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Originally posted by Donjas

Originally posted by ayushimehra


Thanks Harshu,

I thinking, Why this Cervical pain, disease came this Earth, Reason,  couple paintings, or Wife wants Hubby will do Daily reverse Head exercise, seeing their Painting.  Ha ha.Wink

Today episode  containing in own inner, efforts going to start Akdha life, More & much now, because maybee they Higher post, King or begum,...but not easy for them, eachother acc to their wishes acc to their Love, Because, Their Love or their life many enemies surrounding both, or they ready to doing more conspiracies against Akdha. Or they are own jalal realtivies.

A, Enemies always better,  compersion to cheater friend, or cheater realtives they attack front, not back+stubbs, but these type of realtives more dangerous, because when they pulled our leg, when or which way attack, we or security team both not knows.

B, So first Akdha own obstacle their love,  then own cheap realtives, less problem, but now their problem increasing, they ready to, spoil Akdha love,...or Audience or Akdha have to see, now how they find way, how gives strength their Love,...Or How they blsoom their love, bearing or  doing side by obstacls coming front of their Love +life.

C, If direct enemies our front, we can kill as a King arrest  them, but now King big responsibility he have to Blance, or side by he own live is life with beloved,...Sure not going to be easy for both, but they will find little little movements, or manage outer +inner  movements, will built up their love, or work on maybee some differences  which wil come side by side their life.

Sometime, feels Ekta wants to show, see Couple face many problems, but  they more strong their love,...Maybee i wrong.

Episode start with jodha going giving persad to Jalal, or jalal otherside, feeling happy,

A, first jodha back, Agra

B, second jodha comfortable, physically, mentely, with him, or its not a small thing, because when she went, if time like that,...Jalal again have to do lot of efforts, but now this Gap, learnt them, Enough fight happened, Nok, Zhonk, now little live the life.

C, Jodha after hearing Rahim, Jalal how look, after+worshiped, Tulsi plant, feeling regard for Jalal, sure respect increase, when we see, our partner is so awareing for us, But words she using, in front of me, jalal not says this,...Aree you quick reply, what will he say you, ha ha.

D, but both enjoying or feeling happy, own  own place,  or This sweetness slowly slowly melting their inner. Or they enjoying single single movement.

Starting scene was good, Jodha was looking, Gorgeous.

our King is feeling shy, he has started to fallen in Love, first he not knows, jodha's point of view, But Jodha coming Back, & previous Hug, giving him energy, & pushing him  next Steps

thats necessary.

Both have to started, little enjoyment, movements in their life.

we know Ruk will interput, so it depends on us, How we feel about the episode.Because now Ruk Wants to shift Jodha's place, (Similer To MAHAM. ), So extreame jealousy has been started.Ruk is wife or Maham was as a Mother but both want to occopay jalal's Brain, again, but which brain now including Heart, so both wants Jalal will behave like before.


First scene,


I liked this scene. Beautifully picturized. 

Jodha comes, & Gives Aarti Main thing is, Little gaps are trying to fill beautiful feelings & jalal doing it perfectely. Jodha Shyness, & ZHIZHIK, was awesome.  Both eyes speaked, Volume.

Eyes language, was perfect, Without words they shared  Heart Feelings. jalal  shares his  Prasd, with Jodha, with own hands. ( suppose they got world precious, Anmol khazana )

its not matters, we How much, lived, matters this, we How lived, they know  how to live happy  from this movement, because in life we forget How To live,but we should learn from little things. Both akdha enjoying eating parsad,... its life, see this time No worry , No tension, what will come, they know they capable they perfect, because  learning time, they also concentrate there.


Because small movements, they not lived, when they got married, cause of Many differences

But now Heart wants to live little little movements, JEE LEE JARA, this fit on present situation, & both knows, how to live that situation, Both use that time prefectely, & Accurate  



When jodha sees own painting, which music, hears, i feel, that music, in Played in Mughalazam, Movie, one scene.i see episode Two times, i felt this.


jalal clears, this painting is made for him,  ,jalal you are climbing Ladder of LOVE.


Ruk scene, Ruk  also wants, her painting will be live in jalal Hozara, so jalal will not recall jodha.  



 Ruk extreme possessivenes, killing her relationship, first selfcenterdness second less learning habit third jealous nature,...etc etc. Actually ruk place is secure, yesterday jalal, What did for her, same he does before, maybee less, but now she  wants jalal will avoid Jodha or side line her,.

Or she not understanding without Jodha, jalal own goes Lack, so if she created place for other begums,  so What problem with jodha.


"Jodha seeing way of life, or jalal adopting new ideas, its Ruk Maham problem.

(So its actual true problem, improver have to  Give many exams."


Ruk knows , Without jodha absense, jalal spend time with jodha painting, why then she not sent this painting, or why she not came jodha Hozara,...i with you, not worry, i write jodha paaigam,...why you not coming,, Agra is your house, Jalal feeling ill, so we all saying you come this way igo hurts or,  she enjoying jodha free Agra, Why she not think, single time,...i also cause giving jalal this pain, if your husband little enjoying or breathing,or you reaching, with your painting.?


Painting should be Hanged, on front of the,  Hozara, if things are own our Head back side

 How we can see.

so Ruk wants her painting should be seen, out siders, they will think How Couple Near eachother;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Here difference, others will see, How much we near, 

you own not know, how much you near.Why you need to show outsiders,

 jalal again shown honest, his friendship with Ruk, He clears, he wants to hang another, painting, (jodha painting ) in his own means he indirectely supported, jodha.

he knows, Ruk will tease jodha, so he own handled this situation, beautifully.& tactfully.

jalal asks jodha where your painting should b Hang, Jodha ans as you wish

 where her husband feel comfortable. Because, Wife is not a Show piece.

showpiece sees other people, this delicate,  feeling, which was, binded with heart, jodha felt from heart, she knows, How jalal missed her, How her painting, will consoled him, Moti says he talked with your paintings, so Jodha knows this is not"A painting, but This is she Own Living form in Jalal Heart. & if she  use words, more, it will be hurt for Jalal.because some things, not described in words."

So jodha painting in Front side, & Ruk Back side. So which thing our Footside we see first.

Ques is not, Who back or who front, ques is this;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Ruk words, Jalal Aap nee  abhee bhee humee apne sir parr Bitha Rakha Hee, which things on our Head, they are far  away from us. because,othes Focused on that.  we not see reguralley, in Daily life, when Dust comes more, then we clean, & because jalal is a King,

  But Heart things precious for everyone So   Dust, naturally, cleaned by Dassi;;;;;;;;;;;; But suppose jalal is says, Ruk, painting should be  we hang side by Ruk accepts,...No then her ans,,,,,,,,,,Jalal you Wants my painting will put on your Foot side. Because Ruk next line clear that.

 How can allowed to enter this.

Arjuna & Durdhona ex fits here, or we all know, In Krishna life whose closer to Krishna.

What happened to Durdhona)

Jodha knows, how to give space to others, & she is happy on her space.

How jalal excused, Headache,& he avoided Ruk, He tactfully handled Ruk, or what we accept Jalal;;;;;;;;;;;;;;which king have many wives, he not Quarrels everyone. , 


so we should adopt jalal technique, & avoided Ruk.


I am imagining jalal this Pose, Then He need a, Neaurosurguon, because  He will  soon suffer from, spondylitis WinkLOL

Have a Fun, She said, i will sit on top of your head, & he took excuse, of headache, sure what he will do,...if again again, person, will come, or prove  see my imp, front person irritates or avoids, same doing jalal. He knows what going on Ruk, mind,

Jodha was fab... she didnt pick the fight for herself past, even she became victom by maham touching dignity her, jodha single time not raised her point, but  forJalal. She fight.I loved it.. she kept saying u hate me but why did u hurt the man who worship u as his mother more than his own was awesome!!  I also loved how she went emotional while talking to Salima...she could easily feel Jalal's pain.

Its jodha, who can't see in pain jalal, maybe reason other,s.or

 she always give space to Ruk, which space always Ruk


when Jodha talk to Maham, sure  her mind came this, which

 we see Mom figure how can that lady go so down, or plan like

 this, Good person thinks as she or he good, All world is

 Good. SB, MV HB, Even later we will see BB, but Maham

 which category belongs, MAham own knows.

Because Rommance going to start;


So song;


Mehbuba teree tasvir kis tarah mai banau

Teree julfo kee dastan

 kis tarah mai sunau

 Mehbuba teree tasvir

Tere liye kahu koyee bat

 tere lie sochu koyee nam

 Mai toh bas divana ho gaya,

 nahee mere bas kaa yeh kam

Tere jaisa koyee kahin dekha na suna

hai Mehbuba teree tasvir kis tarah main banau.


Dhare maujen rut aur jam,

Najaro ne dekha hai tujhe 

aata nahee phir bhee yakin 

Kyonki meree duneeya ke log

 hote nahee itane hasin

 Tere jaisa koyee kahin dekha na suna

 hai Mehbuba Mehbuba teree tasvir 

kis tarah mai banau 

Teree julfo kee dastan 

kis tarah mai sunau 

Mehbuba teree tasvir

A marvelous review. It is good to see you in a fun mood. Cervical pain and reverse head exercise! Really!
1 Enemies are always better than backstabbing friends or relatives. Jalal has many such disgruntled relatives.
2 In the Prasad scene, the eye language was expressive as you explained.
3 In life it does not matter how much we lived but how we lived. Wonderful thought.
4 Ruq does not understand Jalal or his feelings
5 Wife is not a showpiece. Another thought to ponder.
6 Neurosurgeon and Jalal suffering from spondylitis. You are having a blast in this writeup.

Your post has so many thoughts. It is a treat for introspection.

Wonderful song.

Thanks Donjas. Intropection,Always, shows us , our real truth, or becomes ladder of improving,you feel in my post this, this Big compliment for me.

Thanks again, or i really mean it.

Shagun, or i both laughing reading your post,  one point, we both quoted Check.


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cute episode...
haha jalal should right place for ruks that he will nt see her at all... nd jodha should be all was in front for his eye...
really akka i was also laughing when jalal feeds jodha through her nose ring that was so funny...
superb review nd pics harshu akka...
harshu27 IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by 1357raksha

cute episode...
haha jalal should right place for ruks that he will nt see her at all... nd jodha should be all was in front for his eye...
really akka i was also laughing when jalal feeds jodha through her nose ring that was so funny...
superb review nd pics harshu akka...

ya d epi was cute ruku is dumb so dint understand wat jalal meant by keeping jo's painting near d foot side... LOL Wink thnx dear... Big smile

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