~ Building Life ~ (A Swadarsh FF) ~ Note, Page 76 (Page 67)

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Originally posted by kennashreign

This is such a realistic story. The hurdles and obstacles in SwaDarsh's life are so relatable. Continue soon.

PS: Read all the chapters in one go. I loved the FF!

Thanks much! I hope I can continue to keep the story and the characters realistic. Let me know how you think the story is progressing... 

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It's going fabulous pls  soon and pls update next part 
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Turning of tides

Uske appa amma nikal gaye. Woh so rahi hai abhi bhi. Bahut tak gayi thi Asad said as he spoke to Abhay over phone. 

Acha. Tu wahi pe ruk. Thodi der mein Adarsh bhai waha pe pohanch jaayange. 

Teek hai bhaiya. Koi problem nahi hai. 

Even before Abhay finished his conversation with Asad, Adarsh had rushed out of the room. He had been feeling guilty for his actions, and he wanted to rectify them quickly. When he reached the hospital, Swadheenta was still asleep. Asad and Adarsh sat on either sides of her bed watching her sleep. She looked drained, she looked tired. 

Adarsh had expected that like other times Asad would leave them alone and walk away, but Asad did not leave. He continued to sit on a chair on the other side of Swadheenta's bed. A couple of times, he looked at Adarsh like he wanted to say something to him, but then changed him mind and kept quiet. Adarsh who had noticed Asad's behavior got up from his chair and pulled it to a spot next to Asad's. He sat down again, looked at Asad, and said Kya bolna chahta hai? Bol de. Koi problem nahi hai.

Nahi bhaiya, aisi koi baat nahi Asad said apprehensively, and did not meet Adarsh's eyes. 

Bhaiya bula tha hai, par maanta nahi hai, haina?

Asad did not answer immediately, but said after a few minutes Mein aisa kuch nahi bolna chahta kiski wajhe se baat aur bigad jaaye.

Kuch nahi hoga Asad, tell me. I know I was wrong. Aur yeh baat tum mujhse kahoge toh mein bura nahi maanunga.

Asad now looked at him Bhaiya, mein aapse chota hu. Shaayad aap mujhse bahut zyada samajdaar hai. Shaayad mein aapki tarah kabhi kamyaab na banu. Lekin mein Freedom se bahut pyaar karta hu. Chota hu usse. Badi behan hai woh meri. Lekin uska khayaal mein bahut ache se rak sakta hu. Agar mein zingadi mein kuch banna chahta hu toh woh iss liye taaki woh mujhse impress ho. Abbu aur ammi se zyada mein Freedom ko maanta hu. Aur aaj woh aapki aur aapki family ki wajhe se royi hai. Agar mujhe yeh nahi pata hota ki woh aapse kitna pyaar karti hai, toh mein kabhi dubara aapko uske paas nahi aane deta. Mein nahi jaanta ki woh utt ke aapse kya kahegi. Maybe she is not upset with you. Maybe she will understand the situation and forget everything, forgive everyone. Lekin mein aapse keh raha hu. Mein apni behan aapko de raha hu. Ek aur baar woh aapke wajhe se roi, toh kuch bhi ho jaaye, mein aapko uske paas nahi aane doonga. I promise, as much as I like you,  I will stand against you if you make her cry again, no matter what. 

Adarsh had been looking at Asad when he spoke. Now, when he heard him completely, he bent his head down. He was ashamed of his behavior and had realized his mistake even earlier. But listening to Asad voice it out had hit him hard. He smiled sadly, then looked back at Asad. Mein jaanta hu ki mein emotional ho gaya tha Asad. I know ki jo kuch bhi hua, usme Swadheenta ki koi galti nahi thi. Lekin uss minute mein yeh nahi soch paaya. Jitna tu apni behan ko chah ta hai, utna usse mein pyaar kar paaoonga ya nahi, yeh mein nahi jaanta. Lekin bahut chahta hu mein usse. I am sorry Asad. I am really sorry I hurt her, and you. Ab se yeh kabhi nahi hoga. I promise. Agar hua, toh tu jo punishment dega, woh mein maan loonga. I promise.

Asad knew that Adarsh was an amazing guy and what happened was because of the circumstances. But he had never been able to deal with Swadheenta's tears, and had found the need to warn Adarsh. But now, after have spoken to Adarsh, he was convinced. He smiled at Adarsh and hugged him. I am sorry bhaiya. Mein aapke saath rude nahi hona chahta tha. Lekin Freedom...

Asad, bola na, bhaiya bulayega toh maan na bhi padega. Aur mere saath tu hamesha waise hi lad sakta hai jaise tu apni Freedom ke saath ladta hai. Samjha?

Thank you bhaiya. Teek hai, ab aap apni Swadheenta ko samhalo, mein chala. Apne doston ke saath rahoonga. Will come back in a few hours. Kisi bhi cheez ki zarooth ho toh aap mujhe call kar lena. 

Thanks Asad. I will do that. He pulled out his wallet and handed 5000 Rs to Asad

Bhaiya, yeh kis liye?

Meri taraf se party. Bhai toh tum mujhe pehle se bula te rahe, lekin sahi maine mein bhai aaj bana mein tumhare liye. Isi baat ko celebrate karle?

Nahi bhaiya... 5000?

Kya yaar. Chotu toh hamesha mera saara pocket money uda deta tha. Tu toh kuch nahi le raha mujhse.

Mein toh keh raha tha ki 5000 se kya hoga?

Acha? Bhagega yaha se ya yeh 5000 be le lu wapas?

Wah bette. Aap toh ab Freedom ki tarah bolne bhi lage. Woh bhi aise hi daant thi mujhe.

Both of them laughed together. Asad then stepped out, while Adarsh continued to wait for Swadheenta to wake up. A few minutes later Swadheenta stirred from her sleep and slowly opened her eyes to see a dark room. The light had not been turned on, and she saw someone at the far end, looking out of the window. She assumed it to be Asad as she said amma appa kaha hai Asad? Aur tu yaha kaise? Thuje yaha rehne diya unhone?

Adarsh who was deep in thought about all the happenings of these last few hours was initially surprised to hear her speak. Then, turning towards her, but continuing to stand where he was, he said Asad nahi hai. Mein hu.

Swadheenta was surprised. She wondered if the entire episode with her father and Simmi and Suhasini maam was all her dream. Looking confused she questioned Tum? Looking around and still trying to make sense of it all, she said Itna andhera kyon hai yaha? And what are you doing here? Where are my parents?

They are at maamu's place. 

What? How? Woh toh maamu se naraaz the

Haan. But the doctor told them that you needed rest and no stress. He convinced them to go home, and maamu was only happy to have them go there. Asad was to stay here with you and cheer you up.

She realized from Adarsh's statement that the episode had indeed happened, and it wasn't her imagination. She was rudely reminded of Adarsh's harsh words to her as he had walked away. She had seen all her dreams breaking when he had left her alone. She felt let down, she felt hurt. She looked around the room and realized that they were alone. Agar Asad ko mere saath rehne bola gaya tha toh woh hai kaha? Aur mujhe stress lene se mana hai toh tum yaha kya kar rahe ho?


Kya mere appa ne Suhasini maam se maafi maang li?

Adarsh bent his head, but nodded in the negative

Toh I don't see what you are doing here Mr Sinha. I think you should leave.

Adarsh came near her and tried holding her hand, but she jerked it away from him. Why is the light off? She tried to reach for the call button to summon a nurse when Adarsh stopped her. He walked towards the switch board and turned the light on. She saw how his handsome face was cringed in worry and found her anger melting away. But he had deserted her. She understood his reasons for his actions, but was he right? Would he do this to her with all the problems they would face going forward? She looked away before her anger completely melted seeing his face. 

Adarsh came to stand close to her but Swadheenta refused to spare him a glance. Pulling a chair, he sat down next to her. Swadheenta, mein jaanta hu ki tum mujhse naraaz ho. You have every right to be. What I did was wrong. But mein tumhare appa se kuch nahi kehna chahta tha. And when I saw mom in tears, I reacted impulsively. I am sorry.

Swadheenta smiled sadly, still looking away from him. Pata hai Adarsh, this was the first time someone called me a home breaker too... She turned to look at him with tears in her eyes. Roz roz mujhse bhi koi aise baatein nahi karta. Aur woh bhi, Simmi ne yeh sab mere appa amma ke saamne bola. Mujhe hamari iss rishte se koi sharmindigi nahi hai. Par I know my parents. I was waiting for the right time to confess to them. Simmi ne na sirf khud meri insult ki, par usne mujhe mere hi parents ki nazroon mein gira diya. Mere liye bhi yeh first time hi tha. Mein bhi upset hoke chilla sakti thi, Simmi ke against, Suhasini maam ke against, tumhare against. Phir baad mein aake sorry bol deti toh sab kuch teek ho jaata?

It was now Adarsh's turn to look away from her for he could not meet her eyes. If he was ashamed of his actions before, he felt worse now. 

Swadheenta continued Bahut pyaar karti hu mein tumse. Bahut pyaar. Infact, itna pyaar jitna mein khud soch nahi sakti thi. I didn't know I had it in me to love someone so much. Pyaar hua hai, but that doesn't mean I have stopped being practical. I knew we will have challenges. We will have disagreements. But yeh nahi socha tha ki har ek baar koi problem aayega toh tum mujhe aise akele chod ke chale jaaooge. 

Impulsively Adarsh replied Nahi Swadheenta. Aisa nahi hai! Then, taking a couple of minutes to compose himself, he said Duniya mein sab se zyada maine mom se pyaar kiya hai. Sabse zyada unki respect ki hai. Mujhe bhi nahi pata tha ki unse bhi zyada mein kisi ko chah sakta hu. But apparently, I do. Swadheenta, I am also a realistic person. Jaise hi mein yaha se nikla tha, mujhe pata tha ki maine galat kiya hai. Mujhe bilkul bhi acha nahi lag raha tha. All I wanted to do is come back and make things alright. 

Swadheenta looked at him and waited for him to continue. Adarsh now said Since when I was young, i have always been the peace maker in our house. Joh bhi problems aaye, mein hamesha uss ko resolve karta hu. It is my natural tendency. Inn last kuch hours mein mein khud se yeh baat hazaroon baar pooch chuka hu. When it is my tendency to avoid conflicts and resolve them, why did I walk out from here. And when I did, why did I want to come back and make things ok? If I could just walk away from you that way, then maybe I don't love you the way I think I do? Maybe I just want to make things ok because it is my nature to do it, and I don't like problems and conflicts? Maybe I felt guilty that it was because of Simmi that you have a misunderstanding with you parents and I want to make it better? Many many questions like this. 

Toh? Kya pata chala tumhe? Ki tum mujhse pyaar nahi karte? You don't love me, you never did?Swadheenta questioned

Quiet the contrary! he said and continued Maine yeh imagine karne ki koshish ki ki mujhe kaisa lagega agar tum mere saath nahi ho, aur zindagi bhar ke liye tum chali jaaoogi meri life se dur. But yeh mein imagine bhi nahi kar paaya Swadheenta. Tum sirf pyaar nahi, meri zarooth bhi ho. Bahut sochne ke baad mujhe pata chala hai ki mein tum pe chilla ke kyon chala gaya yaha se. It is because I take you for granted Swadheenta. Jo kuch bhi ho jaaye, tum hamesha mere saath rahoogi, iss baat ka mere dil ko yakeen ho gaya hai. No matter what, tum kabhi mujhse dur nahi ho sakta, yeh mera dil jaanta hai. Isi liye, in a situation where I just had to react, meine tum pe chilla diya. Mein yeh nahi keh raha ki yeh sahi hai. But meein sirf yeh kehna chahta hu ki I didn't do it because I don't care about you. I said it because aaj kal tumse kuch kehne se pehle mein socha tha nahi hu Swadheenta. That is how much I love you. I don't even think of you as a different person anymore. You are a part of me, a part that will never be away from me, no matter what. 

Swadheenta felt a strange warmth in her heart. She knew he loved her just as much as she loved him. Extending her hand, Swadheenta held his As much as I like that, and believe me, I do, mein bilkul bhi upset nahi hoti agar tum yaha se chale naahi jaate toh. Like I said, tum mujhpe apnapan jatao, haq jatao, show your anger on me, gussa ho jaaoo, inme se kisi bhi baat se mujhe koi problem nahi hai. Par mera saath chod do, yeh mein kaise handle karoongi? 

Nahi chodunga. Ab se bilkul nahi chodunga. Please, I am sorry. Maaf kardo mujhe. I am really sorry he said now holding both her hands, almost as if he was pleading her.

Adarsh, when you form a relationship like this, yeh rishta sirf 2 logon ke beech nahi hota. Hum donon ko ek dusre ki families ko bhi accept karna hoga. I am not perfect. Ahuja uncle se mein bhi naraaz hu. Simmi se bhi thoda upset hu. But I still accept her as my own, because she is a part of your family. Mera appa bhi aise hi short tempered hai, orthodox hai, traditional hai, society conscious hai. Lekin tumhe bhi unhe accept karna hoga. You have to accept them.

I know, and I do. Mein unse naraaz tha ki woh tum pe haat uta rahe the. But that does not mean I don't like him or will not accept him. Jab woh kuch galat karange, toh mein unhe bataoonga ki woh galat hai, unke bete banke haq se kahoonga unse. But now when i am wrong, and when i hurt him, I will apologize to him and make it up to him too. Unhe hum mana lenge. 

Adarsh let go of one of her hand's now and held her cheek in the other as he moved forward to kiss her forehead. He continued to hold the other. With one free hand, she ruffled his hair and touched his face warmly. How, smiling naughtily she said Itni aasaani se toh maafi nahi milegi. I want a promise from you today

Jo bhi tum maangogi. Anything!

Jaise tumne kaha, you will have to do something to convince and impress my parents. And I know what will impress them. 

Kya? Kya karna hoga?

You have to agree to a south Indian wedding. A 3 day, elaborate south Indian wedding in Chennai. 

Adarsh looked at her agape like she was literally asking him for the moon and the stars. Kya? Lekin Swadheenta

Lekin? Jaaoo. Itna bhi nahi kar sakte tum mere liye? She turned away pretending to be angry again

Yaar, hamare saare friends yaha hai. School ke baad tum bhi Chennai mein nahi rahi ho. Doesn't it make more sense...He saw her looking at him with unblinking angry eyes and stopped his rant. Sighing finally, he said Ok. Fine. An elaborate south Indian wedding it is if that is what you want. I am ok with it

Smiling her most brilliant smile, she pulled him into a hug. Thank you. She kissed him hard on his cheek. Now, she whispered in his ears, and one more thing You will still propose to me. When all this mess is cleared and my appa also agrees, you will still propose to me in the most romantic way imaginable. Otherwise, mein nahi manoongi!

Relieved that she was finally feeling light hearted and normal he stated Yeh toh aasaan hai Ms. Ramakrishnan. I know your weaknesses. Aapse toh mein haan bulwa hi loonga

Over confidence Mr. Sinha?

Nahi nahi. Complete confidence in my ability to make you go weak in your knees, and in your love for me he said with a radiant smile

Apne munh mian mithu? Ho gayi apni tareef?

The sounds of laughter was a welcome change after the storm. The tides had turned!

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Adarsh so nicely explained his reactions in that situation n asad too made him.understand what freedom meant to him.nicely written.

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its wonderful priti Clap
Adarsh-Asad convo Thumbs Up LOL then SwAdarsh convo ,clearing confusion is one of the things i liked here.

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Sorry sorry for such a late reply..Cry
This part was light and amazing.. Thank God Swadheenta and Adarsh cleared out there differences.. Smile
And Asad was amazing.. His love for her sister..Clap
Update soon Heart

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Lovely update!! I loved the conversation between Asad and Adarsh. It was believable. I also like the part where Swadheenta talks about acceptance of the families. 
Looking forward to the next update.


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Oh such a lovely update.I loved it completely.

Loved Asad and Adarsh' convo.Such a mature one and Adarsh and Swadheenta's conversation made  me go completely emotional.

Fantastic update Priti.
Thanx for PM
Update Soon.

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