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anamika.viji IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 May 2016 at 1:26am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Raji9

Hello gals Hug
Great reviews , Thanks for sharing here.

Well wanna share my views on latest Abhigya dynamics..Infact it is more with some thing that is bugging me ..

I am not finding comic/silly flirting of Abhi appealing at this point of time given the whole context in mind..

Till the coffee scene it was adorable though it was sudden realization from him .. After that I did not like Abhi going in this way after he realized Pragya is same old Pragya he loved. It was not at all justifying the whole anguish feeling he emoted through out the track ..

If he really realized she is the same old Pragya and wearing facade now .. He should have also realized Pragya never hurt him or distance herself from him for smallest reasons ..and should have realized that some thing big should have made her to wear the facade ..

I would love to see Abhi investing time on 'Why' factor behind her not confessing her love rather than making her confess love. Because that will be the time invested in his love..He should really give a minute thought about her Majbooris and what is she going through . Instead he is just happy like a child longing for a candy and happy with the idea of having that ..Again self-indulgent love from Abhi..He is making himself busy with his Pragya/fuggy fantasized world and acting like there is no other problem around him in this world is not apprealing to his age and RS position..Ouch

he should not ignore the incident happened before the day that his whole family was present in Lawyers office and he found a conspiracy going behind his back..

I know I hold little critic view for Abhi but that is because I have seen quite smart and responsible Abhi before in Kidnapping track and when Pragya was behaving rude with Dadi .. That Abhi is angry and arrogant(not in offensive way) man but still goes to bottom of the problem and solves it ..

And Pragya deciding to not confess her feelings to her husband until she accomplishes her mission is totally out of world and insane.. And that is not correct given that she knows he is not at fault .. I am not ignoring the deeds that he has done before .. Still it is unfair ..

So totally on the whole , the new dynamics are not making much sense to me.. But yea it is entertaining and better than seeing forever manipulations from YKW..

Hopefully the day will come either Pragya exposes the villains and tell the truth to her husband or Abhi ever try to find out the truth on his own .. 

@bold -Clap !! I think all r feeling  exactly the same way !! To go in tht way, it will take another year for CVS !! DK,for which muhurat our CVS r waiting ?! 

Already tht ykw is roaming around freely ..now again aliya is caught !! When will they make abhi to go searching for the reason behind LM avatar !! Without him having doubt on baby , T is not going to leave from abhigya's life Angry

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chubbygirl IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 May 2016 at 2:01am | IP Logged
Yesterday's episode another main highlight was Mithali taunting TanuLOLshe was telling Pragya is allowing you here is itself a big thing.When Pragya asks to start Tanu was too funny.Don't no why Pragya wants to prove Abhi about Alaiya.BB is her sister so why can't she punish AlaiyaConfused
Always expecting Abhi to punish the culpritSleepy

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Naina- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 May 2016 at 7:13am | IP Logged
Throwbacking to Monday's Episode, Finally! 
Note: Sorry, please bear with me. Btw, I missed you guys, even if it was only four days Embarrassed
  • Was Abhi wearing that pink shawl as a groom? I dont think sooo...
  • Um, Abhi. You were at fault too that day. She didn't take out papers from her back jeans pocket and get Pragz to "accidentally" sign the papers. She only intoxicated her to ease your weight of the job. Psh, stop the blame game. 
  • I'm sorry, Abhi can't wear black sherwanis and expect me to be paying attention to what he's saying. 
  • "Aur ab yeh shaadi kabhi hone bhi nahi wali" Was that a discrete way of Abhi breaking up with Tanu? 
  • I'm sorry btw, but Leena as Tanu doesn't work for me. I don't find her delivery powerful enough. I never find Tabhi scenes as intense or as "whatever" they're supposed to be. Maybe its just the Tanu effect thats getting to me? I like Leena as a person! Just...she doesn't cut it as Tanu for me. *Shrugs* Moving on with life. 
  • Abhi you're not upset...stop lying. 
  • WHY are you contemplating whether you're happy or not. Hellooo lemme rewind to five days ago (okay maybe an episode ago since I'm watching late) You were wishing that the marriage be broken! Short term memory loss much...
  • I like Tanu's bridal dress though
  • Aww team Prada enjoying their success...but dont, because then I'll feel like you guys are about to lose, okay?
  • I LOVE PUKAASH! Rachna and Bulbul got nice hubbies. 
  • Umm, Daadi, you haven't done any "sach ka saath!" What are you talking about Willis? 
  • LOL, no Tanu. You are not the first dulhan to be putting away your dress without getting married! Ironically, but Aliyah and Pragya have done the same! Short term memory loss is a childhood problem in MM. 
  • Pragz, I dont like this confidence. Stop wasting your time taunting Tanu. No point, babes. It doesn't add to the hot factor.
  • Tanu, I'd leave if I was you. Abhi doesn't like you. Pragz is the owner. You know the whole MM family is on Pragz's side. Aliyah always fails. Like how do you even expect to succeed? 
  • OKAY. So Abhi realized she loves him. Fine, because she came and stopped the wedding. I'll take it, I guess. But it took you SO long Abhi. Like I'm still a little disappointed it took you this long. Not a little. Very disappointed. Its ruining my relief that you've finally figured it out. 
  • Abhi closed the door!!! Put a lock on it too!
  • He wants to dim the lights, Pragz, because his lightbulb flashed ON FINALLY AND HOW! 
  • AHHH! I love him taking off the watch! I always wanted him to notice her watch!! But why did you throw it on the bed? Why not the nightstand? Toot jayega! 
  • As much as I love Pragz's earrings...I love the studs! Makes her look even cuter!
  • Abhi Abhi Abhi. Always taking friendship to the next level way too quickly. He did that last time too. He confessed the day after they became friends LOL. 
  • "When you hide things, you forget that everything can be seen in your eyes" UMM, Abhi, dont act as if you knew all along. You just figured it out five seconds ago. 
  • "Looking in the eye no jhapak game" LOLLL HOW CUTE! They're going to consciously have an eyelock competition!! *Crossing this off my bucketlist of things I want Abhigya to do*
  • Pragz, loll, why did you agree to the game? Just curious...
  • All these new background musics on them!
  • So I guess unless the eyelock is done with full awareness, you can never tell if someone loves you or not. *sigh*
  • Aww, this Abhi reminds me of the smart Abhi from start of pregnancy track. Much better Abhi than undecisive, dont-know-what-to-do Abhi. Thumbs Up
  • Is this a role reversal track? Where Abhi is waiting for Pragz's confession? Like how Pragz waited for Abhi to reciprocate her feelings right after the kidnapping track? Hey, I could like this! I like Pragz playing hard-to-get, though theres no need for it since she should just tell him the truth.  
  • I love forehead kisses!! There is something very protective, very sincere about them. 
  • He's rubbing off her lipstick!! OMG! Pragz, do you wear lipstick before going to bed? Or was that just a really good lipstick brand that hasn't worn off from earlier this morning?? Because my lipstick wears off in 30 minutes!
  • He's holding her hand, not the closet door!! OMG! 
  • Abhi! *waving hand amongst a much taller crowd than me* Abhi Abhi Abhi! LOCK THE DOOR! Robin's coming! I've watched the segments!! 
  • Awww, Robin. Did he see anything or no? 
  • I like how Pragz has turned the tables on him! Go Pragz go! 
  • I LOVEEE how they're sitting, kneeling on the bed together. SO freaking cute!
  • He's trembling by her just putting her hand on his cheek? Omg!! He's melting faster than Pragz! I LOVE THIS! 
  • I still think Abhi is more of her weakness than she is for him. But I like how she changed from shy Pragz to HOT Pragz in two seconds! TiSha's role reversal was Ah-mazing!!
  • Literally, she's only carressing his cheek! And he's shaking!! Shabz's voice modulation is a must watch! But er, you guys have already watched...
  • How is she "matlabi" Abhi? You were doing so much more than her just two minutes ago. 
  • LOLL, Abhi getting scared of her! 
  • HER WINK! Sriti, this woman crush is forever, I guess Embarrassed
  • I'm glad she knows Taaliyah are going to do something bad. But why do you need to keep Abhi in hiding? 
  • They switched blankets!! What if he became more attached to her blanket than his favorite pillow??
  • Can I not watch the Daadi scene? But I like Rachna, so maybe I should continue watching. She's too cute!
  • Ew. Nikhil and his ugly vests. Coming back after a night at the club mixing some cool tunes. DJ at night...Creeper everytime else. 
  • I like Taaliyahakhil in stress. Nikhil, stop flirting with Aliyah (he's not actually). Neels coming to do that job!
  • Nothings going to happen. I dont see Nikhil going to Pragya for help. Why would he when he knows Pragz knows about him? 
That was a good episode! Still confused how it took Abhi 10 months to figure out she loves him in one day! After making us wait for this moment for so long, its just overwhelming to know it finally happened...and that too, in the first five minutes of the episode. But anyways, Abhigya got more intimate with each other!! And TiSha did awesome!! Just when you think they've peaked hotness...they prove you wrong. Blushing

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mili9 Goldie

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Good morning/evening  girls!
Raji, here are my thoughts. 

I posted in the AT I believe, the need of the hour is a driven Abhi, a thinking Abhi, a meaning business Abhi, a getting to the bottom of whatever Abhi. But we have a loony Abhi, a childish Abhi, a complete goof ball Abhi. Suddenly all his talk about taking fake baby responsibility, baby without baap is all out the window. Now the baby package and the baby don't factor into his equation at all. Suddenly, when fake divorce papers surfaced, it seems like his slate is wiped clean, don't know why. Don't get me wrong, I love to see Abhi and Pragya together, romancing and so in love,  but not without sorting out their major problem, the Twitch. I hate his lines about being stuck between two women, this is leaving such a bitter taste. I don't know if the writers are catering to a certain sub-set of audience but this is so ewww...Angry. If he is so sure of his feelings for Pragya and wants to follow his heart, bring his Fuggy back, blah and blah, why keep the Twitch around? Spare wheel ? AngrySettle scores with her. Energy wasted on making Pragya confess, when her actions are screaming of her love. Yes, he needs to move on to the WHY? 

Coming to Pragya, completely wacko reasoning for staying away from Abhi or avoiding confessing her feelings,  so she can concentrate on enemies. Is there a time limit to getting rid of THE  enemies, what if more come out of the woodwork? . No reason now to tolerate the Twitch in the house. Especially when she presumably got tricked into signing the divorce papers, she has a more than good enough reason to get hopping mad at the Twitch and throw her out. When she has Abhi more than willing to do her bidding, at her beck and call, why not just give him the truth? 

And the Twitch, now she forgot about saying naajaaish bacha  anymore. The baby still will be coming na in the next 2 months, so why suddenly that is not even an issue anymore is beyond me. It seems like she and everybody else is resigned to saying that the wedding can never happen. She is just twiddling her thumbs and free loading. AngryDon't get me wrong, I am ecstatic that this stupid wedding won't happen, but for different reasons. 

As for the writers, I feel like whoever is writing this has a case of ADD and they are making all the characters with ADD. No thought is completed, no compelling reason for a sequence before it is dropped off as a hot potato. In the process, they are butchering the characters, especially Abhi's. I don't know how long we can tolerate this flirting Abhi, unless he gets serious about it. Other than taking whatever we are fed at face-value, sadly, we don't seem to have a choice. Ouch

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Raji9 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 May 2016 at 10:35am | IP Logged
Hiii Mili .. Ditto..Thanks for sharing your thoughts .. 
I share your rant in fact every word in it Hug

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Raji9 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 May 2016 at 10:37am | IP Logged
Hii Minaaa.. where are you ???  watched today's episode ????
NEEL SAID..  I LOVE YOU TO ALIYAH ..Omg Nelliyah is real not a delusion..Smile

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Naina- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 May 2016 at 12:52pm | IP Logged
Tuesday's Episode! I'll try to keep this short...maybe not. 
  • I just want to rip that sling and bandaid off of Aliya. Really girl, its not a good accessory on you. But you seem to be in denial
  • Why doesn't anyone ever fall for Aliyah? She's hot, she's smart and she has a good fashion sense. Oh right, she's beyond cray cray. 
  • Why didn't Aliyah make this "blaming Pragya for fraud" plan 10 MONTHS AGO??? HELLOO, CVS, SOH RAHE THE?
  • AHHH HELLO NEEELL! *waving and jumping and excitement* 
  • Aliyah how did you not remember his voice? Aliyah-JI? Stop pretending to be disinterested. 
  • I missed Neel. *sigh* Neel, you're a much better villian than Nikhil. Sometimes I wish you were the baby daddy so that you had more screen time, but then again, WHY would I want that horrible fate for you. 
  • Him calling Aliyah a "bandariya" gave me "Aww" vibes than anything else. Way to make us all ship Neliyah, Mina!!
  • YES YES YES leave Tanu! Move to Sweden and go annoy someone else!
  • Why is Abhi sleeping upside down on the couch with a grin? After giving her the neck kiss? Wink
  • Heyyy major throwback to when Abhi dipped her fingers in the coffee!! Still one of my favorite scenes. 
  • "Jagta hoon toh Mogambo banti hai, aur raat ko jab sohta hoon, toh meri Fuggi ban jaati hai" ABHI WHERE WAS YOUR BRAIN all this time? I'm so glad you've figured it out! *Giving him a hi-five* But stop the Mogambo/Fuggy business. Its just Pragya, got it? 
  • Guys lets all take a minute to just "taar" down Pragz, in the words of Abhi. LOOK AT HER SAREE! She looks so freakin gorgeous!
  • Why is he touching her arm so much? And he's dancing his fingers on her! What is going on? I'm not used to this!!
  • "Yeh coffee nah Mogambo mere liye layi hai na Fuggyi" THERE we go!! Good job Abhi. You're doing so well! I'll forgive you for the next mistake you're going to make soon. 
  • "Gheeli gheeli si...Coffee pila do na" ROFL Shouldn't have thought this was as funny as it was. 
  • Him trying to bite her fingers! OMG, we're getting physically attracted Abhigya!! What is happening? 
  • Why is Neel in MM? Again, I dont get why Abhi doesn't have millions of fans packed in MM...since security is so horrible. Like, literally the guy that shot Abhi is standing his foyer. *shaking my head*
  • So Vijay was Neel's guy? How long as Neel been free? Why was he free from charges of attempted murder? 
  • Why was NEEL BROUGHT FOR THIS? Are you kidding me? He has better evil capabilities than this, CVs
  • Neel, last I remember, you had charged Purvi of kidnapping, in exchange that Taaliyah kill Bulbul. Because if you dont get Bulbul, no one should get Bulbul. Toh ek taaran se toh tumhara kaam kar liya Aliyah ne...
  • Neel why do you need 10 lakhs? What are you planning? Whats the vacation destination? 
  • Seriously, thank you Pragz for calling Tanu's words "Faltu." Thats exactly what I think of this scene. 
  • Yayyy, we have scenes outside of MM! I always liked Purab's house. 
  • I LOVE how Purab corrected Abhi when he said "Woh Mogambo jo hai nah-" "Pragya Di." Again, Bulbul shouldn't have left behind such a good hubby. *sad for Rabul*
  • LOL "Tujhe bhi pehle shukh hua tha na?" Abhi asking that to Purab. 
  • Abhirab are acting like teenage girls, with Abhi explaining all the little details of his kiss with Pragya. Babe, even Pragz hasn't done this. Oh wait, Pragz doesn't have anyone to share girly details with. *again, really sad*
  • Details me mat ghussna!! LOLL. That was subtly for us, guys. Details me mat ghuss. 
  • LOLL Abhirab scene is HILARIOUS!!! Props to Arjit for keeping up with Shabz on the comic timing!
  • "Mein uske pyar me doobna chahta hoon, aur doob ke tehrna chahta hoon" LOL, he's literally acting it out!! 
  • Loll, Abhi, if she comes back as dayaan...you still betta love her. Thats the point. You love Pragya! Not Fuggy. STOP WITH THE FUGGY! 
  • Aliyah is becoming dumb and dumber. Precap of her stealing money out of Pragz closet. Like whats new? 
This had so many light moments, just like the prepregnancy/post-kidnapping track of when Rabul were trying to get Abhi to reciprocate Pragya's confession! Same funny/light atmosphere. I just dont understand why Neel has been brought back. Please not just for this Aliyah exposure. He deserves a better storyline. Because CVs, you could have brought Vijay to do what Neel is being used for right now. 

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anamika.viji IF-Rockerz

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Naina ...Heart your reviews Hug

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