~ Building Life ~ (A Swadarsh FF) ~ Note, Page 76 (Page 33)

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Originally posted by -Sarcy-

Pri, loved the new bond in the new update. There's something about Dahleez that you just cannot not like its characters.

Coming to Jaya, she's a strong woman in a quiet sort of way. She believes in doing her thing and not caring much about what others have to say.

I absolutely enjoyed reading this dialogue between Jaya and Swadheenta. Jaya is subtle and Swadheenta is perceptive. When Swa called her Bhabhi, I knew Jaya felt special in that moment, and as I read the update ahead, my guess turned out to be true.

I'm hoping that we will also get to see some moments between Jaya-Jaidev and maybe also Abhay-Simmi in your story. I'm an absolute sucker for JJ and their moments. LOL

Looking forward to the conversation between Sinha Brothers - I'm currently writing a scene with them too. This trio is a treat from Indian TV that I will savour for a long time to come. I don't recollect seeing this rapport and camaraderie between three siblings on TV before.

Needless to say, waiting for more. :)

P.S: Is there gonna be a scene between Abhay-Asad too? :P

You truly are my partner! You can sense my take on things even before I complete it... LOL

Swadheenta has already started playing cupid between Jai and Jaya by encouraging Jaya to take the first step. It will happen! Let us wait and see how...

Abhay-Simmi, surely. Just wondering how to bring it in. Jaya and Swadheenta is ok because they are in the same frequency. Simmi is a little babyish. Will have to think more about her.

The brothers will have a lot of work to do together. I am plotting the next problem coming their way. Let us see how things unfold. 

Thanks for reading and leaving your lovely comment like always...Will try and update soon. Big smile

PS - Asad and Abhay, haven't thought about it. But invariably there has to be. I am planning on a good bond between Adarsh and Asad because I find that they didn't share one in the show. I missed that. But Abhay and Asad too hopefully. 

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Originally posted by sushfiza

love  d bonding between jaya and swa
they r more like frnds
update soon 

Yes. They are like friends. 

I find them to be so classy, even in the show. They both carry themselves so well. Absolutely love them!


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Originally posted by Sharmi_swadarsh

I so loved the bond between Jaya and Swa..
The conversation between the two is brilliantly written..and taking the two most pivotal characters..u showed the bond so natural and lovable...like they know each other from a long time..

This was a beautiful update..Heart

Thanks Sharmi. 

Yes, these 2 ladies have been very admirable from the beginning. I have enjoyed both of their individual personalities and have hoped that they bond well. Just exploring that.

I hope they bond well in the show too. Let us see.
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Originally posted by dh19

Awesome as always
Something different
Me too wanted to see bond between jaya and swadhinta
Which i think not possible because of the finite story and less episodes are remain
Hope they will show atleast one or two such scene
Coming to the story
Jaya and swadhinta there convo and heart to heart discussion
Just loved it
Loved to see trio scene- jaya swadhinta and simmi scene
And wont mind if they r pulling leg of sinha brothers

Thank you. 

Yes. The limitations of a finite show is a lot of things are left to our imagination. I will miss not seeing these small cute interactions and bonds between these characters. 

Hey, there is a good idea. Jaya and Swadheenta are planning to play the Sina brother's anyway. Simmi can join in on the fun. Humm, interesting! Will certainly think about it. 

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Originally posted by MysticRiver


Thank you
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Loved Jaya and Swaadheenta's bonding.Loved your update especially after Jaya's reaction to freedom's outburst in the show.

Thanx for the PM.
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Originally posted by olsen_124

Loved Jaya and Swaadheenta's bonding.Loved your update especially after Jaya's reaction to freedom's outburst in the show.

Thanx for the PM.

Thank you
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Understanding is the first step towards acceptance

Some known place

Hello sir, kahiye?...Kya? Woh bach kaise gayi? ... Sorry sir. Lekin woh case toh lad nahi paayegi... Ji, samajte hai. Aap chinta mat keejiye. Hum usko chodenge nahi... Ji, kaam ho jaayega. Aaj hi.

At the hospital

Jaya and Swadheenta sat talking to each other. Jaya was telling Swadheenta about her days as a teacher, and how much she had enjoyed and loved being around kids when all of a sudden the door opened and a doctor walked in with some medicines. It was time for Swadheenta to get some shots, and while the doctor was getting the medicines ready another nurse walked in with some other medicines. The nurse seemed confused about what the doctor was doing there, and when she asked him, he seemed like he was caught unaware. He apologized mentioning that he must be in the wrong room, and quickly walked away. The nurse who had not recognized the doctor ran outside to re-check with him, only to find that the doctor was gone. She asked some men sitting outside if they had seen a doctor, but no one had paid attention. He had disappeared. She walked back into the room and apologized to Swadheenta. She quickly looked at the medicine that the doctor had left behind in a hurry, to realize to her shock that it was Seconal, a strong sedative used to treat insomnia. It was lethal if given to normal patients. The hospital normally didn't use this medicine regularly, and she was hence suspicious. She quickly rushed to place a complaint with the hospital's administrative services and security.

Jaya and Swadheenta were shocked to say the least. They had been shaken. Although they tried to believe that it was an accident, the nurse's reaction had them on the edge. Why would someone try to give Swadheenta wrong medicines? Jaya suggested that she will call Jai and Adarsh and inform them of this situation.

She quickly placed the call.. Hello, Jai?

In Adarsh's office cabin

What? Yeh tu kya keh raha hai Adarsh? Pata bhi hai tume?

Haan bhai. Aap khud video dhek lo. Maine isko analyze karwa diya, aur usme se licence plate number pata chala hai. Woh wahi gadi thi jiski licence number maine accident wali subha note kiya tha. It was the same vehicle bhai. And what is the possibility that the same vehicle accidentally happened to hit her that night?

Pata chala car kiska hai?

Nahi. Fake documents hai. Jo naam aur contact details listed hai, woh kisi aur ka hai jinke paas yeh toh kya, koi bhi gaadi nahi ho sakta hai. Bahut gareeb log hai. 

Toh pata kaise karange ki kaun hai iske peeche? Chotu?

Pata nahi bhai. So far I haven't done anything. I wanted to consult you too. After all aap mere senior hai... 

Hummm. Swadheenta se poochna padega ki usko kisi pe shak hai kya? Check kiya usse?

Not yet bhai. I didn't want to worry her yet Adarsh responded

Abhay quickly added Mein papa ke details check kar sakta hu... lekin Simmi ya paapa ko pata chal gaya, toh bahut problem hogi, particularly if he had nothing to do with it. Toh, I want to be a little bit more certain before I check on him.

Kya? Tu Ahuja uncle pe shak kar raha hai?

Woh, maine hi bola tha bhai. Swadheenta ne sirf ek case lada hai ab taq. Ahuja uncle ke khilaaf. Toh...

Adarsh, lekin woh Ahuja uncle hai. Simmi ke papa hai

Adarsh and Abhay kept quiet with their heads bent down. Jai was perplexed beyond measure and didn't know how to handle this situation. Firstly, he had been told that it was possible that Swadheenta's accident was intentional, and secondly that Ahuja uncle may have had a hand in it? He was shocked. There was so much silence in the room that you could cut it with a knife. In the silence, Jai's phone rang with a shrill

Hello? ...Jaya, ek minute, ek minute... hua kya hai? Aaraam se bolo.. Mujhe kuch samaj nahi aa raha...

While Jai let Jaya explain the details, Adarsh and Abhay kept looking at Jai. 

What? Kab hua yeh? Pakada gaya?... Nahi nahi. Tum uske saath hi rehna. Ek minute hold karo. Jai who was not yet aware of the plain clothes officer placed outside Swadheenta's room checked with Abhay if some such arrangement can be made immediately. Abhay informed him that they already had a man at the hospital since last night. Abhay, hospital mein kaun hai abhi?

Rajesh hai bhai. Rajesh Chowdhary. Adarsh who heard hospital stood alert. Abhay and Adarsh were worried. Jai continued talking to Jaya Abhay apne aadmi ko waha bhejega immediately. Uska naam Rajesh Chowdhary hai. Uss se ID card maang lena. Abhay usko abhi phone karega, aur hum abhi aa rahe hai waha pe. Tum chinta mat karo. Adarsh bhi mere hi saath hai. We are coming right away.

As soon as he put the phone down he updated Adarsh and Abhay about the hospital incident. What? Woh dono teek toh hai na? Kuch hua toh nahi na?

Nahi, sab teek hai. Come on, let's go. Chotu, tu Rajesh ko call kar le. Chale? 

Adarsh, Abhay and Jai rushed to the hospital. Adarsh was jittery all along and kept calling Swadheenta and Jaya to make sure they were alright. Rajesh was with them in the room, and they were safe, but they were shaken up. When they reached the hospital Abhay asked Adarsh and Jai to go inside while he parked the car and joined them. As he parked the car and walked towards the hospital entrance, he bumped into someone. He quickly apologize to the gentleman and looked at his face only to realize that he was Pankaj, one of Ahuja's associates. He has been introduced to him at Ahuja's house. He was with another gentleman, and it looked like they were in some deep discussion which had distracted them from watching where they went. Pankaj looked shocked to see Abhay there, but quickly recovered. 

Abhay sir, aap yaha?

Humm, mein kisi se milne aaya tha. Aur tum? Tum kyon aaye ho yaha?

Mein? Woh apne dost ko laaya tha yaha pe. Uski tabbiyat teek nahi thi. Ab ghar hi jaa rahe hai.

Naam kya hai tumhare dost ka?

Neeraj. Neeraj Singh

Teek hai. Tum jao. Baad mein milte hai. Abhay kept watching as Pankaj and Neeraj walked away. Was it a co-incidence that he bumped into Ahuja's man at the same hospital that Swadheenta was admitted in? Or was he connecting seemingly unconnected dots? He was beginning to realize that as much as he would hate the outcome, he would have to investigate his father-in-law. 

Sighing to himself, he walked in to meet Swadheenta and Jaya bhabhi. 

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