~ Building Life ~ (A Swadarsh FF) ~ Note, Page 76 (Page 17)

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Originally posted by Soapoperasrfun

Guys, off late I am not being able to update this story on a daily basis as I had planned earlier. If you guys are still reading it and are interested, please do leave a note. I will start sharing PM's as and when I update. 
If we are not already friends, can I please ask you to add me as your buddy?


Have sent you a buddy.I am really interested in reading forward.

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OMG freedom got shot.CryCry. SinghviAngry

I hope Suhasini and Adarsh teach him a good lesson.

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Swa in danger !!
Surely adarsh ll help her
Thanks fr d update

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Ripple Effects

Blood, blood and more blood. And there she lay in its pool, motionless!

Asad's POV

As immature as Asad was, even he knew that Freedom was emotionally much older than her age. She had grown up much faster than he had. When put in certain situations, she knew exactly what to say and how to say it. She was always right. She did not believe in dating, having boyfriends etc. She had promised her appa that she will let him choose her life partner for her. And she intended to keep that promise, until Adarsh came into her life. Although it happened by chance, Asad knew that Swadheenta behaved differently around him. She enjoyed his company, that was obvious. But there were things between them that probably even they weren't aware of. See, for instance, now. As he was shopping, he could easily tell even without listening to her conversation that she was talking to Adarsh. There was a different glow in her face, and a different spring in her step every time she was with him / talking to him etc. Asad intended to capture this moment to use it against her and tease her to bits later. He got his camera out and started recording her movements while waiting for the store keeper to bring the things that he had asked for. And then it happened. It happened like he was watching a horror story. One moment, Freedom stood smiling and saying something, and the next, she was thrown in the air by this fast moving black SUV, and she fell a few mteres away from where she stood. He stood still for a few seconds without knowing how to react. His blood ran cold. He could see her lying down on the road at a distance, and even without getting close to her, he could tell that she was hurt. She was hurt badly. 

Adarsh's POV

Adarsh was returning home from his meeting. He called home to check what everyone was up to. Apparently there was some party that one of dad's friends was hosting. Everyone at home had accompanied dad and mom to the party. He was going to go back to an empty house after a long and tiring day... and the prospect did not seem exciting. He then remembered that Swadheenta had mentioned something about Dilli Haat. Swadheenta! He wondered if he really did not feel anything more for her than being a good friend. He liked her, that he was sure. But maybe not enough to fight for her against the whole world? He would have to think harder to assess for himself more than anyone else if he would be ok with her marrying someone else. Anyways, that was a thought for another day. At the moment, he decided to give her a call and check about her whereabouts. If she was still hanging out with Asad, he wouldn't mind their company. He called her. As luck would have it, they were returning back after having a wonderful and fun filled dinner. He was disappointed. He was just checking with her if she could have dinner with him the following evening when he heard a lot of commotion, like there was a fast moving car, brakes slamming, some metal screeching, and then everything went silent. 

Swadheenta, kya tha woh? What was that noise? Swadheenta? Swadheenta, tumhe sunai de raha hai? Hello? 

Adarsh had to park the car on the side of the road because he couldn't drive anymore. His body was filled with a strange anxiety. He could tell that something was not ok. He could sense it. His mind told him that something terrible had happened. But his heart wasn't willing to accept it. No, No, nothing is wrong...

Swadheenta, tum answer kyon nahi kar rahi? Bola na, sab teek hai? Kaha ho tum? Swadheenta?

End of POV's

Asad could see it is slow motion. There were people on the street running towards Freedom. The car had not stopped. It had just driven away. Asad looked at the phone in his hand. His hands were shivering. He was feeling cold all over. The store keeper who was rushing out to see what had happened bumped into Asad. That brought him out of his stupor. He immediately put the phone back in his pocket and ran, ran like his life depended on it. Pushing away people that had gathered around her, he ran to her. She lay motionless. 

Freedom, Freedom, utt. Please utt jaa. Kuch nahi hua, tu sun rahi hai meri baat? Freedom

He noticed that her phone was still in her hands. He pulled it out and saw that the line was still active. 

Hello, Hello? 

Hello, who is this?

Adarsh bhaiya? Mein Asad... Asad was besides himself. He felt helpless. Freedom wasn't moving, he was lost. He didn't know what to do. 

Asad, Swadheenta kaha hai? Kya hua?

Adarsh bhaiya, Freedom ka accident ho gaya

Kya? What are you talking about

Ek black SUV aake usko maar ke chali gayi

Black SUV... That suddenly rang a bell in Adarsh's mind. It cannot be a co-incidence. But he would have to think about that later.

Tum batao woh kaisi hai? Woh teek toh hai na?

Nahi bhaiya. Woh bol nahi rahi. Bahut khoon beh raha hai... Freedom, Freedom, utt na. Pleasee... Woh utt nahi rahi bahiya

Adarsh couldn't hear anything. It was a moment like he had never experienced before. He felt like his whole life was slipping away from his hands. If he was unsure of what Swadheenta meant to him till now, he wasn't anymore. She was far more important that he had cared to acknowledge. She was "everything". He felt immobile. He was confused. He was lost. He felt defeated. A honking car brought him back to the present. Get a grip, get a grip. She will be ok. 

Asad, where are you guys? Mein abhi waha aa raha hu. Kaha ho tum?

Hum Pahaad gang mein hai. Railway station ke parallel road mein jo Pandey ji ka convenience store hai, uske saamne

Tum bas uska khaayal rakhna. Mein abhi aaya.

Adarsh put down the phone and knew he cannot fall weak now. He immediately placed a call to City hospital and asked for an ambulance. He then called Professor Gilani and informed him of the accident and asked them to immediately get to the hospital. His next call was to Jaidev. 

Bhai, I need a huge favor

Bol na Adarsh. Tu hai kaha? Hum log party mein aaye hai

Bhai, Swadheenta ka accident hua hai

Kya? Kab. Kaise hua. Woh teek toh hai na?

Abhi hua hai bhai. Mein wahi jaa raha hu. Ambulance bulaya hai. I think she is seriously hurt. He suddenly realized he couldn't deal with it anymore and broke down into sobs. Usko kuch ho jaayega toh, bhai, mein... usko kuch ho jaayega toh?

Shocked about it all, Jaidev immediately understood that Adarsh was distressed and extremely upset. Adarsh, tu meri baat sunn. Kuch nahi hoga. Woh toh itni strong hai. Kuch nahi hoga. Tu uske paas jaa, aur hospital pohanch. Hum log wahi aa rahe hai. Saari formalities dhek lenege hum. Bilkul chilta mat karna. Mein chotu ko bheju tere paas?

Nahi bhai, time nahi hai. Mein hospital mein hi milta hu aap logon se. Mein jaa raha hu

Adarsh, careful. Apna khayaal rakhna. You need to be strong now... carefully drive kar. I will see you soon.

Ok bhai. Thank you

Adarsh reached the place and was shattered further to see the scene. Asad sat with Swadheenta's lifeless body in his hands, coxing her to wake up. She was covered in blood, as was Asad. Adarsh ran to them as fast as he could

Swadheenta, Swadheenta, suno... kuch nahi hua hai. He felt for her pulse and was glad when he found it. But she was losing a lot of blood. He pulled out his jacket and held it tightly against an open would in her head with one hand. With the other, he held on to her hand and kept uttering assuring words to her and Asad. He wasn't sure if she could hear him, but he didn't know anything else that he could do. Just then the ambulance arrived. Adarsh carried her in his hands and put her on the stretcher. Asad and Adarsh rushed into the ambulance with her and each held on to her hand on either side. The ride to the hospital was a total blur. Once they arrived at the hospital, Adarsh could see many familiar faces. He noticed his entire family, he noticed the Gilani's. Everyone helped rush her into the OT where surgeon's were already waiting being made aware of the situation by the Sinha's.

While they waited to hear about her condition, he saw that Asad was totally shattered and sat alone by himself. the Gilani's were sitting together, shocked and still processing everything. As Adarsh stood in a corner, Suhasini walked up to him and held his hand. He looked at her, still in shock. It was when Suhasini wiped the tears of his face that Adarsh realized he had been crying. Unable to stop himself anymore, he hugged his mom real tight

Mein bahut darr gaya tha mom. Woh bilkul bhi kuch nahi bol rahi thi. Usko kuch nahi ho sakta mom. Please, nothing can happen to her

Suhasini who always believed that Adarsh was her most balanced and responsible son could not bare to see him in such a condition. She realized that Swadheenta meant more to him that even he had probably realized. She hugged him tight while assuring him that everything would be ok. As she did that, she looked on at the rest of her family who stood by them, sharing their agony. 

Manohar walked up to the Gilani's and tried to reassure them that everything will be ok. Abhay walked up to Asad who sat by himself to give him the same assurance. Asad who had been in shock looked at Abhay with a blank expression while trying to come to terms with his surrounding. In a flash, he remembered everything that happened, and it was all he could do before he hugged Abhay and broke down into gut-wrenching sobs. 

They all realized that this was going to be a long night, but prayed that it would bring with it a bright and sunny day.

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Originally posted by -Sarcy-

Aao-uch! Poor Swadheenta! This case seems to have taken a dramatic turn in the true sense of political vendetta. At least Adarsh will be there ASAP and with Asad just around the corner, Swa will soon have all the aid she needs.

The question is, will this accident have an impact on SwaDarsh dynamics? Like shaking up people 's conscience and so on. Or maybe, it is just an opportunity for the two to spend time together and come closer through it.

I like a sorted Suhasini, no unnecessary drama. But wonder if the same can be said of Appa.

Eagerly waiting for the next update. I keep checking the thread frequently so no issues if I don't get a PM. However, I am already in your buddy list, if needed.

I couldn't respond earlier. Yup. Hopefully Swadheenta can get all the help she needs in time. 

It will have an impact, both personally and professionally. This will be the starting point to their journey together (hopefully).

Appa is yet to make his appearance. Don't know how he will turn out. Letz wait and watch LOL

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Originally posted by Sharmi_swadarsh

The turn of the events..superb!! Please keep on writing more..and update soon..woukd love to read what happens next.. :) best wishes

Thanks Sharmi. I have updated the next memory today. Hopefully she gets better soon. We will wait and see. I am glad you are enjoying the story. 

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Originally posted by olsen_124

OMG freedom got shot.CryCry. SinghviAngry

I hope Suhasini and Adarsh teach him a good lesson.

Well, she got hit by a vehicle... but ouch anyways. 

Hopefully she will recover and teach them the lesson they need herself... Adarsh and Suhasini can support her maybe? Let us see...

Thanks for reading..Big smile

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