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Originally posted by babita..

That was part 1, now part 2 !

So many things got cleared in this update. Read and got emotional for what happened to Trisha, even Raghav is not left hurt. 
It's a huge compliment that I could make you feel the emotions 

Loved Raghav's worried for Trisha and in turn Trisha getting angry over why he thinks a woman can't face the dangerous situation. The case was not an easy one -- a goon had to be find out and no idea what he can lead to hurt them. So, it was an obvious worry, but on the other hand even Trisha was right .Loved to see Raghav manao her in his own style. Wink
Raghav is always worried for Trisha's safety though he never makes it so obvious the situation is complicated and his worry is right and at the same time Trisha too is right and only Raghav can pacify an angry Trisha 

The case lead to a tough and an awkward situation for both of them. The had to marry in the circumstances that were lead by the case. 
It was never planned by both it just happened and they were helpless 
The marriage was natural and real for Trisha, but as Raghav never wanted to throw a relation on her, he relieved her from this marriage. A jolt for Trisha. A right slap at that time. But never listened to him what he wanted to say. 
It was a betrayal for her, but i do want to know Raghav's POV that can clear more things that are yet to be told. 
Trisha how much ever practical she is she respect traditions a lot. Marriage is a lifelong commitment for her. And she trusted Raghav a lot. She thought he will never leave her alone in any sort of situation and that's why she was so hurt when he rejected the marriage and top of that if it was someone else in Raghav's position she would have never agreed for a marriage drama. And that slap said how much hurt she is and how much a marriage matters to her 

Nice to see Raghav took the efforts to let Trisha feel what and where he went wrong and she mistook him. More tricks, more failures for him. It was a roller coaster for him as she was not even paying a single heed to him. But she knew that he love her.Day Dreaming
He realised Trisha's emotions a bit late but when he realised he felt guilty he realised he had hurt her deeply and that is something he never want to do. He is trying his level best to manado his wife. But as I said Trisha is a girl with lots of self respect and Raghav had hurt her self respect so it's a tough time ahead for Raghav to manao his Trisha 

This is what came at her home. She refused to marry some one else and for that she had to expose herself to her parents. Loved to see her love for Raghav for whom she was ready to leave her parents. But it was a very difficult decision for her to make. Leaving her parents and that forever. Leaving them for Raghav, the love she possess.
For sure she is hurt by his rejection of marriage and she is extremely angry on him but she knows him too well. He know Raghav is a reasonable and sensible person he won't do anything without a reason. She can never leave him alone. It was tough for Trisha to leave her family but she had to do that for Raghav 

Now she is at Raghav's home. And he will take her inside with his open arms for sure. I'm looking forward to see the next update, where much is going to be said. 
What he is going to do you have to wait and see. Next update will be a light hearted one after all shocking emotional update from last two parts it's time for some not Jhok and romance 

Liked the way the story progressed. I loved the way U express RaTri and their emotional life. 
I was nervous updating this part because of the marriage sequence but glad everyone like th way story is moving 
Thanks Uma, for this wonderful masterpiece !!!!ClapClap Loved being a part of this, while writing about it.
Loves Heart
It's a huge compliment for me I am glad you liked it. Thanks for your lovely comment 

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when r u updating the next update dear eagerly waiting for it .
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Originally posted by Tasha1994

when r u updating the next update dear eagerly waiting for it .

I am a bit busy these days as I have to prepare for tomorrow's class test so update only tomorrow night or by Saturday noon really sorry for keeping you guys waiting
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Originally posted by Az07

Originally posted by Tasha1994

when r u updating the next update dear eagerly waiting for it .

I am a bit busy these days as I have to prepare for tomorrow's class test so update only tomorrow night or by Saturday noon really sorry for keeping you guys waiting
no problems dear .will wait. All the Best for your test
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Originally posted by Tasha1994

Originally posted by Az07

Originally posted by Tasha1994

when r u updating the next update dear eagerly waiting for it .

I am a bit busy these days as I have to prepare for tomorrow's class test so update only tomorrow night or by Saturday noon really sorry for keeping you guys waiting
no problems dear .will wait. All the Best for your test

Thank you dear
Will update today started writing
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Part 2B

Raghav was astonished to see trisha at this hour in his residence. That too with her baggage. From her face it was clear that she was crying so badly for a long. Even now her eyes had freshly formed tears. Trisha was wearing a short small ash coloured T-shirt and a white colour tight pants, looks like her night wear. He wondered what had happened that trisha had to come in her night wear.
Raghav: trisha kya hua? Are you ok?
Trisha just went and hugged him. Raghav went back a bit due to the force by which she landed up in his arms. He was shocked. He knew trisha is strong girl. She wont cry just like that. Something is wrong. He wrapped his arms around her and patted her. He knew she need that now. Though he was worried he didn't ask her anything. He let her pour out all her tears as that will make her feel better. He will wait till she is ready to open up. After some time she spoke up in a broken voice.
Trisha: mein ne mama aur papa se humarey shaadi ke bare mein sab kuch batha diya. Aur unho ne kaha muhjse kisi ek ko chuno. Unhe ya tumhe.
Raghav was stunt. Trisha had left her family for him? He just couldn't stop feeling guilty for what he had done to trisha. Because of him she had to leave her family. He kissed on her hairs. That's when trisha realised she is in his arms crying and he is consoling her. She remembered his rejection after marriage. She had forgotten about it when her parents asked her to move on in her life. She became angry and pushed him hardly from her. Raghav was surprised by her sudden change.
Trisha: tum yeh math socho ki mein tumare liye apne parivar ko chodha. Mein shaadi jaise pavitrabandhan mein bahuth yakeen karthi hoon. Issiliye apne parivaar ko saara sachayi bathayi. aur tum yeh math socho ki mein tumare pass issliye aayi kyun ki mein ne tume maaf kiya aur apnaya. Yeh sab tumari wajehey se hogaya. Issliye yeh jo bhi ho raha hai yeh sab ki zamidhari tume udana hoga. Samjhi!
Raghav had enough of it. He became angry. He pulled her forcefully to him and she landed on his chest. She didn't expect him to react like this and she was lost in his eyes for a moment.
Raghav: mein phichle kuch dino se tumse baath karne ki koshish kar rahi hoon. Par tum suneney ke liye tayar hi nahi ho. Mein uske liye tumhe blame nahi karongi kyun ki galathi meri hai. Tumarhi narazghi jais hai. Par aaj abhi isi waqath tumhe meri bath sunhi hogi.
The closeness they share at the moment trisha's anger had melted and she decided to listen to him.
Raghav: trisha tume pata hai jab mein ne pehli baar tumhe dilip sir ke office mein mili mein tumari taraf attracted ho gayi thi. Issiliye nahi ki sirf tum khoobhsurat ho balki tumre pass ek aura the any men can fall in his knees for you. Tumari simplicity, attitude, sincerity and straightforwardness yeh sab dekha kar dheere dheere mein tum pe fida hogayi. Jab waqath bheeth gaya patha chala ki mein tumare liye bahuth strong feel karthi hoon. Mera har din tumare barey mein soch kar shuru ho jathi hoon. Mein bahuth choti thi jab mein ne apni maa kho khoya. Uss ke jane ke baad mein sirf tum ko irritate karna pasand kartha hoon. Sirf tumhe ghus mein dekhna acha lagtha hoon. Iss duniye mein apni ma papa ke baad sirf tum ho mere dil ke khareeb. Mein yeh sab kabhi tumse nahi kahi. Woh sirf apni past ke wajehey se. Meri zindagi ki makshakth ke wajah se. Mein tume apni kareeb is liye nahi layi kyun ki mein tumhe uss khathrey se dhoor rakhna chatha hoon. Agar tume kuch hoga toh mera jaan nikhal jayega. Mein jantha hoon trisha yeh sab explanations meri uss din ke behaviour ko justify nahi karthi. Uss din tumari tarah mein bhi shocked ho gayi thi trisha. Woh shaadi humne plan nahi karli. Hum wahan reporters banke gaye the. Par uss lakhan thakur aur uske aadmi yo ko hamare bare mein patha chal gaya. Mein sirf hamari safety chathi thi. Muhjey shakh hogaya ki jab shaadi ke vidhi shuru hoga tab woh drug dealings ke liye nikhleyga. Issliye mein tume apni dulhan banakar mandap mein le aaya. Mein yeh expect nahi kiya uski dealings itni late ho jayega. Aur koi rastha nahi tha shaadi nahi ruksakhi thi. Issliye nahi ki woh admi bhaj jayega balki humari jaan bhi jaa sakthi thi. Uske aadmi bandhu ko lekar ghoom rahi thi. Mein apni jaan ki parva bilkul bhi nahi karthi. Par uss din tum the merey saath. Tumari safety important hai mere liye. Mein uss adhmi ko pakdne mein itni ghoom hogayi thi aur hamari shaadi bhi hogaya. mein bhi tumari tarah shocked ho gayi trisha. Mein tumhe isi tarah kabhi shaadi nahi chatha tha. Aur mein tume iss tarah ek rishthe mein bandhna nahi chathi. Mein kabhi bhi apne pyaar ko ek accidental marriage ki wahey se tum pe force nahi kar saktha tha. Issliye apni dil pe pathar rakh kar mein uss din hamari shaadi ko ek nadak kaha. Par sachayi toh yeh hai ki tumare saath mere risthey se zyaada khoobsurat relation nahi hai iss duiniya mein mere liye. Par mein galath tha. Mein tumari woh trust bhool gayi thi jiski wahey se tum kuch bhi nahi janthe huae bhi mere saath apni dulhan bankar aaya. Mein yeh bhi bhool gayi thi agar meri jagah koi aur hota tum aisi ek nadak karne ko kabhi tayar nahi hote. I was such a fool trisha. Mein tume apni past se bachane ke liye hamari itni khoobsurat risthey ko inkar karliya. Aur tume bahuth chot pahuchaya. Itna hurt kiya uske liye mein kabhi apne aap ko bhi maaf nahi karsakthi. I am extremely sorry trisha. Mein achi tari ke se jantha hoon tum muhey bahuth pyaar karthi ho. Iss liye apna sab kuch chod kar mere pass agayi. Tum lakh baar inkar kar lo trisha yeh sachkabhi nahi badal saktha. Trisha mein sab kuch theek karna chatha hoon. Tumhe khush dekhna chatha hoon. Kya tum muhey ek maukha nahi dhoongi?
Trisha didn't know what to say. They were dangerously close and he was revealing his true emotions to her for which she was waiting for a long time. But still she doesn't want to melt completely so soon. Her self respect didn't allow her to do that.
Raghav: trisha kuch toh bolo?
Trisha: meri bags bahar hai. Andar le jane ke liye meri madath karogi?
Raghav: what? You know what you are impossible?
He left her from his arms and went and got her bags. He just couldn't stop smiling. Though she didn't say anything he knows in her heart she had forgiven him. Otherwise she wouldn't have been in his residence at this moment. The independent women she is doesn't need a knight in shining armour.

After settling trisha went and freshened up. She had not properly eaten for past few days. She was feeling tired. She went to kitchen to prepare some hot chocolate. She could see that there was not much grocery in kitchen. After all raghav was staying alone. Except in the morning he need not cook much. Mostly she had seen him having lunch and dinner outside. If she wanted to prepare for some lunch she had to buy grocery needed for that. She first made a list what all need to buy. Then she called 24 hours supermarket and ordered the stuffs needed. Raghav was surprised seeing this. He knew trisha cooks well and she love to do that even though she never shared that with him. Her gestures made him smiled. That showed that she owned him. After so many years he felt that he belonged to someone. Though she didn't say anything she had kept a cup of hot chocolate for him too in the dining area. He smiled and thanked her. she didn't replay but she just couldn't stop smiling.

Trisha was preparing the sofa in the bedroom for her to sleep. Raghav saw this.
Raghav: tume sofa pe sone ki koi zarooth nahi hai. Tum bed pe so sakthe ho.
Trisha: aur tum yahan sojaogey? Sofa thoda chota hoga tumarey liye.
Raghav: excuse me? Mein apni ghar mein apni bedroom mein sofa pe kyun so jagogey? Mera bed bahuth bada. Hum dono ek saktha aaram se so saktha hai. Phir bhi tume apney aapko vishwas nahi ho toh mein beech mein pillows rakthi hoon.
Trisha: shut up! Mein sofa pe theek hoon.
Raghav: tum aise nahi manongi.
He went towards her and lifted her in his arms. Trisha was astonished. Her heart started beating so fast, she was sure that raghav could hear her heartbeats. She never knew that she can be this nervous. He put her on his bed. There eyes met. Both could see desire in each others eyes. Her lips shivered. He leaned towards her. She closed her eyes. She could feel his hot breath over her forehead and a whisper on her ears.
Raghav: kuch bhal girey huae the tumari cherey pe. Woh theek kar diya mein. Ab tum apni aankhe khol sakthi ho.
She opened her eyes.
Raghav: tum kya soch rahi thi?
She blushed. She herself don't know what she was thinking when he came near her.

Trisha had slowly started smiling to raghav's pranks. Though she didn't reveal to him her anger had melted away. She had started enjoying her life with him. Though they are married and are sharing the same room they never shared any physical proximity. Sure raghav used to tease her. Sometimes he do go near her and trisha would think that he is taking a step ahead in there relation he will just smile seeing her reaction and go back. She know he is backing out only because she never confessed her feelings for him. And he is scared about her safety. He didn't want his dad's murderer to reach her. Because of which they never revealed about there marriage to anyone.

One fine morning - raghav's residence

Both were getting ready to go for office. After getting ready trisha decided to speak to raghav.
Trisha: tum kuch din pehele pooch rahi thi na kya mein tume ek maukha nahi dhoongi aur tume maaf nahi karongi? Mein tume sirf ek sharath pe maaf karongi.
Raghav: kaisi sharath?
Trisha: bas mein dekhna chatha hoon kya tum muhey sach mein khush dekhna chathi hoon ya nahi. Tume meri ek khawaish poora karna padega.
Raghav: bas itni si baaath.
Trisha: itni aasnan nahi hoga.
Raghav: tum muhey challenge karrahi ho? Tumari information ke liye keharahi hoon mein aaj tak koi bhi challenge nahi hara.
Trisha: dekthey hai.
Raghav: so kaho kya chathi ho tum?
Trisha: mein ek samay do jaga hona chathi hoon.
Raghav: what? Yeh kaise possible hoga? Ek insaan ek samay do jagah kaise hoga?
Trisha: woh muhey kya pata? Tumari problem hai tumhi soch kar hal nikhalo.
Raghav looked at her with disbelief. The whole day in office he was thinking about her wish. More than winning a challenge he want her wish to be accomplished. He wanted her to see happy.

Evening - CBI office conference hall

Everyone was sitting together and discussing about the cases they have solved recently and the also looking at news simultaneously. Raghav was so lost in trisha's demand and he was not listening to his team. Suddenly an idea stuck his mind. He was so happy that he didn't realise that he spoke a bit loudly.
Raghav: yeh mein pehali kyun nahi socha?
Everyone was astonished and looked at him.
Bikram: kya hua raghav? Tum kya soch rahi ho?
Raghav ignored his question and got up.
Raghav: trisha aao meri saath.
He pulled her hands and took her with him. After they left
Rajbir: woh kya tha?
Swathi: kuch samjh mein nahi aara ha hai. Yeh dono itni ajeeb kyun ho? Kuch din pehele toh ek doosare se baath tak nahi kar rahi thi. Aur trisha raghav se baahuth dino se naraz bhi tha. Par kyun?
Bikram: acha yeh hoga hum in dono ke bare mein na sochey toh. Dono pagal hai. Aur hume bhi pagal kar degha.

Raghav was driving the car.
Trisha: raghav hum kahan ja raha hai? Aur is tarah sab ke samhne muhey leke aaya logo ko ajeeb lageyga.
Raghav: patience darling bas tumari khawaish poora karne ja raha hoon.
Trisha: muhey kuch samjh mein aaraha hai
After some time raghav stopped the car.
Raghav: trisha apni aankhe bandh karo.
Trisha: what is it raghav?
Raghav: trisha please
Trisha: ok fine
Raghav opened the door and went towards the other side and opened the door for her. He helped her to get out from the car as she has closed her eyes.
Raghav whispered in her ears - sirf apna right leg aagey rakho.
Trisha: raghav! Ok fine karthi hoon.
She did what he said.
Raghav: ab tum ek samey do jage pe ho. Apne aankhe khol ke dekho.
Trisha opened her eyes only to find that a board which had written welcome to UP district. She noticed that she had kept her right leg beyond that board. This is Delhi UP highway and at the moment she is standing in both Delhi and UP district. She was amazed.
Trisha: raghav muhey khud nahi pata tha jab mein yeh khwaish tume bata rahi thi yeh poora hopaogey. Mein sirf tume tang karna chathi thi. Par tum to yeh poora kar diya.
Raghav: trisha yeh mere liye ek challenge nahi the. Mein tume khush rakhna chathi thi. Tumari har ek khawaish ko poora karna chathi thi. Mein jantha hoon tum muhey bahuth pehley maaf kar chuka hai.
Trisha smiled. She knew it was time to reveal her feelings for him.
Trisha: raghav mein tumse kuch kehna chatha hoon.
Suddenly her phone rang. She felt disappointed. Since it was cheif's call she had to attend it.

Same day - Mid night!
Dilip chauhan had passed an information about an organ trafficking racket in a private hospital in the outskirt village of UP and asked the team to move on immediately as they are expecting a deal tonight. Since trisha and raghav was already in the UP border they immediately moved to the village and asked bikram and rajbir to join them as soon as possible.

As per planned they had encountered the members of racket. But while encountering trisha saw someone trying to shoot raghav from his back. Trisha screamed his name and raghav immediately understood and kneel down. Trisha got so scared. She ran towards him.
Trisha: are you ok? Tume chot toh nahi lagi na?
Raghav: i am alright trisha. Don't worry.
Rajbir had caught the guy who tried to attack raghav. There mission was successful as they caught every one of the racket. Trisha asked rajbir and bikram to complete all the formalities of the arrest. Since it had already became midnight and the other formalities will take sometime they planned to stay back in the village and return back to Delhi next day morning. The local police had arranged a small guest house for the team. Trisha and raghav went with them to the guest house.

Guest house
Raghav had slightly scratched his arms while escaping the bullet injury. Trisha was doing dressing for him. The incidence had created a havoc in her. She was almost in a verge of losing raghav today. She was so quiet all this time. Raghav was so lost in her. All the affection, care and love he craved for past 20yrs he is getting from her. He understood she was quite shaken with today's incident and decided to cheer her up he started ticking her on her waist.
Trisha: raghav kya karahi ho? Stop it.
He started tickling her more. She with a lot of difficulty and fight caught hold of his hands and pushed him towards the wall. He was stunt by her bold move.
Raghav: trisha kuch ulta toh nahi ho raha hai kya? Mein tumare aur diwar ke beech mein? Muchey toh tumari irada kuch teekh nahi lagti.
Trisha had a mischievous smile.
Trisha: kitni bolti ho tum. Ek pal ke liye chup ho jao aur meri bath suno
She looked in to his eyes. She smiled and spoke in a clear voice.
Trisha: i love you raghav. Muhey nahi pata yeh kab hogaya aur kaise hogaya muhey tumari har joke achi lagthi. Jab tum meri aankho se dhoor ho jathi tab bahuth bechain se lagthi aur jab tume kuch ho jatha toh mein pagal ho jatha hoon.
Trisha left his hands by now. He cupped her face with his arms and he leaned towards her. She closed her eyes & he leaned towards her lips. Suddenly they heard the noise of a car. They understood bikram and rajbir had returned back. They immediately parted away.

Sleep was far away from trisha. The guest house was a small one storey building with two bedrooms, common hall and a small terrace. Trisha was staying in a small single room and the guys shared the big room. She remembered what all had happened in the day. She unknowingly started blushing thinking about there almost kiss. She was brought back from her thoughts when her phone beeped. She saw a message from raghav asking her to come to terrace now. She was surprised.


Trisha was suddenly pushed into a pair of strong arms. Raghav closed the door from the stairs and locked it.
Trisha: raghav hum akhele nahi hai. Rajbir aur bikram bhi hai.
Raghav: woh so raha hai.
Trisha: agar ud gayi toh?
Raghav: nahi udega dono bahuth thak chuka hai.
She saw a small mattress in the middle of the terrace along with two pillows and a blanket.
Trisha: kya hai yeh sab?
Raghav: tume pasand hai na raat ko poore chaand ko dekhna. Dekho aaj full moon night hai.   
She looked at the sky and saw the moon.
Trisha: par tume kaise patha muhey raat ko poora chand ko dekhney ka shaukh hai?
Raghav: muhey tumare bare mein sab kuch pata hai.
She smiled. They both went and lied down in the mattress. Trisha was so lost in the beauty of the moon whereas raghav was lost in her. She saw his intense eyes and she smiled blushingly.
That night witnessed the union of a beautiful couple.

Next day

Trisha, raghav, rajbir and bikram was going back to Delhi. They had stopped on the way in a restaurant for breakfast. they were having breakfast together. Trisha was not even looking at raghav. She was feeling so shy after what had happened between them last night. Raghav understood her emotions and decided to tease her. He put his left hand on her thigh underneath the table and continued having breakfast pretending he don't know anything. Trisha was feeling ticklish. She looked at raghav who is innocently having breakfast. She stared at him warningly. But he became more mischievous and started tickling her in the inner side aspect of her thigh. Trisha started coughing as she just couldn't control.
Bikram: are you ok trisha? Tume pani chahiye kya?
Rajbir passed a glass of water for trisha.
Raghav: ha boss pani peelijiye lagtha hai tumari thabeer theek nahi hai.
Trisha stared at him angrily. He immediately removed his fingers.

Cbi head quarters

They had came back directly to the cbi office as there was a special meeting held by defence ministry with cbi team. After returning from the meeting they had came back to office as they had a lot of pending works to finish regarding the recent cases and the meeting with the ministry.
Trisha was going to washroom when she wall pulled by someone inside. She was about to scream but her mouth was closed by a hand.
Trisha was surprised to see raghav. After the initial shock she relaxed and he left his hand from her mouth.
Trisha: tum ladies washroom mein kya kar rahi thi raghav?
Raghav: mein ne dekha hai tume washroom ki taraf aate huae. Poori din apni biwi se theekh se nahi mili. Issse aur ache jagah nahi milengi.
Trisha: tum pagal ho gayi hai kya? Iss tarah office mein woh bhi ladies washroom mein
Raghav: tume cbi officer nahi balki ek moral science teacher hona chahiye the. Jab dekho moral science ki lecture dethe rahathe ho.
Trisha: raghav! Bas bahuth hogaya. Koi hume aise pakdne se pehle yahan se chali jao.
Raghav: tum kitni unromantic ho! Haan mein jaa rahi hoon. Tumare liye kuch laya hoon. Wo dete hi chali jaongi. Aur yaad rakhna abhi yeh khalo.
He kept a small brown packet in her hands and kissed on her cheeks and left.
Trisha murmured: kitni ajeeb ajeeb harkthey kartha hai. Phir bhi bahuth pyaara ho.
Trisha closed the washroom and opened the small brown packet he gave in her hands. She was shocked to see i-pill in that. She blushed profusely seeing it.

Pre cap: flashback continues - raghav's memory loss!

The flashback had became too long. Part c will be the last part of flashback. After so much shock and emotional dramafrom last two parts i had tried to give a light hearted part and it became too long than previously planned. Hope i had done justice and you guys are happy with the update.   

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thanks for the update yaar off to read it

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