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An ISHRA Os: A TRIP.....on 22 April (no pms sent)

attitudequeen17 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 April 2016 at 5:42am | IP Logged
Hello lovelies...
I m here with an OS...
even i dont knoe how it is...
hey Akku aka Akriti This ones for u...
hope u like it dearSmile


Ishu POV:-

  He had been watching me all day. It was getting really annoying actually. Why would he be staring at me? I'm no beauty, and I know it. He's almost popular he would be truly popular if he wasn't so smart. So why would someone like that keep looking at me, but whenever I caught him look away almost guiltily? It made no sense.

It was a class trip, all 100 some of us out camping in the woods. Bonding, the administration calls it. Torture's my name for it, and most of my classmates. Who can bond in the middle of nowhere? Rhetorical question there.

That day it had been raining, just to add insult to injury. It wasn't a hard rain, enough to get the teachers to keep us indoors just enough to get us all wet and make us miserable. We had been on a nature hike, to get us city kids to learn a bit more about the 'wonders of nature'. Bah. Parks are good enough for me. As we hiked, I noticed Raman glancing at me, nearly constantly. After the first few times, when I checked to see what I had on my nose after I caught him, I was getting fed up. I marched over to where he was standing, alone.

"Do I have something on my face?" I demanded. I thought I could see a blush stain his tanned cheeks. But that was impossible. Why would he be blushing?

"Yes," he informed me.

"Oh," I flushed slightly, "Thanks. But you could have told me, instead of just staring at it!"

He laughed as I attempted to use a pond to figure out what was on my face.

"Here, let me get it," he offered. I accepted readily. He dipped his hand in the pond water, wincing at its chill, and wiped a spot just on my right temple, rubbing it slightly. I blushed at his touch, which could have been so innocent, something my mom would do. And yet with him, I could still feel the warmth of his hand in my face ling after he had walked away and left me standing by the pond, deep in uncomfortable thoughts, unconsciously rubbing the spot where his hand had been a moment before.

I can't like him,' I told myself firmly, 'Even if he is smart, and handsome, and everything I could ever want in a guy, I just can't! It's not allowed! but what to do I love him'

After dinner, the teachers finally dismissed us to do whatever we wanted until the next day, thank the lord. Bored with my friends gushing about the new guy and how hot he is, I followed some kids down to the docks. I leant on the railing, silently watching the water ripple and trying to get him out of my mind.

I felt a person lean on the railing next to me, but I didn't look over. If they didn't interrupt my musing, I didn't care who they were. I stared into the lake, almost seeing to the depths of its murky bottom. I shivered. My baggy tshirt wasn't enough to keep me warm on this fall night. I lost myself in my thoughts, until I felt a warm touch on my body.

Startled, I forced myself not to move. I glanced subtly over to the person next to me, and nearly fell off the docks in my shock, if I hadn't been gripping the railing so hard. Raman stood beside me, staring into the stars over the lake. He gave no evidence his hand had just been around my waist. I took my cue from him, and ignored him, trying to keep even more uncomfortable thoughts away.

A hand snaked its way around my shoulders. Instinctively, I rested my head on Raman's shoulder, and I felt his head on mine as he sighed. We sat that way for a few minutes, me studiously ignoring him as much as possible. Finally, I pulled my head away and looked at him. His hand slid off my shoulders, but he shifted his hold to my waist.

"What are you doing?" I asked urgent

"I opened my eyes," he murmured softly into my ear. I blushed.

"What?" I asked, both hoping for and dreading the answer he might give.

"I finally saw you for who you are, Ishu, a beautiful girl who was meant for me," he said as he gently smoothed my hair back from my face. I laughed bitterly.

"You can't. Stop playing a joke, Raman, I'm not falling for it."

He began to protest, but I silenced him with a glare. "I'm ugly," I told him, "and guys like you don't like ugly girls."

I pulled out of his hold and walked away, leaving him staring after me with longing in his eyes.



Raman's POV:-

I never really saw her before. She was my rival, sure, as she was the only one who was as smart as me, but until now she was just a faceless mind, a brain with nothing behind it. Not literally, I mean. Obviously I knew what she looked like, but I was too popular for a girl who hung with the nerds. In the woods on the far edge of nowhere, though, I opened my eyes.

She's not beautiful, I can see that. I'm not love blind. She's a bit on the plump side, and her skin is too pale and flawed with cuts and scars. But that just makes her interesting. Perfection is boring, and I just realized that today. She hasn't, I would assume, or else she wouldn't have fled.

That really was stupid of her, thinking on it. I expected better, but I guess she would be a bit flustered at my sudden change of heart. In running, though, she just made me want to chase her. I'm sure she knows that, she reads enough. Maybe there's some hope, and in denying me the first time she just wanted to test my feelings. I suppose she's justified in that. I wouldn't anticipate me to like her either, but love is never rational.

And maybe I came on a bit hard and fast, although it didn't seem like that was what scared her. It could have been, though. I have to remember she's not as popular as me, isn't as experienced in relationships as I am.

The next day, I saw her stealing covert glances at me. I only caught her because I was doing the same, looking at her I mean, not me. It was really classic, how our eyes kept on meeting and we would both look away, her blushing. I guess it's a good thing, I mean I'm proving to her that I do like her still.

But it didn't seem like she was only playing hard to get. She seemed honestly embarrassed by my subtle attention. It wasn't what I was expecting, when I was planning to confront her with my feelings. She was supposed to fall gratefully into my arms, and we would ride off into the sunset. If I could ride, which I can't, but it's the thought that counts. She wasn't supposed to run. I wasn't supposed to have to prove anything. If she did fall into my arms though, I guess I wouldn't want her. It would make her seem like all the other bimbo's I've dated, without a will or a thought in their head. It's part of her appeal, the innocence and cynicism. It's a challenge. I want to, scratch that, have to, break through and make her realize what she's missing.

I walk up behind her as she leans over the railing on the dock once more, our last night on the trip. I settle into place next to her, and snake a hand around her waist. She begins to lean in to me, but stiffens and pulls away.

"What are you doing?" she spits, her words recalling those said on that night 3 days earlier. I don't answer her directly.

Why are you avoiding me?" I respond.

I'm not," she replies defensively.

Ishu, we had a competition and you didn't even look to see where I was ion comparison to you. That's called avoiding."

"You don't get it, do you?" she asks, avoiding the question.

"What don't I get?" I know she's side stepping, but I'm intrigued, so I let her. "Why I'm ignoring you. Why I'm not swooning at the honor the Great Raman is giving me.

"You're right I don't," I tell her, "Do you? Or are you just scared?" "That's why," she says softly, "I am." "That doesn't matter," I reassure her, "You'll get over it."

"No," she says, meeting my eyes for the first time, "It's not directly because I'm scared, though I am. I'm beneath you, Raman, and you know it. You've been infected by nature, by something in the moonlight. Once we get back to civilization, you'll be long over me.

"I won't!" I protest, but I hear a faint ring of truth in her words. Is it just the thrill of the chase I'm looking for? She presses on.

And even if you do like me," she continues ruthlessly, "You won't for long. The teasing you'll encounter will sour you. Teenagers can be frighteningly cruel, and friends are worst of all. Once I'm caught, my appeal, whatever it is you see in me, will be gone. And you'll dump me back at the bottom of the 'food chain', back to where I am now. And you know what, Raman? I don't want to be known as another one of Raman's ex's.

Come on, you know that isn't true," I argue, "It's not just the thrill of the chase."

As I say those words, I feel their truth. There's something more about this girl, this deer poised to spring if I make a wrong move. "Really?" Ishu asks, "Because I've seen it happen before. Not with you," she continues as I open my mouth with a disclaimer, "But with other kids in your crowd. My friends have been dropped, and I've nursed their broken hearts. I don't want to be the one with the broken heart this time."

AS she speaks, I remember. She has some very pretty friends, and I know some of the guys in my crowd like to pick up innocent girls and dump them later, not innocent anymore. I know it happened to some of her friends, but if she thinks I take part in those things, she doesn't know me at all. "Do you really think I would treat you like those guys did?" I spit, angry that she would even think such a thing.

"No," she admits, "Not on purpose. But you'd forget that I'm not like you, that I don't go through a boyfriend every week."

"Do you even pay attention to me," I ask her, "I mean at school. Have you noticed that I don't act like that, that all of my girlfriends have lasted at least a month?

"I've noticed," she confesses, "More than you think. I've noticed you lose interest in them after the first week, but you don't want to drop them because it would ruin your rep. You know that you aren't as secure in the popular crowd as everyone thinks, so you cultivate a reputation as the nice guy, the one who'll treat a girl right. But me? It wouldn't hurt your reputation to drop me. No one would care." "That isn't creepy," I manage to say. How could she now that?

"I don't stalk you," she informed me, laughing. I liked to hear her laugh. It was nice, and soothing. I didn't hear it enough. Or I had never listened for it. "Than how do you know that?" I ask. She laughs again. "I watch, Raman." "Does that work? How much do you see?" She laughs out loud, long and hard. "How much do I see? Oh, the things I could tell you. I can tell you who Max is in love with. I can tell you that one of your very close friends has a crush on you. And yes, it is a male friend. Oh, the things I see."

"if you see all that," I begin, seeing an opening in her words to prove my character, "Why can't you see that I'm not like them. I know I'm not as popular as I would like. I'm too smart. Do you think I couldn't change that if I wanted? It's very easy to dumb yourself down, but I never did. If you observe, haven't you seen who I am when I'm away from my socalled friends? That's who I really am, the one who will argue with you about religion in English for no reason, who banters with the teachers."

"Is it?" she asks, "I've been told that you are what you pretend to be. I don't care to see if these words are true." She says that, but I see her weakening. Her eyes widened with my confession, and I could see her trying to maintain a cold faade. In her eyes and flush, though, I see her softening and nearly begging me to convince her. In a single, all or nothing ploy, I swiftly grab her arms and pull her into a kiss.

She stiffens, but I don't pull away, trying to infuse that single kiss with all of my too real feelings and passion. Despite herself, she begins to melt into my embrace. I can feel her resolve weakening. She starts to respond, and I let the kiss go on for what seemed like hours, but was probably only seconds, before I pull away.

Maybe she wasn't the best kisser, but something in that kiss was more fulfilling then any I've ever known before. I face her. She meets my eyes, confusion warring with passion in her gaze. "But isn't it worth the risk?..i confess ..i m seriously falling for u yaar" I ask hoarsely, pulling her into another kiss. She did respond this time...

I think I got my true love though I knoe she liked me from starting...

P.S.:- No epilogue pls...its one shot only...

Do like and comment...

LoveHeart TanuSmile

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lonelyyyy Goldie

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amazing os
really trips r respomsible 4 many relationships Wink
raman has to do much more to ishu to fall 4 him
although she is but not showing
want an epilpgue...

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attitudequeen17 IF-Dazzler

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updated an os
 have a look

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Sri1091 IF-Sizzlerz

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Wonderful stry ishita's taughts and her resolve are nice to see and Raman trying to keep his point and trying to convince is also good to see and at last he realized dat she is d one it because of the thrill for chasing but there is something in her dat pulls him towards her too good

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akriti154 IF-Addictz

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Firstly a big thankyou for writing something for me tanu
it really means a lott
ok nw coming to d update
it was a sweet story of a simple girl who's conscious abt her looks but loves d most popular n handsome guy in her class
both went on a trip n raman realised dat he also loves her
he proposed her bt she thought she's jst another one for him
aww too insecure n self conscious
bt finally raman was able to make her believe him
luvd it

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traveller_girl IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome os
Loved it
gargpoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 April 2016 at 12:19am | IP Logged
So sweet OS...
She is a simple girl...he is popular n handsome bt fell for her...she didnt want to b his ex ...she denied he kept assuring her n tried to make her understand...finally they r together...loved it

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Nyc os tanu dii 
Ishita had such lot of inferiority complex 
Great story

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