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MaNan FF- A Beautiful Disaster [Chpt 4-Pg 4 on 11/07/16]

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Hello Mananians! By now you guys must have got a hint as to who are the leads of this story. 
Well, I am no writer. Moreover, this is an experimental story. My exams just got over and I was idle at home. While going through the old episodes of Yaariyan, this random idea popped into my brain; and so I decided to pen it down. It's basically my version of MaNan. Also it's my first story so please ignore all the mistakes and errors. Criticism is welcome. So please do read it and share your views.
Love ya!


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"Oh will you please shut up Amanda!" I spoke disinterestedly into the phone. "Keep your boisterous and cacophonous mouth shut. Your voice is damaging my ear drums."

I could hear my friends' chuckle at that reply. "Now listen. I'm not attending that stupid party of yours. Didn't I tell you that I and you are OVER? Accept this, and move on babe. I have no feelings for you. And don't you repeat this mistake of calling me ever again." I said as I hung up and turned to my friends.

"Manik how long is this going to continue?" Abhi asked.

I was not interested in his yet another, stop-breaking-hearts and stop-being-a-playboy lecture. I was always like this. Well, technically no. SHE, made me like THIS. It was after she ditched me that I turned into this MONSTER that I am today.

It doesn't even matter now. SHE is not going to come back to me. Not that I want HER back in my life, but I do wonder at times that had we been together, had she not left me, I would have not been this broken. I would have not been this new heartless version of MANIK MALHOTRA.

I will never forgive HER, nor will I ever forget what SHE did to me. I may lie to my friends that I've moved on from her but, the truth is that even after 3 years, I have not been able to forget her. I just can't remove her from my head. It still hurts and no one can measure the amount of pain hidden in my chest. I know that my brother is right and that I've turned into an uncaring stone hearted brute but I really can't help it. I'm so f**king sacred of getting hurt again that I behave like a jerk and break hearts, mercilessly, only to lessen that aching pain in my bleeding heart.

Now THIS is how I am and my elder brother needs to understand that his so-called CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE TOWARDS GIRLS speech, would not make any difference in my demeanor.

"Save this crap for some other time Abhi. I'm in no mood of all that shit."I said straightforwardly and moved towards the canteen, while the others followed my steps.

"Why do I even try when I am already aware of the fact that this moronic shitty brother of mine, would never change?"He muttered, making a bad face.

"What about the new neighbors?" Cabir enquired in order to change the topic which would have otherwise made me punch my stupid cousin, just like our last encounter on this subject.

Thank you so much Mr. Cabir Dhawan. Though it was intended to divert our minds, his question had reminded me of the people who had shifted into the house next to ours last evening. Apparently, Mom had paid them a visit this morning and when she came back, I had heard her tell Georgia, our housemaid, that the family consisted of three people: two sisters and a divorced father. Also I had come to know that these new neighbors were Indians and had been living in Buffalo earlier, before they shifted to Manhattan. Well, I was pretty excited. Also, I had already come up with a perfect plan to hit on the Murthy Sisters. This was going to be so interesting.

"I really hope that it's not some cranky granny again" Dhruv joked.

"Tell me about that. She was such a pain in the ass. Only we know how we've survived!" Abhi remarked.

"That Dino Auntie with old bones was the sole reason why we never came to your house for jamming Abhi." Aryaman added, "She was so scary man."

"Well, you don't need to be scared, buddy. I heard Mom speak about the new neighbors. Two Indian beauties have moved into that house. Hopefully they should not be as ugly and scary as Mrs. Lorraine. As far as I remember, Mom mentioned about their beauty to Georgia, this morning. And from what I could make out, those Murthy sisters are sinfully sexy. " I said winking at the boys.

"Did you see them?" asked Cabir.

"Not yet." I replied nodding my head in a negative.

"You will stay away from those girls Manik, or else I'll be compelled to reveal all your dirty secrets to Chachi." Abhi tried to scare to me but I was least affected. After giving me one last glance, he left for home.

I was definitely in mood of having some fun.


So, done with the first part. Who is SHE? Another important question. Who are these Murthy sisters? Any guesses? I'll try and upload the next part by tomorrow, however I can't promise anything. Please do let me know if you guys liked this part. Ok thanks bye.

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Waiting for next part

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etuu Goldie

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Posted: 22 April 2016 at 12:15pm | IP Logged
interesting...!!!! who broke manik's heart???? :( btw I think murthi sisters none other than definitely nandini I wish second one would be mukti... cause I love mukti...
& please try to update regularly...
update soon...
decent-20 Groupbie

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Posted: 22 April 2016 at 12:44pm | IP Logged
Very nice update
Now here come nandini murthy Clap amazing
Keep writing continue soon
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Originally posted by etuu

interesting...!!!! who broke manik's heart???? :( btw I think murthi sisters none other than definitely nandini I wish second one would be mukti... cause I love mukti...
& please try to update regularly...
update soon...

For all the answers to your question, keep reading MaNan- A beautiful Disaster..LOLLOL
Anyways, I am glad that you liked my attempt
I can't promise, but yess I try nd update regularly..
I personally love mukti a lot, but thought of trying something new this time.
In most stories you might have seen mukti and nandini as sisters. So I am sorry, but this time it's not Mukti and Nandini, but Nandini and...
It will be revealed soon...
Thnx for replying back. Do read the next chapter. It will be uploaded in a while and let me know what you think of that as well.. 
Okay thnxx byee...

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Chapter 2- Mamma's Boy


"Where have you been all day long?!" This was the first thing that came out of my mother's mouth when I walked through the door.

"Sorry Mom, I was working on a project for college." I lied conveniently. I was pretty confident that Mum would definitely buy that and so I mentally patted my back, though it felt horrible to lie to her, but I just couldn't tell her the truth.

"Liar! He must be with one of those stupid girls who instantly fall for his sugar coated words." Abhi muttered under his breath. I gave him a Keep-your-mouth-shut-else-your-dead- look.

"Manik, when will you stop lying to your mother?" She sighed.

Okay! I really don't know how does she get to know about my whereabouts every-time, but this time, if Abhi is involved in this, then I'm so going to break that ugly face of his, which Mukti thinks is Oh-so-cute.

Though I was a Casanova, I never intended to create a bad impression on my mother. Three years ago, I was a different person altogether. I used to live my life to the fullest. Infact, then, I was the most optimistic person of our band, The Band Of Brothers. Family, emotions, feelings and relationships, all held an important place in my life. But today, I am a guy for whom every emotion is worthless. The day SHE left me, I stopped trusting people, all the feelings and emotions inside of me, evaporated in thin air. I turned from a happy go lucky boy into a cold monster devoid of any feelings. Today, I am anything but "An Inhuman Person with a Stony Heart" . Well this, is basically one of those amusingly witty comments which Abhimanyu loves to bestow on me ,every morning, while we drive down to the college in my Hummer. Anyways, he is not entirely wrong, so I can't even blame him because this is the reality of my life.

However  all this does not hold true for my mother. She is the only person whom I can call mine. She's been my support system since I was a toddler and is ever ready to fight the world for her only son, which apparently is me. I might be known as a player boy to the world, but when it came to my mum, I was her darling baby. She was the only person before whom I would let my walls down. I trusted her with my life. She knew all my secrets. Okay, not exactly all.

Even she knows that I am not her old Manik who was sweet and caring, she knows that I'm a womanizer but I have still kept my ugly truth hidden from her. She'd hate me, if she got to know about it, and I cannot live with her hatred. So I have to resort to lies just to maintain that "I-know-I'm-a-jerk-but-I'm-still-your-good-boy-mamma" impression on her.  Hey, what's wrong being a Mamma's boy?

Mum and Aisha are the only two women whom I love dearly. They are the only exceptions to my ideology that "All women in this wide world are selfish and only run after money."

This reminds me, I have to Skype call up my step sissy today, before going to bed or "she would wring my neck." Such a hazardous threat! "Oh I'm scared to death." I had  mocked at her when she tried to threaten me using this stupid trick of hers. Well it's quite funny though. I can picture the petite little Aisha trying to wring the neck of hulk like me. I chuckled at this thought in my head, when I heard Mum speak again.

"Manik, when will you understand that what you're doing is not right." She said with another sigh.

"Mom, please not again! Don't you guys get tired?" I said rolling my eyes.

"Manik, I will go back to India in a day or two and after that you will be back to that monster she's made you. Smoking, Drinking, Bullying your college mates, mercilessly breaking innocent hearts... You think that you can hide it all from me, but I'm your mother Manik. I know you in and out. " She said.

Only if she knew the REAL me.

"Now that you know, please can I go to my room. And before you start with your inquiry, I've already had my dinner." I cut her in between, clearly indicating that I was not interested.

She did not look very pleased. Neither did Abhi. I knew that they were trying hard to bring me on the right path. But I had already come too far. 

I slipped past them and went to my room. I took a quick shower and moved towards my bed.

As soon as I shut my eyes, all I could see was her pretty face.



Okay, so done with this chapter. Sorry, if the chapter was boring and crappy. I'll try my best to write something better in the next chapter. MaNan would soon come face to face. I promise.

Umm, guys, okay I do know that it's a new story and I might not be a great writer, but please do comment and share your views on the story. Appreciation and Criticism, both are welcome. If you guys have some ideas, do write to me. I shall try and incorporate that as well. Love ya. Okay Thanks Bye!

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As soon as I closed my, I could only see her pretty face.



I was walking on the street, all the way thinking about my horrible past which had brought a storm in our peaceful lives. Abhi had already taken the car back home. He knew that I would spend the afternoon having s*x with a new girl in some hotel. Well I couldn't bring any random chick home, at least for a few days, now that mom was here in Manhattan. It wasn't that late yet, but I knew that mum would be worried about me.

Manik Malhotra get back home. Where the hell are you. Do realize Manik that your mother has come here to spend time with her son. Are you fine, beta. I want you home in the next 10 mins. You really don't care about your mother , do you. Look at the time, I was so worried about you.

Ughh..Typical Indian Mommies.

I was passing the house next to ours when the silhouette of girl, standing in the garden of the Murthy's, caught my eyes.

She was one of those Murthy Sisters.  

Holy f**k!

Was she even real? She was so f**king beautiful and smoldering hot! To say that she had one of the prettiest faces I had ever seen would be too less a compliment.

All of a sudden I felt Goosebumps crawling over my skin. I could feel weird sensations inside me as I look at her heavenly face with greedy eyes.

My eyes raked over her body. She was wearing rugged jeans along with a well fitted sleeveless pink crop top and had no traces of makeup on her alluring face. Her attire beautifully complimented her curvaceous body, exposing the lower portion of her flat abdomen. My eyes shamelessly wandered over to her chest..her chest..

"Geez... Manik get a grip. Don't be a creep."Mr. Pumping organ yelled at me.

"You are a creep anyways."Screamed Mr. Brain.

"Will the two of you keep shut? Let me look at this beauty first." I sounded like a mother shouting at her kids.

Well going back to Ms. Murthy.

She was elf-thin and had a sculpted figure which was comely to the eye; svelte and sultry. Her waist was sylph-like and she had unblemished skin with a peaches and cream complexion. Her hips were well toned, and her ass, like every part of her body was sexy as hell.

Swirls of caramel-brown hair wreathed her moon shaped face and hid a swan's neck, elegant and smooth. At that exact moment she turned behind to look at me. Her crescent shaped eyebrows inclined slightly as she saw me staring at her. I yelped at being caught.

Her languorous eyelashes of velvet-black atop her enticing, walnut shaped eyes blinked once, slowly, as if wanting to invite me over. I started moving towards her in a daze. When I came closer, I noticed her effervescent, champagne-brown eyes which set my heart a-thump. They were a-smolder with passion and had a hypnotic quality to them. They were gleaming with an unearthly quality above her concave cheekbones and they shone with the faraway look of a star gazer.

Her sea-nymph ears, tucked away in the glorious tresses of her hair, looked delicate and pared to perfection. I stared at her pouting, silicone-enhanced lips that positively drooled with goodness. They were Aphrodite-red and looked as sweet as strawberries making me weak in the knees. Oh! Those sugar candy-sweet lips, her elegant personality, all mesmerized me.

This girl, standing right before me is driving me mad. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. I wanted her so bad. I wanted to know how her red, luscious lips would taste. What the hell is happening with me? I'm a very sexually experienced man, not a teenage boy with raging hormones.

My eyes were still stuck onto her face when I heard her sugary voice cut through the air.

"Um, hey.. You must be Ryan. Alya's been waiting for you since an hour now. She's in a very bad mood so..."Her voice trailed off, when she realized that I had not been responding to her.

Her voice was so soothing and sounded melodious to my ears.

"Excuse me..." She said trying to gain my attention.

I snap myself out of my ridiculous staring, suddenly aware that I've still not said anything. Has she noticed my staring at her? 

"What kind of a stupid question is that Manik Malhotra? Of course, she has. Your eyes have been glued to her face since the moment you've seen her. And she would have definitely noticed your stare. Such an idiot you are. " Mr. Brain was back to his work, now that I was back to my senses.

"Okay. You're right this time."I replied back to him, when I saw her shifting uncomfortable at my prolonged gaze .

"Well, I'm always right." Mr. Oh-I'm -the-most-intelligent-one-here, boasted.

"Now young man, do you intend to keep this beautiful girl waiting? Answer her, you moron!" Mr. Heart screamed ferociously.

"Well, this time I agree to you. Stop wasting time and introduce yourself to her, before she thinks of you as some deaf retard." Brain replied.

"Stop this discussion now!" I muttered under my breath.

"Did you say something?" she asked me.

"Hi", I cough to clear my throat. Passing her a soft smile, I forwarded my hand chivalrously for a shake, "I'm Manik. Manik Malhotra."

I could see confusion cross her features. But the very next moment, she gave me a bright smile and responded to my greeting humbly. Her smile was like the beach sunset, reflecting the sheer innocence of her soul. 

As soon as our hands touched, I felt a little jitter, a spark, an unknown feeling which was never felt before. I wonder if she must had felt the same. 

"I'm Nandini. Nandini Murthy." She replied after drawing her hand back.

NandiniA beautiful name for a beautiful girl. Cheesy, eh? I am surprised as well.

This is so not me. This is not how I behave. What is happening to me? 


Okay, so part-A of the third chapter is done.

Back to back, two chapters. Guys, ab toh comment kardo. Itna lamba chapter likha hai yaar.

Also, do you guys want me to write this story from Manik's point of view or Nandini's, or both. Do comment and let me know your views.


Okay Thanks Bye.

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