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Posted: 28 April 2016 at 11:49pm | IP Logged


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Raji9 IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by -mina-



I am loving your excitement on this .. May be I have never seen you this excited .. Cute ..Heart .. All thanks to Neel Smile

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Cerealgirl IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by anishapoudel


Hi, welcome!!Smile
anishapoudel IF-Rockerz

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neel coming back to kkb is a good sign don't forget if pragya has not kidnapped by neel abhi would take more time to realize his feeling only coz of neel they were together i love neel he unites abhigya as a couple Wink do meone favour neel expose tanu and that nikhil onlyu aliyan u can stay forever

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Raji9 IF-Dazzler

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Grr ..Episode started with Dadi's Bhashan .. The fierce Dadi is more annoying than normal Dadi ..Oh god she is straight forward in her expectations And it is absolutely Pragz fault to take her words as bible..

Ughhh .. Abhi never does any thing to Pragz on his own..He sees with other peoples eyes and thinks with other people's brain ..Every time he has to be told by Dadi/Purab/Friend/Producer/Auto driver about his wife and her feelings..
And wait what a stupid interpretation of Purab's advice.. Purab sounded like Abhi should support and cheer-up Pragz becuse she is broken from inside.. And Abhi babu is like this is my last night to do what ever I want .. such a wild thought AbhiiiShocked

I already mentioned it in AT .. Though the context is mother of bizarre.. I like how they executed the scene when he talked about their first meeting and asked Pragz that if he can lift her once again ..He started conversation about their first meeting with cutely boasting him self for saving her life. When she clarified that she already told that was not any suicide attempt ..His cutesy defense with flirty glitter in his eyes was damn good saying she did not know how to swim so that infers he saved her from dying...LOL  and in return he wants her to allow her to lift in his arms.. Shocked Chalo .. not a bad deal.. jaan bachaaya toh itna toh kar hi sakti hai ..And the way Pragz rolled her eyes and said theek hai was awww..Embarrassed

Dude you could make her smile for few seconds with your outlandish reasoning.. congo .. shango ..Dancing

OK lifting is over and first wish is granted..then what .. ek second please .. ek minute please .. ek aur wish please .. Oh Man what do you want ?? Seriously she is not your fairy to fulfill all your odd wishes ..Dont you think reminding all those suhag symbols at this time is very wrong Angryand it will tease her saying she cannot have them after this day .. Why did  it not occur to you ???Confused

Well the bright part is Abhi remembers smallest details of every accedential meeting with Pragz..That is cute..Day Dreaming  But Bro .. let me tell you again ..very bad timing..Wait a minute ..all the flash back scenes were with Chashmish..  were you in love with Chashmish too ?? .. that is not our delusion then..Thanks for clarifying it ..

And Abhi's disappointment when she rejected to wear Bridal dress is .. so funny or so weird ..dont know what I felt ..Aww he cant take any sort of rejection from her ..But seriously ..Dude .. check out the context please .. You have not come to your second honey moon and wanna see your wife in bridal joda again ..You are asking her to relive those moments before the day she looses every thing related to the so called marriage..It will rip her from inside .. Be human for few minutes please ...Ouch

And Tadaaa!! Pragz is  ready with bridal attire in the morning .. She is gone case .. I just hope no girl takes her as example ...Only she can cater such wishes before/on day of separation .. It amuses me how she never wrongs him ..Absolutely she does and can do anything literally ANY THING to make him happy .. Oh gosh ..What did he do to get her ..Only if he realizes that .. sigh !!!

Oh Abhi thinking that as a dream is very cute though..His excitement and her hesitant reactions were awesome and teat to watch..Sriti's bridal make up made her look more than of her age..But nevertheless she is heavenly beautiful ..

And Abhi got motivation to live after seeing her in that dress .. HOW ???  If any one understands his twisted mind .. please help me to understnad .. And what is aakhrii wish .. he wanted her to come with him to his wedding ??? Again BE HUMAN ALERT !!!!

Over all I found the episdoe was so funny .. I seriously dont know whether I like it or not .. LOL

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.Vrish. Viewbie

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Posted: 29 April 2016 at 3:03am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Cerealgirl

Bold - You lost me here, Vrish! Smile What's a proper shave??Confused

I meant he should either be cleanshaven, or have a full beard.  Right now, he's horribly groomed

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Cerealgirl IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by .Vrish.

Originally posted by Cerealgirl

Bold - You lost me here, Vrish! Smile What's a proper shave??Confused

I meant he should either be cleanshaven, or have a full beard.  Right now, he's horribly groomed

I'll check him out today.Smile
Naina- IF-Sizzlerz

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Tonights Episode! 4/29- One year Anniversary...and we're still not there. 
Note: I am prepared to be just as lost as yesterday. I've come fully prepared. Here we go...

  • Augh, I was doubtful whether this scene was with body doubles...and it was. Ruins everything. 
  • "Jo pyar humne kiya hai...jo zindagi humne jiya hai" Heyyy, it rhymed! Okay, sorry, back to the scene. Kaun si zindagi jiya hai?? 
  • Er, is Pragya supposed to come take you by your hands and make you sit at the mandap? Well, I guess thats what you did during Pragya's MMS wedding. So i guess its okay if you expect the same treatment. 
  • Its like this story just resumed from August when he had confessed and she had said you need to marry Tanu. Its like the past ten months didn't even happen...you could have easily not watched the whole mogambo track and watched this episode after the confession episode and it would have all made sense. I think Mina mentioned this yesterday too. 
  • Abhi you didn't make use of the fact that you both shared a room together. You didn't even share the same sleeping area, what are you talking about? 
  • Pragz's bangs are bothering me. 
  • Pragz, no you guys did not share a life together!! What are YOU talking about??
  • Did Pragz wear that jewelry at the wedding? I wouldnt know since I never watched those episodes. 
  • Also, I kinda like how Abhi keeps mentioning he loves her, but Pragz never reiterates it back. Sure, its obvious she does too by all her actions and expressions...but she hasn't verbally reciprocated back. And Abhi always needs verbal assurance. 
  • Why isn't she okay with coming to your wedding, Abhi? Um, even if your friends now, babe, it doesn't make it okay for your ex-wife to be comfortable coming to a wedding where she gets reminded that the two of you ruined her chances of a good married life! HELLO! 
  • "Un ache dinon ke liye, mein hamesha aap ka saath doongi. Lekin jo din maine takhleef me guzari, jo raatein maine akele roh kar guzari, jo feelings main kisi ko bata nahi sakti, uss sab ki vajah se mein aap ki shaadi mein nahi aa sakti" OMGGG!!! SHE SAID THIS? WHAT? GO PRAGZ GO! I cannot believe she said this! Go you for reminding him that you've had a painful, lonely journey. Best line of the episode, I can guarantee it already! 
  • Woah, Abhi. Where did your so-called guilt go? You getting married to your pregnant girlfriend because you cheated on your wife. HOW is that her fault? Unless you know you're not the baby daddy...which you dont. So stop sulking, because from whatever little you know, you SHOULD feel guilty for what you did to her. Its your fault. You kept a girlfriend in this relationship. You never gave your marriage a chane until you realized your girlfriend was pregnant. And then you expected her to stay with you, though you never wanted to stay with her in the first place. STOP YOUR SELF-PITY.
  • Omg, Pragz, why am I defending you alone? Why do you think he's samajhdaar?? What are you talking about? How did his self-pity look like samajhdari to you??
  • Then tell him the truth babe! He's all yours! 
  • Robin, bechara, please leave. I'm still so sad at your story from yesterday. How insensitive are the MM members? Leave, go to school, find a good shareef girl, and live your life!
  • Ummm. Abhi there is a way to stop this from happening. Talk to Tanu and tell her that you guys can raise the baby without getting married. Have you not seen other celebs? How are you part of the entertainment industry? Why hoping Pragz does something? Thats why you blame her, because you're a lazy bum, yaar. 
  • Tanu's mom is wearing the glittery saree!!! LOLLL, but its white, not gold or pink. 
  • LOLLL, Tanu's dad made me crack up. "Humein laga Abhi receive karne aayega...lekin, iss Nikhil ko kyun bhaijdiya? Aur humay saasu-maa aur sasur-ji keh ke bula raha hai!!" His expressions + the background music + Nikhil smiling in the back was just hilarious for some reason! Nikhil made me laugh for the FIRST AND LAST TIME ever!
  • Tanu, what a stupid excuse for Nikhil's actions. 
  • I liked that Pukash didn't give him a compliment!
  • Pragz, nice job telling Daadi to leave her alone. And I like the yellow saree
  • Pragz, but Tanu is glowing! She's pregnant, she's supposed to glow! Unless she isn't pregnant. GUYS, SHES NOT GLOWING, SHES NOT PREGNANT! 
  • "Agar tumhara pyar sacha hota, Tanu, toh shayad tumhe itna intezaar bhi nahi karna parta" NICE. Look at Tanu's faltering smile. 
  • Tanu indirectly agreeing that Pragya's love is true is so satisfying yet uncomfortable at the same time.
  • I loved the small glance Abhi gave Tanu. Like he's so unhappy. I just dont get why Tanu doesn't get that? 
  •  Pictures aisi hi aayengi Tanu. And your cushion is gonna show up in the pictures too. Hate to break it to you. 
  • If the track was indeed ending at the mandap, I would have enjoyed this episode SO MUCH MORE. Like there is intensity today...enough for things to end. CVS end it here!!! Please!
  • Daadi, Pragz isn't going to stay here. Let her go. You failed as a Daadi and a Saasu-maa. Let her gooo, let her gooo! *singing let it go from frozen*
  • Why didn't Abhigya get an outdoorsy location for their wedding? *pouting*
  • Guys, if I didn't know better, I'd think Tabhi marriage might happen. Because its not happening in MM!
  • "Tanu ke pait me bacha hai...phir bhi unko Tanu bachi lag rahi hai!" What is it with unfunny people making me laugh today??
  • Wait, did Tanu's mom change her saree? So that glittery white saree was just her airport style? Shocked
  •  Leena actually looks pretty. 
  • Nive pointed this out in the AT. They keep showing Abhi peeking out of the veil to ensure you its not a body double!! LOL 
  • Ooh, he has flashbacks to MMS pragz. Now you know how it feels, huh Abhi? Should have hugged her harder then. I should be enjoying this. But I love you too, and I feel bad for you and your pain-stricken-gharmi-mein-bothered face. 
  • Daadi, he HAS done something that he has to lower his face in shame for. Thats why he's sitting here!Just because he's not the baby daddy doesn't mean he couldn't have been the baby daddy!  What are you talking about?
  • AWW. Purab apologizing to Bulbul. Purab, you can tell Abhi the truth, though. 
  • Tanu's mom-stop talking. Tanu's dad-stop talking. 
  • How is her going to come to your wedding gonna help you? Oh yeah, thats what you did at Suresh and Pragya's wedding. Sorry, I keep forgetting. 
  • Aliyah looks pretty. Random side note, so happy for Shikha and her pending marriage!
  • Did you Taaliyah really need a bathroom break for five minutes to talk sh*t about Pragz? They're such teenagers. 
  • Again, WHY CVS WHY? Why couldn't you end it here? This was a perfect way to end it! 
  • Imagine there was no baby track and Abhi was getting married right now because of fooling Pragz during that Lohri business deal and she walked out on him? Better storyline. 
  • Purab's looking nice too! Look at all their expressions...no one saying a word is horrible. Everyone but Abhi and Tanu's parents know. And Mithali, but who cares. 
  • Woah, wedding almost happened there! This isn't as horrible to watch as I thought it'd be. 
  • LOL at everyone thinking about Pragya at the wedding. 
  • Wait that wasn't seven rounds, was it?? 
  • Awww, so this is why we're getting steamy Abhigya scenes. Because Abhi's going to be super estatic she stopped the wedding, as per his silent wishes. Nadz, you were right!! But Abhi, YES, TUM PEECHE HAT SAKTE HO! 
  • Pragz babe, what an entry! I love all the reactions!! Woah, she yelled "Rukh jaiye" from a mile away. 
  • Mogambo alert!!! I like the background music! Im loving her smile!
  • Precap=bringing in the chasma!
Today's episode was MUCH MUCH BETTER than yesterday, only because things made sense! Things moved forward and how! Tabhi marriage wasn't so horrible to watch. Pragz made a heroic entry. But this should be the ending of the track. Its a year today, to be exact. This was the perfect way to stop it all. Bring in Nikhil, tell them the truth and BAM, pregnancy track becomes a part of the past, finally. But CVs are the biggest sadists I have ever come across. Either they're too creatively-challenged to think of a new track...or they're lazier than Abhi. 


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