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Naina- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 May 2016 at 6:34pm | IP Logged
Thoughts on Tonights' Episode 5/11!

Note: I have been forewarned that the "Ulloo Banaya" jig from yesterday's precap has been edited out of the real deal today. Thanks Prani for the heads up! Pakka promise, we're missing out on 30% cute Abhigya scenes because of the editing. *sigh*

  • They should have enhanced the big picture a little bit. And maybe improved the brightness. But haaye, I could sit and stare at the picture just like Pragya right now. I CANNOT believe they changed the picture!! Still so happy!
  • Pragya's sarees post LM are even hotter than the LM ones! I wouldn't even mind if Abhi and Pragya wore their current outfits for the next 50 episodes. 
  • Abhi closed the door AGAIN!! Another improvement! 
  • "Mein kitni pyaari lag rahi hoon" Aww, to have Pragya even fake-appreciate herself is too cute. She needs a little TLC from herself sometimes. 
  • I'll ignore Abhi's reasonings for why she looks cute and focus on the part that he just admitted dulhan Pragz was "so cute" Day Dreaming
  • LOL at the fact that most of these pictures are TiSha, not Abhigya. 
  • "Saathve aasmaan pe to aap char rahe hain. Abhi neeche utharti hoon." LOVE IT! 
  • Guys, can I please take a minute to just express HOW gorgeous Sriti is looking? Nowadays she's looking better than ever!! Okay, back to KKB. Sorry.
  • Are they really throwbacking to the baby product ramp-walk? OMG!!! And Pragya's dig at how the producer loved her over Tanu!
  • 'Usse bhi hypnotize kar diya ho ga jaise mujhe kiya karti thi" ANOTHER THROWBACK REFERENCE!! What is going on?? I can't handle Abhigya throwbacking to themselves!
  • Subtle reference to Shabz's recent trip to Vancouver. Nice, I approve. 
  • The king kong reference can go pretty deep! "King Kong...jisse ek ladki pasand kiya karti thi." Matlab, Pragya looking past his rude and insulting attitude towards her and still falling in love with him. "Pasand nahi...woh uss ladki ke chakar mein jungle ko chor ke shehr aa gaya tha...yani ke woh ladki ko pasand karta tha" Abhi did become less of a "beast" to his "Beauty" and changed for the better in many aspects because of Pragz. 
  • Heyy, the picture on top of the sofa of Pragya alone is Sriti's IG pic from three days ago. 
  • I ALWAYS appreciate shots of Abhi holding Pragya's arm. Always. 
  • And I'm loving this new song on them "Itni si baat hai...mujhe tumse pyar hai" 
  • Awww, "kyun ki maine sach ko chupaya hai" "Kya sach, woh mein nahi achi lagti to its okay" ADORBSSS. 
  • To anyone who thought Pragya couldn't ever be as adorable as Abhi, please change your mind. 
  • "Bohat achi lagti ho" This is like high school Abhigya, with their nervous shy confessions. He's like blushing!
  • Him comparing her beauty to music = nicely done, CVs. 
  • *I think I'm dying a little watching this scene*
  • "Baalon se music ki lehr + aakhon mein nasha + baaton mein jaadoo + aur tumhari smile ek taar se saat suron ko chair diya ho" OMG OMG OMG OMG I can't decide which compliment is my favorite!!
  • I'M IN KKB HEAVEN RIGHT NOW. I've stopped the scene to enjoy this moment before it gets ruined in case Tanu Mehta walks in. 
  • Their smiles to each other!!! TISHA ARE TOO GOOD at rapidly changing the scenes from one genre to another! Like, hello, they were just talking about monkeys and King Kong two seconds ago. 
  • Kya mann karta hai?? I need to know!! 
  • *BRB hoping I don't break my face from smiling so hard* 
  • Augh, they so chalaaq-ly edited out the "Ulloo Banaya scene." If only they had shown this chalaaqi yesterday and not shown it in the precap, I wouldn't have been upset. 
  • Are they really having a tickle fight? Eye staring no jhapki fight, Pillow fight, tickle fight, WHAT IS NEXT? A chocolate fight? A kissing fight? I need to know!
  • Come on in Tanu, I so knew you were going to come and ruin the moment at any time now. 
  • I don't get so annoyed by her entering their room, because she's in delusion that they're still getting married. So technically she is still his fiance. And technically he hasn't yet broken up with her. And technically he is romancing behind his fiance's back...its just that the other woman is technically his wife. 
  • OOH, TANU, look at that big picture you had cut into pieces a few weeks ago! How despo are you to still try to blatantly deny that he's over you??
  • I love Pragya's smirk at Abhi when he's stuck in answering Tanu's questions. 
  • Abhi yaar, continue your romantic mind games with Pragz after breaking up with Tanu. Break up with her RIGHT NOW!! 
  • "Bacho ki tarah khel rahe ho uske saath" Actually, Tanu has got a point. Some things in the Abhigya flirting/romance from the past few days are a little too childish for my liking, but nevertheless, cute.  
  • Erm, Tanu. Babe, I think the big poster of Abhigya's wedding is Abhi's "27-second phone call" to break up with you. Stop denying the obvious hints. 
  • LOL, maarne ki wajah. Tanu, you had a wajah since the day you decided to force Abhi to force marry Pragya, who are we kidding?
  • So I saw the spoiler alert about Pragz not really getting injured. I still have a feeling something bad will happen. Too much Abhigya is unfortunately not a good sign. 
  • Who is Tanu trying to be? I'm confused. 
  • Nikhil se shaadi? Is Tanu trying to be Shonali, Nikhil's actual BFFL who shows up at the randomest times to prove their everlasting friendship? 
  • Tanu, can you speak in this voice often? I'm tired of the screeching, to be honest. 
  • Mithali is useless. So theres no point in showing that Mithali can even be somewhat suspicious. *Yawn*
  • My eyes are drooping/can barely kepe it open at Mithali's scene. I'm forwarding this. She's just as annoying, if not more, than Tanu. 
  • Umm, through your hands Sarla ji. 
  • ABHI, please play that latin guitar song in every single episode!!
  • Pragz, you're such a tease!! I love this!! Except I think Abhi is imagining a hotter surprise at the moment than just Tanu vanishing their lives...
  • Taakhil have the most annoying voices, if I haven't reiterated this enough. 
  • What is that precap supposed to mean? Whats about to happen if Pragz in fact is not about to get into an accident? What if we're supposed to get an accident and the dream is just a sneak peak? 
Cutie episode! I'm still somewhat in denial that we're getting these types of Abhigya scenes. But today was a major step-he complimented her and how! I love the "Kaatil" compliment the best Embarrassed However, as much as I'm loving the cute topsy-turvy scenes between them, I see this not lasting too long. 

So now that we're getting "flirty Abhigya," when do we get to see them do this?

love bollywood song india shah rukh khan

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.Vrish. Viewbie

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Posted: 11 May 2016 at 6:39pm | IP Logged
Today's episode - found Tanu's doing her fake call from Sarla's room pretty inane.  After all, unlike Tanu's own room, Pragya has every right to walk into that room anytime to see her mom.  Not to mention that if Sarla suddenly recovers her speech, Takhil is cooked.  Sarla could easily fake not being able to speak, and then speak when it really matters.

Pragya - minutes after agreeing to that puja that Dadi suggested, she agrees w/ Mrs Nikhil's suggestion to meet her tomorrow @ 11am?  The very day Dadi has minutes ago asked her to stay at home the whole day as a part of the vrath?  What was she thinking?  She could have delayed it by 1 day, and Tanu could have agreed and postponed the plan by 24 hrs?

I found Mitali's bumping into Tanu & harassing her funny.  I just hated the next part - her asking Sarla to tell her what Tanu said, and then remembering that she had lost her speech.  What a crackhead!

Okay, so next 2 days are the major drama days that they've been promoting?  Wonder whether Tanu's secret will be out at last, particularly if Pragya loses her memory and Sarla regains her speech?

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Cerealgirl IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 May 2016 at 6:51pm | IP Logged
Naina!! HugYes!! SRK-KJL in yeh mera pehla pehla pyaar hai! My faves!! LOLLoved your post, points, views. Clap Yep. Great song for abhigya!!

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-mina- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 May 2016 at 7:31pm | IP Logged
May 11 ep





Those wicked CVS cut the ullo dance it wasn't shown in the Canadian ep :(

I LOVEEE prags tormenting abhi with tanu and tanu with abhi. Serves them right for the tabhi moments they steadily inflicted on her. Tanu here's the rule - if he'll cheat with you, he'll cheat on you! Prags I'm not sure if this might apply to you too. Don't let him hate marry anyone but you and it should be ok I think.

There's gonna be a puja in the house yay!!!!!

I'm not going to specify because there's so much in this episode but Goddd it really gets me when CVS get around to showing things I have planned for my fics but haven't managed to write yet Tongue

Tanu why talk in front of Sarla that makes no sense

Pragya why not tell anyone about Nikhil's sudden wife that makes no sense

So now the track is Tanu wants to kill Pragya. How exciting Cvs!!! So interesting!!! Much creative. Very unique. Many wow.

Mithali calls Tanu a goat LOL

If only that "I've heard everything" trick worked on this Tanu more often!!

Tanu's planning to evict Mithali when Prags doesn't own the house. Mithali realizes Tanu's trying to knock off Prags. Nice.


(Mina it's probably not Jeux Interdits you should check)

(Shut up Mina)

Lol abhigya discussing a surprise!! Donny told me if I want a plot surprise I need to stay away from forum and spoilers for a few days until may 12-13. I told dad and we both want to know the surprise like Abhi!! But I won't cheat hehe.

Abhi keeps talking in musical terms!!!

Abhi's voice when talking about coffee is the sexiest I've ever heard Shabir sound!!

Stop living in aalu's room tanu. Why should robin knock if aalu's not in it.

This assassination plan is dumb and I have contempt for it

Dad keeps trying to guess the surprise. Listening to takhil his guess is that prags will die.

Precap everyone trying to keep the girl at home but the girl is not gonna stay WHAT BENIGHTED TIMES HAVE LIT UPON US

In conclusion I don't exist because the abhigya banter in the first of the episode killed me of cardiac arrest caused by unbearable joy

Also this all-in-one mina show brought to you by the need to avoid spoilers. Will catch up with thread after the surprise guys! Much love til then stay breathing bye!

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Cerealgirl IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 May 2016 at 8:16pm | IP Logged

Wed May 11 epi                                            Best Abhigya so far epi - got to archive those scenes!!

Forget about the story. Forget about everything else. Just focus on abhigya scenes today. They're a treat!  It's not just the romance. It's how their relationship is changing. How they're getting comfortable with each other. Their dialogs. The script for these scenes. Of course, Shabir and Sriti's acting.  It's about time we got to see what the show is really about. So, yeah, this review is only about them today.

(OMG)100!!! Those abhigya, Abhi, and Pragya solo pics have changed the rockstar's room into a love mahal. Finally the show feels like it's about a couple.Dancing

Pragya's mental convo about Abhi and talking to their life size wedding photo is crazy beautiful. The expressions on her face!! And she's about to kiss him and Abhi sees that. You go, girl! Where was this girl hiding? Oh thank God, he didn't miss seeing this. I like how the script is pretty thoughtful and how realistically they're developing their relationship. Abhi closed the door! Wow. This is serious now.Big smile

After that we saw gushing flow of lines, expressions, and emotions between them as their relationship went to the next level. So Abhi teases her she looks beautiful because she's with him. Well, he's a rockstar. His ego got to be big. No problem. He thinks he's #1. Pragya is like million 0's that add value to #1.  Their little banter and his bragging were a lot better than the song thingy yesterday for me. Smile

He's giving her a hard time about her hair, eyes, nose, and teeth. He called her Surpanakha! ROFL She gets back at him with Bandar. Oh they sizzling chemistry and compatibility. And then comes Pragya's awesome snap and pout - ok I'm not miss world, and you're mr. universe Stern Smile. Clever Pragzy. She has him twirling on her little finger now.Thumbs Up  Then comes his truth. His description of her beauty using music analogies was cool.Day Dreaming

Well, she got him to admit she's beautiful. She is beautiful, damn it! Then came the tickle game landing them on the bed. Hmm... wonder where it'll go from her. A real kiss maybe? Embarrassed

From "I hate your ugly face" to all these compliments. What a journey, rockstar. Better than your rags to riches story.  She got compliments from him. He's 500 episodes behind in telling her all this!

And OMG! That ramp walk when Lalwani replaced Tanu with her? I so loved CV's went back to that today. Lordy, lordy, lordy! Praggu actually said to Abhi - do you know the producer replaced top model Tanu with me??  Because I loved her ramp walk in that epi. She looked stunning in that white saree. Goodie! I'm happy.PartyDancing

So much got revealed and squared away in their banter today. Shabir and Sriti have made Abhi and Pragya such darlings. Loved them both. Sriti looks terrific. Her facial expressions, her dialog delivery, her emotions. All amazing. Shabir can be funny and romantic at the same time. They are on par and make an awesome couple.

I forget what else happened in today's epi. Precap makes you curious. Loved them and loved the epi! Smile


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Naina- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 May 2016 at 8:31pm | IP Logged
Aww, look what Abhigya-love does to everyone's reviews!! We all get drunk in love!  Day Dreaming Loved every word you guys said Prani and Minama! 

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mili9 Goldie

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Posted: 12 May 2016 at 11:31am | IP Logged
Good morning/evening girls! 
Scary episode for me!!! Don't think I can review the whole episode. 

Pragya is oblivious of what is about to happen to herCry. She ignores all the superstitions, everybody's advice and gets going. The yellow saree is too lustrous for my liking. Why bright yellow ? So we can see blood clearlyCryCryCry. Not liking this one bit. Whenever she says ' hum hamesha ke liye ek ho jayenge', it never happensOuch. Why didn't Sarla maa just hold her daughter in a bear hug and not let her go?Ouch

Abhi, I am counting on him from hereonErmm. He had a premonition. Too heavy on flashbacks while he is playing the guitar, again looks like impending danger. He tried to grill the team, but he does so very lightly. Almost feels like a passing thought on his end. Disappointed with him again for the umpteenth time. So he finds Pragya not being home, nobody knows where she went,  he has an uncomfortable feeling about her. He decides to take the Twitch to her appt, again carrying on with both women, moving on from thought to thought. Can he make his stand clear with the Twitch pleaseAngryAngry? . Don't feel bad that he gets duped about her appt., but when he gets to know tomorrow that he was lied to, will he take it seriously???Shocked Or will the Twitch come up with some excuse that he is too willing to believe?Angry.

 I know I am transferring some of my angst on to Abhi and making him responsible for Pragya's predicament, not fair for himUnhappy. For you, Naina, typical transference/projection reactionWink.  Not able to think objectively today to take myself out of this situation. 

On the surface the episode didn't have much, but scaring me to the core. 

That is it from me. 

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kratikamonange Senior Member

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Posted: 12 May 2016 at 2:42pm | IP Logged
Today's episode left me with a lump in stomach, 
The episode was fast but with great anguish 

The part sarla maa and pragya was very emotionalCry and natural, it is looks so real 

Abhi has had intuition about pragya, but cvs is decided to divert his mind on Tanu and baby, I hope they did it for a good cause 

Today everyone was beautiful, purab, Mithali, Dadi, Tanu , sarla maa, abhigya and especially rashna loved her dress 

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