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wow awesome teaser. i'm sure this would be the reason for their secret marriage. somewhere inside i was anticipating this. please update the next part soon, as i said, waiting is really difficult. chahe chhota sa hi update kar do, we'll be happy with that.
Lots of love.

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Originally posted by braveheartdoc

wow awesome teaser. i'm sure this would be the reason for their secret marriage. somewhere inside i was anticipating this. please update the next part soon, as i said, waiting is really difficult. chahe chhota sa hi update kar do, we'll be happy with that.
Lots of love.

Thank you 
You have to wait and see what had happened in past 
I haven't started writing it's personally my favourite part too I don't want to cut shot as it will lose the flow of the story and I will try my level best to update it tomorrow night
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Originally posted by Az07

Meet Reva Sinha - Raghav and Trisha's 3 yr old daughter 

( isn't she cute? I found her features and body language similar to ahana. Share ur opinion) 
She is cho cutieee pie Hug
Loved her as Reva the RaTri daughter... StarClap

Read the chapter... review by later in the evening... that morning there in India... Smile

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Originally posted by bawaswift

Originally posted by Az07

Meet Reva Sinha - Raghav and Trisha's 3 yr old daughter 

( isn't she cute? I found her features and body language similar to ahana. Share ur opinion) 
She is cho cutieee pie Hug
Loved her as Reva the RaTri daughter... StarClap

Read the chapter... review by later in the evening... that morning there in India... Smile

Thank you so much no problem take your own time I will update next part in some time 

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Part 2A!


Flashback: 4years back

Trisha and raghav was driving to Alipur a small village near the outskirts of Delhi. Dilip chauhan had given a new case to them. A drug mafia has been recently reported in Alipur area which was donned by lakhan thakur. No body has seen this guy. Many police officials had tried to catch this guy and the racket red handed. Either they will be found soon dead or they themselves will soon back out from the case. They absolutely have no idea how this guy looks like. It was indeed a complicated case. The other members of team couldn't accompany them as rajbir and bikram had to attend some court procedures regarding the cases the cbi team have recently solved and Swati had just joined the team.

Raghav is extremely tensed as trisha is also with him. The case sounds pretty complicated and on top of that the mafia don is extremely dangerous and they don't even know who is he and how he looks like? What if something happens to trisha?

On the other hand trisha was extremely angry on raghav. The moment he had heard about this case he was denying her not to get involved. She knew he is worried for her safety. But she is not a weakling. But a grown up women who is a trained CBI officer. Through out the way she didn't speak anything to raghav. She was extremely angry on him.

Raghav: trisha ab toh apni narazki bandh karo. Tum bhi jarahi hai mere saath Alipur mein lakhan thakur case ke liye. Do khanda ho chuka hai iss ghadi mein tum kuch bhi nahi bol rahi ho.

Trisha: mein kya bolu raghav? Tum bhi meri maa ki tarah behave kar rahi thi. Just because mein ek ladkhi hoon mein office mein bate kar sirf paper works karoon? Don't you know that i am trained at the time of joining cbi? Chey saal ho chuka hai cbi mein join karkey don't i have that experience raghav?

Raghav: mein ne aisa kab kaha trisha that you don't have experience or ladkiya sirf office mein bait kar sirf paper works karo? Trisha hume sirf itna jantha hai ek lakhan thakur naam ki aadmi uski saathiyo se milkar alipur area mein jab bhi koi occasion ho uss area ko target banakar drugs illegally smuggle karrahi hai. Koan hai yeh lakhan thakur aur uske saath koan koan hai yeh hume nahi pata. Woh bahuth khadarnakh aadmi hai trisha. Issse pehaley kitney officers uske pechey gaye uska mauth ho chukha hai. Wahan jaa kar tume kuch hogaya toh?

Trisha: raghav hum cbi officers hai. Hum apni jaan ke khatraey ke wajahey se apni duty se pechey nahi hatsakthi. Humari jaan hamesha khatrey mein hai. Aur tum yeh socha bhi kaisey iss khatranak kaam ke liye mein tume akhela bhejoon?

Raghav smiled at her concern.

Raghav: ok fine meri maa! Ab toh ghussa chodo. Aur ek baath batadhoon? Jab tum ghussey mein ho tum aur bhi bahuth khoobsurat dikthi ho.

Trisha: raghav!

Though she warned him she just couldn't stop smiling from inside. She likes when ever he praise her though in a teasing or flirting manner. They have been working together for past 5 years. Both of them poles apart in there nature. He is friendly, fun loving and the one who thinks out of the box. Whereas she is reserved, disciplined and straightforward. They do have rifts always but the fact is they enjoy deep inside the heart. In all these years they have understood each other so well and they share an amazing bond of trust. Trisha knows that she has fallen for him. When and how she herself doesn't know. She do know that he too likes her. But he never makes it obvious. She had felt many times he back outs whenever she thinks they are going to enter a step ahead in there relationship. May be its because of his past. Trisha came out from her thoughts when he heard him speaking.

Raghav: trisha aaj toh Alipur mein ek mass wedding ho rahahai. Aur humein shaak hai lakhan thakur aur uske sathi wahan hogaga. Shaadi mein shamil karney ki bahaney wahan aa jatha hai logo ke nazar mein dhool pheykar aisi social occasions mein aam aadmi bankar public ki naak khi neechey drugs smuggle kartha hai.

Trisha: ha raghav jab hume uski case history check kar li pata chala woh aisi public functions ki jaga choose kartha hai. Hamarey liye sabse bada challenge yeh hai unhe pechana aur raangey haath pakdna. Aur saath saath unhe kisi bhi tarikey se shakh nahi hona chahiye hum cbi se hai. Mushkil kaam hai.

Raghav; ha trisha iss liye hum wahan reporters banke undercover mein jaa rahi hai.

Trisha: phir bhi raghav humey chaukrna rahna hoga.

Alipur mass wedding hall!

Trisha and raghav have reached the hall as reporters. Just for being cautious they have avoided an sort of cameras. They came to hall as freelance journalist. What if someone doubt them after seeing cameras? So they have used hidden pen cameras instead. And also with the help of Bluetooth trisha and raghav was able to communicate each other as they have dispersed in the hall.

Trisha was surprised when raghav called her and asked her to meet him immediately at the back dress room. She walked towards him. After seeing her he closed the room. Trisha was astonished by his action.

Trisha: kya kar rahi ho raghav?

Raghav: relax trisha. Mein ek aadmi ko phone pe baath karthey hua suna uss logo ko patha chala cbi ab yeh case handle kar rahi hai aur hum undercover reporters bankar yeha aachuka woh bhi pata chala.

Trisha was shocked.

Trisha: kya! Par kaise?

Raghav: yeh lakhan thakur jo bhi hai bahuth powerful admi lagtha hai. Unhe har jagey pe apni spy's hai. Humara jaan khathery mein hai trisha.

Trisha: aur hum yahan ki police station mein bhi nahi jaa saktha. Chances zyaada hai yahan ke police mein bhi uska aadmi hoga.

Raghav: exactly trisha. Hume jald se jald humara huliyana badlna hoga. Mein kuch kadpadey ley aaya. Tum iss kapdey pehano.

Trisha: ek minute raghav tume yeh kapde kahan se mili?

Raghav: har baa counter question karna zaroori hai kya?

Trisha: kai aisa toh nahi ki tume yeh kapdey yahan se churaya?

Raghav didn't answer anything.

Trisha: raghav tum ek cbi officer ho. Ek chor ki tarah

Raghav: trisha please apni moral science ka lecture phir dena. Please jaldi se tayar ho jao.

Trisha opened the packet and was astonished to find a bridal salwar suit with suitable accessories along with it.

Trisha: yeh dulhan ka joda? Tum pagal ho gayi hai kya?

Raghav: trisha hamare pass koi aur option nahi hai. Ek dulha dulhan woh log kabhi shaakh nahi kareygi. Aur advantage yeh hai ki hum har jaga jaa saktha hai. Koi nahi rokheyga.

Trisha: ok fine tum washroom mein jaa kaar tayar ho jao. Muhey mirror chahiye.

Raghav: ok fine. Yeh math bhoolo yeh sirf ek nadhak hai. Bahuth waqth math lago. Samjhi!

Trisha stared at him and he immediately went inside the washroom to change. She smiled.

After getting ready trisha asked raghav to come out from the washroom.

Raghav murmured while opening: that was quite fast. I am impressed.

He stopped in tracks when he saw trisha. She had worn a beautiful red salwar suit with golden and green border in it. She had left her hair loose and covered it with a red dupatta which had same golden and green border. A small necklace, nose stud and long earrings along with a stone bindi and light make up added the glory of her face. She was looking breath taking gorgeous. Simple yet elegant. Trisha noticed his stare and she was feeling shy. He came near her and whispered in her ears in a husky voice.

Raghav: jab mein uss lakhan thakur se pakdoongi mein usse zaroor thanks kahoongi. Uski wajahey se pata chala tum iss dulhan ki roop mein kitni sundhar lagrahi hai.

Trisha blushed after hearing his comments.

Trisha and raghav had gone outside to the hall to find clues about the drug mafia gang and the members. trisha was caught in between by the committee member

Committee member: arrey beta tum kahan ghoom rahi ho? Tum dulhan hai aur iss tarah apni shaadi se pehalaey logo ko dekhna bura shagun hai. Aur waise bhi shaadi ka muhoorath shuru ho raha hai. Aaj kal ke bachey bhi na ek jaga dhang se nahi bedthi. Pachaas shaadi ho raha hai. Dulhan toh muhey mili aur tumara dulha kaha hai? Waqth beetha jaa raha hai. Ab poorey ke poorey pachhas jodi ke bina mein kaise mandap mein jao?

Trisha didn't know what to say.

Trisha: uncle aapko galth fami ho raha hai. Muhey shaadi karne mein koi interest nahi hai.

Committee member: arey beta kaisi baathey kar rahi ho?

Trisha suddenly felt a tug on her shoulders. Raghav wrapped his arms around her shoulders. She stared at him.

Raghav: maaf kar dhi jiye uncle. Yeh thodha bahuth gussey wali hai. Muhjse jhagada kardhiya. Issliye naraz ho rahi thi.

Committee member: arey shadi ke baad jitna jagada karna hai kar lo. Ab jald se mandap aakar shaadi karlo. Warna mera naukri chali jayegi.

Trisha whisphered : what is this raghav? Tum muhj se shaadi karna chathi hoon?

Raghav: mein pagal nahi hoon janbhuj key koi aag mein khudeyga?

Trisha: toh phir kya hai yeh sab?

Raghav: yahan haar ek jaga lakhan thakur ke aadmi hai. Har jaga pe nazar rakha hai. Aur tum kuch zyaad bahv de diya toh unhe pata chaleyga hum cbi se hai besh badalkar yaha unhe pakdne aaya hai. Trisha mere paas ek lead hai. Par uskliye muhejey tumari poori support aur trust chahiye.

Trisha: patao raghav kya karna hai.

Raghav: baas ek dulhan ki tarah mere saath uss mandap mein baito.

Trisha stared at raghav and murmured.

Trisha: pata nahi kahan phass gaya mein.

Raghav smiled seeing her irritated face.

Trisha: stop smiling. Its not funny aur chup chap chalo.

Raghav and trisha was sitting in the mandap. Trisha was feeling like she will faint at any moment. The situation they both have landed up was that awkward. But she trust raghav though he come up with out of the box ideas towards the end of it he will solve any case and they need to solve this case as soon as possible.

Trisha: raghav ab pandit ji pooja karna shuru kar deheyga. Tumara dimaag mein kya hai muhey kuch samhj mein nahi aa raha hai.

Raghav: bus tume shaadi karna chatha hoon.

Trisha: raghav!

Raghav: just joking! Relax! Hum kisi bhi waqath usse rangey haath pakadeyngey.

Trisha: muhey kuch bhi samajh nahi aa raha hai.

The pandit had started chanting mantras. Though hesitatingly trisha agreed to do pooja with raghav. Trisha was noticing raghav his view is somewhere else. Knowing raghav trisha understood that he got to know the criminal. Soon garlands were exchanged and ghatbhandan was tied. Trisha was extremely nervous. She had no idea what is actually going to happen. Only thing she knew is she trust raghav and at this stage she can't leave him in between. She just left everything to him and her destiny. Phereas have started. Trisha didn't know what game is her destiny playing with her? With each phere she thought raghav will walk away towards the culprit. Though she was expecting that somewhere in her heart that thought pained her. Her feelings for him make her think the other way round. But still she knew this is not the correct way. They both are hear to catch a criminal. Trisha who was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't realise that all saath pheres have been completed. Unknowingly she had tears in her eyes.

Raghav saw her tears and her eyes held so many questions. Trisha was stunned when he put vermilion on her forehead. She closed her eyes and tears flowed down unknowingly. She wanted to ask him so many questions but her throat was dried. She came out from her stupor when she heard his voice much like a shouting.

Raghav: rukh jayiye sarpanch vikram chauhan ji! Ya phir mein kahoon drug mafia don Lakhan thakur.

Trisha was astonished that the sarpanch of the village vikram chauhan is lakhan thakur.

Raghav: aap kahan jaa rahi hai? hum aap ko drug smuggling ke jhurum mein giraftar kar rahi hai.

Vikram chauhan: tum pagal ho kya? Mein koi lakhan thakur nahi hoon. Aur mein koi drugs smuggle nahi karthi.

Raghav: haar ek muhjrim pakdne se pehele yeh baat hi kehathey hai. Merey pass tum drugs smuggle karney ka video. Hogayi sabhuth.

Vikram chauhan: aaj tak kisi ko bhi nahi pata tha mein lakhan thakur ki naam se drug smuggle karthi ho. Par tume kaise?

Raghav: hum cbi wale hai. Ek case mein thaang adaney se pehale hum poori ki poori chaanj kar le thi. Muhey pehele se hi shaak tha aisi social functions target banakar drugs smuggle karney wala aadmi toh zarror uss jaga ki koi vip hogi aur jab mein ne jithne bhi lakhan thakur ki drug smuggling venues ko hume information mili hai policewalo se mein woh function ki details check kar li. Aur surprisingly aap har woh jagah pe the. Aap politics mein hai isliye har police station aur government offices mein spy rakhna aap ke liye koi mushkil kaam nahi hai. Issliye mein jab yahan aayi aur aapko dekha mein ne aapse thakragaya aur aapki jankari ki bina aap ke pocket mein hidden camera fit karli. Aur jab yahan shaaadi ka function shuru hogaya saraey logo ka attention yahan shaadi pe the aap chup chap uss waqath apni drug dealings kar li aur muhey aap ke khilaf sabuth bhi mila. So mr. Vikram chauhan urrf lakhan thakur aap ko illegally drugs smuggle karne ki jhurum mein giraftar kar rahi hai.

Raghav had completed all the procedures of the arrest of vikram chauhan. It was after completing all the formalities of the arrest he noticed that trisha still sitting in the mandap. He came near her and touched on her shoulders.

Raghav: trisha case solve ho chuka hai. Ab hume wapas jana chahiye.

She looked at him and spoke in a clear voice.

Trisha: lakhan thakur ka case toh solve ho chuka par jo ristha tume merey saath shuru kar diya uska kya?

Raghav: i am extremely sorry trisha i didn't expect vikram's deal will get delayed this much. Tum fikhar math karo yeh sab ek nadak tha lakhan thakur ko pakdney ke liye.

Before he could complete his sentence he felt trisha's hands on his cheeks. He looked at her shocked. He can't believe that she had slapped him. He has never seen her so angry.

Trisha shouted: tume patha bhi hai tume kya kar diya? Shaadi karke koi case solve kartha hai kya? Kya tume shaadi ka matlab janta bhi ho? Shaadi ghuda ghudiyo ka khel nahi hai. Woh saath janmo ka ristha hai. Do you even know shaadi mere liye kitne maine rakthi? Shaadi mere liye ta umra ka ristha hai. Aur tume kya kardiya raghav?

She had completely broken into tears. He tried to hold her but she threw away his hands.

Raghav: trisha please relax aur meri baath suno

Trisha: mein aur kya suno raghav? Tumne jo kehna tha tumne kehdiya. Aur ab tum meri baath suno. Mein kabhi apney sapney mein bhi nahi socha tha mein tumse yeh kaho ki tumne mera barosa thodha. And i hate you raghav.

Raghav: trisha please calm down.

Trisha: please for god sake leave me alone! Muhey apni halath mein chod tho aur tume jo karna tha tumne karliye aur tumne jo kehna tha tumne keha diya. Ab kuch aur bacha nahi hai! Mein apna khayal khudh rakhsakthi hoon.

She left from there without listening to his pleads. She don't have the strength to fight with him what all had happened in a span of hours has shaken her so badly. She had always dreamed of getting married to him but not like this. She never thought he will deny her like this. That had hurt her deeply. The raghav she knew can never hurt anyone. Especially her. He always makes her smile with his pranks. She knew he likes her a lot. Then why is he denying there marriage? Trisha just couldn't stop feeling guilty towards her family. Her parents gave her complete freedom for her for all this 26years of her life. For the past 1 year when her mother started talking about her marriage she just started avoiding each proposals in the name of her career only because she had fallen for raghav by that time. She can't reveal it to her parents about that as she herself doesn't have any assurance about raghav's feelings for her. She was scared of losing his friendship if she reveal her feelings for him. But now getting married to him in such a manner had shaken her. More than that when he said this marriage as a drama to catch a culprit that had hurt her so deeply. How can he play with her? That had hurt her self respect too. She can never forgive him for that.

Next day - Cbi headquarters

Every one was in conference hall. Trisha was extremely quiet and she was not even looking at raghav. Raghav noticed her. It was clear from her face that she had not slept for the whole night. Her eyes looked so puffed. Raghav felt guilty seeing her like that. He can't see her like this. He needs to talk to her. But everyone was there with them.

Rajbir, bikram and swathi congratulated raghav and trisha for solving lakhan thakur case. They noticed both raghav and trisha was not happy. They are not talking to each other.

Rajbir: tum dhono ko kya hua? Itna mushkil case solve karne ka koi khushi nahi hai chehrey pe aur upar se tum dhono itna khamosh kyun hai? Aur trisha tumari thabyaeet theekh nahi hai kya? Tumhari halat dekho.

Trishaa: ha rajbir thoda sa bhukhar aur cold hai. Koi bath nahi theekh ho jayega.

Bikram: so case solve karne ki khushi mein treat tho bhanthi hai.

Trisha: tum log enjoy karo. Mein thodey dher aaram karna chathi hoon. Aur waise bhi case raghav ne solve kiya. Jo kuch bhi hua sab kuch unho ne kiya so treat raghav ko banthi hai.

Trisha left without even waiting for anyone's response. For sure everyone was shocked. Trisha have behaved like this. Raghav understood trisha is angry with him and he need to talk to her immediately. While leaving the he heard rajbir and bikram discussing about there weird behaviour.

Trisha's cabin

Raghav entered trisha's cabin. He saw her lying on her chair with eyes closed.

Raghav: trisha i need to talk to you.

Trisha: agent raghav kya aapko koi nayi case ke bare mein muhjse baath karna hai?

Raghav: come on trisha stop it you know what i want to talk.

Trisha: agent raghav you are mistaken. I don't know what you are talking about. As far as i know cbi don't have any pending cases now. And about the paper works of solved cases you don't worry its with swathi and me. We will handle it.

Raghav: trisha yeh kya agent agent lagarekha hai?

Trisha: agent raghav listen i am your boss. If you don't have any work related issues then please leave my cabin. This is cbi office and i am not here to handle anyone's personal life interests. So please leave. Now.

Raghav: ok fine!

Trisha had left from office purposefully late night. She didn't want to meet raghav once and enter in to an argument once again. The schedule for day was thankfully light and they never got any emergency cases. So every one had left from office early. She saw rajbir and bikram forcefully dragging raghav out. So she was revealed that she don't have to meet him once again. What all had happened last day after that she don't want to have any personal talks with him. She went towards the parking lot and took car keys from her bag. She suddenly felt a strong hand at her back on her shoulders. She was stunt and when she turned back she saw raghav.

Raghav: trisha ab toh hum dono office mein nahi ho nahi tum mera boss. Tume meri baath sunana hoga.

Trisha: haath chodo mera aur kis haaq se mera haath pakdrahi ho?

Raghav: tum meri biwi ho uss haaq se.

Trisha lost it at that moment. She was clouded with anger.

Trisha: biwi? Shayad tum bhool rahi ho ki kal tumne rishta bananey se peheley woh thodchuka hai. Aur mein koi ghudiya nahi hoon jab tumara man kiya tum aakar shaadi karo aur phir uss rishthey se inkaar karo aur phir jab mann kiya aakar wapas phir se apnao. Muhey tumari koi baath nahi suna. Leave my hand.

Raghav: nahi woh galthi mein ek baar kar chuka hai. Ab aur nahi kar saktha. Please trisha muhey ek maukha nahi dhoongi.

Trisha: raghav muhey dher ho rahaha hai. Mein tumari koi baat nahi sunana chathi. Samjhi.

Raghav: i love you trisha!

Trisha was stunned. But still she composed herself.

Trisha: and i hate you!

Raghav smiled.

Raghav: koi baath nahi. Ek lakdi ka na ka mathlab ha hotha hai.

Trisha: bakwass math karo.

Raghav: mein sach keharahi hoon trisha. Mein jantha hoon mein ne tume bahuth hurt kiya aur tumari narazki bhi jayaz hai. Par trisha sachai yeh hai hum jiss se naraz ho jatha hai jisse hum pyaar kartha hai.

Trisha was astonished.

Trisha: mere saath mind games khelana bandh karo. Aur muhey janaey dhijiye.

Raghav caressed her face.

Raghav: filal ke liye chod rahi hoon. Muhey yakeen hai mein bahuth jald tumari trust wapas jeeth jaogi aur saath saath apni patni ko bhi. Good night darling and please do miss me!

He left smiling. Trisha was totally agitated. She stump her foot harshly on the ground.

Few days later

Raghav tried his level best to manao trisha. But trisha was giving him a tough time. She rarely speak to him. Even if she speak it will be related to work in front of everyone. He tried to apologise to trisha in many manners. The card he had given writing sorry went to dustbin. And she threw away the teddy bear he had given which had a sorry heart in its hands. But raghav was not the one who easily gives up. He was determined to win back trisha. Somewhere trisha's heart had started softening but she didn't show it out. He had hurt her self respect and she can't forgive him that easily. She is not a girl who weakens just by her man's sorry or his tears unlike usual girls. Raghav had messed up with a wrong girl and he need to pay for it. Otherwise he will take her for granted always.

Trisha's residence

Trisha's family was having dinner together. Ever since trisha joined cbi very rarely she will be present for dinner. Trisha was playing with her food. Her mother noticed that.

Trisha's mom: trisha kaha kho gayi ho tum? Kuch dino se mein tume notice kar rahi hai tum theekh se kuch nahi khathi hamesha chup chap rahthi aur tumne apna chehra aaine mein dekha? Tumara chehra dekh kar koi bhi keha saktha hai tum theekh raat mein nahi so rahi hai. Baat kya hai trisha?

Trisha: kuch nahi hai mom kaam ka stress hai.

Trisha's mom: trisha itna stress math karo. Aur tumari kamayi se yahan rashan kharedhney ki zaroorath nahi hai. Tumari aur tejal ki bacho ko jeeney ke liye yahan hai.

Trisha( angrily): mom please mein paise kamana ke liye kaam nahi karthi. Mera kaam mera passion hai.

Trisha's mom: ok fine! Mein kuch nahi keharahi hoon. Yeh ladki meri kaha sunthi? Yeh sab aap ki galthi hai. ( looking at trisha's dad)

Trisha's dad: ab mein ne kya kiya?

Trisha's mom: mein ne aap se 6 saal pehle kaha tha yeh ladki ko cbi mein join karney ka permission math dho. Aur ab dekho na apni maa ki baath sunthi aur na apni future ki fikhar hai.

Trisha's dad: mein kya karo trisha ko humari publishing house mein koi interest nahi hai aur woh aapney dham pe kuch karna chathi. Aur woh recruitment entrance first chance mein hi ache marks mein pass karli mein kyun rukho unhe? Just because woh ek ladki hai? Har kisi ko apna sapna poor karney ka haaq hai.

Trisha's mom: ab bahuth hogaya. Trisha ab successful hai aur ab woh chabbis saal ho chuka hai. Shaadi ka umar hogaya. Picheley ek saal se mein na jane kitney risthey lekhey aaya. Par unhe koi bhi ladka pasandh nahi aara hai. Ek toh ladki cbi wali hai yeh sunkar kai log risthey se pichey hat rahi hai aur upar se aapki ladli ke nakhrey. Suno trisha iss ravi var ek ladka aaraha hai tume milney ka. Mein tumara koi bhi excuse nahi sunana chathi. Tume usse milna hoga.

Trisha was stunt. How she meet someone else? She is raghav's wife. Before meeting guys for proposals was different. But now she can't do that.

Trisha: mama please. Muhey kissi se nahi milna hai. Aur aap please mere liye proposals dhoondna bandh karo.

Trisha's mom: tum pagal ho gayi kya? Shaadi nahi karni tumhe? Toh kya zindagi bar kumari rahogi?

Trisha knew it was high time she reveal truth to them. She can't again keep that in her heart. She feels like betraying them. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She gained all her courage

Trisha: mama mera shaadi ho chukha hai.

Trisha's mom: kya?

Trisha revealed everything to them. Trisha's mom was clouded by anger. She slapped on trisha's face hardly. Trisha closed her eyes.

Trisha's mom: humne tum pe bahuth trust kiya trisha. Aur tumne woh trust thoda. Itne din hui tumari shaadi ki aur tum ab hamey batharahi ho?

Trisha didn't speak anything.

Trisha's mom: tum aaj ke baad kahi nahi jaogi. Samjhi.

Trisha looked at her mother stunt.

Trisha's mom: jab dekho apni manmani karthi rahthi ho.

Trisha: mama pleease meri baath suno. Zaroor apni past ki wajah se raghav yeh shaadi se inkaar kar rahi hai. Mein unhe achi tarikey se janthi hoon.

Trisha's mom: tum keharahi ho jo shaadi karney ke baad shaadi ko inkar kartha hai uss pe hume barosa karna hai?

Trisha's dad: trisha mein tumari har ek khawiesh poora kiya. Par yeh i am sorry yeh mein allow nahi karsaktha.

Trisha looked at him stunned.

Trisha: papa mein uski biwi hoon.

Trisha's dad: trisha ab tume decide karna hai. Tume hamari beti bankar jeena hai ya phir uski biwi. Dono saath nahi hoga. Agar tum hume chuna hai tume hamari baath sunana hoga. Usse bhool kar zindagi mein aagey badna hoga. Ya phir tum uski biwi banana pasand kar li tho abhi isi waqath iss ghar se hamari zindagi se chali jao.

Trisha was stunt. She was never in such a dilemma. She was crying so badly. After sometime she composed herself and wiped her tears.

Trisha: mein janthi hoon aap log ka narazgi jayaaz hai. Mein aap ki beti hoon. Isliye aap log ek din zaroor muhey maaf kardhogey. Kamsi kum muhey aap log toh hai. Par raghav ko sirf mein hoon. Agar mein unhe chood diya toh woh thooth jayega. Muhey maaf karna mama papa mein jarahi hoon raghav ke saath. Aap log raghav ko nahi jantha hai. Issliye aap log un par shakh kar rahi hai.

She went to her room and packed her stuffs. She was crying so badly. After all leaving your family is not easy. But she had no other go. She can never leave raghav.

Raghav's residence

Raghav frowned when he heard calling bell ringing at this time. Who can be at this hour. He went and opened the door only to find trisha standing with many bags. He was surprised to see trisha at this hour that too with her luggage and she was crying so badly.

Pre cap: flashback continues. Raghav's pov about there marriage and chup chup ke ratri romance in office.

I assure teaser will be there in next part. I wanted it to be a single update. But it became too long. So breaking it into two parts. I know it was a bit stupid of me writing ratri marriage like this. But this is the way it was planned. Please don't blame raghav. His pov will be cleared next part.


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Tasha1994 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 April 2016 at 10:24am | IP Logged
thanks for the update off to read it

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Az07 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Tasha1994

thanks for the update off to read it
no problem take your own time
I am a bit nervous about this update. eagerly waiting for this reveiw
1973deepak Senior Member

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Posted: 26 April 2016 at 10:46am | IP Logged
Wonderful update. love the flow of the story. First Raghav's concern for Trisha was nice. And there marriage was a biggest twist in the story. The Raghav was concentrated on catching the smuggler and here Pandit recites all poojas and mantras and The Sath Pheras too. Raghav and Trisha was too shocked as the marriage took place accidentally. Trisha though being a strong and practical lady but for a lady marriage means a lot and Trisha understand it well. Trisha could fight with the whole world and family for the sake of Raghav. She truly loves him madlyEmbarrassed. So Trisha at Raghav's home at this hour Raghav was so shocked seeing such a strong lady crying badly and by seeing her luggage he understand that some disaster has gone. Eagerly waiting for the next update in which the romantic  teaser is thereEmbarrassed

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