & liked simmi's different side ..finally brother-sister r together Hug
Hug for PM

Thanks Sana. Finally things are starting to clear out and everything seems to be falling into place. Hopefully this will continue... Big smile

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Originally posted by MysticRiver

well written..

Thank you!
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Originally posted by Aimsha

Hey Dear pls update next part waiting for your next update eagerly dear


I know you eagerly wait for updates. It is truly encouraging. I wish I can update more often. but sometimes I experience a writer's block. I have to think through the story before I can jot it down. I will try and update as often as I can. 

Thanks for the constant encouragement!
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Positive actions and reactions

Ahuja stood outside the hospital door listening to the "Awww's" from inside the room. On an impulse he had followed Abhay and Simmi. Now, he wondered what compelled him to come here, a place where he would certainly not be welcome. He didn't have to be here! But he knew in his heart that whether he wanted it or not, he needed to be here. He needed to be here to make sure Simmi was alright. There was no one else on this planet that mattered to him more than Simmi. She was all he had. Yes, he was a selfish man, but Simmi was a part of him. He could do nothing that would harm her in any way. And today, the look in her eyes as she spoke with a determined conviction had shaken him up. He could tell that she wasn't joking. If he hurt Swadheenta, Simmi would hurt herself, he was sure of it. 

There was also this other thing that had been constantly nagging him.Today, for the first time in his life, he had seen a sense of shame in Simmi's eyes. He realized that she was ashamed of him. She was ashamed to be his daughter. 

He extended his hand to knock in the door, but almost immediately pulled back. He realized he will be an unwanted intruder in the present and possibly temporary peace of the people inside. He heard them all making light of this dark situation. Although he couldn't hear them clearly, he could tell from the tone of their voices that they were sharing a light and happy moment. Despite her emotional trauma a few minutes ago, here Simmi was, laughing and smiling amidst these people. Her new family was keeping her more happy that he had ever been able to do, and that hurt him. He was her father after-all. He had to be her hero and the most important man in her life. Always! Let alone the most important man, his daughter was ashamed of him. For the first time in his life, he had seen Simmi's vulnerability, and understood fully that it was because of him. 

Simmi's words today had jolted him to reality. Had he become so much of a monster that he was willing to physically hurt people to have his way? How had he become so cruel that his daughter preferred to hurt herself because of his behavior? When had he become this monster? No, he did not want to be this man. And he would start his amends now. He would have hell to pay, and he may land up spending the rest of his life in jail. But he would not let his bad habits and deeds affect his daughter in any way. Having made up his mind and knowing exactly how he was going to do it, he walked away from there with a strange determination. 

Unaware of Ahuja's presence outside or of his subsequent departure, inside the room Adarsh and Abhay continued to entertain the girls with some random jokes. Simmi also joined in on the fun and narrated some funny incidents from their day to day life at the Sinha household to cheer Swadheenta up. Their conversation was broken by Asad's call who informed them that he was on his way back to the hospital and that he would get there in another 1/2 hour. Since it wasn't too long a wait, Abhay and Simmi decided to stay back so they could drive back with Adarsh. Although they did have their separate cars, they could drive back together. Abhay called Suhasini to let her know of their present whereabouts. As Abhay stood near the door talking to Suhasini, Adarsh noticed that Swadheenta was acting a little restless. She was holding on to the bed sheet that covered her body and was twisting it in her hand. Noticing her discomfort, Adarsh held her hand. Suddenly conscious, Swadheenta looked at Adarsh uncertainly.

Kya hua? Why are you acting so restless? Adarsh asked her

Adarsh, woh, maam se mujhe bhi baat karni chahiye na? Appa ne aaj jo bhi kaha unse, mujhe unsi maafi maangni chahiye Swadheenta suggested

Swadheenta, it is ok. I told you, mom understands. Woh tumse naraaz nahi hai. Naraaz toh dur, she is not even upset with you. Don't worry Adarsh reassured her

Nahi Adarsh. Jo hua, acha nahi hua. And appa galat the. He may have been angry, but unka gussa mujhse hona chahiye tha. You were not liable to say anything to him, neither was your family. Maam se unhe aisi baat nahi karna chahiye tha. And I have to apologize on his behalf Swadheenta asserted

Ok. Baad mein karlena. Abhi karne ki koi zarooth nahi hai 

Nahi Adarsh. Tum samaj nahi rahe ho. Mein unse abhi maafi nahi maangungi toh raat bar so nahi paaoongi. 

Arre yaar! Sighing he looked at Abhay who was still on the phone. Walking up to him, he poked him with him finger to catch his attention. Surprised at how happy Abhay looked when he turned to face Adarsh, Adarsh raised his eyebrows in question. Abhay smiled and nodded his head in the negative. At this, Adarsh pointed at Swadheenta and suggested with his hand that she wanted to talk to mom. Abhay looked at Swadheenta smiling at her and walked up to her. She could now hear him talk to Suhasini maam

Haan mom! Swadheenta bhi aapse baat karna chahti hai. Leejiye. Mein usko phone de raha hu.

Handling over the phone to Swadheenta, he walked up to Adarsh looking very happy. Adarsh was puzzled at Abhay's actions as was Simmi. They wondered what had happened that was making him this cheerful. They now focused their attention towards Swadheenta as if she held all the answers. Swadheenta was holding on to the phone, and took a couple of deep breathers to settle her nerves before she spoke

Hello, maam?


Maam, please. Mein jaanti hu ki aap mujhse naraaz nahi hai. Adarsh ne bataya mujhe. Lekin jo mujhe aapse kehna hai, woh aap sun leejiye

Swadheenta iski koi zarooth nahi

Nahi maam. Hai. Aapko jaan ne ki zarooth hai. Maam, mere appa ne aaj aapse jo kuch bhi kaha, bahut galat tha. Lekin aapka yeh jaan na zaroori hai ki woh bure nahi hai. Woh hai toh bahut strict, aur dominating bhi hai. Lekin bahut ache insaan hai maam.

Mein jaanti hu Swadheenta. Tum meri baat sunlo...

Nahi maam..

Swadheenta, just listen to mom Abhay tried to intervene as Adarsh and Simmi looked on

Mujhe bol lene deejiye maam.. she said to Suhasini even as she looked at Abhay and pleaded Please Abhay..

Hearing no resistance, she continued My parents are from an orthodox upbringing. Mere appa aise hi environment mein bade hue hai. Like any parent, he is very possessive and protective about me. Unke hisaab se mere liye unse acha decision koi aur nahi le sakta. And he has always wished for the best for me. Lekin jab bhi apne liye maine khud koi faisla liya hai, thode resistance ke baad hi sahi, unhone mujhe support bhi kiya hai. Iss baar, bahut time se woh Jeevan ke baare mein mujhse baat kar rahe the. Aur maine bhi maan liya tha. Suddenly Adarsh se kab mujhe pyaar ho gaya, mujhe khud bhi nahi pata chala. Isi liye mein appa amma ko bata nahi paayi. Jab completely ehsaas hua, tab accident ho gaya. Unhe batane ka koi bhi acha mauka hi nahi mila. Isse pehle ki mein unhe bata ti, unhe aaj Simmi se pata chal gaya. Sabse zyada woh mujhse naraaz hue honge ki maine unse itni badi baat chupayi. Unhe toh yahi laga hoga ki jab bhi woh Jeevan ke baare mein mujhse baat kar rahe the, tab maine unhe sach nahi bataya. Aur phie, aaj unke saamne Adarsh mujhe leke itna protective ho gaya. It was all too much for my appa to handle. Ek baar unse mein poori baat karlu, woh khud hi bahut guilty feel karange ki unhone aapse itni rudely baat ki. Sabse pehle toh woh khud aapse maafi maang lenge. Lekin please, tab tak, unke taraf se mein aapse maafi maangti hu. Please, aap unki baaton ko dil pe mat leejiye. He is a very good man. Please maam...


Swadheenta was shocked to hear her appa's voice. She looked at the phone as if it was the first time she was using one. Not understanding what was happening, she looked at Abhay. Adarsh and Simmi continued to look at Swadheenta's surprised look wondering what was happening. Abhay ran to her, took the phone from her and put it on speaker for Adarsh and Simmi's benefit. 

Swadheenta? Kanna (an endearment in Tamil)? her appa continued. I am sorry da. Suhasini ji aur Manohar ji yahi pe hai, maamu ke ghar par. Hum sab baat hi kar rahe the. Unse maine maafi maang li hai, aur unhone mujhe maaf bhi kar diya hai!

Swadheenta was again in tears, but this time happy ones. Adarsh couldn't believe what he was hearing. Simmi too felt greatly emotional and happy, for this confusion was her fault. She looked at Swadheenta with a little surprise, some shock and great happiness

Yahi toh mein tab se kehne ki koshish kar rahi thi Swadheenta Suhasini pitched in par tum toh ho hi ek lawyer, aur woh bhi meri student. Tumhe kaun rok sakta hai? Swadheenta could hear everyone laughing in the background. She looked at Adarsh and saw him smiling at her. 

Par yeh sab? Aap log maamu ke ghar par?

Tumhe kya laga? Hamare problems hum khud solve nahi kar sakte? Appa spoke. Woh, hua yeh ki

Flashback - 3 hours ago

Haider went and opened the door to receive Ramakrishnan ji and Revathi. He was expecting them after being told by Asad about all the happenings. Even Ramakrishnan ji had called and informed the Jilani's of their intended return. Ramakrishnan ji was very tired, and sat down on the couch quietly without saying a word. Revathi looked completely worn out too, and was shedding silent tears. Zubaida walked towards Revathi and held her, comforting her. After a few minutes Ramakrishnan looked at Haider and said

Yeh aapne teek nahi kiya Haider. Jab aapko pata tha iske baare mein, toh bataya kyon nahi mujhe?

Bhai saab, sach maaniye. Mujhe thoda andaza toh tha, lekin pakke se mujhe bhi nahi pata tha. Aur waise bhi, yeh baat hi aise hai ki agar mujhe pata hota bhi, toh mein prefer karta ki Swadheenta hi aapko bataye

lekin usne bhi toh nahi bataya na. Usne bhi dhoka diya hame

Haider signed Bhai saab, aap umre mein mujhse bade hai. Aur mein apne aap ko itna bhi samajdhar nahi maanta ki mein aapko kisi baat pe raay du. Beti toh woh aapki hi hai, lekin dil se maine bhi Swadheenta ko apni beti hi maana hai. Iss haq se keh raha hu aapse. Swadheenta bahut samajdhar ladki hai. Mujhe nahi lagta ki aapko ya hame dhoka dene ki irade se usne humse yeh baat chupayi hai. Aur jo bhi ho, Simmi aaj bhi hamare liye ghair hai, aur Swadheenta apni. Toh kisi aur ki baat se zyada hame apni bachi ki baat sun ni chahiye. Usko ek mauka toh dena hi chahiye apni baat hame batane ka. 

Lekin Haider... Appa tried to intervene

Aur, yeh baat hame batane ki zimmadari Swadheenta ki thi. Suhasini ji ne usse kabhi roka nahi. And Adarsh ne toh apne ghar par sab ko bataya hi tha iss sab ke baare mein. Galati hui bhi hai, toh hamari bachi se. Toh Suhasini ji ki parvarish mein kya kami hai? Aaj aapne jo bhi unse kaha, galat kaha. Nahi kehna chahiye tha aapko. Haider concluded. 

 Appa looked at him in surprise to which Haider clarified Asad ne kaha mujhse. Woh wahi pe tha jab yeh sab hua. 

Appa nodded in understanding. Thinking about Haider's words for a few minutes appa asked him Toh ab mujhe kya karna chahiye Haider? 

Bhai saab, aaj tak khud ke liye jo bhi faisla liya hai, Swadheenta ne hame proud hi feel karaya hai. Uski har decision pe hum sab ko naaz hai. Kabhi bhi galat faisla nahi liya hai usne. Toh iss baar bhi usse yeh faisla lene dete hai na?Yeh toh uski zindagi ka sabse bada faisla hai. Soch samaj ke hi liya hoga usne?

Lekin woh Adarsh toh itna rude tha?

Nahi bhai saab. Emotions mein kuch keh diya hoga. Bahut acha bacha hai. Mujhe toh bahut pasand hai. Aur aap ko toh khush hona chahiye. Aapki beti se woh itna pyaar karta hai ki kisi ko bhi uske saath galat nahi karne deta. Aapko bhi nahi!

Hummm. Suhasini ji ko toh maine itna insult kar diya. Woh toh bahut naraaz hogi?

Toh galati ki hai toh maafi bhi maang leejiye unse. Woh bhi bahut samajdhar hai. Maan jaayegi. 

Acha? Thinking for a few more minutes, teek hai. Unka number hai toh mujhe do. Mein abhi unse maafi maang leta hu

Bilkul hai. Yeh leejiye. 

Ramakrishnan had called Suhasini and had apologized profusely for his behavior. Suhasini was more than happy to forget the entire incident and had immediately agreed to go over with Manohar to talk to the Ramakrishnan's and Jilani's in person. 

End of flashback

Appa? I am sorry appa Swadheenta said once she had heard the entire happenings

Kanna, I should be sorry. I am sorry I doubted you. I have also been doubtful and apprehensive of your choices. I should trust your judgement more. I am sorry

Aap khush hai na appa?

More than you can imagine Swadheenta. Amma is also here with me. We are both very happy. I cannot wait to meet Adarsh, this time under better circumstances.

Thank you uncle Adarsh chipped in when he heard his name mentioned. And I am also very sorry for my behavior. Please, please forgive me

No beta. It is all forgotten. But your sister-in-law Simmi seemed angry and upset about something. Will she be alright with all this?

Mein bhi yahi hu uncle, I am so sorry about everything. Mein bahut sharminda hu apni behavior ke liye Simmi said

You are with them? Yeh toh bahut achi baat hai beta. Don't worry. It is all forgotten. Let us all make a new start. Adarsh, hum Suhasini ji aur Manohar ji se abhi yahi keh rahe the. 2-3 days mein Swadheenta discharge hoke ghar aa jaayegi. Tab tum saare ek din yaha pe breakfast ke liye aa jaaoo. Let us all have breakfast together and discuss the next steps. Teek hai?

Bilkul uncle, Thank you! Adarsh asked

Khush raho beta

Congratulations you guys Suhasini screamed from the background and was joined by Manohar, Revathi, Zubaida and Haider

Swadheenta and Adarsh couldn't be more happy Thank you mom, thanks everyone!

As soon as they completed the call Abhay came and hugged Adarsh and Swadheenta. Congratulations bhai, Congratulations "bhabhi"

Hello, mein tumhari behan hu. Bhabhi nahi Swadheenta joked with Abhay

Simmi followed Abhay and hugged Adarsh and congratulated him. She then went to hug Swadheenta

Congratulations Swadheenta, and sorry about everything

Thanks Simmi. You know Simmi, ghar mein baaki sab ne mujhe accept kar liya tha. Lekin jab tak tumne mujhe accept nahi kiya, itne saare problems the. Ek baar tumne accept kar liya, toh saare problems hat gaye. You are my lucky charm. So please, tum sorry mat bolna.

Abhay and Adarsh smiled at the girls. Even as they stood watching them, Abhay's phone rang. Looking at the number and slightly perplexed, Abhay answered

Hello? Vijay?

His subordinate answered Sir, woh Mr. Ahuja ne Ms Swadheenta Ramnakrishnan ke attempted murder case mein apne aap ko surrender kar liya hai station mein! Woh jail mein hai abhi. Yeh saari formalities complete hone tak aapko kuch bhi nahi bataye aisa request kiya tha unhone. Ab socha aapko bata du!

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WOW!   Clap    Party    Party   Party    Party loved it ..so Ramakrisnan's r going to Approve /accept Adarsh for Swadheenta bcz Sinha& Jilani's already accept Swadarsh ..
and Ahuja too surrendered ...
Hope happiness will continue till End Day Dreaming... Hug for PM..

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Thanks for the update dear it was a fabulous  update dear and your updates as all ways are worth while than a ton dear 
Will wait for your next part eagerly dear

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