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The sun was shining bright, the crystal blue skies were piercing to the naked eye. Wherever the eye could see, their vision was heightened. The colors were more vibrant, the senses heightened. The winds being cooled by the sea waters created a certain freedom that only came with the anticipation of the oncoming summer. The harsh winter months were gradually going away and the warm, beautiful months of summer were going to arrive.

But... that didn't really signify the buzzing magic that was hanging in the air. No, the energy that was resting right beneath finger tips, eagerly waiting to jump out and unleash their contagious vibe and exhilaration - the source of it was something else.

Meena: Guys, seriously? A poem? A poemSurely we can describe him in more than a poem!

Teddy (came running down the stone steps with a wide grin): Hey, what's going on?

Meena: Hmm, let's see. Right now we're at a beach, crowded by multiple tables with all sorts of foods and drinks. Numerous amounts of people have shown up and frankly I have no idea if we even know them or they're just crashing the place...

Gurleen: Crashing? This is a public place, you know that right?

Meena (ignoring the comment): And the bloody DJ hasn't arrived, the seagulls are invading the picnic tables and eating up all the chips, the volunteers who said they would help out are either too busy gossiping or drooling over the life guards...

Teddy (whispering to Gurleen): We are planning for Sid's birthday party right?

Gurleen (nodding her head, with pursed lips): Mmhmm.

Teddy (looking concerned at Meena): Is she going to be alright?

Gurleen: Oh yeahh. Just having one of her breakdowns. It'll be best if we just... slipped away.. unnoticed. Quietly.

Teddy (walking away with Gurleen while Meena finds another poor soul to scold): Cool. Hey, where is Sid anyways?

Gurleen: Umm.. if we're on schedule then right now he'll be kayaking. We sort of made up this grand competition where he has to take part in all these weird and obscure water sports. It'll keep him busy well until the evening.

Teddy: Awesome. I was hoping he doesn't walk in on... this.

Gurleen (laughing): Oh don't worry. Everything's going to be fine. And dude, it's a beach party. Even if we do miss something here or there, we'll just wing it.

Teddy (stopping to point at a group of people carrying various decorative pieces underneath their arms): What is that?

Gurleen: I think those are Tiki torches. Thought it would look cool for the night. When he enters, he will be surrounded by the warm fire that will be incredibly inviting. I mean just look at this place. We're surrounded by soft golden sand, the beautiful, roaring waves, the hints of smokey wood, grilled meats and vegetables, the tinkling laughter, the relaxed bodies.. it is absolutely perfect for Sid!

Ian: Especially considering how chilled out he is, this is going to feel right at home.

Teddy: Hey Ian! How's it going?

Ian (departing from hugging Teddy): Great! I just finished compiling some pictures of Sid for a slide show. I was thinking we can introduce each picture with a song? So we can have one picture for each stanza or something.

Teddy (looking at Gurleen's confused face): Do you want an example?

GurleenYes please.

Ian: Here, I'll show you.

Gurleen: That... was freaking amazing.

Teddy: Honestly Ian. You should go show it to Meena so that she can calm down. I'm afraid she's going to burst a vein by the end of tonight.

Gurleen (chuckling): Oh Meena.. Meena, Meena.

Sherni: Meena? I thought it was all about Sid tonight.

Gurleen (beaming at Sherni's arrival): Oh it is. But Meena's trying to gain a bit of a spotlight while she can.

Sherni: While she better milk it while she can because the competition just ended.

TeddyWait, what? I thought we had until evening?

SherniYeahh, turns out there was no point in doing the rest of the contests considering he won all the rest.

GurleenKayaking, canoeing, the numerous swimming contests, white-water rafting, water skiing, boat racing, parasailing...

Teddy: How much did you make him do?

Sherni: Apparently she wanted to kill the guy out of sheer exhaustion.

Gurleen (gasping): You take that back!

Sherni: Well what did you expect? You made him do so many extreme sports, which by the way, henailed it, and my gosh he was looking gorgeous while doing it. The wet fringes of his jet black matted hair, the skin tight outfits...

Teddy: Damn... now I want to be there.

Sherni: Good thing, I've got pics! Boy oh boy, was he looking fine today!

Gurleen (peering over Teddy and Sherni's shoulders): Let me see too!

TeddySorry, but killers are not allowed.

Sherni (ignoring the crying voice): I wish he would come soon. Ab aur raha ni jaara.

Teddy (sighing): If only he would marry me.

Sherni: Dude, back of the line.

TeddyOh screw you. He's mine.

Sherni: Are you trying to test me? Don't forget I'm Sherni. While you're just Teddy. I could rip you apart with one swipe.

Ian (panting): Hey, you guys can claw each other's eyes out later. Right now, we've got work to do.

Meena: I can't believe it was a false alarm.

GurleenWell, at least you have more time to freak out now.

Meena (glaring at Gurleen): This needs to be perfect! I will not let my months of planning go to waste.

Gurleen (rolls her eyes): If you must know, Sid is currently at his hotel with his friends right now.

MeenaHow do you know?

Gurleen: He just updated his Instagram. See.

Meena (mumbling): Stalker.

Gurleen: Observer.

Gurleen (staring at Meena who is taking in deep breaths): Meena, chill.

Meena: Chill? Sid will be coming here any moment now! How can I chill?

Gurleen: Just relax. We have everything finished and ready to go. The people are all here, the DJ has arrived,  the foods and drinks are ready to be served, the decorative pieces have been adorned properly, and look, there is no chance of rain. It is going to be fabulous and he's going to love it even if it isn't.

TeddyExactly. After all, it's the thought that counts.

Sherni: Oh cut that crap. It needs to be perfect. Especially after the exhausting day that he had today, it better be good.

Gurleen: Oh would you give it a rest already? We had him distracted na? Mission accomplished.

A voice screaming from a far: HE'S HERE!!!!

Meena: Oh God, oh God, oh God. Quick do I look good? Oh my gosh no, somebody got that seagull away from the fruit punch! Hey you! Yeah, you, you little blob of pink skin, I'm talking to you! Step away from the food table!

Gurleen (muttering, after taking a deep breath): This is going to go well.

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Sidhant Gupta, the latest heartthrob of the Indian Television, has not only represented his hometown Jammu in three sports, but had been training to become a pilot back in the day.

He represented Jammu and Kashmir in national level, under-14 cricket, under-17 swimming and under-19 basketball. He pursued none of these activities as destiny had some other plans for him.

Sidhant's journey into the acting industry started off when someone asked him to do a photo shoot while he was doing ground training. From there, he was provided with the opportunity to model for a prominent denim brand and leaving behind his pilot training, modeling became his interest. Soon after, he did some auditions and took part in some theater plays with Nadira Babbar.

In 2012 he also featured in a film titled Tutiya dil.For which he was praised immensely. However, his theater days were short as he was offered a role in Bang Bang Bangkok in 2014. In 2015 we saw Sidhant in the romantic comedy, Badmashiyaan as Dev. This film gave him fame and recognition, as critiques praised him for his skills and fans loved him.

Later in August 2015, he bagged a lead role in Zee TV's show Tashan-E-Ishq which has helped him gain immense popularity and fans all over the world.

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27 Reasons Why You Should Love Sid/ Why He's Mr. Supercool (:

1. Despite the fact that he works for more than 12 hours, six days a week, he finds time to interact with and thank his fans.

2. His positive energy and humor keeps everyone around him in high spirits.

 3. As Jasmine said, despite being so handsome and looking like the play boy type, he respects women immensely. 

 4. His quote, "Love yourself, follow your dreams and be sexy!" gives us inspiration to love and care for ourselves. Although we doubt anyone can be sexier than him.

 5. His passion for acting is so motivating that it makes us love him even more.

 6. He's a complete family man which is shown through his love for his mom and trips to his hometown. 

7. He believes that your work should give you a motivating kick. 

8. The energy and fervor with which he sings dances and acts makes everyone smile.

 9. His interactions with fans during events are full of mutual respect, love and admiration.

 10. He never forgets to thank his fans for all of their support on social media in interviews and television segments. 

11. Despite all his growing fame due to Tashan-E-Ishq, he is humble and always appreciates the gratitude. His grounded personality makes us fall for him even more. 

 12. He focuses on what is coming next, not things left behind in the past which are out of his control. 

13. Sid is always challenging himself, he's never pleased with his scenes because he wants to do better, which is shown in his belief that "Nothing changes until you do." 

14. He has many dreams and constantly reminds himself that he has a lot to achieve in his journey, therefore always motivating himself to keep moving forward! 

 15. Always has good things to say about his costars and his relationship with each of them is admirable- be it his bro buddies Jasmine and Zain, or his senior actors to whom he gives immense respect. 

16. His comfort level and friendship with his bro buddy offscreen translates into his chemistry with his best half onscreen! 

17. Even though he is unable to respond to each fan, he tries his best to read all tweets and messages sent to him. 

 18. His fun loving personality and killer humor is mind blowing, reminding us to struggle for our goals in life but have fun while doing so. 

19. His amazingly good looks will ake your breath away, especially when he has an equally amazing personality to match them. 

20. His attitude to life is to be calm and cool in the face of everything which is a commendable quality needed for an actor. 

21. He believes in sharing is caring, and no matter how much he love this gifts, he always shares with Jasmine :P 

22. His comedic timing on and offscreen is very enjoyable! 

23. He has already stated that this is his best birthday ever, all due to his fans. 

 24. He arranged a special fan meet on the day of his birthday despite his hectic schedule because he knows how much fans look forward to meeting him! 

 25. He looks amazing in aviators LOL. 

 26. His love for traveling makes him seem even more vibrant.  

 27. His effort in maintaining a proper diet and body is something we all can only hope for.


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By _Ridz_:

By .FlightOfEagle. :

By _Meena_ :

By Iansomer1 aka Ayesha


Happy birthday SID
May god shower blessings on u n keep u healthy, wealthy n happy ... n  I also pray may u keep  getting hot with every year that passes by ...(hope ur blushing ryta now ) n one last thing to say  .. u have taken over my heart .just hope u keep doing great n keep ruling it until It beats


Happy Birthday Sidhant Gupta!
Wish you lots of LOVE and eternal happiness today and for the rest of your life. You are such a good human being and astounding actor. Every interview you give I feel amazed at the person you are and are growing to be. Thank you for entertaining us as Kunj in Tashan. We LOVE you and want to see you on screen forever whether its TV or theaters. You deserve everything wonderful that comes your way. I pray you receive all of Gods good grace and everything you ever wish for and desire out of life.

Your well wisher



Happy Birthday Sidhant!!

May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.
I hope you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is filled with much love, many wonderful surprises and gives you lasting memories that you will cherish in all the days ahead.
Your portrayal of Kunj Sarna is beyond words... You're EXCELLENT Thank you for breathing life into Kunj and making so many us breathless with your looks  You're talents are beyond imagination and Im so glad I came across TEI.

Keep up your good work and keep entertaining your fans because I love Kunj Sarna..

Stay blessed! Stay happy and Keep smiling!

Lots of Love



23 APRIL 1989...the day when our star was born
one of the most humble person ever known
your loving nature...
your caring attitude...
the way you express yourself is just tooo good

Many many many happy returns of the day Sidhant(Bunny/Mr Kunj Sarna)
may you have a blessed day and year ahead
may god bless you with all the happiness and may all your wishes come true
may you have a fun filled day and year ahead
       S-tunning, smart, simple & sweet
       I-ntellegant,innocent & inspiring
       H-andsome, hilarious & heartthrob
       A-mbitous, amazing actor
       N-ice natured
       T-ooo cute
On this special day I would want to thank you for entertaining us and getting a smile on our face
and for being and important part of our daily life
hope to meet you one day which wil be a dream come true

baar bar din yeh aaye...
baar baar dill yeh gaae...
tum jiyo hazaaro saal yeh meri hain aarzoo
happy birthday to you... happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you... happy birthday to you

                  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

lots of love, luck and happiness



Happy birthday, Sidhant! Hope you have a rocking year ahead! You are amazing as Kunj in Tashan-E-Ishq! Keep up the great work as always and have a blast!


Happy birthday.
Hope you have a prosperous and wonderful one
Remember to live and enjoy life to the fullest
And never let situations break your spirit or get the best of you
Because you were born a winner



Happy Birthday Sidhant Gupta
May the coming year be filled with nothing but joy for you. Hope the coming year will be the best one so far.
You are an amazing actor and a more amazing human. I can still remember watching you in Tashan-E-Ishq for the first time and being in awe of you. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful character like Kunj Sarna.
You are a very thoughtful and caring person and you show it when you do all the wonderful things to make your fans feel loved, not many people do that. You're a real inspiration! Stay Well and be Happy!!
May god bless you
I sincerely hope that everything you've wished for ends up being fulfilled.
Once again, Happy Birthday to you!



Happpy Birthday Sidhant!
I truly hope you have a great and enjoyable birthday.  
You're an amazing and I admire the passion and dedication you work with.
Your comic timing is impeccable and your oneliners always manage to steal the show.
You'll always be a favorite actor of mine and I look forward to seeing your further performances in Tashan-E-Ishq and any other project you many indulge in later on.
Also I must say, the love you have for your fans is admirable and I'm so proud to be your fan
Once again, a very Happy Birthday and I wish you a healthy and prosperous life.
Lots of love
- Piyali

Wishing You A Very Happy Birthday Sid!
May God bless you with all the happiness, success and prosperity that you so rightly deserve. You are one of the most genuine and humblest actors that I have ever come across and your grounded nature is definitely one of the best things about you. Add that to your amazing sense of humour and you are basically what I call PERFECT. You probably get told that quite often by your fans but from the bottom of my heart, I'd consider myself a very lucky lady if I found a partner who is half the man that you are. In other words, you are the Prince Charming that we all wish for when we are young. You're funny and smart and not to mention extremely blessed in the good looks department. What more could a girl ask for?
I really pray that all your dreams come true this birthday, that you achieve everything you have ever wanted in your life and that Tashan-E-Ishq continues to entertain its audience so that we get to see your beautiful face onscreen every day. You are a true gem in this world full of rock
Happy Birthday once again! Have a slice of cake on my behalf.
My best wishes and lots of love.  
Finding Nemo
(P.S. You and Jasmin really have to make a UK trip soon!)

Happy birthday Sidhant!
Many many happy returns of the day. I hope all your dreams and desires come true as a genuine and down to earth person like you deserves to have the best.
You are truly an inspiration for many people. Not only are you a versatile actor but you are also a very good human being. Your smile, your one liners, your nature, determination, and every other personality trait is the reason many others smile. Haayee you're the epitome of perfection and hotness.
I have never seen such a dedicated and hard working actor like you. Thank you so much for being Kunj Sarna. No one could have done a better job than you. It's a treat to watch you on tv, plus the bond you share with Jasmin and your other co actors is also beautiful. I bet no one call pull those intense, cute, passionate, action scenes off other than you. You rock. You are one in a million. Keep smiling as that's what makes you stand out. Once again, Happy birthday cutie.
Btw it's truly admirable how you love your fans soo much. You really deserve the love all your fans have for you. I hope you continue shining like a bright star.

Lots of love,



Happy Birthday Sidhant!

Hope all your wishes come true in the coming year and it is full of joy.  

You are an amazing actor and an amazing person more over.  It is a treat to watch you.  I look forward to watching Tashan-E-Ishq everyday.  I was in awe the first day I saw you on the screen.  And I really do not think another actor could have played Kunj Sarna so well.  You are the definition of goals.  Kunj Sarna is goals has become such a repetitive line, I am not joking here.  

Living in America, I was not one to watch a TV soap/serial religiously but you are one of the reasons I fell in love with TEI.  

Love your interviews because we got to see the amazing, caring, and funny person you are.  You make us feel loved and I hope you know that you are loved like crazy too.  Your dedication is amazing. We love you hope you always have a smile on your face all the time!  Love your work keep going!  Stay healthy!

Happy Birthday Again!



Happy Happy Birthday Sidhant Gupta.

Not only are you an amazing and talented individual, you are also one of the most humblest of actors,who reciprocate to your fans the same amount of respect, kindness and love that is showered upon you.
Meeting you in Trinidad is and will always be one of the best days of my life.
Tashan E Ishq could not have casted a better person to breathe life into the the character of Kunj Sarna, your brilliance and dedication towards giving nothing but your best performance each and everyday is truly recognized and appreciated by fans.

Wishing you many,many more wonderful years ahead filled with nothing but  love, good fortunes, happiness and immeasurable success, as you so righfully deserves.

Proud to be your Fan
Lots of Love and Best Wishes
Karen aka kardooks



Happy Birthday Sidhant !
I wish you a very healthy and happy year. I wish you get everything that you dream of and deserve. Wishing you the happiest day ever and hope you get the girl of your dreams . Love you Sidhant so much !
~Rupa from New Jersey



Wish u a very happy birthday sidhant!!
You are just amaazing.. you are love..
U have given life to.the role of kunj sarna..
Every girl wants to get a husband like you..
See u set the goals that are hard to achieve..
I love u from the very core of my heart...
Always stay blessed and happy...
Many many happy returns of the day..
Keep entertaining and keep rocking!!



Happy Birthday Sidhant Gupta!!

From your interviews, I have concluded that you're truly gem of a person and deserve all the success for the immense handwork you've put in portrayal of your character in Tashan-E-Ishq! Thank you so much for entertaining us, and for acknowledging us.

I hope you have a great year ahead of you!

Best, Areeba



Happy birthday Sidhant Gupta...!!!!
Wishing you all success and happiness with a blessed year ahead..!!!!



Wishing a very very Happy Birthday to my favorite hero on Indian Television!

Sidhant, you are indeed a true hero for redefining the role of a husband in today's Hindi Telly World. You breathe such genuineness into the character of Kunj that it makes me want to believe in sheer goodness and nothing else!

Apart from being an amazing actor, you have a natural flair for singing and dancing, which makes you even more awesome. I love your interviews and the fact that you're so simple and down-to-earth (also funny and drop-dead handsome!). You share an amazing rapport with your co-stars, especially Jasmin, and you guys are the one and only reason I watch Tashan-E-Ishq. The best thing about you is that you take time out of your busy schedule for your friends and family members.

So here's me wishing you all the happiness in the world and the success you deserve. There's so less I can say with these few words. I just hope you realize how loved you are!



Dear Sidhant,
You are so handsome
      You are so sweet
       You are so cool
   You are so dashing
      You are so funny
          You are so hot
    You are so perfect
No wonder we all love you a lot.
Wishing you an absolutely amazing day all about you.
And tremendous love,luck and laughter, for today,tomorrow and for days thereafter.
Wishing you A Very Happy Birthday again .

                                Love Nats

      PS: Thank you for giving us Kunj.


Happy Birthday Sid! I hope you get a chance to read through most of the birthday wishes because you truly deserve all the recognition, praise and well wishes coming your way. Your portrayal of Kunj Sarna has won over many hearts across the globe and has taught us so much. Along with your brilliant performances, I adore your friendly, carefree personality and because of your high spirited nature, we truly enjoy all offscreen segments and interviews. You're a wonderful individual and I'm really proud to call myself your fan when daily you show us what compassion truly is. Despite all the fame you have gained, you are so humble and genuine in your gratitude to your fans that we can't help but love you more every day! If only we could all find men like Kunj Sarna, and more importantly like you haha! I still cannot believe you were in New York and I missed seeing you, this calls for a second trip! :P

Once again, have a very happy birthday <3

Best wishes,
Teddy :D


Happy Birthday to the Prince Charming of every girl!
Sidhant Gupta you are the best of the best!
Just love the way you are! U're handsome,dashing,so very cute! {oh God i'm out of words} and yah u're style is impeccable!
U're beyond AMAZING!!!
May u have a blessed life ahead...
And get whatever u desire in life!

Anisha-13 yrs old!



My dear hotty Sid...,,,
Happy happy birthday...I'm praying God to shower u with all the happiness health and wealth in this universe..
Almighty ll be always with u in each of ur steps u r gonna take in ur life be it personal or professional..
May ur hotness grow
Have a great year ahead...
Have a blast... Take care of ur health...
Lots of wishes and love.,..
Lavanya and Sriya(my daughter)...



Happy Birthday Hubby
I love you. I am looking forward to your private celebrations See you soon.



Happy birthday Sidhant.  I love your acting and especially your character Kunj. You jave made us experience a myriad of emotions.  We have cried with him,  laughed with him cheered for him. Hope you have a wonderful birthday.  Lots of love from Pakistan:)



Wishing you Many more happy returns of the day Sidhant .May All ur dreams And Wishes come true .Have a Blessed ,Successful Year Ahead ..
Lots of Love <3



Hey Sidhant,
I really wanted to say lot but my vocabulary is betraying me big time..

For me..

"Your birthday is a special time to celebrate the gift of you (our beloved star) to the world."

I wish you luck, happiness and riches today, tomorrow and beyond.

Yesterday - As you look back on it, may your memories be warm ones.
Today - As you celebrate it, may your heart be filled with happiness and joy
Tommorow - As you look ahead to it, may your deepest hopes and dreams come true for you!

So I wish you to celebrate all the wonderful things that make you so special, not just on your special day, but on every day of the year!

May ur special day..
Surrounded with HaPpiNeSs
Filled with LaUghTer
Wrapped with PleAsUre
Brightened with FuN
Blessed with LoVe
Remembered with JoY
Enriched with HoPe..

"Because in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."

The perfect recipe for your year ahead should be 20 percent love mixed with 30 percent luck. Add on top 20 percent courage and garnish it with 30 percent health. Say cheers to life and have a Happy Birthday!

I wish that for every extra candle on your cake, you receive an extra reason to smile. Happy Birthday to you!

And at last I would like to conclude on a happy note..

May your troubles be as few and far between as my grandmother's teeth! Lol..

Happiee b'day Sid My brightest shinning Star..

With lots and lots of Love

Just Accept my Love as ur Birthday Gift and multiply it with Infinity..

Mai Teri hayree jabra Hayeree jabra fan hogai.. Riya



Wishing you all the happiness in the world
on this day and ever.

Happy Birthday Sid .

Your innate personality reflects in Kunj and that kindness, honesty, dedication, talent and charm are what keeps me in love with Tashan E Ishq.

Your rapport with Twinkle and sense of humor is awesome.
You make us believe that in this day and age true love and honesty are as significant as before...

As you climb the ladder of success in this unpredictable industry, may your level headed maturity guide you in life.

Best wishes
** Anu**
a.k.a.-  Prem_Diwani (PD)



A very very very happy and awesome birthday to you Sidhant Gupta.. The most humble, amazing and loving actor I have come across from the television industry with talent oozing out from every vein..The character you portray Kunj Sarna he is absolute goals..the best husband, the best son and the best son-in-law and a person who loves and respects everyone...and the way you portray it with absolute panache and elan is super amazing.. May God shower all his blessings upon you.. Be happy and stay blessed forever and beyond that...Loads and loads of Love




happy bday sid ... u r the only person which every girl want a better half like u .. every mother want a son-in-law like u .. u r the MOST WANTED MUNDA...hope ur every dream come to be true .. u r best both on onscreen as well as offscreen
I dont understand one thng ... how a single person can have all the quality of a perfect man U R PERFECT IN EVERY MEASURE
thanku so much for giving us kunj
u always remain in my heart no matter wht the situation will be in future ... and your fans always support u in ur hard work ...
once again happy vala birthday .. n thnku for everythng which u gave us in the form of kunj
                   KEEP SMILING
                  With love Diksha




Lots of hugs and kisses - Dee xx


Happy Birthday Sidhant
Twinkle  twinkle  like a star
Sidhant  u  r my  superstar!!
Wish u all the love and happiness of the world...
you are an amazing person...
you are a great actor..
hope u get everything u wish for..



Many many happy returns of the day Sidhant! May this day being you all the joy and happiness you deserve...May God also grant you success and fulfilment in all your endeavours...Wish you bucket loads of love on this special day and everyday onwards...You're truly a gem of a person and your dedication towards your work shines through in your portrayal of Kunj Sarna...A character all of us have come to love immensely and that is mostly because of the honesty with which you portray it...Your journey and growth from the beginning of the show till now has been astounding and you are one of the most loved characters to have ever graced our screens! Thank you so much for giving us Kunj and through him giving us a glimpse of the person that is Sidhant Gupta...Once again Happy Birthday and I hope you have a blast!!


Happy Happy Birthday Sidhant.  May God's grace be with you and may His Love surround you on this special day and always.
Happy Birthday, May you have many more. As many as stars are in the sky. As many as the drops of the rain. As many as dew drops in the morning. As many as waves in the sea. As many as flowers in the world.

Wish you all the love and happiness on this special day.  You are an amazing actor. Your portrayal of Kunj Sarna is excellent. You are hardworking and loved by all. Continue with your awesome work. Scale new heights. The sky is the limit. We love you to the moon and back...Keep rocking.

Love Ya loads,



A many many many many happy returns of the day , dear Sidhant Gupta . Loads and lots of love and blessings ... You have such a great spirit and dedication and you are all goals
Keep up this great work of yours and always be blessed
May God bless you with everything that you deserve and worth of !
You just don't have any idea how much we all IF crazians love you n 'll keep doing so
Keep rocking !!  

(Anjum as well as Abhia2twinj4eva)

Happy birthday sidhant gupta...
May this new year bring all the happiness in your life..
You are such an amazing actor ManshaAllah..playing kunj with such perfection that we can conect with the character..and all the girls wish for a hubby like kunj..hihi but seriously you increasd the level of a perfect hubby sooo high that now no one can match that..
i started watching Tashan e ishq only for you your awesomenes brought me to watch this..
You are sooo humble and amazing person and soo many people who met you says you are soo down to earth.. and this makes me love you adore you more..m soo proub being your fan
I love your ofscreen IV's they are amazing i love your ofscreen masti and freshness you are soo full of life
plzzz come to the pakistan i realy wanna meet you one day inshaAllah.. that will be best day of my life..
I will pray God gives you all the happiness,success and praise you deserve.. and you get everything you wish for ..
Always be happy
Stay blessed..

Again many many happy returns of the day sidhant..
Love you soo much
Best wishes



You made us cry. You made us laugh. You gave a life to a fictional character who we adore and will continue to do so.

Personally you would be among the very few who I am writing to something like this because either you are a great human being or a great actor who has convinced us that there can be someone like Kunj. Or a combination of both.  The sincerity that you put in your character has girls wanting a real life Kunj.

On your birthday and for many more to come, May your life be filled with all the happiness and success that you had dreamed of.

Also i just wanted to say we are proud Sidhantians. As much as we enjoy watching TEI daily, your of screen interviews and interactions ..just make our day and tell us why we are huge fan of yours. Simply a fabulous actor and a great individual. The love and care you show towards your fans, the humble way of putting all the admiration in words not only makes someone's day but also tells us why we call ourselves Sidhantians.

You are among very few actors who have garnered fan following from all age brackets.Television's Shah Rukh Khan!! And I hope and pray that you reach the same height actually you already have with Tashan e ishq. And what sets you apart is how you are as an individual. Keep spreading the love and doing the fabulous work you do.

So here's wishing you a very Happy Birthday Sidhant! May all your dreams and wishes come true!!

Have a rocking year ahead!

Till then lots of love all the way from Toronto!!

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asmaanixx IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 April 2016 at 12:48pm | IP Logged
A Special Thank You


It's finally over and the blessed day has come.

And to be honest, this would not have been possible without all your help!

So here I am, officially, thanking you and declaring my undying respect and love for you all.

Cherish it, because this is the only time you'll hear it. :P

To be honest, I don't even know what to say. Meena, Hrideyy, Ian, Teddy, Sammy, Anu, Sanju, EmeraldTigress, the amount of dedication, love and effort that you have put into making this thread into what it is today, I have little words to thank you for it.

Truth be told, this thread became an excuse for us to bond. Bonding toh pehle bhi hoti thi, but with Sid's thread, it became personal. The time we were spending was personal and so were the emotions and love we were collectively pouring out for him.

We may have started this thread off as a means of collectively sharing our love to him, but it was honestly more of us sharing our love for each other, with each other. We have truly become closer friends and a stronger family through this.

So I not only thank you, but also want to thank you Sid, for granting us this beautiful opportunity to bond. To spread love, peace and happiness as your life values dictate. It truly is a priceless lesson that holds so much value and integrity in it.

Thank you once again everyone. I truly do appreciate every single thing we have accomplished together. Hug


I would just like to thank all my fellow team members who for the past two months have worked together so well to get every color, font, word, and image together to make this birthday thread possible! Gurleen is amazing for organizing this, Hridey is so talented with gifs, Meena was a great motivator, and Ian darling was the best partner! I'm truly proud of this and we all hope Sid loves it! And of course thank you Sammy for helping put it all together!

Much love, and happy birthday Sid!

~Teddy :D



I still cant thank god enough for the day gur started this thread.Planning our fav superstars birthday thread was a wonderful project and the fact i got like a house on fire with every single one of them was perfect.Teddy my perfect partner in crime. we panicked together on pms and still laughed instead of working but we finally had awesome ideas. Gur meri rani you are awesome.A talented and one funny girl.Samy and Anu my darlings you are brilliant,you handle my craziness and be a part of it is so adorable. I am proud to be part of such a talented and fun loving team.Hrideyy you amazingly talented and fun person.In short i love every single one of you loads.Keep rocking ladies and Bro.


Few weeks ago I met some lovely but crazy individuals and how they just became a part of your daily life surprises me. I think one of the coolest group of people I came across. The madness and dedication that they have towards every detail how despite having exams and work they all came together for putting up such a fantastic birthday post speaks volumes! Hats off to the entire team for putting up such a creative birthday post! I haven't come across something like this! And big thank you to everyone who spent hours for this!

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asmaanixx IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 April 2016 at 3:09pm | IP Logged
party shuru kar diye jaye Cool

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teddyyy IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 April 2016 at 3:15pm | IP Logged
Guys, it's finally ready! Please come join us and celebrate Sid's birthday Party Abhi toh party shuru hui hai Wink

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KewlDude Groupbie

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Posted: 22 April 2016 at 3:20pm | IP Logged
Beautiful birthday celebration thread for a beautiful human being  Embarrassed
I have never came across such a humble, down to earth actor who actually takes effort so that his fans could meet him. This particular gesture of him has touched me so much, I cant express in words  Tongue
This man is beautiful inside out. Truly a gem of a person.Embarrassed
Here's wishing this pure soul ,the happiest birthday.  Party
I pray to God that all his dreams come true. This coming year may bring good luck, happiness, health and success for this angel  Tongue

Many many happy returns of the day Sidhant Gupta  Dancing

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