Ye Hai Mohabbatein


Ye Hai Mohabbatein
Ye Hai Mohabbatein

Star-crossed forever it seems. So, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein huh? 22.04.2016

gravity23 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 April 2016 at 11:23am | IP Logged
Disgusting the power N

What a sheer waste of talent, resources, audience timeAngry

Flight departure gets delayed because a POP STAR is gonna grace the plane...hence, the delay of 25 minutes...where has it ever happened?Ouch Shah Rukh must feel a lot of complex if he watches this...kitna jhooth phailate hain duniya mein

Ru kept flipping between not boarding the flight, boarding the flight...she recalls what a bitch Nidhi can be when she gets pissed (must have remembered how possessed she looked) and so she decides to board the plane...then those farzi blue-uniformed Indian lookalike security guards turned up at their place...saying they have arrested Nimrit (Nidhi) for gambling issues and not paying off loans...Ru realizes that's the reason why that serpent made her sign two contracts for the same day...

she refuses to now take the flight since 'Ma'am is in jail' ...Nupur, her extremely inefficient bad-dictioned manager pleaded with her, and so Ruhaan says he is ready to take next day's flight...I dunno why but I'm starting to get pissed with Ruhi too...this was the perfect chance to just  board the damn flight and come to India for good, but nai, she wants to hang on to Nidhi coz of some weird Stockholm Syndrome I guessAngry

Was it just my imagination or the lady security guard lookalike 'police officer' was barely moving her mouth? I mean she looked like somebody had put a gun to her head and asked her to say the lines

Aussies should sue BT solely for this reason - ki they are making it look like their country is inhabited only by Indians and yet, Indians complain of racist attacks thereLOLLOLLOL there's hardly an Australian in sightLOLLOLLOL

So anyway, Nupur messages Raman, ki dekho bhai, pop star Ruhaan is damn pricey, woh kal ki flight lega


Raman and Ishita could not meet each other...sorry, they couldn't even see each other...not even when Ishu had got up to go the washroom (the side where Raman was seated)...why? Because the air hostess took her to the other sideAngry

so what else happened in the episode today?

That freak Punjabi lady sitting beside Ishita kept trying to calm her crying baby, when Ishita addressed her baby, she distinctly asked, "kya hua? kyun ro RAHA hai?"

but the lady replied, insinuating it was a girl, "ro rahi hai"

I'm like, yede hain kya, ganja chadhake script likhte hain kya?Confused

So even when Ishita wanted to change seats, and the air hostess hinted at a vacant seat beside that "gentleman who wanted his coat to rest and had requested no one be seated there" Ishita could not make it there.

She even had an epiphany, a flashback of khadoos Kumar...what business does the air hostess have to tell her if that man was a cranky one? Tujhe kya hai be..tu apna kaam kar naa...but nai, that total NON-CONVERSATION between Ishu and the flight attendant was only so that she could get nostalgic about Ravan Kumar, and smile those stupid sheepish smiles that have lost all its charm nowAngry

She's like, "Duniya mein aur bhi Ravan Kumar hain kya"

You would think the air hostess and she were granny-panty buddiesOuch

so when she  gets up to walk to Raman's side, this hijacker here, who had been tc'hing t'ching all this while and drinking gallons of water got pissed, stood in her way and dint let her go over to that side...then a freaky kid came from behind, shoved his way past the hijacker and then the gun fell on to the floor

so then its like, "ISKE PAAS GUN HAI! ISKE PAAS GUN HAI!" and then people are shit scared

The hijacker gets back to his form, threatens Ishu with the gun, asks everyone to duck and announces, "MAIN HIJACKER HUN" 

I'm like, "Haan be...hijacker hi hoga, thodi shooting tournament ke liye jaa raha hai"D'ohI really wanna know,KISNE LIKHI YEH LINES?

Keede pade uspar, for ruining the movie Neerja for me forever...Shocked

I mean, what a PATHETIC RIP-OFF it was from that movie...the air hostess tries to inform the pilots, and then gets yanked by her hair exactly the way it happened in Neerja...

and I was wondering, where the F are the OTHER hostesses/stewards...channe kha rahe hain kya sab ke sab ke lavatory mein chhupe hain? Wackoitni kharab dasha kyun hai wahan ke flights ki...this can be ANOTHER ground to sue BTAngry

so anyway, the pilots after getting informed shut the cockpit first

and then the passengers are all ducking in their seats...such bad acting from EVERYBODY...In fact, Ishita herself had this,

"Nai nai...tu mazaak kar rahe ho, tum hijacker nai ho sakte, you're just a lost soul...I feel you boy, I hijacked my own life, SEE" expression...

and the passengers in the extreme front to the right looked like they were smooching each other passionately, their heads down, rather than looking scared and ducking Ouch kitni ghatiya direction thi...Dead

what a disappointmentShocked

and the rest of the episode was such a sham

Amma sneaking into the Bhallas' flat trying to get a sneak-peek at Adi

Adi pointedly speaking loudly to assure Amma he is alright

Toshi thinking Adi has lost it and insisting Simmi get the vibhuti 

Simmi pretending she is serious about her life and identity and sitting in Raman's cabin trying to look all 'professional'

I'm like, ab tak toh velli thi, IF mein logon ke discussions ke baad poori career-oriented ban gayi kya phirseWacko

Romi and Ashok hatching and plotting Raman's downfall and how they could steal Rhaan's contract from Raman

As usual, Raman's office security guard getting bribed by that swine Romi, who turned up in a hoodie and a bundle of cash and straight away entered Raman's cabin

WAT AN ASS****Angry

Now I understand why Raman was pissed Bhalla ji had ever given Romi the money...these are the sadakchhap ways he became this great CEO in flat 7 years huh? Chullu bhar paani mein doob kyun nai jataAngry

Such a bas***d. And Mihika is with this creep, because she thinks its cool coz business mein tarah tarah ke logon se milna padta hai?AngryAngry

I have NO RESPECT for her nw. She can get molested by either of those two creeps and I wouldn't care. Just so pissed.Angry

CVs, what the f is your aim? I mean, you have losers like Ashok, Romi and Mihika working against Raman, even the Iyers, in an indirect way, then you have overconcerned, over-zealous ex-wife Shagun, dimwit Mani, revengeful Ruhaan, meddlesome Pihu SURROUNDING THE LEADS



What's the point?

The precap suggests Ishita fearlessly gets up from her seat to fetch water so that her co-passenger could make baby food for her child..I'm like, I am SICK AND TIRED of these cheesy, Bollywood-ish nonsense, and I'm sick and tired of Ishita being Mother Teresa to EVERY CHILD she sees/meetsAngry

Is there no other identity she has?

I am so so disappointed. I'd rather watch YHM of those initial days, and console my heart than watch what's being currently dished out in the name of drama and twists and turns.

I have started feeling IshRa are just a mismatched couple...they have crackling chemistry, passion, deep love


NO trust

NO understanding

NO sensibility

TOO many assumptions

BAD COMPATIBILITY (I'm sure at least one of them is manglikOuch)

ZERO conducive atmosphere (read: meddling family members, brainless in-laws, sick business partners, loads of baggage in the form of exes and unrequited love from other people)

then why be together? They are the most star-crossed lovers I've ever seen portrayed on screen...Romeo Juliet were least they died together

worse, their skin has turned to rubber I guess...they just CANT seem to feel each other's presence AT ALL...cant recognize each other's voice, and for all intents and purposes, Raman will put his blinders on tomorrow and SLEEP, while his lady love lectures this aashiq-hijacker about true love and nonsenseShocked

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein? Eh?AngryAngryAngry 

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infinity00 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 April 2016 at 11:42am | IP Logged
Clap Clap I salute your bravery of watching the episode and then raving and ranting about it ... Shabash dear Shabash and to the CV's " lukh dian laanta" it makes me angrily amazed that they have no respect for the people who watch their show and give them TRP , they are mocking the audiences in their faces and the audiences out of habit still watching this crap ... I am not watching even for the actors now as they are also part of this nonsense , I want to ask all the classy people who are making this serial , WOULD YOU WATCH THIS RUBBISH ????
Mreddy Senior Member

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Posted: 22 April 2016 at 11:53am | IP Logged
[I have started feeling IshRa are just a mismatched couple...they have crackling chemistry, passion, deep love


NO trust

NO understanding

NO sensibility

TOO many assumptions

BAD COMPATIBILITY (I'm sure at least one of them is manglikOuch)

ZERO conducive atmosphere (read: meddling family members, brainless in-laws, sick business partners, loads of baggage in the form of exes and unrequited love from other people)

then why be together? They are the most star-crossed lovers I've ever seen portrayed on screen...Romeo Juliet were least they died together]

Agree with you totally.  Started feeling the same, they are better off without eachother.  there is no love in YHM now.Clap

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Mdwst IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 April 2016 at 12:01pm | IP Logged
Aka you said it all.
Utter ludicrous episode..  do they write/ come up with  this sh*t.
These people are clearly mocking our intelligence ...what kind of audience are they catering to?
Certainly not urban...

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kavi4u Goldie

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Posted: 22 April 2016 at 12:05pm | IP Logged
Such a poorly written, poorly executed and pathetic episode. Raman the CEO was looking like a roadside romeo...Ishita had layers of makeup on her face...and the flight attendants and the whole setup of the flight...really no commentsAngryAngry
I bow down to the CVs ...for coming up with such a script and making excellent actors like KP and DT part of this circus...
The only star of the episode...Ashokwa...he still looks young and hot and fir after the leapLOLLOL

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ishitaruhi Goldie

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Posted: 22 April 2016 at 12:21pm | IP Logged
ya i also irritated by ruhi behaviour "mai mam ke bina kanhi nahi jata" are beta jab bhagne ka mauka mila hai to kyin naagin se bil me milne ha rahi hai,you should catch the flight n waha se chori chupe delhi  chali jati but nahee ruhi is waiting for naagin to come n bite her.seriously cv kitna bewkoof dikhaoge sabko.
romi tere ko chair chahiye,tu ek kam kar chair utha ke le ja atleast raman bhalla ke chair pe baith ke hi kam-se -kam tera dimag kam karne lage.pathetic romi.
Mani dual personality,opps he is or cv ? Kal tak to raman ko tv pe dekh ke ishita ke liye raman ko uske saamne lana chahta tha now suddenly use regret hone laga ki why i myself send my love to her take a stand plz mani is on which side?
Toshi jee to kabhi sudhar hi nahi sakti abhi tak wahi haal hai kisi v chhez pe turant gabra jana aur uska utpatang solution nikalne lagna ,calm down n take a breath toshi aunty.
Simmi ko kaun si post pe rakha hai rkb ne ,chalo cv ne soch ab simmi ko v thoda sa office ke darsan karwa de waise i m sure this was just to catch romi(if tomorrow they will show it) n then simmi again will be velli.
Adi is my favourite character n i just want cv to give some importance to this character in ishra reunion,coz if adi will involved then reunion will be emotional n dil se.but if reunion happens by ruhi then ofcourse it will come along with the famous tag "sirf ruhi ke liye" der will be ishima n papa no ishra.
ok so wat i m saying adi ,yup he is so cute and sensitive n sensible at same time.Plz raman pay attention to him also, i mean show love to him also.
Ishita oh god really u said the biggest truth her jagah use mother teresa kyun bana dete hai,i agree she was barren(or is according to raman) so her inclination towards kids is ok but excess of every thing some time irritates.apne kam se kam rakhna abhi tak nahi sikha isne ,agar abhi ye sach me atankwadi hota to jati aaj jkr kam se , (people points towards raman he can never change his mouth is still full pf venom n in future he will again scold ishita but here ishita also not changed a bit uske dusro ke mamle me ghusne se hi wo phansi pe latakne wali the fir v use samjh nahi aaya n she is same to raman kyin badle bhai yaha to atleast uske gussa karne se uski khud ki jaan pe nahi aayi na, m contradict my word actually raman ki jaan(ishita)pe to aayi na so i think then its ri8 to say raman shoul change for his jaan.)
I will write about yesterday as i didn't wrote yestdy ishita jab v mani se baat karti hai why i feel like she is gonna hug him or kiss him(ohk no real kissing  but friend wali kissing) her body language is like that or i feel like that i dont know,but kal jab mani airport nahi jaa raha hai jab ye ishu ko pata chala she become so cranky n complaint like how can u not come mani u pretend to be my one sided lover but wont come with me when i m so nervous to go to my home country ,to console me at the very first departure of ours after 7 years.
coming to today, raman one liners r back to entertain us cv r such a jerk.are pahle use milne to do ishita se fir use back to normal lana ,i thought his oneliner come after faceoff but nahi yanha to cv ne raman ko normal mode me dikhana v shuru kar diya hai bine faceoff hue.what brilliant mind cv has.
ravan kumar ko yad karlo jitna karna hai kyunki ab wo aise yaado me hi milega kyunki dilli abhi bahut hi door hai ravan real me to milne se raha abhi.
Raman not recognising her voice like really or he had his headphone on or put earbuds on whichever it will be jkr ki awaz to waha dilli me baithe adi ko sunayi de de itna jor se bol rahi hai to ye earphones n earbud kis khet ki muli hai jo jkr ki awaz ko rok usual cv ko do tappad padne chahiye for killing ishra .i will not expect anything from now onwards after olv n current episodes my hope from cv become    minus 200%.they will crush our heart with der bare hand so its better no emotional attachments should be there otherwise cv to paise kamayege hum apni shanti gawayege(lose).Angry

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crazy_bholi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 April 2016 at 12:30pm | IP Logged
Exactly yeh hai mohobbatein...what BSAngry
I am waiting for your review Tom when and how they will show Raman saving ishita without recognizing herQuestion.ROFL..absolute BS
Its better to watch their offscreen dance performances ...

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gargpoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 April 2016 at 1:29pm | IP Logged
Pathetic epi
Romi...once a chor always b a chor...
Raman ki kursi chiye toh wahi chura le n uspe baith ...usi k layak h bs ye...
Mihika has lost the respect..
Ashok still behind raman...mai barbad kr dunga tujhe ...saalo se yahi bol rha h pata nhi kb karega..isse achcha shadi karke settle ho ja

Ishita ws going to that seat ...jake b kya hota...abto lagta h face to face aake b HIoo bolke nikal kuch feel hota hai na sunai deta h na dikhai deta kuch daan kr diya h..

Sb k sb indian h aus me..pilot b indian...aus ku dikhaya ..india ka hi koi place dikha dete

Hijacker ws ws like usko kiso ne hijack kiya hai..everything looked so fake

Precap ..she is standing n lecturing...voice ws loud enough still raman will not recognize..
Cvs hv ruined ishra for their so called hit n miss

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