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Naina- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 May 2016 at 11:38am | IP Logged
Miliii!! Hug LOL, I'd like to think its more called last minute cramming for finals! But someone else seems to know a good deal of psychology as well Wink
Loved your review, very on-point. 

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kratikamonange Senior Member

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Posted: 09 May 2016 at 11:42am | IP Logged
What useless episode, complete nonsense, nothing sticks together Angry
Why cvs always show abhigya as children of 5 years, which not know how to behave in front of guests  ?
Why they are not comport like civilized adults? Confused

Abhi is busier was giving kisses pragya, he not to see what happens in his house, 
My darling pragya spends his time to satisfy abhi, she can not see the fear of her mother, maa sarla is terrified  

Now pragya became composer? What joke 
Why not show lear to drive a car, or swimming Big smile

see Abhi cherish pragya with love, but with logic not like that 
If they want not to expose Tanu no problem, give us some thing watchable please 

Episode wants of times 

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Naina- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 May 2016 at 11:44am | IP Logged
Thoughts on Tonight's Episode!! 5/9-The Taakhil Show
Note: Gif-Reviews after exams are done. Please pray for me! Three weeks left!! 

  • I like Pragz's maroon saree! Not sure about the earrings at the moment...
  • Aww, babe, you can't keep up the boss act for even five seconds without melting. *sigh*
  • I like that he's wanting to genuinely go on a date with her this time :) Look at the smile and the excitement! Is Rockstar blushing a little bit?
  • Okay, I think this is just me. But I absolutely CRINGE when we get promotions of movies. Even if it was Srk, I never saw that scene. I just can't see movie stars acting like themselves and then TiSha being Abhigya at the same time. Er idk. I know that Abhi is supposed to know all these celebrities, but movie promotions on KKB have never ever worked for me. Whatever, moving on in life. 
  • Acha, new thought. Since Abhi is a rockstar...and Emran Hashmi and all the other actors are actors lol...does Abhi ever playback for them? Like how do they associate with each other in the industry? Have any of the celebs been a part of his music video? 
  • Can I forward this Azhar movie promotion? Okay, its going to start buffering if I do...I'll mute it. 
  • On a side note, I've never seen Emran Hashmi so lively and smiling and happy before. LOL, its the Abhigya effect on him Wink
  • This is all muted btw. Is Nargis Fakhri really that tall? 
  • Aww, even if it was a two second jig, I'm glad they made Pragya dance too. Bechari, she needs the stress relief sometimes. And Sriti looked so cute and shy and pretty. 
  • Okay, they're gone. Un-mute.
  • Why is the date 13th May? Is that when Pragz is supposed to have her accident? And speaking of dates, please tell us when is your wedding anniversary as well, please and thank you! *trying to merge KKB calendar with the Gregarian calendar and its impossible*
  • Did anyone else see the one second of disgust on Tanu's face when Nikhil was being a creep? LOLL same Tanu, same. 
  • Sarla ji, that slap was like from four feet away. Just stretch a little bit more and open the door so Robin can see whats happening!!
  • They keep mentioning Bulbul a lot these days. But then I haven't heard anything about a new BB coming or being casted. *confused*
  • *Typing Nikhil Arya in youtube* I have to find out what Nikhil's real voice is like. Because I dont think we've been gifted that in the show yet. Like legit, when he's whispering, he modulates the same freakin voice. Props to the actor! But aughhh *shuddering*
  • OOh, we get a full view of Pragya's saree! I didn't know that its ombre! 
  • Nikhil, STOP WITH THE ANNOYING VOICE. omg, I can't concentrate on what he's saying because his voice's creepiness fades everything else.
  • Tanu, thank you for stopping him. Best thing you've done in the past 100 episodes. 
  • Sarla maa, this is why going back to the Arora house would have been more beneficial. HELLO. With RoDaadi and Jhanki? What are you thinking? 
  • Abhi please dont believe them, please don't believe them. I promise I won't criticize you're future ten disagreeable actions/dialogues if you don't believe Taakhil!! *making puppy dog eyes*
  • I hope Aliyah comes back and is aware that Taakhil have dumped the blame on her. She deserves to know that much. 
  • Nikhil says "Aunty" weirdly.
  • *SHAKING MY HEAD IN UTTER DISAPPOINTMENT* Abhiii...stop apologizing. 
  • Purab, its not like Abhi has replaced Nikhil as his BFF and you can't do anything about it. GO TELL HIM THE TRUTH! 
  • Btw, heyyy Purab. He's looking fineee. 
  • The fact that Pragya, Purab, Daadi are all hanging out in MM with Taakhil in the room and just going about life is a total rolling-eyes moment. 
  • Aisa hai, Abhi. You're house is packed with vilians and you know about almost 3/4 of them! You're only not aware of Taakhil. 
  • Why doesn't anyone say anything about Sarla pointing at Taakhil? Why are they staying silent?
  • Pragz, its cute how you're trying to console Sarla about how Taakhil can't harm you guys...but please wait until Taakhil is out of the room, k thanks bye. 
  • ABHI STOP SAYING SORRY! Snap out of it!
  • I would have rather seen more movie promotions on KKB than Abhi saying sorry to Nikhil twice. 
  • Put a pillow underneath Sarla's head, Pragz, she looks so uncomfortable. 
  • When they mute plans, you know they'll be semi-successful, if not totally. So something bad is definitely to happen to Pragz. 
  • Asli ke Rockstar se shaadi kar lo, TANU! Let Abhi go! 
  • Wait, killing is to happen today?? Oh right, but in KKB world, that could mean a week. 
  • Ummm, Tanu. You won't be the owner of the house...er, getting married to Abhi doesn't technically make you owner of MM. *confused*
  • OHHH, but is she kills Pragz, she can be! I get it now, sorry. 
  • Have I mentioned how delicious Abhgya look in orange and blue? I'm glad they're not color-coordinating. You can tell summer's coming by their color choices! 
  • Abhi + strumming latin music on guitar = HOT ABHI ALERT. I dont know how he transitions from Happy Love to this. And how is Pragz not oogling him when he's strumming THAT??
  • LOL, Ani, you're right. Pragya does have boring books. We should go buy her more books! 
  • He's totally okay with her being his boss now! I love this! 
  • "Meri maalkin itni nakhreele hai" AWWW, CUTE. 
  • For someone that is so addicted to his coffee, Abhi sleeps quite frequently! I'm guesing the caffeine doesn't work for him. 
  • NO PRAGYA, naye kapre YES. He needs new clothes, you need to encourage him, not threaten him!
  • LOL at his response! Are we about to get shirtless Abhi??
  • "College mein english literature pahrati thi na?" OMG, they have a convo about her being a professor! And I'm guessing he basically answered my question from forever of whether she quit her job. Which I'm assuming she did. 
  • Pragz, baby, how many different rockstars do you listen to? And Abhi, why aren't you fuming at her statement? She listens to other rockstars' music!
  • I don't believe that she's thinking of these lyrics. Because then how could she not like Love love happy love way back then? Sorry, I'm not going to accept those lyrics, as funny as they were (and they weren't funny). Those lyrics are not Pragya-like. 
  • They're repeating all these scenes, but with a genuine Abhi. Which is good. But at the same time, I want new scenes for them. Like that eyelock after him trying to make her feel better by the pillar was something new for them. More unique scenes between Abhigya, please! 

Ehh, Episode was okayyy, I guess. There were highs and lows. I CANNOT believe they let Abhi believe Nikhil and we're back to square one on them. I dont know what we're about to get in terms of Pragya getting injured, but I'm somewhat excited to see what twist its supposed to bring to the track! 

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shaz_UAE Newbie

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Posted: 09 May 2016 at 2:27pm | IP Logged
I wish the writer\director would put some sense in the show, bhagya's mom can hand signal, move her neck and all but yet can't write?????? that is so crazy and stupid. There is so much waste of time in this show to pull the funding. I would like to see some new twist, some different topic but every episode ends about the same way, but I guess the show must stretch in same manner or else it will end.

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mili9 Goldie

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Posted: 09 May 2016 at 5:30pm | IP Logged
Good evening/morning girls! 
Disappointing and disgusting episode. Should I go on? 

Promotion, utter nonsense. It seems like they have inserted this bit into the story that was already shot. Pragya and Abhi in blue/orange yesterday where we left off, now in maroon and something else when show started and then changed back to blue/orange again? Thumbs Down. Whoever is editing this show needs to be pulled up. Can't they take care of these minor details while telecasting for a national audience? That Emraan Hashmi dude also throws some innuendos today belittling women that women spend men's moneyAngryAngry. Do they seriously think that this kind of talk is appealing to certain section of audience? Their back and forth about Abhi being a RS without any knowledge of classical music is a good oneBig smile. The date that she won't forget, May 13 seems to be all related to the movie release rather than anything we should get excited about.

Abhi, disappointing to the coreUnhappy. He is back to the gullible, ever believing self. One step forward and a dozen backwards. How can such serious things such a drafting a commission contract and a divorce deed on his behalf be taken so lightly that it almost seems like he is just waiting for a scape-goat to blame and bingo, there is the culpriThumbs Downt. Doesn't he even double check? Instead, he goes about apologizing without even knowing the facts. So the villians throw Aliya under the bus today and Abhi joins the band-wagon too readilyAngry. So now that Abhi is pursuing Pragya's like nobody's business, what is his plan with the baby package? Why isn't he asking her to take a hike, he expects her to be loyal to himAngryAngry? WTH??? No wonder the Twitch is entertaining grandiose delusions of becoming the owner of MMAngry. I think the team is wrong in thinking that he will need proof,  this dude is just waiting for somebody to tell him something to believeAngryAngry

The music on guitar was good, but asking Pragya for lyrics sounded lame and unbecoming of a RSDisapprove. This is your job, dude. Those lyrics were awful, more like what he would have written, not something a sensitive Pragya would have come up with. Again lack of attention to detail by director/writersAngry. So Pragya gets a kiss, why are we now discussing this with the TwitchAngry? So it doesn't matter whether the door is closed or open , we will be publicly broadcasting what we are doing in the bedroomAngryDead. Great going, save some money, no need for a lock on that doorWacko. BTW, I share Abhi's  shock of not having coffee, whatever limited brain cells that are working for him will not fire anymoreShocked

Pragya, blue saree is so pretty, I want one of those. This boss/employee thing is getting too old, how long does this go on?  Looks like there is no plan to out the Twitch, everybody seems to be happily cohabitingAngry while the audience is impatient with this equation. 

Sarla maa, vigorously movingBig smile but not writing anything. Disgusting to see a helpless woman abused and taunted, such poor taste. The poor lady can't show any agitation/irritability, the well meaning doctor shut her up so quickly, what is the use? DeadNo need to find out what it is that is agitating her, physical or emotional???Angry

Takhil, utter disgust, don't know how long we have to bear these two low-lifes? Angry. So both of them throw Aliya under the bus, they have no fear or doubt whether Abhi believes or not, they know him too well, they just come up with lies on the fly. Wasn't she just bawling yesterday about Aliya being thrown out of the house? AngryAngry. Taunting Sarla maa about losing both daughters, her greed to marry them in 'high-class' households was just hitting too low. Do we have to hear this? 

Overall, I am disappointed with everybody today including Emraan Hashmi and the doctor. Total crap to say the leastAngry

Sorry guys, this is it from me. 

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mili9 Goldie

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Posted: 09 May 2016 at 5:35pm | IP Logged
Naina, good luck with your exams. You will be fineStar. Humaare duaen tumhaare saath hain.
Another entertaining and comprehensive review for a disgusting episode. 

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Naina- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 16 January 2016
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Posted: 09 May 2016 at 5:36pm | IP Logged
Mili, you nailed it! Thumbs Up

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mili9 Goldie

Joined: 15 April 2016
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Posted: 09 May 2016 at 5:39pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Naina-

Mili, you nailed it! Thumbs Up

Naina, I think we posted at the same time. Look at my second post from today. 

Good luck with your exams. You will do just fineStar

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