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Originally posted by 1973deepak

Wonderful update dear, 
Raghav had brought a diamond ring for proposing Trisha. Finally Trisha gain the courage to reveal the Truth to Raghav.
She always wanted to tell truth to him. Frankly she was guilty for hiding these all these years. But she too was helpless. His memory loss and his health on one side and other side she always wanted to be in his life as his love not as his responsibility 
 Both want to say something to each other. But again Chief became kabab me haddi. 
Raghav knew about his marriage and about Reva. His response was expected as three years he had stayed away from Reva hus own daughter. Trisha was so hurt but she was literally knows that this will happen when he will know about his past. 
Trisha somewhere in heart knew about his reactions after all she knows him so well. He is an emotional person. What hurt her was when he asked her to stay away from him. Then again she knew he said that out of anger 
Rajbir and Bikram was stunned and shocked when they listen that Trisha and Raghav was married and had a daughter. But somehow they tried to handle the situation. 
Of course they have got the shock of there life. They didn't expect them to get married secretly after all we are talking about Raghav and Trisha. They knew Trisha needed there support at that moment they understood what she had gone through all these years some where in heart they felt bad that they couldn't support her at her worse time 
Trisha was so stressed that first time she needed to take sleeping pills to sleep. Rena was so scared. Raghav too felt bad for Trisha. 
Raghav felt bad for his behaviour he would never want to hurt Trisha but ended up doing that and Reva she is small so obviously she will get scared seeing her mom like that 
Trisha always cares for her family but forgot to care for herself. Raghav cooked food for Trisha so cute. 
She deserves entire happiness of these world 
Raghav wants Trisha to marry him again with all the rituals. And his last words - "chaubis ghato ke andar you will again marry me" was just awesome. Akhir Raghav ko na sunane ki aadat nahi. WinkNext part will be full of Romance. 
He wanted to remarry her one because he wanted her to have all the happiness of these world the way they got married was not a proper situation and next he absolutely have no memory about the moment he spend with her 
Eagerly waiting for the next update. Please update soon. Embarrassed
I have an exam coming up this Saturday will try my best to post last part soon 

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Originally posted by Tasha1994

thanks a lot for The update dear off to read it

No problem take your own time 
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Best of luck Uma for your exam

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Stupendous update Uma... StarClap
I liked that Trisha as well as Raghav were not guilty over the night they spend together.. cos love had taken over.. 
Liked that they  both were ready to express the truth they know out of their hearts.. !
Liked that Trisha already told the truth to her daughter... cos she was waiting for the right time n it had come... 
Things were meant to be told... but destiny played its role n Raghav got the papers n read them... He cud have reacted otherwise... but he got so emotional that the anger took over n he scolded her for not telling him his past..
A bewildered Trisha... crying all the way.. not eating... was well taken care by her team ...Felt bad for her.. ! Loved how they gifted her the gift that was due according to them...
Going to meet his daughter n pampering her how he cud.. Raghav took his daughter out... made her happy... played with her... But cud not get rid of the fact that she is Trisha's daughter n cant live without her... 
Loved to see him taking her to her bed n slept in the same bed as a family... 
Trisha maintained the distance.. as was asked by Raghav... but her condition was palpable.. ! She has suffered a lot n now she is maturely understanding Raghav's rage.. 
Liked him taking care of her at home with food n sorry made in the fruits... 
His motive is now to give all the happiness that Trisha deserves... This is lovely.. !!!
His initiative to marry her properly once again made me dancing like an emoticon... Wink With a diamond ring for her... he has lead the bet that she will agree in the next 24 hrs... Amazingly beautiful times for RaTri after such trauma... 
This is what makes your story so special... ! Loving every action by every character... The team ,, RaTri,,, n even Reva,,, !
Very well presented... n well expressed the emotional update... 
The ending is gonna be a wonderful... i am telling you... ! In wait for it... 
Uma... all thanks to you for making me a part of this story... thanks dear... 

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Originally posted by Tasha1994

wonderful update uma .loved it soo much 
Thank you so much 
.Raghav bought a diamond ring to propose trisha & is he's all set to take trisha for a Long drive and then propose her for marriage but he got the biggest shock of his life that he is already married to her and has a daughter .his reaction was natural as he was kept away from his daughter for 3 years .trisha knew this will happen .loved scene this soo much .
He reacted like a normal person and he is an emotional person. So where in heart Trisha expected his reaction to be like this. She know him too well. 
Bikram and Rajbir must have got a big shock to know RaTri married could literally imagine their faces
They never thought this much happened under there nose. More over they were feeling bad that they couldn't support Trisha during her tough phase 
 .raghav buying Pictures puzzles comics and drawing books for Reva.loved Reva asking raghav that he will not leave her again. loved raghav taking Reva to dominos and then a animated film and park .loved the bond shared by raghav and Reva soo much read that scene more than 10 times 
Thank you so much I am glad everyone is loving Reva. A character created by you when appreciated and loved feels so contented. Frankly I love writing her scenes. 
.it's soo awesome and has come out so beautifully.loved Reva finding that her that her dad is soo strong lifting up her mom 
How much ever mature and intelligent may be she is a kid. For her it's something new she has never seen anyone lifting Trisha or so adults so her dad has to be her hero 
.trisha made breakfast for raghav an Reva. loved raghav making Reva get ready .loved the hair tying scene soo much
That's my own personal experience my father could never tie my hair when I was small 
 .trisha fainted. loved to see how scared Reva was and raghav consoling her .loved Raghav making sandwiches for trisha and making her eat and saying sorry 
Reva is a small kid. So she has to get scared seeing her momma like this. Raghav knew it's because of his behaviour Trisha had stressed herself and fallen sick 
.loved Raghav proposing trisha for marriage again .loved Raghav challenging trisha.thanks a lot for such a awesome update.
Trisha deserves entire happiness in the world 
waiting for the next romantic update. waiting to see the cute demand made by my cutiepie Reva .thanks soo much for such a wonderful update.

You are welcome dear next part will be last part of this story 
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Cant stop myself by saying that i was spellbound after reading it eraly morning... 
Did  the review work just after reaching my office... 

Uma... thanks a lottt dear... ! StarClap

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Originally posted by babita..

When you collect courage to confess something best of your life, destiny plays a dominant role and things get twisted as per it's wish. 
Same here, Raghav wanted to confess and express his feelings for the first time as for him. And Trisha after telling every truth to her Reva was going to reveal the truth to Raghav. But things got mingled and raghav read and came to a decision by himself. His rage is justified as understood by Trisha too. But what was expected never happened.

Destiny always have some other plans and we are helpless in front of it. Raghav's reaction was normal as he is an emotional person some where Trisha knew he will react like this. What shocked her is before she could reveal truth he himself came to know 
I liked Raghav getting indulged in his life and never say that Trisha was lying. He accepted the truth but his emotions made him mad and his anger shattered Trisha. Sad scene it was.
Trisha was shattered but she knew him so well she knew he never mean it it came out of anger 
 Liked to see Rajbir and Bikram helping Trisha and understanding what has she gone through past those years. 
They were shocked but knew she needed them at the moment 
What i liked the most is Raghav going to Trisha's home and meeting Reva. And there he totallly understood how Trisha would have single handedly suffered all these years without him and as a single parent.
He himself has seen his fathers struggle to bring him up after his mom passed away. Trisha didn't even have her family or friends to support 
Liked how he bonded with Reva and they went out and enjoyed. But reva's crave for Trisha was natural and meant to be. Loved how she missed her Mom and after watching her sleeping she almost cried. Meanwhile, Raghav understood everything and now is the time that he had to change the scenario into a lovely life ahead !
After all Trisha is her mother like every kid she too loves her mom a lot. So she has to feel bad when the usual routine changed . Raghav wanted to give both Trisha and Reva entire happiness of the world 
Reva's amazing over raghav taking her mom in his hands and make her sleep. She knows how strong her dad is. 
She is a small kid according to her only kids are carried in arms. That's what she has seen so far. 
But Trisha made distance in the morning and placed necessary things for them, and left for the office. Here i guess Raghav realized where he was wrong. He had to be with her all the time after knowing the past, but he instead scold her and accused her for not telling him anything. 
Raghav realised his mistake he would never want to hurt his Trisha but ended up doing it 
Just liked how Rajbir and Bikram gifted Trisha for the godh bharai. They are innocent but knows that ek gift toh banta hai. Cute team, strong bond they have Clap
They care for her a lot. Some where in heart they felt bad as they were not there to support her when she was going through a tough phase in her life 
Now as trisha is faint and Raghav knows he is to be blamed of not understanding her in time. His initiatives to manao Trsiha were magnificent. Lovely tray of sorries with fruits and then letting reva getting ready. And the pony he made for her that never came into being previously. Embarrassed
Trisha's emotional stress had take a toll on her health and Raghav knew it's because of him so he has to rectify his mistake. Pony scene was my own childhood experience 
Liked to see Trisha in tears, and for the first time the tears of happiness. Smile
Yes first time in this story she cried because of happiness 
Liked the ambience created for Trisha with candle lights and the rose petals. Loved the proposal from the man she always wanted to have in his life as a person and as a whole. But now rejecting a second marriage. I'm enjoying this scene, becos the next part will be dealing with the Yes and No of Trisha for marriage. Waiting for the diamond ring slipping in her finger Day Dreaming
After all this she deserves happiness 

Raghav: mrs. Trisha raghav sinha muhey na sun ne ki addat naahi hai. Mein vaada karthi hoon tumse chaubees khande ke andher tum muhsey dhobaara shaadi karne ke liye ha kardhoongi. 
Now this is something very interesting to watch out for the last part. 
Let's see what's going to happen 
Uma U have rocked the floor with so much in this update dearie ClapClap The way things untold and the twists later and everything got solved, all in one chapter, awesomely beauteous. StarStar
Loved it and will wait for the next. Thanks and Loves Heart
Thank you so much for your lovely comment 

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Originally posted by bawaswift

Hey Uma... i will be back with the review later... getting late for the office... Embarrassed
Read the chapter... Fabulous... !!!!

No problem take your own time 

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