~ Building Life ~ (A Swadarsh FF) ~ Note, Page 76 (Page 40)

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Originally posted by Sana_Jannat

Big smile LOL thanks for changing My Mood ROFL was laughing with Asad but i loved their concern& care for Swadheenta Clap

Big smile

Thanks... I needed that change myself... Asad is funny, isn't he... glad you enjoyed the update

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Originally posted by yawfeh

read all the updates at one go...Embarrassed
loveds allBig smile

Thanks Gayu... Glad you enjoyed them... Big smile
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Originally posted by Sharmi_swadarsh

This was so cute and sweet Smile
Asad's "car pooling ho sakta tha...fuel bachaney ke liye" LOL was a typical asad-dialogue!

The concerns and love for swa was so heart warming..Smile

Sinha family and and sinha siblings zindabaad...awesome family!!!Heart

Another great update..loved it..waiting for the next Thumbs Up

Thanks. I like writing any update where all the Sinha's are together...LOL

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Originally posted by dh19

supercute and lovely
loved their bond and care for swadhinta

Thanks. Big smile
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Originally posted by Cuty16

Such a sweet update dear really liked it loved it... 

Thank you. Big smile
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Originally posted by sushfiza

Thank god yahan serial jaisa kuchh nhi ho rha 
Loved d asad character here also 
Nice update 

Don't worry. This is a simply and uncomplicated FF. Some minor problems, but everything will be ok.  
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Originally posted by -Sarcy-

I'm glad you didn't already post the next update before I had caught up with the last two! LOL
The Sinha siblings very tactfully handled the entire conversation with Swadheenta. It was a pleasure to see them bond and share their concerns. 

I loved this update where everybody wanted to check on Swadheenta. It was cute! And the best part was Asad's dialogues each time. ROFL

When are SwaDarsh getting married in this one?

Asad is a darling. 

I have not written the next update. I kept writing constantly when times were bad in the show. Hence the back-to-back updates. Will try and write the next one today. 

I have no idea when Swadarsh are getting married in this one... We will have to wait and watch. 

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Accidental Slip

Suhasini knew that something was not right. She had always been very perceptive, and she could read people. Her son's were hiding something from her. Last night when they had all been quiet and somber, she had put aside the warning in her head and given them the benefit of doubt. They had stressful jobs, and were just tired. She had hoped that a good night's rest would help them all. But she had seen them all slip out of the house unnoticed only to return 2 hours later. Where were they? And if they were all heading out, why did they go separately? She had assumed that they would come to her eventually, but she was restless. 

Suhasini had visited Swadheenta at the hospital during the day. Meeting her and her maami had been a good change. Swadheenta seemed to be recovering well from the accident and looked much healthier in comparison to the pale girl lying on the bed 2 days ago. Having spent a few minutes with her, Suhasini had come back home hoping to enjoy a nice evening with her children. But that didn't happen. Although better than yesterday, the children seemed tensed and she was beginning to worry. 

Everyone retired to their rooms after dinner. Suhasini also went in to her room to catch up on some work, but couldn't bring herself to concentrate on anything. Seeing that Manohar was fast asleep, she walked towards the kitchen to get herself some green tea to relax. In the kitchen she saw Abhay looking for something. 

Abhay, kya hua? What do you need?

Woh, kuch nahi mom. Simmi is asleep and I wasn't able to sleep. Thought I would get myself some ice-cream. Do you want some?

Abhay? Kya hua hai? I know something is wrong. Don't hide it from me. What is it? I am getting worried looking at how all of you are acting. What is wrong Abhay?

Abhay who had not been expecting this didn't know how to react. He contemplated his response for a moment, then looked at his mom. He walked up to her, held her hand and took her with him. Suhasini who was beginning to worry more with his actions followed him quietly. Abhay walked towards Jai's room and knocked on the door. Upon hearing a "come in", he gently peeped in. 

Bhai, bhabhi, can you guys come with me to Adarsh bhai's room for sometime?

Jai and Jaya noticed Suhasini too and silently questioned Abhay. He blinked in response, and walked towards Adarsh's room. He also indicated for them to be quiet for he didn't want to wake Simmi up from her sleep. The 4 of them quietly walked towards Adarsh's room. Abhay slowly knocked on Adarsh's door before walking in. Adarsh was on a call with Swadheenta and finished it with a quick "I will see you soon" as soon as he saw Abhay, Jai, Jaya and Suhasini walk in. He started walking towards them and greeted them all. Sensing everyone's confusion Abhay stated Woh bhai, mom knows that we are all worried about something. It is worrying her senseless too. And we know we are dealing with a problem that is bigger than what we can solve. We could use help. Toh, mein soch raha tha ki hume mom ko bata dena chahiye. 

While the others just looked at Abhay considering his suggestion and not knowing how to respond, Suhasini started to worry more. Please, someone tell me what is going on before I die of a heart attack. What has happened?

Adarsh stepped forward. He knew why Abhay had thought of sharing this information with mom. They had all been very close to her and shared all details. But particularly in this case, they could use her courage and ideas to think about alternate ways to ensure Swadheenta's safety. As much as they were all trying to protect her, they had been very nervous and jittery, and figured that Suhasini will be able to guide them.

Mom, firstly, like you may have already guessed, I am in love with Swadheenta. I spoke to her about it, and she accepted my proposal. 

What? Adarsh, you promised to tell me before you told anyone else. This is cheating. But wow, I am so happy for you two. I met her at the hospital today. She didn't mention a word to me about this. Dhek loongi usko. Now I see how and why she is recovering so fast. I am so excited.

Although they were all smiling, they didn't seem excited. Suhasini stopped her rant and looked at them all. But? What is wrong?

Abhay and Adarsh could not bring themselves to speak and hence Jai started Mom, woh... Swadheenta ka accident nahi hua tha. It was an intentional hit. 

Suhasini was so shocked at what she heard that she thought she had heard him wrong. Kya? Mein samjhi nahi. Jai repeated what he said earlier, and this time she had to hold on to the side table for support. Mom Adarsh was by her side. She held her hand up to stop him. I am ok. She took a couple of deep breaths and looked back at Jai. What did you say?

It is true mom. Not just that, someone tried to harm her at the hospital too yesterday when Jaya was with her. Suhasini felt like her whole world was spinning. She looked at Jaya for confirmation and seeing her nod gasped.

But why? And who?

Naveen Ahuja said Abhay, and it was all Suhasini could take before loosing her balance completely. Her knees gave way, and if not for Adarsh, she would have certainly fallen down to hurt herself. Adarsh led her to a couch while Jaya poured some water for her. 

Mom, please relax. Paani leejiye. As she took some sips of water, Abhay continued to tell her everything that had happened. He told her of how Adarsh had found out about the video from Asad and compared it to the licence plate number that he had made note of that morning. How it was the same vehicle. How Abhay himself had bumped into Ahuja's aide Pankaj at the hospital. How it was the man with Pankaj who had actually tried to inject false medication into Swadheenta, and how they had all been worried for her since then. At this, Adarsh brought out his phone and showed the video of the accident to her. 

Suhasini was shocked to an extent where she was unable to respond. She was finding it had to breathe with all this information. She looked at the video and had to agree that it looked deliberate. 

Mom, Swadheenta knows about this, but we haven't told anyone else yet. Not even her family. They will worry, and they will take her away, maybe even to Chennai to protect her. 

She took a few more deep breathes before responding with a Considering the circumstances wouldn't you think it is a good idea? She will be safe at-least. Adarsh looked away without being able to respond. Suhasini sat with her hands on her head trying to make sense of everything she had heard. Abhay went on to stand with Adarsh who he knew was upset with mom's suggestion. Jai sat kneeling on the floor next to his mother Mom, that will ensure Swadheenta is safe, but at what cost? Not only will Adarsh and Swadheenta get separated, but who ever is trying to harm Swadheenta will get away with it too. Is that correct?

But in the process you are all willing to risk that poor girl's life? Seeing that no one was going to respond, Suhasini continued to say, this time looking at Abhay Dheka? Binaa soche samjhe pyaar karne ka nateeja? We are associated with such people for relatives. Now we have to think a million times before saying anything because we have to worry about Simmi. What are we to do now?

Although he knew his mother was worried and concerned, Abhay was hurt at his mother's words. She had still not forgiven him for his action of marrying Simmi, and it hurt him immensely. 

Mom, what are you saying? Simmi is a part of this family now. Uska hum kuch nahi kar sakte. Please, aap uss baat ko ab kyon laa rahe hai? Adarsh defended Abhay.

Tumhe kuch bolu, toh yeh defend karta hai. Usko kuch bolu toh tum defend karte ho. If you don't want me to say anything, why bother me with this information? Then calming herself with a few sips of water, Suhasini got up and walked towards Abhay I am sorry. It is just that... what are we going to do? I cannot even imagine what Swadheenta is going through. 

She got the original sale deeds mom. Looks like this present project is more important to Ahuja uncle than any others. Swadheenta can easily win the case if she is smart, and that must be his trigger. But like Swadheenta suggested, thoda paise hi loose karange. Why retort to hurting someone? I mean, he is a wealthy man. I cannot understand it. Jai said

Mujhe toh kuch bhi samaj nahi aa raha. Does Simmi know any of it? 

No mom, of-course not. Mein usko kuch nahi bol sakta. She already thinks that you are all against her father. She will never understand. And her heart condition too. I cannot take a chance.

But we have to think about this. It is a question of someone's life. We cannot take this lightly. An attempt at her life has been made twice. I am surprised Swadheenta is still being able to act normal. But that doesn't mean she is not scared or worried. Hell, I will have sleepless nights till we find a solution. She walked up to Adarsh and held him by his shoulders. Don't worry. Meri bahu ko kuch nahi hoga. Samaj gaye tum? We will think of something and make sure everyone responsible pays for it. If it is Ahuja, so be it. Manage kar lenge hum. Ok? But I need some time to even think and accept all these things. I cannot even think at the moment. She walked back to the couch and sat down heavily on it. Jaya, mere liye green tea laa sakti ho please. I have a headache now. 

Haan mom, I will get it for everyone. Abhi aayi.

It took every last fiber in Simmi's body to carry herself back to her room as quietly as possible. She had woken up a few minutes ago with a headache and realized that like yesterday even today Abhay was not in the room. As the wife of a cop, it wasn't unusual for her to see him missing like this. She decided to take a pill and go back to sleep but noticed that she had run out of medication. Wanting to check with Jaya if she had any, she walked to their room to notice the door open, and its occupiers missing. Surprised, she had walked up to check if Adarsh was around only to listen to Suhasini accusing Abhay of having married Simmi against her wishes. She could not hear the entire conversation because of the closed door but heard enough to know that her mother-in-law intended to take revenge on her papa, and Swadheenta had something to do with it. 

Now back in the room, she was extremely upset that even Abhay was a part of his mom's plan to falsely accuse her father. She knew that Swadheenta was trying to cause rifts in her happy life by accusing her father incorrectly. Tum mujhe friend ban ke mujhe hi dhoka dene ki baare mein soch rahi thi Swadheenta. Ab tum dheko mein kya karti hu.  

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