~ Building Life ~ (A Swadarsh FF) ~ Note, Page 76 (Page 48)

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Originally posted by Sana_Jannat

Confused oh no !
Naveen Ahuja himself is going to attack Swadheenta ..
its going to be interesting -SwAdarsh,JJ,Abhay & Asad will be in Action ,
At a same time heartbreaking for Simmi ..
Should i expect (dream)   Day Dreaming   some SwAdarsh Embarrassed   Heart   moment during Action Scene LOL or Bomance!! Big smile..
Actually SwAdarsh & Bomance both r missing in Show Angry Cry
Somewhere i felt bad after Reading Naveen Ahuja's background its Circumstances that made him Goon ,prisoner ..

Naveen chose to become the man that he is today. So, don't feel bad for him. He is like Manohar in the show. 

Well, there will be Swadarsh for sure... but we have to get some stuff out of the way before that. So, Swadarsh will have to wait a bit. Embarrassed

Thanks Sana

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Originally posted by olsen_124

Angry Ahuja. I hope Sinha brothers and Suhasini catch him red handed.Hope Simmi doesnot do anything stupid.

Thanx for the PM. 

I hope so too... but Simmi is Simmi. She has to do something... LOL
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Originally posted by -Sarcy-

Again, the rapport between the family members is beautiful. Abhay is such a darling that he couldn't see his mother worried. It was nice to see him gather everyone and then relate the happenings of the past week. But poor Simmi! The girl has such bad timing. I was hoping that she had heard the entire conversation, but alas, no.

SwaDarsh! These two are so adorable! Their conversation was the perfect mix of everything - Care, concern, fear, longing, teasing and love. Swadheenta is an expert at diversionary tactics! ROFL

Asad! How lucky is Freedom to have a brother like Asad. Day Dreaming

Whoa! Ahuja has one bloody and nasty background. I'm trying to figure out Suhasini's reaction and Abhay's pain if they ever discover this. As to Swadheenta, I now understand the level of danger that she is in. Adarsh will be paranoid if he discovers the true face of Ahuja. I'm sure Simmi isn't aware of the mess that her father's life has been. But she's a poor, lost soul.

It was great reading all updates. Embarrassed

So you caught up on all 3 updates. 

Yes. Simmi and her bad timing. It will reflect in the next update as well. 

Abhay and Suhasini will be greatly upset when they hear about Ahuja. But Simmi will be shattered I think. Cry. Although at the moment I am clueless about how to get the story till there... Ouch

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Originally posted by adventure_gurl

great job

Thank you
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The trouble with a loose canon

Adarsh had left in the early hours of the morning just as Asad had come in. They had stayed up till late talking about random things. As little as they had slept, they felt rejuvenated and fresh. A few hours later, Swadheenta's parents came to the hospital with some breakfast for both Asad and Swadheenta. Asad quickly ate some and left for his internals leaving Freedom with her parents. 

At around 9:30 in the morning, Adarsh had texted Swadheenta to let her know that he was leaving for work. She wished him a good day and thought to get some rest. In the next few minutes she had gone into a deep slumber, only to be rudely woken up by some loud talk around her. She woke up with a start to realize that her mother was trying to quieten an outraged Simmi. 

Please. Who are you? And why are you screaming here? My daughter is resting. Please, keep quiet.

Swadheenta looked around to see that her appa was not in the room. She wasn't sure what was happening, and softly called to Simmi Simmi? Aap yaha?

Oh, so the sleeping beauty has woken up? Rest mil gaya aapko? Waise mein aapki tabeeyat ke baare mein toh poochungi nahi. Pata jo hai ki tumhe acha lag raha hai abhi...

Swadheenta sensed from Simmi's tone that she was being sarcastic, but she also knew that with amma being around, she would not be able to say anything to raise suspicion. To control the situation she tried to calm her with a Haan, I am feeling better now. Thank you. Aap akeli aayi hai?Let me introduce you to my mother. Amma..

Oh please Swadheetna. Mujhe koi shauk nahi hai tumhari family se milne ka. Please, jab beti aise hai, toh maa baap kaise honge?

Simmi, please. Yeh aap kya keh rahi hai?

Auntyji, yahi sikaya hai aapne aapki beti ko? Ki logon ka ghar tod de?

Swadheenta, who is this? And what is saying?

Amma, please... Simmi, aapko koi misunderstanding hui hai. Aap mujhe bataiye ki kya hua hai. Mein clarify kar deti hu

Mujhe koi clarification nahi chahiye Swadheenta. Mein sab jaanti hu. Tum mere paapa ke against koi proof nahi laa paayi, toh tum meri gharwalon ke saame unki burayi karne ki koshish kar rahi ho? Kya lagta hai tumhe? Mom tumhari boss hai toh tum unhe kuch bhi bologi aur hum sab chup rahange? Samaj ti kya ho tum apne aap ko?

Simmi, maine maam se kuch nahi kaha hai. I don't know what you are talking about. 

Shut-up. Just shut-up. Bewakoof samaj thi ho mujhe? Mom ne tumhari aur Adarsh bhaiya ki lunch kya karadi, tum Adarsh bahiya ko bhi paapa aur meri against patti padaogi? Sab suna maine Adarsh bhaiya ke room mein jo baat ho rahi thi kal raat ko. 

Swadheenta immediately understood that Simmi had probably overheard parts of the conversation that Adarsh and the others had had with Suhasini last night. She couldn't understand what Simmi had heard to make her believe that she had anything to do with it, but knowing of her heart condition and amma's presense, Swdheenta began to panic a little. Simmi mujhe nahi pata ki kaun kisse kya bol raha tha. I don't know what you are talking about. Mein ek minute Abhay ko yaha bula leti hu. Woh samjhadenge aapko.

Acha, toh tum Abhay ko bhi itne ache se jaan gayi ab? Usko bula ke uske saamne mera tamasha karana chahti ho?

10 minutes ago

Sandeep, the plain clothes officer waiting outside Swadheenta's hospital room had seen Simmi Sinha walk in. He recognized her as Abhay's wife from having seen her before, and continued to wait outside. But almost immediately he heard a lot of screaming and yelling from inside the room. Without knowing what to do, he quickly called Abhay to report the situation. Abhay who was unsure of what had happened and why Simmi was in the hospital to begin with rushed to meet her there. 


Look. Excuse me. I have had enough. Swadheenta, yenna ide (what is this)? Swadheenta's mother had been immensely upset with Simmi's tone and the things that she was saying. Looking at Simmi, she said Look, whoever it is that you are, please leave before I call the hospital security.


No Swadheenta, you keep quiet. What is she talking about? What lunch? What scheming? I don't want to hear anything else

Oh, toh aapko pata nahi hai auntyji, Swadheenta and Adarsh bhaiya went out on a date together. My mother-in-law, Suhasini Sinha, set them up on a date to get them introduced to each other. She was hoping that they fall in love with each other. Aapki beti itni ideal jo hai. 

Enough! Swadheenta looked at the door to see her appa standing there. He was outraged with anger. Knowing that he had heard everything, Swadheenta was frightened. She immediately had tears of helplessness in her eyes Appa

Is this true? Did you go out with Adarsh Sinha? Is that how you know him? 

Appa, let me explain

So, Haider was lying to us the other day. He knows that I intend to get you married to Jeevan, and he still lied to us.

Appa, this is not maamu's fault. Swadheenta was crying out of desperation now. She knew things were going downhill. Please, please listen to me. 

I have listened to you Swadheenta. I have till now. But not anymore. Aren't you ashamed to lie to us like this? What was it? Was it just lunch or something else too?

Appa? Swadheenta couldn't believe her father's accusations

Please, koncho chumma irungale (Please, keep quiet).

You keep quiet. It is because of you that we are having to see this day today. You believed Haider enough to convince me to send her here. See what has happened now. She has come here and spoilt our entire reputation. Appa turned towards Simmi. I don't know who you are, but thank you for bringing this to our notice. Now please do us one more favor. Please tell everyone in your house that we are not interested in any more help. We don't want to see anyone else from your house. Swadheenta's resignation letter will reach your mother-in-law shortly. Now please leave. 


Shut-up. Swadheenta continued to cry silently and helplessly at the situation that had gone so bad. Simmi smiled to herself seeing an inconsolable Swadheenta. She prided herself at having taught Swadheenta a good lesson. When she turned to leave, she saw a flabbergasted Abhay at the door. He had a shocked expression on his face and had tears in his eyes. He was looking at Swadheenta. When his eyes moved to meet Simmi's, she saw hurt and disappointment in them. Then, quietly, he walked away. 

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Oh no!!! Yeh kya hogaya..Unhappy
Simmi...what else can be expected from her...sab kharab kar diya isney..Angry

Swa's helplessnessCry and appa's bebehavior no one can change it..Dead Adarsh Abhay Suha Mamu Asad save Swadarsh UnhappySmile

But a great update by u again.Smile

Keep writing Thumbs Up

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nice update
simmi became villain in swadarsh's lovestory
swadhinta's appa knew the truth
now he will become road block
he is also blaming mamu for this
not fair
how ever i loved this and waiting to see how adarsh will convince them
abhay is shattered so is swadhinta... waiting for adarsh and sinha family's reaction on this
what is appa's next step
waiting eagerly
do update soon

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Angry Simmi what did you do.Poor Abhay so disappointed.Please donot make the sepration of Adarsh and Swadheenta too long.Convince Appa fast.

Thanx for PM

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