~ Building Life ~ (A Swadarsh FF) ~ Note, Page 76 (Page 60)

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Originally posted by Stylikson

Amazing Priti...
Kuch tou acha hua.. 
Aab appa nai honge tou swadheenta k liye better hoga...
Aab bus Adarsh bhi thoda soch me swadheenta k baare mein... Day Dreaming

Thanks Megs.. Yes. 2 updates of rona dhona is enough, right? Kuch toh acha hona hi tha... iss se zyada tension mein khud bhi handle nahi kar sakti, tum logon ko kaise du LOL

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Originally posted by Soapoperasrfun

Originally posted by Stylikson

Amazing Priti...
Kuch tou acha hua.. 
Aab appa nai honge tou swadheenta k liye better hoga...
Aab bus Adarsh bhi thoda soch me swadheenta k baare mein... Day Dreaming

Thanks Megs.. Yes. 2 updates of rona dhona is enough, right? Kuch toh acha hona hi tha... iss se zyada tension mein khud bhi handle nahi kar sakti, tum logon ko kaise du LOL
ROFL sachi.. But ye batao na Swadarsh scene kab milenge... Day Dreaming

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Realizations and Corrections

There was silence in the car as Adarsh drove with Suhasini from the hospital towards home. Adarsh kept replaying the scene in his mind. He remembered how Swadheenta had held on to him, how she tried to tell her father that she loved him, and how he had walked away from there. Was he too harsh and impulsive? But what was he to do? He could not see his mom in tears, and that too, because of him. 

Suhasini was in deep thought of her own. She did not know what had transpired after she walked away from the hospital room. Swadheenta's helpless state troubled her, but she had been way too shocked after listening to her father's acquisitions. She had to admit that he was angry, and maybe to some extent, he was right too. He was absolutely wrong in physically abusing her, but he was her father, he had plans for her, and from his perspective, Swadheenta had kept him in the dark about her plans. Any parent would be upset with that, particularly if he truth was revealed by someone else. Simmi, why did you do this? She thought to herself. Sighing, she looked at Adarsh.

Tum mere peeche peeche kyon aa gaye? Swadheenta ko wahi pe chod diya? Her dad was so angry. Tumhe uske saath rukha chahiye tha, no matter what. 

Adarsh looked away as he said Aapko aise kaise chod deta mom? Her dad was mean and rude. Unhe woh sab nahi kehna chahiye tha.

Haan Adarsh. But he was angry. Nahi bolna chahiye tha unhe woh sab. And Swadheenta pe toh bilkul bhi haat nahi uthana chahiye tha. But isme Swadheenta ki kya galti hai? She needed our support!

I could not stand there and see you getting insulted. Uske dad jab tak aapse maafi nahi maangenge, mein wapas nahi jaa raha.

What? Yeh kya baat hui? I hope you did not say something this stupid to her! 

Adarsh did not comment, but kept his eyes on the road and continued to drive

Hearing no response from him, Suhasini was concerned Adarsh? Tumne kuch kaha toh nahi na? Silence Adarsh? Silence What did you do? Oh my God, tumne Swadheenta se kuch galat toh nahi keh diya? Adarsh, tell me what happened?

Hesitantly Adarsh revealed to her of his words and his subsequent walking out after Suhasini's departure.

Adarsh? Suhasini looked out of the window with fresh tears in her eyes. Because of her weakness of one moment, the situation had become more worse. Poor Swadheenta she thought and closed her eyes in helplessness. Looking back at Adarsh, she added Woh completely galat bhi nahi the Adarsh. Don't get me wrong. He absolutely should not have slapped her. But he is from an orthodox background and upbringing. He believes in arranged marriages. He fixed her wedding with someone. Yes, she didn't want that. And we know why and what happened. But think about this from his point of view. He believed that he can make choices for his daughter and that she will oblige. And rudely he was told by some stranger that his daughter is breaking his trust. Simmi ne waha pe kya kaha, kisko pata? Naraaz toh hote hi na woh?

Adarsh was quiet and did not say anything for a few minutes. Then he added Woh Swadheenta se naraaz the, mujhse naraaz ho sakte the. Lekin aap se? All those mean words?

Misunderstanding aur gusse mein tumne nahi chillayaa tha Swadheenta pe? Galat kiya tha na? When someone is angry, they say things they don't mean Adarsh. You cannot judge a person based on those things. Jab woh relax kar jaayenge, uske baad bhi aise hi insensitive rahe, toh galat hoga. But it will be wrong on our part to judge him immediately now. He was angry. He was upset. Let us give him the benefit of doubt, haina?

As Adarsh contemplated her words, she continued I am sorry. I acted impulsively. I should have been stronger. Ab mein thuje samjha rahi hu. But in that minute, when I heard those words, mein khud upset ho gayi. Retrospect is a crazy thing. That girl was breaking, and instead of being there for her, both of us acted in our selfishness. That was wrong. 

There was silence in the car for a few minutes. Then, Adarsh said Retrospect is a crazy thing. I agree ki mujhe Swadheenta pe chillana nahi chahiye tha. She needed me. Maine galat kiya. Mujhe uska saath dena chahiye tha. I am sorry mom. But aap chinta mat keejiye mom. I will think of something to make things ok. 

Pehle promise kar, ki you will be more watchful of how you react to such situations hereafter. Impulsiveness is very bad Adarsh. And yeh tum doosri baar kar rahe ho Swadheenta ke saath. Swadheenta ek bahut samajdhaar ladki hai Adarsh. Mujhe pata hai ki woh maan bhi jaayegi. But uss baat ka hum faida nahi uta sakte. Now look at Abhay. Simmi ki itne immature actions ke baad bhi woh kaise sab kuch sambal leta hai. Aur tum, itni smart partner ke hote hue bhi emotionally act karke aa gaye? Mommy ke peeche?

Finally Adarsh smiled, Ab kya karu mom. Apni weakness jaanta hu, isi liye smart ladki chun li apne liye. Kyunki Girlfriend mil toh gayi, lekin mommy toh phir bhi most important girl hai meri life mein!

Chup badmaash. Dekte hai. Ek baar Swadheenta tumhari patni banke aa jaaye, phir dekte hai ki tu kiski sunta hai.

Uski ki sununga mom. Kyunki usko aap ne chuna mere liye...

Acha bachu. Chaaku chalayega bhi toh itni sweetly?... Both of them laughed. Tu na, galti se IAS officer ban gaya. Thuje toh lawyer ban na chahiye tha. 

Yahi galti sudaar raha hu mom. Ek lawyer se shaadi karke!

Ab jaldi meri bahu ke chere pe mujhe smile dhekna hai. Samaj gaye?

Your wish is my command mom, jaldi uske chere pe smile hoga. Don't worry!

At home 

Adarsh and Suhasini reached home to an anxious Simmi. Mom? 

Simmi, mere sir mein dard hai. Please, baad mein baat karange. Adarsh, tum bhi jaaoo. Rest karlo

Ji mom Adarsh and Suhasini walked away to their respective rooms.

A few minutes later Abhay, Jai and Jaya got home. 

Simmi who had been waiting restlessly went to receive them at the door. Abhay?

Simmi, mere sir mein dard hai. Hum baad mein baat karange.

Kamaal hai. Aap log hospital se aa rahe ho, aur sab ke sir mein dard hai? Treat karwalete wahi pe?


Mom aur Adarsh bahiya ko bhi sir dard hai!

Abhay and Jai looked at each other. Jai nodded his head in understanding. Simmi, hum baad mein baat karange. With that Abhay and Jai walked towards Adarsh's room

As soon as they opened the door Abhay quipped Yeh aapne sahi nahi kiya bhai

Adarsh was surprised to see them barge in to his room, but was not surprised at his words Jaanta hu. Naraaz tha. I am sorry

Huh? Aapne itni jaldi maan li ki aap galat the?

Ab galat tha toh tha. Isi liye maan liya!

Mom ko leke tu itna particular hai. Aur tumhare principles and all. Hume laga bahut samjhana padega tumhe! Jai added with relief

Woh kya hai na bhaiya, mom ne poora samjha diya mujhe. Mujhe khud bhi acha nahi lag raha tha waha se nikal ne ke baad, but mom and I had a chat in the car. Mom aur mein, dono emotional aur impulsive ho gaye the. I realize that. Ab yahi soch raha hu ki karu kya? I have to set things right. I know I hurt her so much.

Haan, aur nahi toh kya? Behosh ho gayi thi woh aapke nikal ne ke baad Abhay stated 


Mazaak lag raha hai thuje yeh sab? Joh mu mein aaya bol diya? Jaya who had just walked in added

Arre, sorry bol toh raha hu. Ab teek hai na woh? Mein abhi jaata hu. Let me go back Adarsh stared walked towards the door. 

Koi zarooth nahi hai. Adarsh turned back to look at the 3 of them. Kyon? Kyon zarooth nahi hai bhabhi? Usko meri zarooth hai.

Abhi jaaooge toh pitoge uske aapa se. Kuch time baad jaaoo. Hum bata denge ki kab jaana hai

Kya? Aapko kaise pata hoga?

Thuje kya laga? Ki sirf thuje Swadheenta ka khayal hai? Jis pal tune usko propose kiya, uss pal se woh iss ghar ki ban chuki. Toh hum sab ka bhi uspe hak hai, samjhe?

Jai, Abhay and Jaya were smiling at him. Mein samjha nahi, aap kya keh rahi hai bhabhi

Poora setup ban raha hai bhai. Abhay informed him of their plan and how the doctor was helping them and how he had convinced appa that Asad should spend the night with Swadheenta. Thode time mein appa aur amma ghar chale jaayange. Maamu se bhi baat ho chuki hai. Tab Asad call karke bata dega hume. 

Thank you guys, thank you so much. I will make it up to all of you. 

Waise, maine toh soch liya hai ki mujhe tum dono se kya chahiye Jaya said to both Abhay and Adarsh.

Dono se? Mujhse bhi? Ab maine kya kiya? Abhay asked confused

Abhay, yeh sab isi liye ho raha hai kyonki hum ne Simmi ko hamare discussions mein involve nahi kiya. We are going all out to help Swadheenta, but jaise Swadheenta ki in sab mein koi galti nahi hai, Simmi ka bhi nahi hai na? She is protective about her father kyonki usko uncle ke baare mein pata nahi hai. Hum usko leke itna protective ban rahe hai, ki in an indirect way we are alienating her. Sahi nahi hai. Please, usko sab sach bata de Abhay. Choose the way you think best, and let us know how we can help. But let us not keep her in the dark. Simmi bhi hamari hi hai na? We should not leave her out of all this!

Aap sahi keh rahi hai bhabhi. I will sort this out with Simmi. Let me come up with a plan, and then I will share it with you guys. Promise!

Humm. Jaldi karna. And you Adarsh Jaya turned to look at him

Jo chahiye batao. Kuch bhi maang lo. Anything you want! Adarsh said with a smile


Pakka promise!

Bring Swadheenta home soon. Hamesha ke liye. Karoge? Jaya said

Adarsh was so overwhelmed with all their help that he went and hugged all of them! Jaldi bhabhi, bahut jaldi!

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Priii Clap
Adarsh Sinha finally realisation hua...LOL
Thanks to Suhasini..

I am loving the fact ki whole family is helping Swadarsh to be together.. Embarrassed
And I hope aab simmi b line pe aa jayegi..LOL

Listen Priii next update mein please Swadarsh scenes... Big smile

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Suhasinii n adarsh bond s so cute in ur FF yah so understanding .yaah tru adarsh ko lawyer hona chahiye tha... .he s so much attached to his family that he takes decisions emotionally whn it comes to family...
Nice one thx for PM

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Chalo finally adarsh realised his mistakes 
I loved suh's character in this ff. Such a mature n sensible woman n she should b like this unlike in d show 
Things ll sorted out bet adarsh n swa i feel 
Lets see
One req more swadarsh scenes in d next update plz

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So Adarsh realised his mistake .. Cool !! I loved the conversation between Adarsh and Suhasini :)

Looking forward to the next part

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Thanks so much for your update awsome maza agaya really glad ke hamare hero ko akal agaye will wait eagerly for the next update thanks again 

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