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Abhigya OS:With You Always And Forever[Completed] (Page 5)

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Amazing treaser. Eagerly waiting for the chapter now. Apdate soon dear and thanks for pm me. 

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Oh, how can there be a thoughts??? Scarlett, my dear, burn Tanu, please!LOLDay Dreaming
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Originally posted by Anapneo3003

nice teaserClap
thank you..
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Originally posted by kirti1212

Amazing treaser. Eagerly waiting for the chapter now. Apdate soon dear and thanks for pm me.
Thanks and welcome dear...

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Originally posted by olushka2924

Oh, how can there be a thoughts??? Scarlett, my dear, burn Tanu, please!LOLDay Dreaming
ha ha ha how I wish I could do as you say dear...

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Hey guys I am back with One Shot.Thanks for your lovely feedbacks.Enjoy reading this chapter and please let me know your feedbacks...
               Abhigya One Shot:With You Forever And Always

Abhishek Prem Mehra.The great rockstar  felt that he has no reason to live for the first time in his life.For the past 48 hours he felt he didn't have any reasons to live anymore after loosing the women who made him understand the real meaning of love in his life.As he continued to see the burning pyre of  the woman who was his everything and who loved him more than anything even when he didn't deserve her love he felt like he was burning with her too.He remembered all the moments he spend with her,all the pains she faced because him,all the insults she faced because of him.And remembering all those moments only made him hate himself more and more.But inspite of  all the pains he cause her she loved him selflessly and unconditionally in return.He know how much she was hurt when she came to know about the reason behind their marriage and how her dreams got broken into pieces because of him.  Everything said her death was not anyone's fault but he know he was only one to blame for the death of the most selfless and lovely woman in his life.He felt like killing himself for all the pain he gave her and wished he died instead of her.But he know he can't do anything but die slowly by the guilt as he was too late in saving her.Just then he felt a hand on his shoulders and looked Purab who was standing there with teary eyes.
''Abhi lets go home''said purab and Abhi just gave a blank nod and purab took him from the there.
Once they reached their car Abhi sat in the car and purab to sat beside him and asked the driver to take them home.As the car started to move Abhi closed his eyes and rested his head on the seat.Once he closed his eyes her face started appear in his mind and Abhi's heart felt like in was in fire as he can never she her kind face or her eyes which always had only love for him.Abhi wished he had the ability to go back and time so that he would have cleared all the misunderstanding between pragya and him on their wedding night and never treated her like the way he did.If he never hurted a innocent soul like her ,she would have with him now,not burning in the pyre as a lifeless body.
Just then the car came to a halt and Abhi opened his eyes to see that they are infront of their house.Abhi didn't want to enter the house as he can never saw her in this house smiling brightly or eat her delicious and lovely food or hear her prayers in the morning .
''Abhi lets go inside''said purab like he was talking to a three years old child and Abhi shook his head negatively.
''No purab.I can't go in there where she is not there to greet me anymore''said Abhi and purab's heart broke seeing his friend in so much pain.
''Abhi I know this is hard and you are hurting.But you have to learn live without her from now Abhi.That's what she would have wanted from you.And who said she is not with you.she will be always with you Abhi,though you can't see her she will never leave you alone as you are the person whom she loved the most.so please come inside''said purab with moist eyes and Abhi nodded after few seconds and purab took him inside the house.
Once Abhi entered the house he saw everyone sitting in the living room in the same white clothes in which they attend the funeral.Just then he saw her photo with mala in the center of the hall and he fisted his hands as he can't bear to see her photo like this.He immediately rushed to the only place which could give him some peace for his raging heart.As he entered the room a very familiar  fragrance hit his nose.The fragrance of cocount. Her.Her fragrance.The fragrance which always calmed him.As he continue to walk inside the room he started to remember all the moments they spend here and tears formed in his eyes.Then he opened the wardrobe and took her photo and caressed her face softly as his tears landed on the photo.Seeing the room empty without her the reality finally crashed on him that she was really gone as she couldn't tolerate this pain and torture anymore and he just crumbled on the floor resting his head on the wall clutching her photo to his chest as his body shook with his loud sob.After few moments he felt the door opening and  foot steps rushing towards him.Then he felt himself  being pulled into a pair of  warm arms and he finally let all his sorrows out hugged the person back tightly.
''Daadi...I miss her...I miss her so..so much''said Abhi in between his sobs.
''Shhh..i know Ahbi..i know''came the replay in a soft voice and Abhi continued to cry let all the pains and guilt.Abhi didn't know how much time passed but he continued to cry as the warms arms continue rub his back in comfort and that all he needed now.After what felt like hours Abhi felt himslef become tired from all the crying and slowly closed his eyes and didn't even know when the sleep consumed him.
When Abhi opened his eyes again he closed his eyes back immediately because the heavy head ache he was feeling.After few moments when he opened his eyes again he saw himself being covered in a blanket and was now laying on the floor with his head resting on something soft and warm.Then he looked up and the saw the woman who is the only reason that he didn't break completely after loosing her sleeping resting her head on the wall.Abhi saw the dried tear marks on her cheek and he know she was too hurting a lot because of the loss they faced.Abhi saw how tired she looked and decided to wake her up so that she could sleep properly.
''Pragya''called Abhi in a soft voice shaking her slightly and pragya woke up immediately.
''Abhi''said pragya and Abhi sat up removing the blanket from him.
''Come on let to our room''said Abhi and pragya got up with a nod and left to their room.
As Abhigya entered the room Abhi sat on the bed keeping his head in his hands as his headache was increasing every single minute.Prayga who saw this sat beside placing a han d on his shoulder.
''Abhi do you have a headache?''asked pragya in a soft voice and Abhi just nodded.Then pragya cupped his face in her hand and made him look at her.
''Go and have a bath.I will bring something to eat then take a tablet.And please don't argue with me now.I know you are hurting and missing her Abhi.Even all of us miss her.But you have to understand that she would have never wanted to see you like.so please have something.Its been two days since you had any meal and i really worried.Please do it for me?''asked pragya as a single tears left Abhi eyes.Abhi know if anyone who is equally hurting because of daadi's death it is pragya as daadi was like a mother to her and she loved daadi a lot.so he decided to do as she asked and gave a small nod.
''Okay ''said Abhi and pragya gave him a small smile and kissed his forehead.
''Good.Now go and have a bath i kept your clothes in the washroom''said pragya and Abhi entered the washroom.
Once Abhi entered the washroom pragya closed her eyes tightly and let the tears flow.She can't still believe that the only woman who loved her like her own daughter from the day she entered this house was no more.If loosing her already unbearable seeing her husband broken like this she literally killing her.After few minutes she wiped her tears taking a deep breath as she know she have to strong for Abhi now and she can't get weak like this.Then she stood up from the bed and left to the kitchen to get Abhi some food.
When pragya entered their room with Abhi's food she saw Abhi coming out of the washroom with wet hai.She then kept the tray on the couch and made Abhi sit on the bed and took the towel from his hand and started to dry his hair.Abhi just continued look at her like a small boy with a lost expression and pragya's heart broke at this.Then he just wrapped his arms around her waist and rested his head on her tummy and closed his eyes.Seeing this pragya smiled a bit and continued to dry his hair for few more minutes.Once she dried his hair she placed a kiss on the top of his head and gently removed his hands from her waist and then sat beside him with the plate which contained his food.Then she took the food in spoon and forwarded it to Abhi.
''Come on Abhi.Have it''said Pragya and Abhi after few moment of hesitation started to chew the food.Then pragya fed him all the food in spite of  his protest.Once she finished feeding him she gave him a glass of water with the pain killer and Abhi took it.Then pragya kept the plate in the tray which was on the couch and decided to keep it in the kitchen.
''Abhi I will be back keeping this in kitchen''said pragya but Abhi held her wrist and stopped her.
''No.Please stay with me.Robin can the take the plate''said Abhi and pragya agreed as she can see how much he need her now.
''Okay.Now lay down and have some rest''said pragya and made Abhi lay on the bed and then beside him covering both of them with blanket.
Once pragya laid beside him Abhi moved close to her and rest his head on her chest and hugged her tightly and closed his eyes.The next moment Abhi felt pragya running her fingers through his hair.
''I killed her na pragya?''asked Abhi after few minutes of silence.
''Abhi please how many times i have to tell you that you didn't kill her.Whatever happened  was an accident Abhi and no one is to balme for it.so please stop blaming yourself like this ''said pragya as tears rolled down her cheeks.Hearing this Abhi sat up on the bed and looked pragya with in anger.
''No pragya its not an accident.If i never hurted you like i did and treated you like you deserved she would be with me now.I know how much i hurted everytime she saw you in pain because of me pragya.When i saw the pain and shame in her eyes when she came to know about everything i did to you i wanted to kill myself pragya.She loved me unconditionally and selflessly .And in return i only gave her pain,insults and betrayal.You know how much dreams she had when we got married ?she was so happy and proud that i married the right girl for this house.But all her dreams broke into million pieces when she came to know about how i treated you.I saw the guilt in her eyes when she realised how she spoiled a life of a innocent girl like to by getting you married to me.I never deserved her love pragya but still loved me.The truth is i don't deserve anyone's love and especially yours.''said Abhi as tears rolled down his cheeks.
''It will be better if you too leave me now pragya.I don't want you to get hurt because of me again.I can't understand how could you love me after all the pains i gave you.Damn it i didn't even look your face on our wedding night and went to meet Tanu out of all people.This is worst way i could ever hurt a person pragya and still you love me.I feel ashamed whenever i saw the love you have for me in your eyes as i gave only pains as return for it.You are the only reason i am still  breathing now after how i lost my daadi.So please leave me as you deserve much better than me.Then i can end my life which only gave pains to other''said Abhi and pragya who listened everything calmed got angry hearing his last sentence and stopped him from talking anything  further.
''Bas Abhi.You have said enough.I now i will talk you will listen''said pragya with a glare and then she softly wiped his tears.
''Abhi i know you did many mistakes in the past and its true you hurted me a lot.But whatever happened was because of a misunderstanding and you did all this because of the love you had on your sister.Even i kept the truth about the real relationship between purab and me from you so even i was at mistake.so stop blaming about it.Even when you hated me you helped my family a lot and loved them as your own.And once you realised that Purab loves Bulbul a lot you arranged their marriage even after Aaliya attempted suicide.This proves you are a good person from the heart Abhi.Then above all this when my accident happened after i came to know about the real face of Aaliya and Tanu you trusted me without any proof and helped me to expose them infront of everyone and get them arrested.You supported me and stood aganist your own sister Abhi.You love me and support me in everything I do so how can you say that you don't deserve me.I so lucky to have you as my husband Abhi and i need nothing else  from you except your love and trust.I love you so much Abhi so please don't talk like this ever again.Even thinking about a life without you is like hell to me ''said pragya as tears rolled down her cheeks.Seeing her tears Abhi's heart ached and kissed her cheeks wiping her tears.
''I am sorry sunshine.I am so sorry''said Abhi hugged her resting his head on her shoulder and pragya too hugged him back running her fingers through his hair.
''Abhi i know you are blaming yourself  for daadi's death .But when i say you are not to blame fpr her death then you have to believe me.You said i will only say the truth right?''asked pragya and Abhi just nodded his head.
'Then you have to believe me when i say that you are the reason for her death.Whatever happened was an accident Abhi.so please stop blaming yourself for it.I know how much you love and care for daadi and even she know it too.She was just angry with you that you hurted and played with my feeling in the beginning of my marriage.But she also know that you realised your mistake now and you love me a lot.she could never hate you even if she wants Abhi.so please let the guilt go Abhi.I hurt me so much see you like this.Even daadi will be hurt to see you like this as a parent can never see their child in pain.so stop this Abhi''said pragya and Abhi who as crying all this time silently just nodded.He still couldn't accept that he was not responsible for their daadi's death.But he can't see his pragya in pain seeing him in pain anymore so he just nodded and hugged her tight.
''Good.Now like a good boy sleep for sometime.We both need this rest now''said pragya and Abhi broke the hug wiping his tears and both of them laid back on the bed hugging each other.After few mintes Abhi felt his eyes getting heavy and closed his eyes and let the sleep consume him after missing two days of sleep.

Once pragya saw Abhi finally getting the deserved sleep she closed her eyes remembering how their life changed completely before two days.


As the morning rays entered their room pragya slowly opened her eyes and looked around the rom with a sleepy look.Seeing the aroma candles and rose petals on the side of their bed pragya smiled remembering the events of last night.Just then she saw their clothes scattered on the floor and this made her  blush.She can't still believe that its been already three months since everything was good and perfect in their life.They exposed Aaliya and Tanu and now they are behind the bars now.Though Pragya was happy that the culprits got what they deserved what made her really happy was how Abhi supported her from the very beginning.He didn't believe her new avatar when she returned to Mehra mansion as Mohambo and forced the truth out of her the same day.When she told him all the truth about Aaliya and Tanu he was really heart broken at first but he believed everything she said and promised her that he will support her in exposing them.Then with Abhi,daadi,Rachana,purab and Akash help she finally exposed everything they did and now they are behind the bars now.
Once they got arrested Abhi suggest they must go for a vacation alone and spend sometime alone and they spend their time happily.When they came back Abhi started to treat her like a princess and she could help but feel  she was the queen of the world by the love and affection he showed.And finally waiting  for 3 months they decided to take their marriage to next level.So when she returned from a movie with Rachana and entered their room she was shocked to see the room was decorated with aroma candles and roses petals on the bed.Then once Abhi entered their room from balcony with a smile she ran and hugged him tight as she can't express her happiness in words.Then they finally became two body one soul.Pragya then saw Abhi sleeping like a baby beside her holding her waist in a possessive hold.She remembered how gentle he was with her last night as its was first time and felt so loved by this.Then she started caressing his forehead softly and started kissing his face softly inch by inch.Just then he turned and kissed her lips surprising her.But after few moment she kissed him back with same passion and love which his kiss held.After few minutes both of them broke the kiss breathing hard and Abhi smiled caressing her cheeks.
''Hmmm i would love to wake up every morning like this''said Abhi with a naughty smile.Hearing this pragya blushed and slapped his bare chest lightly.
''Shut up Abhi''said pragya and Abhi got more naughty seeing this.
''Arrey why are blushing like this my cute wife.You didn't complaint last night when i was more naughty than this''said Abhi.
''Abhi please''said pragya with a shy smile.
''Okay tell me how was I last night?''asked Abhi and pragya galred at him.
''ABHI''exclamied pragya but Abhi ignored it and pulled her closer.
''Come on yaar.Tell me na''said Abhi as he was enjoying her current state..Pragya then pushed him away and sat up on the bed covering herself with the blanket.
''Shut up and leave me now.I have to go hospital with Rachana to get vaccination for the baby.so leave me and close your eyes now''said pragya and Abhi gave her a goofy smile.
''Why should i close my eyes pragya.Its not like there is something i didn't anything already''said Abhi and pragya just shook her head in disbelief.
''Abhi sach mein aapko koi saram nehi hai.Now shup up and close your eyes''said pragya with  a glare and rolled his eyes.
''Okay okay i will.''said Abhi and cclosed his eyes.
''Happy?''asked Abhi in irritation and pragya smiled at his childishness.
''Very happy''said pragya and rushed to the washroom with a smile.
Once pragya came back from the washroom in a black designer saree she sat infront of the dressing table to get ready.After she combed her hair letting it free, she took the sindor holder in her hand and was about to apply the sindor to her maang when a hand stopped her from behind.When she turned back she saw Abhi standing and looked him confusion.Abhi then took a pinch of sindor and applied it gently to her maang making pragya smile.
''Hmm you are really looking more  hot in this mogambo avatar with the mangal sutra and sindor my sunshine''said Abhi and pragya stood up with a questing smile.
''Sunshine?''asked pragya and Abhi nodded. 
''Haan sunshine.My sunshine bought light to my darkness ''said Abhi with a smile.Hearing this pragya gave him a lovely smile and kissed his forehead.
''I love you Abhi''said pragya and this bought a smile to Abhi face.
''I love you too my sunshine''said Abhi kissed her lips softly .
''Okay i will leave now.Rachana will be waiting  for me''said pragya and left the room taking her bag and mobile as Abhi nodded.Here Abhi stood with a smile as he was happy that his life was more than perfect now as he was finally happy with his sunshine.
Pragya came out of the hospital with Rachana and the baby after few hours.Then they sat in their car and when pragya took her mobile from her bag she was surprised to see 4 missed calls from purab and 3 missed calls from Akash.
''Rachana check your mobile and see if Akash called you''said pragya and Rachana did as she said.
''Haan di.There are many missed calls from Akash and purab''said Rachana and hearing this pragya got tensed and immediately called purab.After few rings purab attend the call.
''Thank god di you called me.Please come to the city hospital as soon as possible''said purab in a tensed voice.
''City hospital.Purab what happened?''asked pragya in worry.
''Actually di ...You please come na i will tell everything when you arrive''said purab but pragya was so much tensed to wait now.But first she decided to inform driver to take them to the hospital.
''Bhaiya take us to the hospital''said pragya and the driver nodded.
''Purab please tell me what's wrong?Is something happened to Abhi?''asked pragya and her heart dropped as she can't even imagine imagine Abhi in pain.
''No di Abhi is alright.But daadi..''said Purab with hesitation.
''Daadi.Daadi ko kya hogaya?Bolo na purab''asked Pragya with desperation.
''Woh di daadi met with an accident before 40 minutes''said purab and pragya sat in shock hearing this.
''What?''asked pragya in shock and Rachana got worried seeing pragya as all the colors drained  from her face.
''Haan di.Bhai immediately bought her to the hospital but she was loosing too much of blood and even doctor are not saying anything.But i was really worried seeing Abhi's condition too as he didn't speak anything after he called us.So come soon di i am sure he needs you more than anyone now''said Purab and pragya nodded wiping her tears.
''I will be there soon purab.But tell me how the accident happened?''asked pragya.
''Di daadi took Abhi to temple after you left to hospital and there they saw Nikhil's mother and they got into an arguement.Nikhil's mom shouted on Abhi for putting him behind the bars and when daadi defended him she told everything bhai did to you from the begining and daadi was really heartbroken because of this.Then when they came out of the temple absent minded and was hit by a truck as she didn't notice it.''said purab and pragya closed her eyes in pain as she know why Abhi was in the condition he was.she understood he was blaming himself  for daadi's condition.  
''Okay purab i will be there as soon as possible.you just take care of Abhi till then''said pragya.
''Sure di''said purab and pragya disconnected the call.
''Di what happened?''asked Rachana with worry.Then pragya told her everything and Rachana got worried and tensed hearing this.
''Di i sure daadi will be fine.so calm down di''said Rachana to console her sister.
''I hope so Rachu.If something happens to daadi i don't know i will console Abhi''said pragya trying to control her tears.
''Shhh di everything will be fine.We will ask the doctor about everything once we reach the hospital''said Rachana.
''No Rachu.Its not good for the baby to be in stressed situation.so first go home and give the baby to Robin and come back''said pragya and Rachana nodded in understanding.After few moments they reached the hospital and pragya rushed inside the hospital as Rachana left to Mehra mansion.
As pragya entered the hospital she saw Akash standing near the reception and relaxed a little seeing her.Then she rushed to him.
''Akash how is daadi now?''asked pragya.
''Doctor didn't assure anything till now bhabhi.She is in OT now''said Akash and pragya can see he was too worried for daadi.
''How is Abhi?''asked pragya and Akash sighed hearing this.
''He is physically fine bhabhi.But he i am really worried about his mental state though''said Akash.
''Take me to Abhi Akash''said Pragya and Akash with a nod took her to OT.

Once they came near the OT Pragya saw Abhi sitting on the chair with blood stains on his shirt and her heart broke when she saw him looking at the wall with a blank look.Then she saw purab sitting beside Abhi with his head in his hands and she didn't know whom she is going to console.Just then purab saw pragya and rushed towards and hugged her tightly.
''DI...Daadi''said purab as his voice broke and she felt his tears landing on her back.
''Shhh purab daadi will be fine''said pragya hugging purab back as she know how much purab loves daadi.
''I really worried di''said purab.
''I know purab.I know.But i am sure she will be fine .so stop worrying okay?''asked pragya as she broke the hug and wiped his tears and purab nodded.Then she looked at Abhi and walked towards him.Once she reached him she placed her hands on his shoulders.
''Abhi''called pragya in a soft voice and when Abhi looked at her it was like he is back to reality from his own world and hugged her tightly 
''I did this to her pragya..I did this to her''said Abhi like a lost child and pragya immediately hugged him tightly
''No Abhi you didn't whatever happened was an accident.so please stop blaming yourself''said pragya running her fingers through his hair
''No pragya it may be an accident but i am the one who was responsible for this and i couldn't save her from the truck in time''said Abhi and pragya didn't know how to make him realise that its not his fault seeing the determination in his voice.But before she could say anything the doctor came out of the OT and all of them rushed to him to know about daadi's state.
''Doctor how is daadi?''asked pragya holding Abhi's hand.
''Well we are successfull in stopping her bleeding and she is stable now.But the major problem is the blood clot in her brain and we have to do a surgery to remove it.And for that we need her family members approval''said the doctor and everyone's heart dropped hearing this.
''will there be any complication in the surgery doctor?''asked Pragya
''Well there are many risks Mr.Mehra.she may get paralized or slip into coma if the surgery fails as it was very complicated and i am very sorry to say this but she may even die the process.''said the doctor and hearing this Abhi felt his world was crumbling.
''Doctor please do anything you want and we can spend as much as money this surgery needs.But please save my daadi at any cost''said Abhi.
''We will try our best Mr.Mehra.We can perform the surgery tomorrow if you are okay with it''said the doctor.
''We are okay with it doctor perform the surgery tomorrow as soon as possible''said Akash and the doctor nodded.
''Okay then i will.If you guys want you can see her once we shift her to ICU''said the doctor.
''Thank you for everything doctor''said purab and the doctor gave him a small smile.
''Its okay.Its my duty''said the doctor and left them.Once the doctor left pragya took a deep breath Abhi sat on the chair in defeat while pragya prayed their daadi will get fine as she know Abhi will broken beyond repair if something happens to her.But all her prayers failed when she died after few hours of surgery.

Pragya came out of her thoughts when she felt something wet on her neck and when she looked down her heart ached to see Abhi crying in his sleep and wiped his tears gently.Then she gently caressed his forehead,but when she felt his skin is too hot she got worried and checked his temperature by placing her hands again on his forehead and neck.After checking she got really worried feeling his abnormal temperature.
''Abhi wake up.come on ''said pragya shaking him softly but Abhi didn't even stir in response.Seeing this pragya understood he was unconscious and immediately took her mobile and called the doctor and he assured he will be there as soon as possible.Then pragya rushed to kitchen and came back with a bowl of cold water and cotton cloth and applied the wet cloth to his forehead to reduce the temperature.
After few minutes the doctor arrived and started to check on Abhi.
''Doctor is he alright?''asked pragya hoping the doctor will give her some good news.
''He is physically fine Mrs. Mehra.This fever and unconsciousness is due to the stress as his blood pressure became too low.I gave him some injections which will reduce his fever and bring his BP to normal.But if he didn't wake up within 12 hours we have to hospitalize him Mrs.Mehra''said the doctor and pragya just looked Abhi with moist eyes hearing this.
''I will leave now and call me if you need anything''said the doctor and pragya nodded.
''Okay doctor.Thanks for coming''said pragya and gave him the fee.
''Its okay mam.''said the doctor leaving the room and once the doctor left the room Pragya sat beside Abhi and started to caress his forehead as tears fell from her eyes.
''Please get well soon Abhi.I can't loose you too''said pragya and kissed his forehead softly and waited for Abhi to wake up.
When Abhi opened his eyes he was confused to fin himself in a different room.Though the room was familiar he was sure he was not living in the colony house anymore where he lived before he bought the Mehra mansion.The last thing he remembered before sleeping was laying in pragya's arms after she comforted him and now he was really confused waking up here.Just then he felt a soft hands caressing his forehead and when he looked up to find daadi sitting there with a gentle smile on her face.seeing daadi there Abhi was shocked and immediately sat on the bed in shock.
''Daadi?''asked Abhi in confusion and daadi smiled at him.
''Haan meta its me''said daadi and Abhi hugged her tightly the next moment and started to cry 
''I am so sorry daadi.For everything and hurting you like i did''said Abhi in between his sobs as daadi continued to run his back in comfort.
''Shhh beta.I already forgive you for everything''said daadi in a soft voice.
''Really?''asked Abhi like a little child.
''Haan beta.I forgive you the moment when i saw how much you regret hurting pragya and how much you love her now''said daadi.
''Thank you daadi.Thank you so much i could never life knowing you hate me''said Abhi.
''A mother could never hate her child completely.And please stop blaming  you for my death beta''said daadi and hearing this Abhi's body got tensed.
''But daadi i am the on who made you cross the road like you did na.That's why you even met with an accident''said Abhi.Hearing this daadi softly pulled him out of her arms and cupped his face.
''Abhi whatever happened was nothing but an accident so i want you to stop blaming yourself for it this moment okay.I love you beta and will always love you.''said daadi.
''Then please let me stay here with you na daadi.I really can't live without you''said Abhi and daadi smiled at him.
''I can't do that Abhi.Your sunshine is waiting for you there Abhi and if she looses you she can't never come out of the grief.Do you really want pragya beta yo go through that pain?''asked daadi and Abhi nodded his head negatively.
''Then you must go back to her now.she loves you a lot beta and i am sure she will keep you so happy.But Abhi promise me something.Don't hurt my bahu ever again and keep her happy ''said daadi.
''I will daadi.I will keep her happy''said Abhi and daadi smiled hearing this.
''Good.Now its time for me to leave.But remember this I will be always watching you and will be always with you even if you can't see me.And don't ever blame yourself for what happened to me okay?''asked daadi and Abhi nodded with a teary smile.
''I love you beta.Now go to your pragya.I can see hoe much worried she is now''said daadi with a smile and kissed his forehead.
''I love you too daadi and i will miss you''said Abhi and hugged her tightly for the last time and when he opened his eyes again he found himself in his room laying on his bed.Then he saw pragya sitting beside him with her hand in his and lost in thoughts.
''Sunshine''called Abhi in a tired voice and hearing this pragya turned towards him immediately and smiled when she realised he was awake.
''Abhi how are you feeling now ?'asked pragya and Abhi nodded with a smile.
''I am fine sunshine''said Abhi and pragya smiled seeing his real smile.Pragya then hugged him tightly laying beside him and Abhi too hugged her back.
''I was so worried Abhi''said Pragya and Abhi caressed her hair 
''I am fine now sunshine.so calm down''said Abhi and pragya just nodded.
''Abhi i know you are hurting now but i promise you i will be always with you and will not leave you alone till my last breath.so stop doing this to yourself''asked pragya and Abhi kissed her forehead.
''I know pragya and even i am not going to leave you anytime soon.I love you pragya always and forever''said Abhi with a smile.
''I love you too Abhi always and forever''said pragya with happiness seeing no guilt in his eyes anymore.
Abhi just hugged her tight hearing this.Its true he was still hurting.But after talking with daadi he finally accepted  he was not responsible for her death and decided to love and be with pragya always and forever.After all she is only person he loves to core after daadi and he know she will be too always with him.With this thought Abhi closed his eyes with peace after two days knowing to welcome a bright tomorrow.


Hey guys I started a new os on Abhigya.Just have a look and let me know your reviews on it toO.

                                             **THE END**

With Love,

Edited by Scarlettkevin - 27 April 2016 at 5:53am

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sasha01 Groupbie

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Posted: 27 April 2016 at 5:20am | IP Logged
res... tnx for the pm...yay... first

omg sooo good...
i just sighed in relief when i read pragya woke up... o god u had scared me man...

was really  sad to see abhi in this state...
beautifully written ...

god bless...ClapClap

Edited by sasha01 - 27 April 2016 at 5:58am
Sowmii_cutiee IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 April 2016 at 5:56am | IP Logged
Awesome OS Scarlett ... 
Thank you for the PM

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