~ Building Life ~ (A Swadarsh FF) ~ Note, Page 76 (Page 37)

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Originally posted by Soapoperasrfun

Originally posted by Sana_Jannat

Clap love bonding of Sinha brothers ,
Their concern for Swa was nice,They already accepted her Embarrassed
U add JJ hugs Smile
Poor Abhay! 1st he needs to gather solid proof & reveals this keeping Simmi's condition in Mind .. Shocked Confused

R8 eagerly waiting for SwAdarsh conversation in show God knows When they will!!!!!
Dont test my Patience Cv when it'll break,will break ur Bones..(In My dream) LOL

Thanks for PM Smile


Thanks Sana.

Yes, they have all accepted Swadheenta already. In my fic, Swadarsh will never have a serious fight. Don't worry. It will always be rosy in Swadarsh land here.

It is a difficult job for Abhay, but he has his brothers and bhabhi and Swadheenta for support. They will all manage it I think.Embarrassed
Smile Thumbs Up Clap

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Awesome update.Hope Sinha brothers catch Ahuja red handed soon aur saathi hi mei uski Delhi choodva de.

Thanx for the PM.
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Originally posted by olsen_124

Awesome update.Hope Sinha brothers catch Ahuja red handed soon aur saathi hi mei uski Delhi choodva de.

Thanx for the PM.


Thanks. Red handed, I don't know. But he will get caught sooner or later I hope. 
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Originally posted by MysticRiver

well written...

Thanks Smile
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Realm of caution

It had been a tense few hours. But now, relieved that  there seemed to be no problem, Jaya was teasing Adarsh and Swadheenta about their proposal and acceptance. They were enjoying a light conversation when Jai and Abhay walked in. Although they seemed normal and casual and assured them that everything seemed alright, Adarsh could tell that they were tense and uncomfortable. Jaya could sense it too, but assumed that she will be told of it if it was important for her to know. Abhay and Jai joined them and started a casual discussion. Jaya informed them that Swadheenta had in fact accepted Adarsh's proposal. As worried as they were, they were extremely happy to know that Swadheenta reciprocated Adarsh's feelings. They hooted and cheered for these two and both of them went on to hug Swadheenta and welcomed her into their family. 

Jai suggested that they should all have some lunch / juice (for Swadheenta). It was close to 2 PM, and soon Swadheenta's parents would come back from home. Simmi had also called Jaya a couple of times to check regarding her whereabouts. They would have to leave soon, and figured they could have this meal together. Chotu, tu inn ladies ko samhal. Mein aur Adarsh sab ke liye lunch leke aate hai. Yahi, hospital cafeteria se. Swadheenta ko company denge.

Adarsh got up to go with Jai to get them lunch while Abhay stayed and continued to chat with them. As soon as Adarsh and Jai stepped out, Adarsh was quick to ask Kya hua hai bhai. I know something is wrong. 

Jai narrated everything that they had found in the administrative office, and also Abhay's brief encounter with the goon who tried to hurt Swadheenta. 

What? Damn it. Ab toh saaf pata hai na ki yeh Ahuja uncle ka hi kaam hai? So, what are we going to do about it?

Adarsh, uss video mein woh doctor banke mask pehna hua hai. It wont be enough proof. Aur, woh banda kaun hai, kisko pata. Neeraj naam toh uss Pankaj ne bataya tha. Next time poochenge toh woh kisi aur ko hi dhika dega Neeraj karke. Don't you know how these people work? Also, hame Simme ke baare mein socha chahiye. What could all this do to her? I know he won't say it out loud, but chotu is tensed about it. 

Bhai, lekin jab tak woh pakda nahi jaayange, Swadheenta ko khatra ho sakta hai.

Yes, that is the problem. Usko hame batana padega iske baare mein. 

No. Woh darr jaayegi. And her parents? Nahi bhai. That will just complicate things more.

Lekin Adarsh, yeh bolna toh padega na. Otherwise how can they help keep her safe? At-least her first circle family should know. We will try and find a solution. Lekin 5 din mein toh nahi hoga na. Woh ghar chali jaayegi, toh we cannot be with her nor can we visit her as often without raising suspicion. Apne baare mein batane ka plan hai abhi? Nahi toh her family will have to pay more attention towards her safety.

I don't know bhai. Let us tell Swadheenta. Lekin uski family ko batane ke liye uske hospital se discharge hone tak wait kar lete hai. Please!

Ok. Lekin uski bhi opinion pooch lete hai. If she wants to confide in her parents, let her. Don't stop her. Ok?

Teek hai bhai. But how will we keep her safe. Mujhe toh bahut chinta ho rahi hai. 

Kuch toh sochna padega. Let us get the food now. They will be waiting. 

Carrying the food, they went back to the room. As they finished eating, Abhay, Jai and Adarsh looked at each other. Upon Abhay's suggesting gaze, Adarsh nodded his head. Swadheenta, ek baat kehni thi tumse. 

Haan, bolo.

Woh, aaj subha jo doctor ka incidence hua tha, that doctor didn't come here by mistake. He came to hurt you.

What? Jaya and Swadheenta echoed in confusion and disbelief.

Jai walked up to Jaya and held her hand. Adarsh walked up to Swadheenta and sat by her side on the bed. Please, relax. Kuch nahi hoga. But it is important that you know, because otherwise you cannot be safe. She looked at him for a few minutes before meekly nodding her head although they could tell that she was terrified. 

Your accident was also planned deliberately. It was an intentional hit. Someone wants to hurt you Swadheenta. She was so shocked that she didn't know how to react. Jaya was also having trouble understanding everything. 

Abhay asked Swadheenta, as a cop it is important that I ask. Do you know anyone who could harm you, who would want to hurt you?

No. I don't know anyone that would want to harm me. Mujhe toh yaha aaye hue sirf kuch months hue hai Abhay. I am not even from here. I barely know anyone here. Why would someone want to hurt me?

Everyone was silent for a while. No one spoke. Then, Abhay cut the silence except one. Naveen Ahuja!

What? Jaya choked out in shock while Swadheenta felt disoriented. Jaya asked Abhay thume pata bhi hai tum kya keh rahe ho? Pagal ho gaye ho kya? Jai, aap kuch bol kyon nahi rahe ise?

Before Abhay could continue, Swadheenta's phone began to ring. She was too shocked to answer, but did so after a few rings... Ok appa... Sari appa... yes, Jaya ji is still here... See you soon! She cut the call and looked at the others appa, amma are leaving from maamu's house now. They will be here in 1/2 hour.

The room was quiet again. Swadheenta looked at Abhay But why? I have not done anything about the case yet. Sirf next date liya hai. He does not know what I can or cannot prove. 

I understand, but you probably have something that he finds incriminating enough?

Mere pass? I just have the original sale deeds. At best, agar mein prove bhi kar doo ki woh land unki nahi hai, toh unke paison ka kuch loss hoga. Why is that such a big deal for him?

I don't know Swadheenta. Yahi hame pata karna hai. But I am fairly certain that it is my father-in-law that is trying to hurt you. 

Lekin, I am now hurt. I cannot even go to court. Why try to hurt me more? Also, mere case ke baare mein bhi soch na hoga. I won't be able to go to court as per schedule. Unn farmers ka kya hoga phir? 

Uski tum chinta mat karo. We will have that taken care of. We will get someone to apply for an extension. Tum bas apna khayaal rakho abhi. We have to think about keeping you safe. I am so sorry about all this Swadheenta

Abhay, I don't want to know what you know. I don't want to know how you know it. Just tell me what to do. I trust your decision. And please, yeh sorry worry chod do. 

Abhay came forward and held her hand Swadheenta, trust me. I won't let anything happen to you. I will find out everything I can and fix this problem soon. But be aware of what is happening. My men will be outside in plain clothes all the time. You know Rajesh now, I will introduce you to a few others too.. or Rajesh will. We will also make sure that the same doctors and nurses visit you so you know if someone unknown comes in. And have some one with you at all times. Do you want to tell your parents and family about it?

Nahi. They will panic. She looked around the room to see that everyone was worried. She was worried herself, but thought that they all need to relax. Else the tension was only increasing. So she added, also, my appa will drag me back to Chennai if he finds out all this. Abhi abhi toh kisi se pyaar hua hai. If he takes me away toh mein kya karoongi?

When they all realized what she was trying to do, they relaxed and started laughing. 

She continued ab saare relax karlo. Aise tensed rahoge toh mujhe bhi zyada tension ho jaayegi. Now we all know that there is a problem. Solution bhi aa hi jaayega. We will be cautious, and it will all work out fine. Haina? Tum teeno niklo abhi. Sirf Jaya bhabhi was here when my parents left. If they know all 3 of you are here, they will start questioning. Jaaoo. 

Jai came forward to give a slight pat on Swadheenta head. Abhay was more forth coming and gave her a kiss on her forehead. Adarsh who had been sitting next to her all along gave her a light side hug before kissing her on her cheek. Take care. I will call you later and come by at night. Aaj bhi Asad hoga?

Pata nahi. I will text later to let you know.

Ok. Bye. 

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Just loved the bonding between the 5!
Just perfect!
I'm speachless!
Just loved it totally!

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Loved it so so so much!!! SmileSmileSmile
The bonding between the four..wow!! And how cutely adarsh asked whether asad would be there Embarrassed

Abhay's concern for swa just like a brother so enduring Smile

Jai and jaya supporting them feels so nice..all are together..ahuja kuch nahi kar payega LOL

In all a great and beautiful update Clap

P.S. Har jaga investigation ho raha hain...show mein bhi and yahan pey bhi.. Big smileLOL

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Clap    Clap im just Loving their Bond ,such cute person they r (in Show if we forget bad things they r cute there too)

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