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MaNan FF- A Beautiful Disaster [Chpt 4-Pg 4 on 11/07/16] (Page 3)

manan_ky2 Newbie

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Posted: 27 April 2016 at 5:38am | IP Logged
Originally posted by rupmanan1

heya ... i just read three update back to back its amazing story continue soon

mummas boy + player this manik i want to knw more

nandu is neighbour

M glad that you liked the beginning..
Well there's a lot more to Manik's character..personally I like writing Manik more than Nandini..i hav a few chpts written..but all of them r unfinished..writing Manik's POV is so interesting..
Um..the next chapter should be up by tonight..or next morning,i won't delay it further..i promise..pls do read that and let me knw your views on that as well...cheers

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Chapter 3- It was just a dare


(Flashback Continues)

"I'm Nandini. Nandini Murthy." She replied after drawing her hand back,"But some people call me Nancy."

"And why is that so?" I asked.

"Well, my friends feel that N-A-N-D-I-N-I is too Indian-ish." She shrugged.

"Not really. Your name is just as beautiful as you are, NANDINI." I replied back with utmost honesty in my voice, only to see her face turn red as a tomato. Her eyes dropped from my face and her blush just made me grin.

"Did you see her blush? Wooo Hooo! I am sure that she likes you..Just the way you like her!!" My heart yelled victoriously. I could imagine him doing a small happy dance down there.

"Every second girl reacts in a similar manner to such lovey-dovey compliments. Stop behaving like a love sick puppy. Don't you remember, Manik Malhotra does not believe in the L-word." Mr. Brain snapped back harshly.

"He likes her. And you have to admit that, Stupid Mr. Brain."

"Oh, he doesn't!"

"He does. Didn't you notice, he has been talking to her like some teenager who is hopelessly in love. Not for a second did he sound like that Arrogant Malhotra, he is. And just FYI he has not for once tried getting close to her, or kiss her, which he usually does when he see's someone as hot as her."

"Okay. I am not up for a brain-heart battle right now." I had to intervene. "And just because I am behaving like a gentleman with Nandini, doesn't mean that I, um..Like her. Stop imagining things!"

"Liar." Mr. Heart replied in a stern voice.

"Please ask him to keep shut." I helplessly pleaded with my brain.

"I won't speak a word now. You will regret all of this one day Mr. Malhotra. Don't forget I can kill you during your sleep, by stopping the blood flow to that stupid brain of yours!"

Such a lovely threat from the organ which, supposedly, is termed as the organ of LOVE.

"Um, Thank you." I heard her speak slowly. In the little tiff between my heart and mind, I had actually forgotten about her presence. Bloody stupid organs! If they were not important for my existence, I would surely asked the doctor to remove them from my body.

Before I could start a PROPER conversation with her, I heard my phone ringing. I shoved my hand into the pocket to check who could it be.The name "Siren" flashed across the screen. It was mom.

I don't want to leave this soon.

"Who's it?" Nandini questioned.

"Um, I'll have to go now. It's mum." I replied back dejectedly. She frowned.

"Hey, did I tell you that you have a 'SUPER HAAAWWWT NEIGHBOR', who lives in the house EXACTLY NEXT TO YOURS? Oh and did I mention THAT I am your neighbour Madame?" I said dramatically, carrying a smirk on my face.

"And you think that YOU are SUPER HOT?" She asked with an amused expression.

"Do you have any doubts?" I smiled smugly.

She nodded her head in a no and advanced towards to me. In three long strides she covered the distance between the two of us.

Oh Nandini! Don't do this to me.

She stepped closer, and put a hand over my shoulders, snaking it around my neck. I could feel our fronts touch. Her face was very close to mine. I saw her lips approaching mine.

I was too bewildered to even react. Had it been some other girl, she would have been in bed by now, under me, moaning my name in pleasure that I would shower upon her, but this was Nandini. And she, was different from all those sl**ty women I slept with.

"You standing this close to me only increases my desire of kissing your pump pink lips. And I don't want to scare you in our first meet by doing something which you would definitely not appreciate. What is your proximity doing to me Nandini? Don't do this to me, please." I groaned in my head.

Get a grip.

Why on Earth am I so nervous? Calm Down Manik.

She won't kiss you.

Yes she won't.

Will she?

"You undoubtedly are.." She said in seductive voice, leaning forward, until our lips were millimeters apart. "...One of the finest man I've ever come across." She whispered against my lips.

"Nan..Nan-di-ni wh-what ar-are y-you do-doing.."I somehow managed to s**tter.

With a sudden jerk, she moved behind,breaking my trance; maintaining a decent distance between us. 

I was still in a state of shock.

What the f**k did just happen a few seconds ago?

I was lost in contemplation when I heard her helpless laughter.

"Oh God!" I heard her speak between her uncontrollable guffawing. "Manik..Look at you! Your forehead is covered with sweat beads!"

"Very funny Nandini Murthy. Care to give an explanation for you actions." I asked clearly irritated.

"Okay..Okay..I'm sorry." She replied catching her breath. I just gave her an annoyed look.

"Actually, all this, was a dare. Well, Ryan was supposed to come home, to pick Alya for their dinner date. Apparently Dad has gone to Buffalo for some work and Alya dared me to seduce the first guy who entered through that gate.She explained pointing out to the gate behind me. "She thought that since we are new here, no other boy, but Ryan would pay us a visit tonight. However he is late by an hour. So the first guy to enter was.."

"ME." I replied, completing her incomplete statement.

Okay, so it was dare and here I was imagining her lips against mine.

"Um, yeah. Manik I am really sorry. I had no intentions of scaring you. Well, you see, I am the shy types and Alya was just teasing me that I can't do something like.. THAT...Like being seductive with boys and stuff..I am extremely sorry Manik. Please don't be upset with your new friend." She said making a puppy dog faced. Her eyes screamed innocence.

Friend? Like seriously.

I wanted her to be my girlfriend, but she has already declared that she wants to be my friend.

I hate my life.

"Are you still angry? Manik, it was just a harmless dare. Please say something." She begged. It appeared as if the next moment she'd burst into tears.

"You are forgiven, for now." I spoke slowly, trying hard not to smile on her impeccability.

She flashed me one of her beautiful smiles. Beaming at me, she replied, "Thank you so much." I smiled at her in return.

"Alya. Stop hiding behind the bushes and come out now." She yelled the very moment.

Within a few seconds, a very sexy girl, whom I assume, should be Alya, walked from behind the bushes and stood in front of me, next to Nandini. She was so f**king hot. Okay, not as hot as her sister. She had rapture-blue eyes and a burnished complexion.

"Hi, I am Alya Murthy. And you must be Manik." She said with a charming smile, as she forwarded her hand for a shake.

"Hi Alya. I'm Manik Malhotra." I replied back with a smirk, clasping her hand in mine.

"I'm sorry Manik. Nancy must have explained it all to you so please forgive me as well." Alya apologised.

"It's okay guys. Seriously. Even I play such pranks on my friends, so it's completely fine." I replied assuring them that I wasn't mad at them anymore.

Now watch me whip (Kill it!)
Now watch me nae nae (Okay!)
Now watch me whip whip
Watch me nae nae (Want me do it?)

My phone rang yet again.

Ugghh.. Couldn't my mum be a little more patient?

"I'll take your leave now. Mum must be waiting for me. It was nice meeting you girls. I'll see you guys around." I said as I turned around to leave.

"Bye Manik. It was nice to meet you too." Both of them chirped in unison, making me snigger.

This is going to be so interesting.


Hey Readers. How are you guys doing?

Well, the third part is done. *sigh* I am very sorry for the delay. I wasn't really well actually.

Do tell me whether you guys liked this part or not.

Um, Okay well I won't lie. While reading a MaNan FF on India Forums, I came across this word, Nancy. It was used for Nandini, by her friends. I quite liked it and thought of using it in my story as well. The reason of using this name is mentioned in the update itself and is made up by me..I love the name Nandini, but Nancy sounds really coool. Also, given the fact that the story is set in New York. What do you guys think?

Do read this amazing FF on MaNan, whenever you are free, "MaNan- ONE NIGHT WITH MY MONSTER".

Okay Thanks Bye.

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hey guys...I'm really sorry for disappearing like that..i was busy with some personal stuff last week..will upload the next chapter in some time..i'm still working on it...so plss wait till the evening..you guys would love the next chapter..trust me on that...cheers

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Originally posted by etuu

ummm oh another one is alya...!!!!!! at least u didn't choose navya...!!!! * sigh * I don't like navya & druv's character... lol...
now going back to update...womanizer yet mamma's boy combo... oh great to know there is little trust alive in his heart for his mom & aisha...but who is aisha??
manan met...u described well nandu's beauty... manik was lost in nandu's beauty...hope nandu can fixed his broken heart...
good going girl... update is amazing...
next part soon...

hey..I'm really sorry..tried sending you the link..but then since I'm a newbie these forum people are creating an issue..anyways..you could search for the story and then read the next chapter...but pls do check it  whenever you have time..cheers

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rockstarlover IF-Rockerz

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awesome update
manik was so lost in her
nandu was adorable
manik's organic fight was cute
he was already thinking about making her gf
but poor manik
she is now in friends zone
cont soon
can u plz pm me
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Are you kidding me?

I picked up my phone from the side table to check the time.

It's F-U-C-K-I-N-G 2:18 am!! Who on earth listen's to such loud music this late? And that too, some pathetic INDIAN song? This person surely has no taste in music and is pure DISGUSTING. 

We don't have any Indians living in our neighborhood, well obviously apart from us and the Murthy's. And even the Firangs living here are old bones and plain boring. Secondly, they don't have a ear for such crappy bollywood songs.

...Dekh tera rang saawla hua baawla
Ladki nahi tu hai garam maamla
Bolti bandh meri, kahoon kya bhala
Arey ladki beautiful, kar gayi chull...

Ohkay..Was the miserable song not enough, that this CRAZY WOMAN has to now shout her lungs out?

Wait a minute..Did I just say woman? Oh yes. It was a girly voice. I'm 100% sure of it.

So, according to my calculation, Um..


Correction, THIS is not what sane people call singing, this is termed as yelling at top of one's lungs!

Didn't her lungs blow up yet? I wondered.

This definitely has to be one of those Murthy sisters..Who else could it be? Why can't these girls let me rest in place.

Hey readers, I am still working on the fourth chapter. Well it'll take some time..And I doubt that I shall be able to upload it by midnight. So thought of giving you guys a small promo..I shall update the chapter tomorrow for sure..pakka..Nandini promiseTongue

Okay, so do tell me what you guys think of the promo.. And btw who do think is this crazy woman? Is it Nandini. Well, it could be Alya too...TongueTongueSocho socho..zorrr se sochoooLOLLOL

With loads of love,

Your Writer

Okay thanks byee...

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Originally posted by rockstarlover

awesome update
manik was so lost in her
nandu was adorable
manik's organic fight was cute
he was already thinking about making her gf
but poor manik
she is now in friends zone
cont soon
can u plz pm me

Thank you so much sweetheart. And you don't need to worry about the pm..I'll do that once the chapter is ready to be published. The promo for chpt 4 is out. Do let me know what you think of it..cheers
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