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Originally posted by 1973deepak

Love the teaser. So Reva kept the demand of a cute sibling. Ab Raghav aur Trisha apni pyari beti ki demand kaise puri nahi karenge so... Some Romance in story.Embarrassed
Please update soon

Yes how can they deny there princess demand

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Originally posted by babita..

Wow, beautyStarStar
Cute demand by RevaBlushingLoved to read it, so that will be after Raghav's memory back ??
She is calling them Mumma papaEmbarrassed

You will come to know in next part
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Originally posted by bawaswift

Wow... Uma... what a teaser...StarClap

In the aura of RaTri this time...EmbarrassedSo... the cutie pie is all with her cute demands... willl be looking forward to how n when,,
Thanks... !

Yes cutie pie with her cute demands
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Originally posted by bloomie

oh such a cute teaser...
cont soon

Thank you
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Originally posted by Desaitara1234

Awesome story ma'am. Loved it soo much. Loved the story soo much thanks for such a beautiful story. Waiting for the next update

Thank you dear
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Originally posted by Desaitara1234

Awesome teaser with awesome demand by reva. Pls update the last part soon

Updating now
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Part 4

Raghav was getting ready to go to office in his room. He was so lost in his thoughts. What had happened between him and trisha last night, he gasped heavily. Unknowingly he blushed. It was first time in his life he is blushing. He couldn't deny the fact that last night was the most beautiful night in his entire life. The love he had hidden for her in all these years had came out. He was hell scared when he saw her fell down into sea. He almost had lost her. He just couldn't control himself by expressing his love to her. Her response too motivated him. He knew they were not married and these was suppose to happen after there marriage. But still it felt so right. He didn't feel guilty. He was sure trisha too felt the same. He opened his bureau and opened a small red colour velvet box. He opened it. A beautiful diamond ring! He had brought that long back for trisha. But he never had the guts to give it to her. He was scared what if she reject him? What if she has seen him only as a colleague and as a good friend? He didn't want to lose her friendship. But now he knows she too loves him. He knows its time now and she deserves a good proposal.

Trisha was too was getting ready in her room. She was smiling shyly remembering what had happened last night. Reva was looking at her mother who was so lost in her own world and smiling to herself. She has never seen her mother like this before.
Reva: mumma
Trisha came back from her dream world when she heard reva calling her.
Trisha: kya hua baby?
Reva: mumma aap ko aaj kya hua? Aap akhele has rahi ho aur bahuth red bhi ho rahi ho.
Trisha flushed. She didn't knew what to answer. She took reva in her arms.
Trisha: chalo baby tume tayar kartha hoon.
Reva: mumma aap bholgaya? Aaj reva ko school nahi hai. Aaj chuti hai. Aur nurse aunty bhi aachukha hai.
Trisha: ha jantha hoon baby. Par tume ready hona hoga.
Reva: kyun mumma? Hum kahi jarahi hai kya?
Trisha: baby mumma ko tume kuch batana hai.

Cbi office

Trisha entered her cabin with her handbag and a big file in her hands. She had taken her diary, marriage certificate, photos, reva's birth certificate and her childhood photos. Today she decided to reveal truth about there past to raghav. She was hell nervous. How will he react after hearing everything? She was worried for his health also. But she have to reveal truth to raghav. She can't bare this separation anymore and reva too needs him. She prayed god to help her to give the strength to reveal truth to raghav.

As usual raghav had came late to office. After greeting bikram and rajbir he went towards trisha's cabin. He was nervous. He himself didn't know why. He had many times teased her by asking to come for a drive with him. Though he always wished to take her for a drive he knew what her answer would be. She will roll her eyes and angrily warns him by calling raghav. But this time the purpose of his invitation is different. He wanted to propose her for marriage.

Trisha smiled seeing him. He too smiled.
Raghav: good morning trisha
Trisha: good morning
Both together: muhey tumse kuch zaroori baath karna hai.
They both realised that had spoke together the same thing they smiled.
Trisha: acha tum batao kya kehena hai?
Raghav: nahi tum batao. Kehathey hai na ladies first
Trisha: raghav muhey tumse kuch zaroori baath karni hai par yahan nahi kai aur chalthe hai.
Raghav: muhey bhi tumse zaroori baath karna hai. Actually mein tume aaj ek long drive ke liye invite karne aaya hai. Toh ek kaam kyun nahi karthi jo tume batana hai tab batao
Trisha: par raghav
Before she could complete her phone rang. It was chief's call. So she attended. Chief had asked her to meet him immediately. After cutting the call
trisha: chief muhey abhi milna chatha hai. Kuch zaroori kaam aagaya. Mein jake unhe milke aati hoon raghav. Mein tume aakar baath karlethi hoon. Sorry.
She went out of the cabin. Raghav shook his head disappointedly. He had curse the person who invented phones. It just spoiled there beautiful moment. He was about to leave her cabin that's when he noticed a file kept underneath her table which had a label ' to raghav'. He became curious. What could be in that file? She had kept it separately. He went and took the file in his hands.

After sometime

After meeting dilip chauhan trisha came back to cbi head quarters. When she entered her cabin she was shocked to see raghav sitting in floor. She went towards him and touched his shoulders.
Trisha: raghav kya hua? Are you ok?
Raghav came out from his stupor when she shook his shoulders forcefully. He looked at her angrily. Trisha was stunt by the anger in his face. That's when she noticed her diary, there photos, reva's photos everything was shattered on the floor in front of him. She understood he had gone through all these. She closed her eyes.
Trisha: raghav mein tume yehi batane wali thi.
Raghav pinched her to the wall forcefully. Trisha has never seen him this angry.
Raghav: pichli teen saal kaafi nahi thi?
He was literally shouting.
Trisha: raghav please relax. Itna gussa hona tumare tabiyer ke liye theek nahi.
Raghav: itna kuch hone ke baad tum muhey batarahi ho gussa math karo
Trisha: raghav i know muhey sachayi tumse nahi chupana chahiye tha. Par mein karo tho kya karoon raghav? Tumari yaadhash ja chukhi thi. Aur tume koi bhi emotional stress hona se doctor saaf mana kar diya tha?
Raghav: aur tume lagtha hai yeh sab bol kar mein tume apni beti se itne saal dhoor rekhne ke liye maaf kardhongi?
Trisha didn't have words. She know his anger is justified. She had tears in her eyes.
Raghav: you know what trisha acha yeh hoga tum muhese dhoor rahe toh
Trisha was literally shocked.
Trisha: raghav please i am sorry.
He left her from his arms and got up. That's when he noticed rajbir and bikram standing at the door of the cabin with shocked face. They both have came towards trisha's cabin hearing raghav's shouting. But what they had heard had made them literally shocked. Trisha and raghav had been secretly married for 4 years ago and they have a daughter. That was too much for them to digest. Raghav went out of the cabin without talking to anyone. Trisha was still sitting in floor and crying. After when they came out from there initial shock they moved towards trisha. Rajbir forcefully held trisha made her got up from floor. He made her sit on her chair. Bikram got a glass of water for her and forcefully made her to drink it. She felt a bit relaxed after that. She wiped her tears. She looked at rajbir's and bikram's worried face. She knew there is no point in hiding truth to them.

Raghav walked aimless after coming out from cbi office. He had got the shock of his life. He had accidently married trisha 4 years back in between catching a culprit and they have kept it hidden because of his past and then his accident. He tried to remember hard. But unfortunately he could remember nothing. He had seen reva's photos in trisha's file. He was surprised that the same kid who mesmerised him 2 days back is none other than his daughter. No wonder he felt connected to her. After all she is his daughter. He had gone to a kids shop and got her few picture puzzles, drawing books and comics for her.

Trisha's residence

Trisha's home nurse was surprised to see raghav. She had seen his photographs. During trisha's pregnancy she had always seen trisha talking with his photos. Though trisha never openly spoke up she knew about his memory loss. Seeing him at the house she understood raghav had learned the truth. She asked him to come inside. Raghav was scanning for reva and the lady understood that. He showed him towards the balcony. Reva was sitting in the balcony and colouring a picture in her painting book. He moved towards her. He had tears in his eyes.
Reva heard someone's foot steps and turned saw raghav. She immediately got up and ran towards him shouting papa.
Raghav was stunt. He knew trisha had revealed truth to reva today. Otherwise she would have recognised him last time when he met her in her nursery school. Raghav kneel down and kissed on her cheeks and forehead. Reva saw his tears. She wiped his tears and kissed on his cheeks. Raghav hugged her. She too put her small hands around his neck. After sometime he lifted her in his arms.
Reva: papa
Raghav: ha baby!
Reva: uss din ke taraf aap ko aaj bhi jana hoga? Mumma ne bataya tha aap kuch samay peheley kaam ke liye dhoor chali gayi thi na? Aur do din pehele aap humare pass wapas aaya tha par kuch zaroori kaam ki wajeh se wapas jana pada.
Raghav was stunt. He understood trisha had told reva that her father was working abroad after learning about there meeting in nursery she cooked up some silly excuses. Reva will not understand about his memory loss, after all she is too small. Trisha didn't want reva to look at raghav as someone who left her and her mother.
[[[ before leaving to cbi office in the morning trisha had shown reva there marriage photos. Trisha didn't want reva to be clueless when she meets her father for first time. Reva had recognised raghav and told about her meeting with him in school 2 days back. So trisha gave excuses to reva as trisha didn't want reva to misunderstand raghav.]]]
Raghav: nahi baby aapko chodke papa aaj ke baad kahi nahi jaongi.
Reva smiled happily and kissed him.
Raghav: baby aapko pizza khana hai?
Reva nodded her head in a yes.
Raghav: toh dominos chale?
She nodded in an yes.
He informed the home nurse that he is taking reva for outing and will return only in evening. He also asked her to inform trisha about this.

Raghav had taken reva to dominos and got her favourite cheese pizza and after that he had taken her for an animated movie. He know she likes all these. It had became evening by that time. He had taken her to a children's park and reva enjoyed playing there. Though raghav felt happy and contented by spending time with his daughter he felt guilty for his behaviour towards trisha. He had became so shocked and emotional after learning truth and he shouted at trisha in the rage of that moment. Poor trisha! He knew she had suffered a lot in all these years. Its not easy to raise a kid all alone. He had seen his dad's struggle after his mother died to raise him. Trisha didn't even had her family or friends to support her. She was all alone. He read in her diary how she craved for his care and affection when she was pregnant. Pregnancy is the most beautiful period in a women's life where she had to be showered with love and are from her husband. But here trisha was going through severe trauma because of his missing.
When he met reva for the first time he had admired her mother for the excellent upbringing she had given to reva. Trisha had done an excellent job in up bringing reva all alone.
Raghav could now understand trisha's indifferent behaviour towards him at times. He was so close to her but yet she couldn't reveal truth to him and stay far him. Its not easy for anyone. She is gem of a women. She deserves entire happiness of this world. He have to apologise to her for always knowingly or unknowingly hurting her.
Raghav realised it had became really dark. He called rajbir and he informed him that trisha had left to home early in the evening itself. Raghav decided to reveal to her that he always loved her. Only her!

Trisha had an emotionally hectic day. Before she could reveal truth to raghav he learned about it himself. She won't blame raghav for his behaviour. He reacted like how a normal man would do in that situation. But when he asked her to stay away it had hurt her deeply. She knew he had said that out of anger. He wouldn't mean it. She knows him too well. She also know he had got the shock of his life and he needs some time. Its better that she give him the space he needed.
Rajbir and bikram too was hurt after learning truth. Though they didn't tell her she could understand from there faces that they were hurt that they couldn't help trisha when she needed them the most.
She knew that reva had gone out with raghav. She felt a bit revealed. All these years she was guilty for hiding truth from them. She had not eaten anything from last night and she didn't feel like eating also. She went home in the evening as she had severe headache. She wanted to sleep forgetting everything. So she took a sleeping pill and unknowingly slept off in the front room sofa.

Trisha's home nurse had given the spare key which she had to raghav and she too left to her home when they had gone out in noon. He was surprised to find that trisha had not locked the front door instead she had just closed it.
Both raghav and reva was surprised to see darkness in the entire house. Raghav switched on the lights. They saw trisha   lying down in the sofa. She was still in her formals. Reva ran towards her from her fathers arms. She shook trisha and tried waking her up. Raghav saw the sleeping pill tablet in the
near by table. He understood she taken medication to sleep. He felt more guilty. He blamed himself for her stress.
Reva: papa mumma ud nahi rahi hai
Raghav understood reva has become worried seeing trisha like this.
Raghav: baby! Aap ki mumma bahuth takh gayi hogi. Office mein bahuth zyaada kaam kiya hain na. Issliye
Reva: mumma hamesha reva ko story sunakar aur kiss kiye bina sooungi nahi.
Reva was in the verge of crying. He kissed her and consoled her.
Raghav: baby! Mumma bahuth thak gayi aaj. Issliye soo gayi. Roa math papa ki reva good girl hai na. Agar mumma ko patha chalega unhe bura lagega.
Reva nodded her head in agreement.
Raghav took trisha in his arms to the bedroom. Reva looked wondered seeing how strong is her father carrying her mumma in his arms. He made trisha lied on the bed and covered her with bed sheet.
He also made reva to change her dress and made her go to sleep. After reva slept off he made her lie down near to trisha and next to reva he too slept off.

Next day - morning

Trisha had woke up like usual in the morning. She is an early riser. She was surprised to see herself in the bedroom. She saw reva sleeping in between her and raghav. She felt like her dream had became true. She kissed on reva's forehead. She was about to do the same to raghav. But she remember him saying her to stay away. So she withdraw herself. She freshened up and went to kitchen. She prepared breakfast and kept arranged on the table. She still didn't feel like having anything. So she went and got ready. Since its a Sunday reva didn't have to go to school. But still trisha kept out a pair of her dress and needed accessories. She also kept a pair of raghav's dress along with reva's dress. Trisha had taken few of raghav's dresses along with her while shifting from his home during her pregnancy. She used to console her heart with his dress when ever she craved for him.

Cbi office

Trisha saw rajbir and bikram waiting for her to come in her cabin. She greeted them. They both together handed over a box to her.
Trisha: bikram, rajbir yeh kya hai?
Rajbir: tumare liye kharidliya. Actually kuch saal pehele dena chahiye tha. Meri maa kehathi hai jab ek ladki apni pregnancy poori karthe waqth unkeliye godh barayii ka function rakhna chahiya. Baby ki well being aur blessings ke liye.
Trisha was stunt.
Bikram: jantha hoon bahuth dher hoga par humne socha dher se toh sahi kuch lekey aana chahiya. Bahuth muskhil se yeh gift kharidliya tumare liye. Hope you will like it.
She opened the box. It was beautiful silver necklace
Trisha: bahuth pretty hai. Rajbir, bikram mein tum logo kabhi bhi hurt karna nahi chathi thi. But i know tum log bahuth hurt hua hai and i am really sorry.
Rajbir: tum kyun sorry mang rahi ho trisha? Galthi humse hua hoga. Issliye tum hume tumari mushkil waqath humse share nahi ki.
Trisha: aisa nahi hai rajbir. Mein kisko parishan karna nahi chathi.
Bikram: trisha hum hamesha tume apni parivaar ka hisse samcha. Main jantha hoon tum bahar dikhathe nahi ho par tum hum sabka bahuth care karthi hoon. Apni parivaar ki tarah. So jab tumari mushkil khadi aayi hum kaise tum support na karo? Tum kaise humari parishani hoga?
Trisha was touched by the care they had for her.
Trisha: aage se eisa kabhi nahi hoga. Jab bhi mein arishan hoon mein pehele tum logo ko batadhoongi.
They smiled. They always enjoyed raghav and trisha's rifts. It was fun to watch like a tom and jerry show. But after a period of time they do had started having a strong doubt whether they both like each other? But they behaved so professionally which makes them confused. Seeing trisha's condtion after raghav's missing there doubt had became strong. Her sudden disappearance made them even more forced to think something is there between them. But now they know the truth. She had left the team in between only because of her pregnancy. And when she returned raghav too came back but had memory loss which made her forced to behave professional in front of him.   

Raghav woke up only to find trisha missing from the bed. He also saw a pair of dress for him and reva near the dressing table. He went out of the room and tried to find trisha. But she is no were. He saw she had prepared breakfast for them. He also saw a note on the dining table.
" aap dono breakfast kar lena. Mein office ja rahi hoon. Agar tum logo ko bahar jana hai toh mein tumare liye aur reva ke liye ek pair dress nikhal kar rakh diya
Raghav felt frustrated. He knew trisha is purposefully staying away from him. Because he had asked her to do so yesterday. He didn't even get a chance to apologise to her.
Reva felt sad when she learned that her mumma had gone to office. Every day starts with a kiss from her mumma and she loved to irritate her mumma in mornings.
Raghav understood that reva is missing trisha. Frankly even he is missing her. And also yesterday when rajbir had called they have expressed there wish to meet reva.
Raghav: baby papa tume jald tayar kar longi. Hum mumma ko uski office jake milange.
Reva smiled and agreed. He made her brush her teeth and made her bath. He got her ready in the dress which trisha had kept for her.
Reva: papa meri hair. Pony bana dho na.
Raghav was stunt. He absolutely had no idea how to tie girls hair. But still he didn't want to say a no to his princess. He tried his level best to tie her hair. Reva understood that her papa doesn't know how to tie a pony.
Reva: papa aap chodiye. Aap se nahi hoga.
Raghav: mein har roz pony banaker nahi jatha tumari mumma ki tarah. Ab kya kare? Ladkiyo ke baal itne complicated kyun hai.
Reva: papa reva hair loose rakh loongi. Bow rakh loongi.
He was revealed. He combed her hair neatly and kept a bow on her hair.
After feeding her they both left to cbi office.

Cbi office

Rajbir and bikram was pleasantly surprised to see raghav and reva at office. They purposefully didn't asked about them to trisha in the morning. Reva mingled with them easily. They understood she resembled trisha a lot in her looks which made them think her familiar when they saw her for first time. Raghav had left reva with them and went to dilip chauhan's office. He wanted to thank him whole heartedly for his support he had given to trisha when she was pregnant.
He wanted to speak with trisha but not in office.

Trisha was surprised to see reva in her cabin. Reva ran towards her mother and hugged her and kissed her. She was missing her mom so badly. Even trisha too. Reva informed trisha how her papa made her get ready in the morning and how he failed to tie her hair. Trisha smiled. She remembered after there marriage once when she had sprained her wrist raghav had tried to tie her hair and failed miserably. She teased him saying that agent raghav doesn't know to tie hair properly.
Trisha came back from her thoughts when she heard bikram and rajbir's voice. They had got some gifts for reva and was giving it to her. Trisha suddenly felt darkness around her eyes.
Rajbir, bikram and reva was shocked when trisha fainted all of a sudden. Reva started crying when her mumma didn't respond to her. Bikram tried to console her. Rajbir took trisha to the nearby hospital.

Doctor had examined trisha and informed them that trisha had became severely hypoglycaemic and had not eaten anything for more than a day. Doctor was scolding them for not taking care of trisha properly.
Rajbir and bikram tried there level best to pacify reva. But she got extremely scared seeing her mother getting injected with iv drips. On the way to hospital they have called and informed raghav about trisha. Raghav got scared and immediately started to hospital. Raghav with great difficulty consoled reva. After sometime he asked rajbir and bikram to go back.
Trisha was under the effect of sedative. He caressed her head and kissed on her forehead.
Raghav: i am sorry for hurting you trisha. I promise i will give you all the happiness you deserves hereafter.
After her iv drip have finished doctor had discharged trisha. She was still under the effect of sedatives.


Trisha woke up and saw she was in her bedroom. She saw reva sitting next to her. She kissed trisha when she woke up.
Reva: mumma aap theekh to hain na? Mein toh bahuth dar gayi.
Trisha: mein theekh hoon baby.
Reva: mein abhi aati hoon. Aap yahi rahana.
She ran awards. Trisha wondered what's going on? She was about to get up. That's when she saw raghav coming with a food tray.
Raghav: tum kahi nahi jaogey. Yeh tumare liye khana hai. Mein khudh apne haatho se banaya tumare liye tumari favourite sandwich.
He kept the food tray in front of her. She saw in her plate he had written sorry with different kinds of fruit pieces. She smiled seeing it.
Raghav took her hands and caressed it.
Raghav: i know mein tume bahuth hurt kiya. Ek sorry kafi nahi hai. Mein kal itna emotional hogaya aur tum pe chilaya. Aisa nahi karna chahiya tha. I really didn't mean it
Trisha: mein jantha hoon raghav tum uss waqath gusse mein the. Aur woh jayaz bhi hai.
He was revealed.
Raghav: ab jaldi yeh khalo. Pichele ek din se tum kuch bhi nahi khaya. Koi aisa kartha hai kya? Tum poori dhuniya ki khayal rakthi hoon par apney aap ka nahi.
She smiled and started eating it.
Raghav: tum kahan ke baad jake fresh ho jao. Aur yeh pehnkey bahar aajao. Reva ko mein khana khila dethi hoon. Tum fikar math karo.
He went out to feed reva. She was surprised by his gestures. Unknowingly she had tears in her eyes. It was tears of happiness. She had waited for him for so long.

After freshening up she wore the red long gown gifted by raghav. Reva had already slept. She kissed on reva's forehead and went out of there bed room.

Trisha was surprised to see only candle lights in the front room. The floor which she was standing was filled with full of red rose petals. She saw raghav coming towards her.
Trisha: kya hai yeh sab?
He kept his fingers on her lips. She was stunt. He kneel down in front of her. He hold her hands.
Raghav: trisha mein apni zindagi mein sirf ek aurat se pyaar ki! Woh tum ho trisha. I love you! Mein bhale apni zindagi ki kuch pal bhol gayi par tabh bhi mera dil tumare pass aayi. Mein jantha hoon meri wajhe se tume bahuth takleef gusarna pada. Mein woh sab theekh karna chatha hoon. Mein tume sari khusi wapas dena chatha hoon.
Trisha had tears in her eyes.
Trisha: i love you too raghav. Mein janthi thi ek din tum zaroor muhey doobara pyaar karegi. Mein iss din ka intezaar kar rahi thi. Mein tumse sach sirf tumari health ki wajahse nahi chupayi mein tumari zindagi mein tumari pyaar bankar wapas laut aana chathi thi. Tumari responsiblity bankar nahi.
Raghav: trisha let the bygones be bygones. Mein tumare saath apni zindagi doobara shuru karna chathi hoon. Iss liye will you marry me trisha?
Trisha was stunt.
Trisha: hamari shaadi ho chuki hai raghav.
Raghav: mein jantha hoon. Mein yeh bhi jantha hoon woh kaise hua. Mein tumhe poori reethi aur riwas ke shaadi karna chatha hoon. Tumari chehrey pe khushi dekh kar shaadi karna chatha hoon.
Trisha: raghav tum mere saath hain mere liye yeh kafi hai. Humari ek beti bhi hai. Aaur ab tum shaadi kaarne ki baath kar rahi ho?
Raghav saw her blushing.
Raghav: iss mein galath kya hai?
Trisha: tum pagal hogayi hai.
Raghav: so tum muhsey shaadi karne se mana kar rahi ho?
Trisha: raghav humari shaadi ho chuki hai.
Raghav: mrs. Trisha raghav sinha muhey na sun ne ki addat naahi hai. Mein vaada karthi hoon tumse chaubees khande ke andher tum muhsey dhobaara shaadi karne ke liye ha kardhoongi.

So that's it! Next part will be the last part. I hope you guys liked this part. Sorry if i couldn't meet your expectations. Teaser will be in next part.

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Originally posted by Tasha1994

pls update the last part soon eagerly waiting for it dear


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