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Posted: 27 April 2016 at 12:12am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Naina-

  • And has anyone mentioned his razor-cut hair yet or should I innaugurate the curiousity of when Nikhil went from "Formal and business-like" to "Hitting clubs as a DJ" Nikhil? 
  • Wait, Tanu said all the truths out loud? Maybe this could be used later for a point when Abhi heard her from behind the door?
  • WHY ISN'T ANYONE TELLING HIMMM??? He's practically begging each one of them!
  • Brownie points to Abhi for asking Nikhil what the hell he's doing here. 
  • Okay, I'm liking this. Him asking Pragya to tell him what she's hiding. Its a win/win situation, Pragz. Its not like you've done anything wrong! He's coaxing you to tell him in front of an uncomfortable Taaliyahkhil! Might as well make use of it and spill the beans! 
  • I'm guessing since I watched today's episode before watching Monday's episode, I don't find Abhi as pro-active as everyone else felt. He basically knows everyone is hiding something from him. Which is actually a big development. But I guess the drag effect is killing the intensity. Had this happened four months ago, I'd be more satisfied. 
  • Aliyah Mehra?? So she still gets to keep the last name? Anways, way to shut creepy Nikhil up! Go Aliyah Go! 
Hmmm...I'm not sure whether I liked the episode or not lolll. Abhi was definitely the star of the episode after quite a while. And Shabz did wonderful, but thats stating the obvious!! However, I think everyone staying silent kinda ruined it for me.

This episode would have been MUCH more satisfying had it come 4-5 months ago. Ermm

Nainu!!! You posted your review at the exact same time I posted my comment so I didn't realize you had reviewed LOL

Basically I agreee with youuu WORD to everything!! Especially the quoted and bolded bits.

For my part I didn't really think Abhi was the star of Monday's episode. It was just too sad - approaching pathetic - to have Abhi going from person to person and getting shut out for no discernible reason and having nothing to do but question dead air. And I didn't think he was being pro-active...although I suppose yes, making it all the way out of the house to figure out where people are is a lot more pro-active than his other choices just then (mainly...doing nothing). Knowing that he was called there further undercuts taking this as a display of initiative, at least for me anyway - and it sure would make a difference to know who called him!

Anyway, I would agree that everyone staying silent ruined it for me. It's like he was talking to the walls of an empty room - an unsettling feeling which is probably why I just decided the episode didn't make any sense to me. And bottom line - yes, it would have meant more and been better if it had come sooner. All this drag is really killing all understandable forms of storytelling...either they're going to wrap this up in some supremely underwhelming way that could've been predicted and would've made sense ages ago, or they're going to find something so spectacular it will wipe our minds mostly clear of a year of stretching...whatever that might be LOL

Actually if I had to pick I'd say Tanu was the star of Monday's episode. She certainly got a lot of time to shine. I think that's why I liked Tuesday's episode much better. None of the characters dominated the screen time, which is good since none of them are doing, feeling, thinking, or saying anything useful or interesting right now. I liked all the scene changes and the sense that stuff was happening, even when some of it was inexplicable (Raj stuff) or irritating (TaAliya gynac report chaal) or both (Mithali manipulating Indu Daasi).

Also guys what was Prags getting from the top of the closet in Tuesday's ep and why???

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Prani , Nainuu , Mili,kratikamonange .. awesome reviews gals ...Clap
Mina .. Love your show .. these days I look forward to your show more than the original soap.. Thank you for rocking it .. Clap

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.Vrish. Viewbie

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Posted: 27 April 2016 at 1:53am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Cerealgirl

I'm giving 50-50 chance they won't split up. Mostly now that new BB actress quit KKB and went with another show what else are they gonna show?? They won't be divorced either. So...:))!

Was she ever really in the serial?  She had a couple of episodes, maybe, then disappeared.  I just don't see how they'd resurrect BB again.  Maybe they could do Purab's exit by having him get a call from his native place that BB showed up there, and get him to leave.  Then the CVs can make Aliya Pragya's permanent nemesis, and get rid of Tanu.

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Posted: 27 April 2016 at 3:13am | IP Logged
Okay, finally caught up w/ the last few episodes.

I liked Monday's episode for one major reason: Abhi has stumbled upon facts that can only make him suspicious of Nikhil, for starters, and probably Taliya as things unfold.  He turned up at the lawyer's office and stumbled upon quite a bit: Tanu, who was trying to dissuade him from joining her for ice cream, and then the document that had Nikhil earning a 30% commission on everything he did.  The exculpatory evidence that he stumbled upon didn't do any damage to Pragya's cause, since it told him nothing about Pragya's being in cahoots w/ Purab, Akash, Dadi, Rachu, et al.  But it did give him enough reasons to suspect Nikhil, who he said he'd contact him later, and Tanu, who was there when she told him she was out to get ice cream.

Aliya & Nikhil's confrontation was sprinkles on the ice cream.  I don't know whether others see it that way, but I saw it as an inkling of how things will unfold.  Nikhil now hates Aliya and is likely to sabotage her plans, not just Tanu's.  Aliya tried to sell him on supporting Tanu's marriage, but Nikhil's chances of getting anything are zilch, thanks to Abhi actually reading what was in the documents that Purab was trying to burgle.  Since he has both a greed for the cash, and an emotional attachment to his baby, and is currently getting neither, it makes more sense for him to betray Tanu in the hopes that he'll at least get his baby, if not its mom.

Also, I'm not getting where Tanu's threats to Pragya come from.  If Abhi & Tanu marry, Pragya just has to turn them  both out of the house, since the property papers are still in her name: all Pragya signed was the divorce.  In fact, if she is willing to risk Abhi being temporarily married to Tanu for some time b4 he discovers the truth about her, that would  be a good plan to execute.  Let them marry, kick them both out of the house (w/o getting emotional about Abhi's comfort), and then let Abhi see for himself how much Tanu is willing to suffer for him.  Even if Tanu doesn't budge, Nikhil, who would now be getting squat, would have more reasons to expose everything to Abhi.  And Aliya?  She wants to ruin Abhi, but once he's out, Pragya has no reason to keep her in either, since it would be her decision and her decision alone.  She could turn Aliya not into the outhouse but into the streets.  Seriously, I'm tired of Pragya putting up w/ their empty threats.

Also, I think that in the background, Abhi is gathering information.  He's already threatened the lawyer, and I find it inconceivable that the lawyer will risk his job/client over the privacy of a family member of the client.  He's bound to tell Abhi that Tanu & Aliya are behind this.  And Nikhil.  Also, he's asked Nikhil to see him later.  Nikhil has to recognize w/ all this that the game is up, and told Abhi all.  I think Abhi knows all that at least from Taliya's side, and may even have therefore figured out Pragya, Dadi, Purab, Rakash, et al.  If one fits that into a template of what Abhi is doing, it all makes sense.  He is setting Tanu up for a major disappointment, where he'll at a time & place of his choosing, blow her cover.  Also, he's annoyed at having been kept in the dark by Pragya & all, and has therefore chosen to torment them as well.  He's probably already got all the facts from Nikhil & the lawyer, and it's just a question of throwing it in Taliya's face.

I liked Raj resurfacing last night & making it clear to Taliya that he's taking no sides.  In fact, I think he's taking Abhi's side, and would probably help him in hunting down Taliya.

Other thing - I don't think this track will drag on for the whole IPL - this is the time they can expose things and move on to the next track, where maybe just Aliya is the villain and Takhil are married & behind bars.

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Awesome review Vrish ... 
have many doubts and u gave a perfect explanation to all of them... 

now after reading ur review even i started think tat ~Abhi might be upto something in the BG.. but we might not knw abt it until the exposure..

and i agree with u as u said Nikhil might tell ~Abhi things n make a deal with him... coz now Nikhil is in trouble n he knw tat Taaliya ditched him.. 

lets w8 n see how things will turn out.. 

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Thoughts on Tonights Episode 4/27!-GIF Edition

Its not comment-worthy. So only gifs: 




(This is specifically Sowmzz after her reaction on the AT, LOL) 


NOTE: Sriti still managed to look hot during that otherwise never-ending scene. 


No ones truthful. If Purab was honest with Abhi, it'd be more meaningful. 

Same precap. PRAGZ, SAY NO TO HIS OFFER OF CARRYING YOU! (Though the Abhigya shipper in me wants to see it happen at the same time)

The only good thing about he episode was that when villians are given a whole episode to trash the leads and boast about their awesomeness...you know Pragz is about to win in some big way. Its sad, but thats how Pragz always wins...after getting humiliated to no extent. 

Just stay ever so patient as you already are. And a HUGE hug for everyone, because I know this track is wearing all of us down. 

They'll be together someday, Embarrassed

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today's ep: upsetting Pinch

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kratikamonange Senior Member

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Posted: 27 April 2016 at 2:07pm | IP Logged
When Alia is back, I was expecting some things diffrents, but nothing interesting 
TaAliya and pragya scene I miss the words, just ignore , nothing new 

Purab abhi, good line purab and interesting question 
Purab : why did you not inform me before taking such an important decision? 

He asks abhi  listen his heart . Confused
Good purab but had to give this advice before, when you knew the truth .
If only he listen to his heart a year back, we would not be here to undergro his drama
 During his declaration of love, he said he will go look for pragya on the moon if necessary bla bla, 
God it back in his house, in his room before his eyes. 
But our hero has not seized his chance, 
He prefers to take responsability for a baby he not knows when, how, where ,  it was designed Angry

Pragya my sweet 
Where have you left your fighting style? 
You have lost a lot for abandoned halfway 
Forgot TaAliya 

Sriti was spectacular in the emotional scene 
Great job pragya Clap

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