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Originally posted by bawaswift

Getting clues from the teaser... but still confused over why Raghav will accept them... as Trisha seems astonished...Embarrassed
Well thanks for the teaser to tease us more..LOL
Will wait for the update... !

teasers are meant like that
you have to wait and watch whats going to happen next already wrote half of the update became too long than expected

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Originally posted by bloomie

lovely updateHeartand shocking teaserShocked cont soon

thank you dear
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Part 3

Through out his date with Nirmala, Raghav was thinking about trisha. Her angry face when he mentioned about his dinner date with Nirmala, he was for sure that trisha was jealous. Though he teased her for being jealous he later regretted. He wished he could have cleared about his suspicion about Nirmala's involvement in Anupriya's murder. Even when he was with Nirmala his mind was with trisha. Trisha! She is like element fire! The most purest element among the 5 classic elements. Fire has the power to purify everything. Because of which every auspicious events are witnessed by fire. Trisha too is like fire. She has the power to bring anyone on right pathway. She is so straightforward and honest. Sometimes raghav used to wonder how can someone be so straightforward in this era. He remembered his first meet up with trisha in dilip chauhan's office. He wouldn't deny the fact that he was attracted towards her. After all she is a beauty. Not only her beauty but also her attitude which made him attracted towards her. Though he forgot few years of his life he for sure knew a fact that he had fallen for her. After when he returned back from his accident he learned from his team about trisha's behaviour when he went missing. When the entire world believed that he passed away and even when the evidences were supporting it, trisha was the only person who believed that he is alive and come back one day. He used to chuckle about it when ever he thinks about it. Maybe its her belief which made him come back to life. He many times have asked her about that. She just shut him by saying that she believes in facts and the evidences were not that strong which could proved him dead. He have also heard from his team how trisha went into silence during his missing period. And her sudden disappearance from team for a long time, he had many times thought that she purposefully had stayed away after he went missing, maybe she needed a change in environment after that incidence. All these events which many times made him suspect that she too feels for him like he does for her. She had joined back the team after he came back. He remembered how he got worried when dilip chauhan forbidden trisha to stay back at night and go out of town during the initial period when she came back to delhi after her special training sessions due to her health issues from the training period.
[[[ trisha and dilip chauhan had informed like that to team that trisha has some health issues because of which she is not allowed for much of physical stress. Fact was reva was small and trisha had to singly handle her. ]]]   
He obviously likes to irritate her and tease her. Though she warns him he knew she likes him for sure. She obviously cares for him. After his mom and dad it is trisha who is close to her heart. The moments spent with her is the main usp of his life. Sometimes she makes him feel so special. But at other times she will be too professional. These behaviour of hers makes him confused at times. Is she confused about her feelings for him? He knows she is a composed women but when you are in love your brain stops working. If someone had said this years before he wouldn't have agreed but from his personal experience he knew its a fact. He never thought he will one day become an emotional fool in love. Trisha what had she done to him?

Next day morning - trisha's residence

After finishing the house hold works she had called her mom. When raghav went missing her parents had contacted her hearing the news. They had asked her to return to them forgetting everything. But she denied as she believed that raghav is alive and come back to her one day. Because of these reason she denied informing her pregnancy to her parents. For sure they will take care of her in that situation but she doesn't want to bother them. Already she had hurt them a lot. After delivering reva she understood her parents pov and concern. She was too selfish for not understanding there concern. Ever since that realisation happened she on a daily basis used to call her parents. Initially they refused even to attend her phone but slowly as time went they started attending her calls. Though they never speaks they used to listen to her. That had been a huge relief for trisha. Though she had not revealed about raghav's memory loss she had informed about his comeback and of course about reva. Trisha didn't want them to be worried for her even more. As said time is a biggest healer she was sure one day her parents will wholeheartedly accept her marriage and forgive her.

" reva! Baby udjao!" called a desperate trisha. She had to go to office early. The anupriya murder had created havoc in rj's life and media has started boosting it. They needs to solve this case as soon as possible.    
Reva irritated by her sleep being disturbed stirred her position. Trisha caressed her face and kissed on her forehead. Reva too kissed her mother back and put her hands around her neck and continued her sleep. Trisha smiled at her gestures. Trisha remembered after her marriage when she calls raghav in the morning he too used to do exactly the same thing.
Trisha somehow managed to wake up reva. She was still stumbling because of her incomplete sleep. Trisha managed to make her awake and brushed her teeth. By that time she woke up completely and started her mischievous acts. While making her bath she poured most of water over Trisha. Trisha with great difficulty made her bath. After the bath trisha had almost drenched in water because of reva.
Trisha murmured: dono baap aur beti haar subah yeh soch kar udjatha hai muhey kaise kaise taang karsaktha.
She shook her head in irritation
Trisha after feeding reva made her ready in orange and black skirt and top and tied her hair in high pony. After dropping her in nursery school trisha went to office.

CBI office- conference hall

Every one had gathered in the conference hall to discuss about the developments of anupriya murder case. Raghav as usual was the one to come last. Trisha stared at him angrily. He smiled at her. Trisha shook her head disappointingly.
Trisha: guys! Ek shocking news hai. Anupriya ki post-mortem report aachuka hai. Aur uss report ki hisabh se anupriya ke saath kisi ne zabardasthi karne ki koshish ki.
Everyone was shocked.
Trisha: already rjs strike pe gaya hai. Auur media bhi kafi boost up dereha hai. Jab tak hum yeh case solve nahi karthi yeh baath bahar nahi jana chahiya. Especially media ke pass. Yeh bahuth serious matter hai. Government offices mein ladkiyo ki safety ki baath hai. Ab hum bahuth jald yeh case solve karna hoga.
Trisha turned towards raghav.
Trisha: raghav kya tume kal nirmala ji kuch pata chala iss murder ke bare mein?
He looked at her astonished. He actually wanted to clear about his date with nirmala in the morning itself. But when he came she was already along with rajbir and bikram. So he thought he will clear about it later. He was glad that she understood him without even him revealing.
Raghav: nirmala ke parents nahi hai iss duniya mein usse sirf aur sirf ek chota bhai. Woh bahuth khaas hai nirmala ke liye.
Rajbir: nirmala ke bhai aur anupriya ke murder mein kya relation hai?
Trisha: relation hai. Mein ne kal anupriya ki mobile ke saath saath uss raat ke uss fm station mein kisi kisi ka mobile range hai uss record mangwai cyber cell se. Aur uss report ki hisabh se anupriya ki murder ke waqath nirmala ke bhai nikhil rai ke mobile range mila hai fm station mein.
Bikram: matalab anupriya ko nikhil ne mara?
Raghav: ho saktha hai. Hume iss nikhil ke bare mein kuch zyaada patha karna padega. Mera matlab hai ki woh kya kartha hai uska friends kaun hai kahan kahan jatha hai kaisa hai?
Bikram: mein patha lagathi hoon.
Trisha: saath saath hume nikhil ko yahan interrogation ke liye bulana padega.
Rajbir: ok trisha

Interrogation room

Nikhil rai is a good looking gentleman around his 30s. He is well dressed and behaved casually when he was called for interrogation. Trisha and rajbir was the one who was interrogating nikhil. Raghav and bikram was standing outside and observing the interrogation.
Trisha: toh bataye nikhil aap parso raat fm station kyun gaya? Aap toh travel deport ki business karaha hai. Aur nirmala ji ne khui hume bataya tha woh uss din shyam ko wahan se gaya tha kisi meeting ke liye. Toh aap uss waqath wahan kya kar raha tha?
Nikhil smiled
Nikhil: mein wahan di ke purse lene gaya tha. Woh apni purse office mein bhul gaya tha. Uss mein unki cards aur id the issliye mein wahan gaya tha. Aur mein yeh baath security se kaha bhi tha. Aap log usse pooch saktha hai.
Trisha: woh toh hum pata karleyngey nikhil. Ab toh tum jaa saktha hai. Par agar zarooth pade toh phir se bulalengey. Aur jab tak yeh case solve nahi hota aap yeh shehr chod ke kahi nahi jaa saktha hai.
Nikhil turned towards rajbir and said: i envy you
Rajbir: excuse me!
Nikhil: itni khoobsurat ladki ko boss mila hai.
Trisha was stunt. Whereas rajbir got angry.
Rajbir: yeh cbi office hai aur hum cbi officers hai. Tumara dost nahi kuch bhi boli jaraha hai.

Trisha and rajbir came out from interrogation room.
Raghav: woh zaroor chuth bol raha hai. Koi bhi issan sirf ek purse lene keliye itni waqath nahi lageyga.
Trisha: i know. Par yeh koi strong sabhuth nahi hai raghav. Uss hisab se hum une arrest nahi karsaktha.
Raghav: boss lagtha hai woh tum par fida hogayi. Kyun nahi aap uske kareeb jakar sach ugaley?
Trisha( angirly): raghav! Mein tum jaisi nahi hai ho. Case solve karne ke liye kisi ke saath bhi flirt karo.
Bikram and rajbir smiled seeing there usual tiffs.
Raghav: trisha ek baar mere saath interrogation room pe chalo.
Trisha: kyun?
Raghav: har baar counter question karna zaroori hai kya? Chaliye?
Trisha shook her head and went with raghav. She knew something is going inside his mind.
Trisha and raghav was standing in the interrogation room. Trisha couldn't understand what is going inside his mind?
Trisha was shocked when raghav suddenly pulled her into his arms forcefully.
Trisha: kya kar rahi ho raghav? Leave me.
She struggled but he was strong she for a hold caught on the table near by.
Raghav left her. Trisha was too shocked to react. Rajbir and bikram came inside. Bikram gave her water.
Rajbir: are you ok trisha?
She nodded her head saying that she is fine.
Bikram: what was that raghav?
Raghav: hamari interrogation room ki tarah hai anupriya ki cabin. Bus dekhna chathi thi jab kisi ne uss pe attack kar li woh kaise react kar gaya hoga? Zaroor woh bhi trisha ki tarah hold support ke liye table pe haath rakh liya hoga.
Rajbir: aur yeh tum itni yakeen ke saath kaise keha saktha hai?
Raghav: hume uski mobile phone aur handbag neeche girey hua mila. Woh zaroor struggle ke waqath gira hoga. Woh toh hume uski postion se patha chaltha hai. Dekho yeh crime scene ka photo hai aur iss mein anupriya ke bag aur mobile table se bahuth dhoor gira hua. Yeh sirf struggle mein hogya hoga. Agar haath se gira toh itni dhoor nahi girthi.
Trisha: bikram anupriya ki bag aur mobile phone check karna. Especially uski phone. Hume kuch toh milanega.
Rajbir and bikram went to get anupriya's stuffs.
Raghav: i am sorry trisha. And thanks madad karne ke liye.
Trisha: sorry aur thanks ek saath? Anyways its ok!
Rajbir and bikram came inside.
Bikram: trisha raghav tum logo ki sharkh sahi tha. Yeh recording toh suno.

Nirmala rai and Nikhil rai was called once again into cbi office.
Nirmala: aap log hume yahan kyun bulaya? Haad hothi hai iss cbi walo se. Muhey apni lawyer se milna hai.
Trisha: nirmala ji yeh apki fm station nahi hai jab aap hukuum dhongi saab uss hisabh se hoga. Hamari paas sabuth hai apki bhai ne anupriya ke saath zabardasthi karne ki kosish ki aur uss dhuaran unhe mar diya.
Nikhil: kya sabuth hai aap ke pass? Kuch bhi bakwas kehrahi ho.
Trisha: acha! Yeh anupriya ki mobile hai jisse struggle ki waqath uski table se gira ho aur accidently uss mein audio recording hogayi. Sunlijiye!
Trisha played the recording. Nikhil and nirmala knew there is no other go rather than accepting there crime.
Nikhil: ha mein unhe mara. Janbhooj ke nahi. Jab se usse dekhi tabse unhe pane ki kosish ki. Bataya tha unhe seedhe seedhe par woh toh pavitratha ki moorthi nikhli. Thapad mara muhey. Uski badla lena chathi thi. Jab woh night shift mein aayi mein woh mauqa use karne ki koshish ki par woh struggle karli aur accidently apna sar diwar pe thakaraya aur woh margayi. Iss mein meri kya galthi hai?
Raghav slapped on his face hardly.
Raghav: dikhne mein kitni gentleman ho. Par ek aurat ko isadh karna nahi janthi. Ek aurat ki na na hi hota. Uske saath zabardhasthi karna mardagani nahi hoti.
Trisha: aur nirmala ji aapko yeh bath uss raath mein hi janti thi na? Phir bhi aap chup rahi? Aapko nahi pata ek crime ke bare mein janthe huae woh chupana ek jhurum hai?
Nirmala: aur kya kartha mein muhey sirf nikhil hai iss duiya mein unhe mein khona nahi chathi.
Trisha: uski galthi ko chipakar? Aap log ko patha bhi hai anupriya ek parivaar ke sole breadwinner tha. Uss ladki ko markar uss parivaar ko rasthe mein leaayi. Aur aap ko toh apni bhai ke pyaar uski galathi chipakar nahi balki unhe police mein uss raath mein surrender karvake sabith karna chahiye tha. Shame on you Ms.Nirmala Rai! Aapko aur aapki bhai ko hum anupriya ke khathil mein arrest kar rahi ho.

Trisha: so finally case is solved.
Raghav: so ek pizza party rakthey hai office mein aaj lunch pe.
Trisha: ha party toh banthi hai paar aaj nahi kyunki muhey aur bikram ko aaj anupriya case ki court proceedings ke liye jana hoga. Case fastrack court mein hai na. So party kal hoga.

Trisha and bikram had gone for the further proceedings of anupriya murder case. Raghav and rajbir came back to office after having lunch. Raghav was playing with his rubic cube. He heard rajbir trying to pacify someone in phone.
Raghav: kaun tha? Kisse pacify kar rahi ho?
Rajbir: kya kahun raghav. Meri ek checheri behan hai. Woh delhi aaya hai. Apni b.ed ki internship ke liye. Ek nursery school mein filal kaam kar rahi hai. Bahuth zor se muhey gaali de rahi hai. Tne din hua woh yaha aayi par mein abhi takh unhe jake mile nahi. Ab iss ladkiyo ko kaise samjho hamari kaam ke bare mein? Ab toh muhey unhe jake milna hoga. Nahi toh woh zaroor muhey phone pe mardalengi. Tum bhi aao meri saath kash tume dekhne ke baath woh muhey utne gaali nahi dehengey. Aur tume toh bache bahuth pasandh hai na.
Raghav smiled and agreed.

Nursery school

Raghav had left rajbir and his sister alone as he felt the brother sister duo will be wanting to spent some time alone. After all they are meeting after a long time.
Since it was post lunch time most of the kids were sleeping. Raghav was just observing the entire nursery school and that's when he spotted a cute little girl playing a picture puzzle. She should be hardly 3years of age. Kids of this age playing picture puzzle is unusual. He went towards her. She looks so pretty like a princess in her orange and black short skirt and top. With her hair in high pony she looked even more cute. Raghav didn't knew why he felt like she is familiar to him. He usually likes kids a lot. But this kid him feel like his own. He kneel down and sat near her.
Raghav: arey wah baby aap toh bahuth achi tarah se yeh icture puzzle solve kar rahi ho. Aap toh sach mein bahuth intelligent ho.
Reva looked at raghav and smiled wholeheartedly. Raghav was lost in her smile. So innocent!
Reva: thank you!
Her voice too was sweet.
Raghav: aap ka naam kya hai princess?
Reva: reva!
Raghav: bahuth acha naam hai. Reva matalab star! So aap ek star ho. Sne bhi aapko yeh naam diya bahuth sahi diya. Toh aapko picture puzzles kehlna pasandh hai. Aur kya kya pasandh hai aapko?
Reva: mama ko thang karna
Raghav just couldn't stop smiling. He too used to do the same when he was small. He too loved playing pictures puzzles and more than that irritating his mom. After she passed away it was only trisha whom he loves to irritate.
Raghav: kya mein aapko apne gale laga saktha hoon?
Reva nodded in agreement. He hold her in his arms. Unknowingly his heart started beating so fast. He wondered why he is becoming anxious? Its only trisha whose proximity makes his heart beats so fast. But this kid...
Reva noticed his heart is beating fast. She kept her hand on his chest.
Reva: aap ka dil itna theez kyun ho rahi ho?
She looked at him innocently. He kissed on her forehead and put her on his lap.
Raghav: baby yeh batao aapko aur kya kya pasandh hai?
Reva: ji reva ko pizza khana bahuth pasandh hai. Aur comic cartoons or comic story bhi pasandh hai. Mama hamesha mere liye comic books leke aatha hai aur muhey woh padkar deta hai.
Raghav: aap toh khubahu meri tarah ho.
Reva: aap ko bhi yeh sab pasandh hai?
He nodded his head in yes. She smiled. He put her close to his chest and caressed her hair.
Raghav: baby aapko chocolate chahiye?
Reva: mama kehthi hai kisse se bhi kuch math lekey nahi kahana chahiye.
Though he got upset for a fraction of second he was amazed. He admired her mom who is extremely sensible and caring about her daughter. And also her upbringing was that excellent that reva is obedient and respect her mother's words. Whoever may be her mother is an amazing women for giving such an excellent up bringing to this kid.
Raghav: aap ki maa bilkul sahi keharahi thi.
Reva: aap sad hogayi hai kya?
Raghav: no baby! Mein bilkul sad nahi hoon.
He smiled at her and she was revealed that she didn't hurt him. Rajbir came at that time. He was saw raghav and a cute baby in his arms.
Rajbir: arey raghav! Yeh toh bahuth pyaari bachi hai. Par tume toh nahi lagtha iss bacchi ko dekh kar yeh bahuth familiar hai?
Raghav: ha rajbir muhey bhi waisa hi laga. Aur tum iski taste toh suno.
Raghav explained about reva's likings which actually resembled to raghav.
Rajbir: itni zyaada similarities. Kai aisa toh nahi hai ki yeh tumari beti ho?
Raghav was stunt. He unknowingly felt happy when someone mentioned reva as his daughter. But how can that be possible? How can he be that lucky?
Rajbir: relax raghav i was just joking. Bahuth waqath hogaya aur ab hume jana chahiye.
Raghav didn't have the mind to leave reva. But he has to leave. He kissed on her forehead before saying a goodbye to her. Much to his surprise reva too kissed on his cheeks while saying a good bye.

Evening cbi office

Bikram had came back after the court proceedings. Trisha had gone back to her home directly from court after all the formalities. After all they had a tiring day. Rajbir too was about to leave that's when bikram and rajbir noticed raghav is lost somewhere.
Raghav was thinking about reva. It was first time in his life a kid influencing him this much.
Bikram: kya hua raghav? Kaha kho gayi ho tum?
Raghav came out from his thoughts.
Raghav: kuch nahi bikram i am ok..
Rajbir: muhey pata hai tum zaroor uss bacchi ke bare mein soch rahi hongi.
Bikram: kiss bacchi ki bare mein?
Rajbir explained bikram about reva. He also showed reva's picture which raghav had taken in his phone.
Bikram: guys muhey bhi yeh bacchi bahuth jane pehchane se lag rahi hai. Kaun ho saktha hai yeh bacchi?
Raghav: aur upar se meri aur reva ki itni similarities
Rajbir: oh come on raghav tum kuch zyaad sochrahi ho. Do logo ko taste similar ho saktha hai. Itni badi baath nahi hai. Muhey toh lagtha hai tume jald se jald shaadi karna chahiye aur jab tumari apni beti aajayega sab kuch theekh hoga.
Raghav smiled. When rajbir mentioned him about marriage trisha's face came into his mind. It had so long that he had fallen for her. He don't remember few years in his life. But for sure he knew he is in love with trisha. Maybe he did in the period when he went before missing. As rajbir mentioned he felt its time for him to reveal his true love for her. He was scared for a long time what if she reject him? What if he lose her friendship too? But now he know there is no point in hiding he had to confess his feelings for her. He already wasted so much time. As said better late than never he had to confess his love for trisha.

Next day evening

Trisha was getting ready as she had to attend a party held on behalf of dilip chauhan's award winning celebration. He had received award for his excellent service for past 25 years. Trisha knew he completely deserved this award. He is not only an excellent cbi officer but also a lovely human being who understands his juniors so well. The support he had given during her pregnancy no else would have done that in his position. He has became a father figure to her by now. She never was a party girl. But she attend this one. After all it was Dilip sir's function. She had called the lady who was her home nurse during her pregnancy period. That lady was never sent back from her job though she don't stay with trisha after her delivery. Ever since trisha resumed bback her job this lady had taken care of reva when she goes to office. Initially trisha never did any night duties as reva was too small. But after she grew a bit she started working late night if it was an emergency. This lady's house is nearby trisha's residence. So if trisha had to stay back late at night or go out of town unexpectedly she will call this lady and she will be with reva. This lady was a middle aged women who knew trisha's circumstances. But she never openly asked trisha about it. This quality of hers actually touched trisha. When someone understands you without your explanations and behaves with you so wisely without bothering you its a big relief.

Trisha had worn a dark red plain net saree along with a short sleeve red colour floral printed backless blouse. She had left her hair loose and worn a simple red long earrings with light make up. She looked simple but elegant and gorgeous.
Reva was admiring her mother. Its a rare sight for her to see her mom in saree. She climbed over the bed top and clinked over trisha and kissed on her cheeks.
Reva: mama aap to princess lagrahi ho
Trisha kissed on reva's cheeks
Trisha: princess toh aap hai. Main toh sirf ek princess ki maa hoon.

Party was on full sing. Trisha entered the party hall. Everyone was noticing her. She was looking stunning and being an introvert person she is she was not comfortable by the gaze from the people. Raghav who was having orange juice became stunt seeing her in saree. She looked so gorgeous. He just couldn't stop admiring her.
Trisha congratulated dilip sir and wished him. She also spoke with his family. After that she met rajbir, bikram and raghav and greeted them. She could feel his gaze on her. She felt so shy and unknowingly she was blushing. Raghav noticed this and he smiled.
Trisha moved to have a glass of juice. That's when a man started with her. Trisha politely tried to avoid him. But he was sticking on her.
Man: do you mind having a dance with me?
Trisha was stunt.
Trisha: no thanks! I am not comfortable with dancing.
Man: oh please pretty lady.
That's what when she felt a strong hold of arms around her waist. It was raghav. He surrounded his arms around her waist and pulled her towards his chest.
Raghav: yeh meri patni hai aur meri bacchi ki maa bhi.
Trisha looked at astonishingly.
Raghav: so if you don't mind can i take my wife with me?
Raghav didn't even wait for his response. He pulled trisha along with him.
Trisha was still shocked. Raghav understood her emotions.
Raghav: i am sorry trisha. Muhey aisa bolna nahi chahiye tha. Par woh aadmi tume parishan kar rahi thi.
Trisha had lost it at that moment. She almost felt like raghav had came back to her. But all her hope had broken as he only wanted to protect her bad eyes. She knew it was not his fault. It was fate. But still she couldn't take it. She left his arms from his waist and excused herself.

Raghav was stunt by her reaction. He knew he had embarrassed her declaring as his wife and mother to his kid but he only wanted to save her from that man who was sticking to her like a leech. He felt so angry seeing someone around her. He had said what he had desired in his heart for a long time. He had assured that he will confess his feelings for her and now its time.

Trisha was standing out side the resort away from party hall. The function was held in a sea resort and away from hall there was open bridges where they could stand and enjoy the sea. It was going to rain as it was cloudy. Trisha called home to check on reva. Reva had already gone to bed. The recent incident had shaken her. When raghav revealed truth unknowingly she had hopes but then again it was broken. She had tears on her eyes. She was startled when someone touched her shoulders. She was revealed it was raghav. He saw her tears.
Raghav: tum ro kyun rahi thi?
Trisha: raghav please leave me alone
Raghav: nahi is it because of my behaviour?
Trisha: raghav mein ek independent ladki hoon. Muhey aapne apko protect karna aata hai. Please leave me alone.
Raghav hold her hands
Raghav: muhey tumse kuch baat karna hai.
Trisha: raghav aaj nahi. Leave my hand.
She forcefully freed her hands. With the force she tried to leave his hands she accidently moved back without remembering she is standing on a bridge and she slipped down to sea. Raghav was startled to see trisha falling to sea. Without a second thought he jumped into sea. He caught her from the sea and put her down in the shore.
Raghav: trisha are you ok?
Trisha ( tiredly); muchey swimming aata hai raghav. Tum kyoun khudhi pani mein.
Raghav: that's enough trisha tume pata hai jab tume apni aankho se samundher mein girthey huae dekha toh meri jaan nikhal gayi. Tume pata bhi hai tum mere liye kya hai? Meri zindagi ho tum
By that time it has started raining heavily. He looked at her face. With rain droplets on her face she looked ethereal. He caressed her face.
Raghav: meri har din tumse shuru hota hai. Aur tumse khatham hota. Tum meri har saas ho har dhadkhan ho. Tum meri sab kuch ho. Mein marjaoungi tumarey bina.
He kissed on her lips. Trisha was feeling his touch after long years. She was hearing what she wanted to hear from past 3 years. She too responded to his kiss with equal passion. Her move had motivated him. All the love, passion he had for her for all this years came out. Trisha too melted in him as she had waiting for him for a long time. That beautiful night witnessed the reunion of a beautiful couple in all means.

Pre cap: raghav knows about his past

I hope i had cleared all the doubts few people had in last update. I purposefully didn't mentiion about trisha's family in last update as i wanted it to be this way. Because most of the time e understand our parents only after we became parents. Trisha was so deeply in love with raghav that she had to hurt her parents for him. Once realisation struck she regretted and tried to rectify. As i said it takes time for her parents to heal. They are correct from there pov and trisha has completely not revealed truth because she never wanted to bother them and The independent women she is. Also her duty times after joining back trisha and dilip sir knew the team will suspect when trisha doesn't stay ack long time in night so they came up with her health issues. Since dilip sir involved no one troubled trisha as they knew dilip sir's nature and trisha's passion. Hope i cleared every thing. I wanted to add this in this part. Hope i did justice.

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braveheartdoc IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 17 March 2016
Posts: 19610

Posted: 03 May 2016 at 11:57am | IP Logged
Lovely update dear. According to me, this is the best part till now.
Loved the flow of the story right from the word go.
Raghav realising his feelings for her inspite of his memory loss, the solving of the case was very well written.
The meeting between daughter and father was really sweet.
The emotions of both of them when they know what they mean to each other and still not confess, well presented by you.
In the end the confession scene was awesome.

Surely u have cleared all my doubts from the previous update. Thanks a lot for this fantabulous update.

Love you dear.

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1973deepak Senior Member

Joined: 11 February 2016
Posts: 769

Posted: 03 May 2016 at 12:20pm | IP Logged
Such a wonderful update. I love the starting where you compare Trisha with the strong  and powerful fire. Raghav thinking about Trisha is obvious. Trisha understands Raghav and knew that he will go to date with someother lady only due to purpose of case only. 
The Interrogation scene was nice. The flow of the story was nice. How they solve the case and collect the clues and hints. 
Loved the part where Raghav meets Reva. There are lots of similarities between both of them. I love to see Raghav with kids but this girl was special.  Raghav was lost in the thoughts of Reva. Rajbir teasing him saying - "kahi yeh tumhari beti to nahi". Raghav told about Reva to everyone and everyone said that something close feling is there with that child. 
Raghav said that Trisha is her wife and mother of his child. Trisha was so glad that her Raghav was back but when she came to know that it was an act, all her hopes were lost. 
The bridge seen was nice. When Trisha falls Raghav quickly jump into the sea to save her life, that is what you called LOVE!. Then the RaTri confession such a lovely both were drenched and then the rain, make the atmosphere more romantic and then both of them express there feelings which they were hiding from past few years by the lovely kiss. 
Now Trisha will be able to tell the story of his past. I think the last part will be full of emotions and lastly happy ending. Embarrassed
Please update last part soon. Eagerly waiting for the last update. 

Edited by 1973deepak - 03 May 2016 at 12:22pm

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nymphadora12 Groupbie

Joined: 07 December 2015
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Posted: 03 May 2016 at 12:24pm | IP Logged
Can't describe how wonderful this part is. 
Special mention to raghav and reva meeting. My favourite scene. What makes it even more special is the way you wrote it. Raghav finding resemblance in looks with someone and matching his own habits with hers. Wanting her to be his kid, so cute. 
I agree the parents did react how any parent would. Its good she came in terms with them realizing that time heals everything. All my doubts are clear. 
The end was so beautiful and emotional all together. She has been torn apart so much that a slight mention of him about coming to know everything gets her hopes high but then he played along to shoo off a guy. Loved how you showed how heartbroken she might be. 
But raghav realizing he can't wait anymore to declare his love for her. And the confession was lovely. 
Excited for the next part, where he learns about his missing years. 
Please update soon. 

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Tasha1994 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 06 July 2013
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Posted: 04 May 2016 at 2:24am | IP Logged
thanks for the update Uma. off to read it .will come back soon with a review may be till evening

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Az07 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 25 September 2013
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Posted: 04 May 2016 at 7:39am | IP Logged
Originally posted by braveheartdoc

Lovely update dear. According to me, this is the best part till now.
Loved the flow of the story right from the word go.
Raghav realising his feelings for her inspite of his memory loss, the solving of the case was very well written.
The meeting between daughter and father was really sweet.
The emotions of both of them when they know what they mean to each other and still not confess, well presented by you.
In the end the confession scene was awesome.

Surely u have cleared all my doubts from the previous update. Thanks a lot for this fantabulous update.

Love you dear.

Thank you
I am glad that you liked the flow of the story
I truly believe that love is pure and that's why even when Raghav forgot his past he ended up loving Trisha
Raghav Reva meeting was so tough for me to write somehow as I know everyone will be looking forward for it
Thank you I am glad you liked the update

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