How It Happened- A Yudhishtir/Devika TS- completed on pg 4

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Guys, my friend Shreya is a silent reader on this account. 
She is writing a TS on Yudhishtir and Devika :) Please do read and give your comments :)
And even more importantly, no chappals and tomatoes for her please. Those are reserved for me TongueTongue


Yudhishtir sat up in bed and stretched. He got out of bed, his movements extraordinarily graceful for one so tall. He knew he didn't have the conventional good looks of Nakul, Sahadev or Parth, or the admirable physique of Bhim. Yet, he had a weather beaten face, a rather rugged attractiveness that spoke volumes of what he had been through. It wasn't something that every girl could find herself attracted to, yet he had a fair few admirers. He had a charm, a way with words that anyone could be envious of. Beyond this, he had a quiet aura of peace around him, a chivalry about him, and was wise beyond his years.

As he got out of bed, his first thought was of the beautiful, yet unfamiliar, surroundings he had awoken to. His eyes, quietly observant, swept across the room, drinking in every detail and committing them to memory. Dharamraj, the Samrat, the king of the majestic Indraprastha, found himself in admiration of the palace of the ruler of the Saivyas, King Govasana. The thought of the ruler brought him out of his musings.

He needed to talk to Panchali about a most pressing issue. Apprehension, foreboding and an overwhelming sense of guilt bubbled inside him. He didn't feel fear, because he always believed that a truthful man had nothing to fear. No, what he felt was apprehension. But the matter at hand had to be brought to Drupadkanya's notice. Not only as the Samragni, but foremost as his wife. He knew she would be awake, and after hurriedly finishing his ablutions and prayers, he made his way to her chambers.

"Panchali?" he called from the doorway.

"Aryaputra?" Panchali's voice preceded her to the doorway. She smiled at the eldest of her five husbands, as she invited him in, and they made their way to the balcony of the chambers, that overlooked a beautiful garden.

"Was it anything urgent, Arya?" asked Panchali, concern filling her eyes. Though they had got married in unusual circumstances, she loved all five of her husbands, and she had a great regard for Yudhishtir's honesty and integrity.

"Yes, Panchali," began Yudhishtir, the apprehension on his face palpable. "Yesterday I had a long talk with King Govasana."

"Yes, Aryaputra Nakul mentioned it to me."

"I had suggested that his kingdom enter into an alliance with Indraprastha."

"And did he agree?"

"Well... He laid down a condition." By now, the tension was rolling off Yudhishtir in waves. He knew that, true to her name, Yagyaseni's reaction would be fiery.

"What is his condition, Arya?"  inquired Panchali, a touch of hardness colouring her voice. Yudhishtir swallowed.

"He wants me to marry his eldest daughter, Rajkumari Devika."

"And you agreed?"

"I have not given my consent yet. I thought it better to discuss it with you, as Samragni and Patrani."

Panchali turned away. She couldn't bring herself to shout at Yudhishtir, he who remained calm in every situation. Yet, she was angry. Very angry.


"Arya, do you remember the promise you made to my father?"

How could he forget? The promise he and his brothers had made to King Drupad, and to Panchali herself. No, he remembered it only too well.


"Panchali, as a king.."

"As a king?" she repeated, incredulously. "What about as a husband, Arya?"

He was left with no response. She was right, but he couldn't let the opportunity pass. For the millionth time, he wished his cousin, Vaasudev, was there to guide him, to help him. Knowing he would be unable to handle Panchali as it was, he rose and made his way out of her chambers, deep in thought.

As his chariot reached the front of the palace, he was faced with King Govasana. Stepping down from his chariot, and gesturing to his brothers to unmount, he made his way to the able king.

"Pranaam," said Yudhishtir, folding his hands in a respectful gesture. Though tall, he was not intimidating. Far from it, Dharamraj emanated peace.

"Pranaam," the king said, copying the gesture. "Welcome to our kingdom and humble abode. It is our good fortune that a capable leader such as yourself has graced us with your presence."

"It is our fortune that we are at the abode of a great leader such as yourself, Rajan!"

Panchali unmounted from the chariot she had been riding in, with Yudhishtir. The King greeted the   Samragni with a pranaam, as he did with the remaining of the Pandavas. The pleasantries being exchanged, the brothers were shown their chambers. The days of travel had worn them out, particularly Panchali, though she would deny it. And the next day was set to be long.

At the crack of dawn, Yudhishtir was awake. He looked around for a few seconds at the unfamiliar surroundings, before remembering where he was. He knew he wouldn't be able get back to sleep, so he got out onto the spacious balcony of his chambers with his spear. He practiced weaponry for nearly a prahar before he was interrupted by Bhim.

"Jyesht!" said his younger brother. "We need to be ready for the meeting with the king, even as Panchali is shown around by the princess Devika. A message just came through."

"Alright Bhim. Make sure that Arjun, Nakul and Sahadev too are ready."

"Ji, Jyesht," said his younger brother, and left.

A prahar later, Yudhishtir, Bhim, Arjun, Nakul and Sahadev were announced into the chambers of King Govasana. After exchanging pleasantries, they moved on to the impending issue.

"Rajan, the true purpose of calling upon you," began the Samrat, "is to request you to join an alliance with my kingdom, Indraprastha. I, upon the advice of my cousin, Vaasudev Krishna, intend to perform the Rajasuya Yagya, and I would be honoured if you could join forces with us."

"Samrat," said the king, a smile gracing his lips. "The honour would be mine. I would request you however, to consider a proposal I have to make. I propose that you enter into a matrimonial alliance with my kingdom by marrying my eldest daughter Devika."

Though taken aback, Dharamraj knew better than to show it. He merely inclined his head before replying carefully.

"I would request you to permit me to think this through, Rajan. This is a proposal, a question I cannot respond to immediately, or in haste. I shall, of course, let you know about this as soon as is possible."


Yudhishtir sighed and went onto the spacious balcony of his chambers to practice his weaponry. It was one of the things that took frustration out of his being, and anyway, he liked the feel of the spear in his hands. It gave him a strange sense of belonging.

He was found a while later by Nakul.

"Jyesht?" asked the youngest Pandav. "Did you talk to Panchali?"

Yudhishtir laughed mirthlessly. "Yes."

Nakul didn't need to ask any more. He and his brother left, and made their way, once more to Panchali's chambers.

"Panchali, I wanted to ta-" he began, trying not to falter under the fiery gaze of his wife.

"Aryaputra Yudhishtir!" said Panchali interrupting him. "How could you even think about it? You promised Pitaji you wouldn't marry again, and bring a queen into our palace. How could you, Dharamraj, go back on your word?" Panchali's voice had risen an octave. "Arya, you of all people cannot go back on your word! The world already scorns me for having wed five brothers. Now you cannot do this and make Yagnaseni a laughing stock!"


"Arya I have nothing left to say. My decision is final. Even if you do decide to marry again, you cannot bring her to Indraprastha."

Saying this, she left Yudhishtir to stare after her retreating form. He recovered a moment later and rushed after her.

"Panchali, listen to me!" he said, his usual composure deserting him. "You have to und- Panchali-Listen!" The doors closed behind her.

"Go away, Arya! It seems Dharamraj himself has forgotten Dharma. I cannot expect anyone else to follow their own. I don't want to discuss this."

"Panchali, Draupadi, listen-"

"Jyesht Bhrata?" came a calm melodic voice. Despite the circumstances, Yudhishtir smiled as he turned to greet his cousin, Vaasudev.

"What is the matter?"

"I appear to have got into the bad books of your Sakhi," said the king, smiling ruefully.

"Let me talk to her." He rapped on the door. "Sakhi?"

The doors opened. A glare was directed at Yudhishtir, before Panchali smiled at Krishna.

"Pranaam Devakinandan."

"I will go talk to Arjun, then," interjected Yudhishtir, leaving Krishna to talk to Panchali.

"Jyesht, Bhama is already with Parth." He turned back to Panchali. "Kaisi ho, Sakhi?"

The whole story came tumbling out. Panchali poured her grief out to Madhav, the gross unfairness of it all, and her own role in it.

"Devakinandan, Dharamraj cannot go back on his word!"

"No, Krishnae. But he will never make Rajkumari Devika the Samragni, that right is held by you."

"Parantu, Devkinandan-"

"Sakhi, it is a way of life. I am, myself, married to more than one. Does that mean that I feel any different about my wives? No, Sakhi. I understand your point about his promise. But Jyesht will certainly never give the Samragni title to anyone else."

"Devakinandan, I don't crave for the title. My life already has enough difficulties-"

"Krishnae, you will learn that Jyesht has an absolute, unimpaired love for you. No matter who he marries, that will not change. Unlike Bhrata Bhim, or Parth, he may never express it, but he does. Accept this alliance, Sakhi, it will go on to be one of the biggest decisions of your life."

Panchali stood and walked to Parth's chambers, where she knew she would find her husband. It was time for her to let him know of a decision.

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Fantastic chapterBig smile
It is the first time I am reading a story on Yudhisthira and DevikaSmile
Please tell your friend to continue writing this storyStar

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Awesome... Do tell her to write more   Clap

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Reserved. This is a topic of my heart which I craved to read since yugas. Thanks to the writer. Will read and comment soon.

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Originally posted by Nonie12345

Fantastic chapterBig smile
It is the first time I am reading a story on Yudhisthira and DevikaSmile
Please tell your friend to continue writing this storyStar
Thank you Nonie :)
I know :) She is a huge Yudi-lover :)
She is working on Chapter 2 as we speak Big smile

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Originally posted by sayee

Awesome... Do tell her to write more   Clap
Thank you sayee :)
I will Embarrassed
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Originally posted by Urmila11

Reserved. This is a topic of my heart which I craved to read since yugas. Thanks to the writer. Will read and comment soon.
I am waiting for your comments :)
I loved your thread, btw :)

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Wonderful! The flow of the story was awesome! Can't wait for the next parts!

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