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-Nive- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 May 2016 at 3:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Raji9

Originally posted by -Nive-

Raji, she always had this thought that Abhi wouldn't believe her (which was true to some extent)

When she came to know about Raj Bhaiyya, she felt that Abhi wouldn't believe her. But she didn't stop, she went to meet him at Jail. She asked for Suresh's help. Even though she didn't really help Raj Bhaiya after that, her world didn't end if Abhi doesn't believe. She didn't try to make him believe but she tried to take action on her own. Like making him believe the truth was not on her list.

But this nayi Pragya track changed everything. Whenever she comes to know about something, her mind goes to making Abhi believe. It's like her knowing the truth doesn't matter at all. I mean why should she want Abhi to believe that Takhil are behind the kidnapping, can't she just punish them through police? Its because she doesn't think of the punishment. She thinks about Abhi knowing the crime (like he is the Supreme Court Justice)

Smile Nive , Thanks for the explanation .. Sorry If I was not clear .. I was agreeing with you dear above in  my reply post .. All I mentioned was like she crossed that making Abhi believe and now counting more on T's manipulations..I agree with what you say .. Her repetitive failures took troll on her .. Yesterday what ever we have seen is defintely not the best version of Pragya we knew before .. 

No Raji, you were clear. Its just that I wanted to say about the change in her after this track Smile

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kratikamonange Senior Member

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Originally posted by Raji9

Great reviewes Gals .. on point .. Clap

Here is my few cents on the points that bothered me to the core ..

It is sickeing to see B**** kind of woman talking about a legitimate wife's inability to share bed with her husband because of misunderstandings.. That too before her mother and brother figure ..Yucky AngryAngry..Sarla called TCensored  literally Bi*** with out taking the name .. That served the purpose ..Evil Smile

But It is more and more to the level of infinity sickening to see Prgaya going mute every time TCensored taunts her that she could not share bed with her husband ..where as she could have had that multiple times with her husband ..Dead

One thing that I could not help to notice and disturbing me is Pragya's reply during Pranu conversation..
When T said Abhi used to love only me .. Then Pragya's reply was like .. But you did not love him ..  So Pragz believes Abhi loved T once upon a time genuinely..She believes Tabhi had isq waala love at least from Abhi side  .. She could not tell T on her face that Abhi never loved her .. Because she believes it otherwise Confused

The problem is less with Pragya's trust on Abhi and more with Pragya's misconceptions on Tabhi relationship ..Pragya gives more weight to Tabhi relationship infact more than either of them give to it individually .. Especially she has misconceptions on Abhi's pov on T and Tabhi ..  

Not sure what made Pragya to believe that Tabhi had a genuine relationship .. May be the number of times they flaunted it on her face or T's delusional confidence that she throws at Pragya's face on every given chance or Abhi continuing Tabhi after marriage against his beloved Dadi wishes or else number of times Pragya failed to prove T's intentions before Abhi and ended up being wrong before him .. My opinion is all of the above together are playing major role in Pragya's obsession with proofs .. 

If Pragya has to stop talking about proofs She has to know the depth of the Tabhi relationship is only limited to superficial .. And Abhi has never had the kind of true feelings for T ..This clarification is long due from Abhi .. And very much deserved by his wife ..

 Abhi should stop his trails to make Pragya confess her love and Pragya should stop bothering about collecting proofs .. They both should try to know each other's perspective on the big obstacle they have in their life .. Once they get the clarification on that and understand what is level of importance they are giving to it, it will make it possible for both of them to go in single direction and solve it together 

It is certainly too long to talk on a single dialogue in the show ..Thanks for reading it and bearing it ..
or that Abhigya has to go away.. not too far but little away from all these people and talk to each other about every thing .. Pragya has to know Abhi respected the marriage enough to not to have any physical relationship with T after marriage .. Though the other cosy moments are enough abusing for a wife to go through.. She has to know  her husband never chose the other woman over her to share bed..
She has to know that Abhi intentionally flaunted those moments to torture her more than to enjoy being with T. It will help her to overcome her insecurity it certainly boost her trust on her legitimate relationship over the delusional strength T is showing off..ClapClap Exactly,  great post raji 

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Mysterious7 IF-Rockerz

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All I see is the CV's trying to prolong the track as much as possible, the unnamed crimes are not coming out other than her few lies at the moment because I am assuming the unnamed will get punished for all the crimes all at once and prison is the home that awaits Takhil...

Abhigya will get their victory soon Smile...

Also to prolong this track, Abhi is left to be clueless, Pragya is left to not tell the truth...

I don't believe Abhi follows his intuition always, only near to the end or the middle maybe, because if he did follow his intuition he would have questioned the fatherhood from day one...

So if Abhi believed it without questions, maybe then Pragya can not be questioned for being skeptical of telling him the truth...

Just because he is being vocal about his feelings would he believe her if she told him. Would he even believe Purab?! I don't know considering he never questioned Purab and started beating him as soon as he finds out there is another girl in his life and never let Purab tell him his side of the story and they've known each other since childhood. Maybe Purab is even skeptical about it. At this moment of time I am more than 100% sure Abhi would believe his Daadi about all the truth and Sarla Maa for Takhil kidnapping her and trying to get her and Pragz killed. But would he believe Purab and Pragya?!. I'm not certain and these both know Abhi more than us. Maybe they do have rightful reasons for hiding it for now...

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.Vrish. Viewbie

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Originally posted by Cerealgirl

 Mon May 16 epi                               Who needs proof?


Accident scenes 

Takhil's plan flops. Sarla ma was a supermom today as she gained strength to stand and scream out to Pragya at the nick of time. Pragya turning back to look at ma saved her life. And Nikhil's plan backfired on him. Loved how Sarla ma played such an important role. Supriya Raina was superb today.  Yay for all moms! Go moms!!

It was a tough script, but I thought they were badly directed scenes. Pragya, Purab, and Sarla ma on one side. And Takhil right nearby each holding their own convos.

Purab looked lost and tired. Pragya froze in the beginning, and her emotions were off when she saw her mother there. I felt Sriti was not in her element today. Maybe it's the heat. And traffic. Who knows how many takes they had to go through!Stern Smile

Nikhil is ok with minor injuries, but upset his plan failed. He's mad at Tanu. Nikhil the actor as really good today. Now both of them know Sarla ma has recovered, they have to be in trouble, right? WRONG!Angry

I loved Sarla ma's lines - all of them - to Pragya and Tanu.  Loved how she said "go find another rich guy for your illegitimate baby"! Sarla ma wanted to complain to cops and get them arrested.  Pragya should tweak her mission goal to create suspicion in Abhi about Tanu, not prove to Abhi baby is not his.  Pragya stops her because she doesn't have proof against them. Oh Pragya, Pragya, Pragya. Why do you rationalize the need for proof?Shocked because you're insecure Abhi won't believe you? This accident epi didn't do much for Pragya's character.  It was maddening to watch Pragya say that.

If she thinks Abhi won't believe her, then why is she in a relationship with him? Now things are different between them. Abhi is not just there for romance, Pragzy. Give him a chance and tell him. Then see what he says. Instead of all this exposure, all Pragya needs to do is to trust him. Oiy. She has it wrong.

But Sarla ma is the witness and proof. What is Pragya saying?? She has the best evidence and she wasted it. Pragya, just let Sarla ma talk to Abhi. Give her that chance. See what Abhi says before you dismiss him off.

Very annoying scenes!Thumbs Down

I know that the Pragya-Sara scenes were probably touching, but I just cued thru it.  All I was interested in seeing was what happened to Nikhil, & what Tanu did.  But one thing about their convo - when Pragya talked about the need for proof, she was being idiotic.

After all, remember Nikhil & Tanu were trying to kill Sarla all these days for a very simple reason.  They didn't want her to recover to the point where she could speak, and potentially tell Abhi everything about them.  Why?  B'cos they KNEW that Abhi would believe them.  He may not have believed Pragya due to the deception, but after the abduction incident, he'd DEFINITELY have believed Sarla Ma.  Which is why even today, when Nikhil heard Sarla scream, he tried to grab her and push her into that truck, but she pushed him off so that he himself got hit.  Dancing  And how does he even survive, much less recover enough to scold Tanu so  fiercely!!!  And I wish PSP were there to witness it.

So Tanu takes Nikhil to the hospital, where they insist that she files an FIR first.  Since when do hospitals even in India make that a priority over saving the life of an accident victim?  That made no sense whatsoever.  But why did Tanu feel the need to describe herself as Nikhil's wife Heart?  Can't a simple friend take someone to the hospital in the event of an accident?

The precap was ridiculously funny.  All these months, things like DNA testing eluded the Mehras/Aroras, but now, Tanu falsely signing herself in as Nikhil's wife is supposed to be proof?  And Tanu was trying to hide from Abhi?  Once Nikhil was admitted in, he was the responsibility of the nurses in the hospital - Tanu's not the one supposed to be wheeling him into whatever room they select for him.  Tanu could have just left the hospital immediately on seeing Abhi - where was the need to look after Nikhil?

So tomorrow, the receptionist will tell Pragya that Tanu signed in as Nikhil's wife, and that will be proof of...Question

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Mysterious7 IF-Rockerz

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Also I believe no one can expose better than the unnamed exposing herself, not even Abhi or Pragya individually or together. The reason why I say this is because the unnamed has done crimes that Pragz don't know about. Not even her best friend Aliyah knows some of the unnamed crimes. The crimes starting from forging Purab's letter, well that's not a crime but you get my point, right?! LOL...

So if Pragz was to file the murder case on Takhil, Abhi will get the unnamed out of bail due to the baby sake, not sure what he would do with Nikhil. This is also gives her time to get proofs but still I think Pragz needs unnamed around for the proofs. I would prefer the unnamed being out of MM whilst Pragz collecting proofs. So Pragz filing just for Sarla Maa's suffering is not good enough, along with Aliyah the unnamed was part of saying all talks to Bulbul which made her commit suicide, sufferings of Pragz from day one from the marriage, suffering of false accusation on Abhi, suffering of Abhigya, and etc. I don't think she wants her punished, just the truth, real face being out. So the money offering was more like, I had enough, get out already. Even with Akaash scenerio she only got his truth out. If she wanted I am pretty sure she can take along with Rachana to take Akaash in court for him marrying Rachana and what not. So I see it like this, Pragz trying to get the unnamed truth, real face out, almost succeeds but the unnamed ends up revealing her truth out, real face infront of all, then Abhi is the one who will punish Takhil by packing them to jail...

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Hi guys!

Sorry for the mina show hiatus! Just kind if happened Embarrassed

Ugh watching Abhi waste time talking to Tanu thinking the baby is his...god there are no words. It's been a year?!!! How can anyone stand this anymore??? Nerves of steel these writers have. Nerves or something else.

Tanu's spontaneous lies, so compelling, so inexplicable - "there are things about this pregnancy i don't want to tell you because you're not my husband. it's my body after all." It IS your body! that's true! what does him not being your husband have to do with anything?

and ugh at abhi saying he's her would-be husband. i thought that was called off! why isn't it called off?!!

7 months eh! who would have guessed?

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abhi on purse patrol...bleh Confused

yes prags good call get your mom's miraculous recovery checked out!

dr aashna srivastav? any relation to prof. suresh srivastav? but of course the cabinet would be the 3rd cabin upstairs while abhi was referred to the 4th...
-mina- IF-Stunnerz

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love this fan boy!!! I feel like I know him from somewhere. What a cameo LOL

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