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RamTa/ Helly Prep Thread DNP (Page 2)

Mishia Groupbie

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Posted: 20 May 2016 at 7:06am | IP Logged

Welcome To 30th Appreciation Thread Of

Cute, Bubbly, Adorable and Incredibly Talented


Helly Shah is an Indian actress popular on television. She was born on January 7, 1996 in Ahmadabad, Gujarat. She is pursuing Bachelor of Science. She shot to fame for her role of Alaxmi in the famous daily soap Alaxmi Ka Super Parivaar aired on Life OK. Her acting career started off when she was in class VIII. Being an actress she would love to perform different kind of roles and would love to do a role of mentally challenged person. As a performer, such roles excites her. Currently, she is playing the role of Swara in the daily series Swaragini on Colors. She truly amazed the viewers with her beautiful smile, the focus on her performance, dedication towards her work and down to earth behavior.

Helly started her acting career with Star Plus serial Gulal where she played the role of Talli. Helly has played the title role of Aashi in Kushiyon Ki Gullak Aashi on Sony Pal. She was also seen in Alaxmi Ka Super Parivaar whichwas a family drama. She was seen as the replacement of actress Ulka Gupta in the show Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi. She has played the role of Ami in the show.


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Mishia Groupbie

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Swara sanskaar maheshwari is someone who is almost close to perfection,if we consider real life people.A sweet person with a sharp mind who ia beauty with brains who gracefully transformed from a chirpy,happy go lucky girl into a woman of substance later.She has had quite a roller coaster journey through out the show first as Swara Bose who had no father support with her but her mother and dida's blessings then Swara Gadodia who had to fight her own sister for herself and her parents relation and finally Swara Maheshwari who is now fulfilling each responsibility of her family as a bahu and wife with full dedication as well as facing each challenges for a family like s shield.
Her biggest quality has been her unconditional love for her family which make her strong in any sItuation.From being a responsible daughter to being an ideal bahu,from being a great lover to being a perfect wife,she has been a perfect fit to each role of her life.
Full of innocence ,charm yet knows how to handle everything maturely ,an extremely courageous personality,that's how swara is.

Swara has always been a person who supports truth but she has always been forgiving to all as she believes in giving chances.She has had her flaws but comparing to her qualities they r not worth it much.

Her intentions have always been good.She is a person who takes proper time to judge anyone.She is a person who can be cute,naughty with her loved ones as well as can be a strong support to them in their time of need.

She understands people well.She knows when to say what.She is a person who can give her life for her family.She can say sorry amd thank you to everyone but cant hear these words for herself.She has a kind heart compiled with a great mind.
She was always a strong character,a firm believer of god,a girl who believes in her values ,who respects a marriage but dont take it as bondage for anyone.Her strong stand has always helped her to take tough decisions.

Her mission to make her parents unite helped her to meet love of her life.In this journey of truth and rights,she made her love come back in a world of light when earlier he was  hurt and broken and living his life in a pool of darkness.She transformed him to a beautiful person with her true friendship and love.
Its her good deeds that now she has her parents love,she got her sister back as well and she has a person as her husband who is her best friend and her favorite person as he loves her most in the whole world and her feelings for him are exactly same.
Her mother in law who was always against her as she was a Bengali now loves her as her own daughter.In fact she is now a daughter for both Maheshwaris and Gadodias.

She I'd living a peaceful life with her husband sanskaar.Its not like her challenges got over,in fact now she faces more new challenges on a regular basis but she knows with her efforts and rock steady support of her husband and her family she will face and solve any problem as soon as possible.


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Mishia Groupbie

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Posted: 20 May 2016 at 7:09am | IP Logged

Helly  Shah is an Indian television actress.She was born on 7th January,1996 in ahemdabad,Gujarat and was brought up there.

##Helly shah started her acting career when she was in her 8th grade in 2010.Her debut show was star plus popular serial gulal,where she played the role of a young girl talli.She was casted opposite neil bhatt there .She played the role of tallli from 2010 to 2011.

##After gulal,helly's acting career has started and soon in 2012 she bagged lead role in life ok show alaxmi hamari super bahu.There she played the role of alaxmi,a village girl,who was fun loving.There she was casted opposite Sujay reu.

##Then when alaxmi  ended in 2013,soon she bagged role of main protagonist Ami in zee TV serial khelti hai jindagi aankh micholi.There she replaced Ulka gupta who initilally played role of Ami.Ami was a teenage school going girl,who loved her father very much but after death of her father she did efforts for the remarriage of her mother with her best friend.

##Soon after it,she bagged the lead role of aashi in newly launched channel sony pal's show khushiyon ki gullak aashi in 2014.There she played the role of main protagonist aashi.The show was based on a different concept where aashi adopts parents for her.She was paired opposite Naman Shaw in the show.

##But the turning point in helly shah's career was the lead role in serial swaragini.Swaragini which started airing on colors in march ,2015 is story of two sisters swara and ragini where helly shah is playing lead role of Swara Sanskar Maheshwari.Swara is a bubbly yet matured girl who loves her family more than anything else.She is a singer and guitar player in the show.In swaragini, Helly is paired with popular actor Varun Kapoor,who plays the lead role of Sanskar maheshwari.Swaragini gave lot of popularity and recognisation to helly.Her and varun kapoor's pair is currently one of the most loved couple on TV with a huge fan following for both the actors.During swaragini ,Helly was nominated for best actress award and best couple award along with varun in colors golden petal award,2016,both of which she successfully won.According to helly-These are the very first award she has got in her life and hopes she keep getting more and her fans keep loving her like this always.Currently the show is one of the highest ranking show and helly's work is appreciated a lot.Helly has made a remark for herself with her fabulous acting.

She appeared in an episode of colors popular  comedy show comedy nights bachao too.


Helly is a very sweet girl in her real life.She loves her family a lot.Her mom is inspiration for her according to helly.Currently she is living in Mumbai far away from her hometown ahemdabad and her family,because of her acting career,but she loves and misses them a lot. Helly has made her carrer successfully in acting field but education too is very important for her.She used to be a ranker in her school days.Currently along with her acting career,she is persuing he bacheleor's degree in chemistry.She is doing a lot of hardwork managing both her studies and career successfully.

She is cute and bubbly.She is so much dedicated for her work.She dont gave importance to her looks which most of the actors do onscreen but to her acting and better performance no matter if she have to appear without makeup for that,the quality which her fans love about her.She care a lot about her fans and try to fulfil their demands by connecting them time to time on social networking sites.She behaves more like a common person instead of showin her celebrity status,which makes her unique and down to earth celebrity.Helly is still a little childish from heart and cute with her antics which is shared by her costars from swaragini but they love this thing about her.Along with it she is a very graceful dancer as well.


Helly have lot many friends from both industry and non industry.Helly has a very friendly nature.She shares cordial relation with her costars.On sets of her current show swargini she is most close to tejaswi,who plays her onscreen sister,Varun who is her onscreen husband and alka ji who plays her onscreen dadi,shared by helly herself.Helly bonds really well with all her coactors.Helly has many friends from tv industry other than her costars too which shows how much friendly she is,and how she bonds really well with peoples.

She is a gem of a person with a golden heart.May god always blesses her and she gets lots of success in her life.

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Credit for write up bio :
Credit for write ups : mix_of_emotions
Credit for the banners : -Liana-
Credit for all the Divider: to the uploader

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