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-mina- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 April 2016 at 7:40pm | IP Logged
awww did purab bring prags something is it flowers is it chocolate

IT'S A CARD how cuteee

ps not that this isn't a sweet gesture but i have a better idea why don't you solve her problem by telling abhi stuff

aww i like daadi mentioning how purgya are both bhai-behen and dewar-bhabhi

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-mina- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 April 2016 at 7:41pm | IP Logged
pragya what the hell just tell the court you signed under duress COME ON you are not bound by those papers WHY ARE YOU CHOOSING TO BE BOUND BY THOSE PAPERS WHY

EYY robin were you not told ages back you only have one ma'am that's pragya ma'am

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-mina- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 April 2016 at 7:42pm | IP Logged

my reference in anarkali is justified

he wants to pick her up again...ok points to you for asking permission consent culture is a good thing but UGH CVS COME ON WE DON'T WANT THIS we want better things give us better things. i can't blame abhi for wanting to hold her again, he makes sense in his headspace but i sure as muffins blame the CVs for giving us such annoying inanity UGH

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mili9 Goldie

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Posted: 26 April 2016 at 7:44pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Naina-

Thoughts on Tonights Episode 4/26-GIF-Edition. 

NOTE: I apparently missed Shabz's amazing performance from yesterday and now I can't find links to it that work. Ermm Super bummed. However, I'm a little confused why we got such a proactive Abhi after 11 months of sulking out of NO WHERE?? Kinda dilutes the intensity of an otherwise exciting turn in the track. 

When Tanu openly offered Purab and Akaash to join her team...
(Tanu is Chandler in this situation)

Pukash are looking fineee. Embarrassed Okay, sorry back to the topic. So everyone is openly aware of Taakhil now. This whole convo is awkward. She's openly telling them to join her team? Why isn't she scared of the fact that so many ppl know about her and Nikhil? Are there any team members from Prada's team that she's aware about? Anyways, while they've managed to accomplish nothing for Pragz, I do appreciate Pukash's undying support to our girl. So far, whoever Tanu has managed to make an accomplice has only cared about money, so it was nice to see her offering them money and being rejected on her face. LOL they're willing to jump outta the moving car to stop Tabhi's marriage? Awww, cute, but guys, thats dangerous, please dont, okay? 

And Pukash, thank you for not being blackmailed into her "I'm pregnant, remember" speeches!! Favorite part of that scene!

When Aliyah confirms Tanu is 6 months pregnant...
(To CVs)

 *water spits out of mouth* WHAAAT? You give us a timeframe of how long this track has been running? And while I should have been happy, you have actually confirmed that this whole exposing Tanu track has seriously taken at least FOUR MONTHS in KKB world? Y'all should have kept the time frame a secret, honestly. When you can drag the kidnapping week for two months and call it "a week," this 8 months could have easily been said to be only 2 months. *shaking head*

And ALSO, when Abhigya had come back from the jungle, Daadi had confirmed they'd been married for seven months...plus the 4-5 months now...

We should have gotten an Abhigya marriage anniversary and a bday for Pragz!! Just saying, if we're really going to talk about time. Either don't bring it up or be accurate about it. 

But guys...if she's six months pregnant...she's not pregnant. Theres an oddly-shaped pillow under those tight dresses. Trust me. She has already done something about it. I dont think Tanu is dumb enough to keep waiting for Abhi to marry her while she literally grows a Nikhil-looking baby in her? 

Er...is she? Btw, LOL to Aliyah for mentioning baby will look like Nikhil! 

When Raj kinda implies he's still evil, but then he wants you to also believe he's just playing with Taaliyah. 
funny dancing dance fun friends

Raj, what is going on in that brain? Please please please don't have evil khayaals in there! I thought Aliyah was going to switch sides to get on Abhirab's good side, but from her inner monologue, I dont see that happening. However, I do see only Tanu getting exposed during her exposure. Sorta like MMS, where Tanu was kept behind the veil. KKB doesn't let the net equilibrium of villians coming and going ever shift one way or the other-when one leaves, another enters through Tanu's window. 

Abhigya's scene...
(Abhi is Rachel in this situation)

Ooh, I actually liked the nok jhok. I like that he openly tells her he knows she's hiding something from him. And her reply! "I'm not lying...I'm just not telling you the truth." I love this. Because at least she has, yet again, reiterated that she indeed has a secret from him. Good job Pragz! Also, loved the political roles they gave to each other! She does tend to change the topic and go around in circles when it comes to coming to the point. *sigh* And he is definitely the oppositional leader! Idk, the convo seemed very couple-ish to me, so I approve. 

That GIF above is for when he catches her. He's so lost in her!! Oh hun, you had her in your life for 11 months! (Well idk anymore, considering Tanu is 6 months pregnant). Should have used that time wisely, dont ya think? 

OOH, BURN FROM PRAGZ! "I dont need your support...I'm going to have to get used to living on my own." Aww, the guilt he had when she said this. But Pragz, you know you're not really leaving him, na? So why giving him the guilt-trip? 

What Abhi is really thinking when he says he makes his own life decisions...
LOLL, she knows two months ahead that she's going to have a premature baby?? LOL Abhi don't fall for her dumb excuse, its an obvious trap! I know this is your first baby, so you don't know much, but maybe you should have spent the past 6 months reading a guide to pregnancy...you'd know this isn't true!! 

Abhi...when have you ever taken decisions about your life without anyone's influence?? Who are we kidding?

And why are you concerned what Pragz is going to think when you get married tomorrow? *crickets chirping* I think everyone knows you're getting married to Tanu, babe...was that not obvious...? And you really think Tanu is going to samjao Pragz? *rolling eyes* 

When Purab gave Pragz the "Sorry" Card...

AWW. Bulbul was a lucky girl in terms of getting Purab as a husband. Like how adorbss is he? And to think Abhi and Aliyah thought Purab and Pragya were ever a thing? 

Also on a serious note, now that Purab has given her a sorry card, do we never get to see this scene with Abhi and Pragya? Because whenever I want a certain Abhigya scene, it happens...just with someone else. 

PRECAP: WHAT EVEN. Abhi, you're getting married in twelve hours and you wanna carry Pragz in your arms? AND WHAAAT, YOU ADMIT YOU WERE ALWAYS LOST IN HER EYES AND WERE ATTRACTED TO HER THAT ONE DAY UNDER THE BRIDGE?? 

CVs, what are you doing to me...

Naina, loved the review and the clips that go with itROFL I don't know how you can always choose the clips that perfectly to go with what we are feeling. 

Useless episode, left me with a very bitter after-taste. 

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mili9 Goldie

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Posted: 26 April 2016 at 7:50pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -mina-


my reference in anarkali is justified

he wants to pick her up again...ok points to you for asking permission consent culture is a good thing but UGH CVS COME ON WE DON'T WANT THIS we want better things give us better things. i can't blame abhi for wanting to hold her again, he makes sense in his headspace but i sure as muffins blame the CVs for giving us such annoying inanity UGH

Mina, I should have just read/watched your show instead of braving the actual episode. Can't get the disappointment out of my mind. 

@italics...Hated this considering the context. He is firm with going ahead with the wedding but won't let her move on. WTH. Can't see the getting manipulated AbhiOuch

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Cerealgirl IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 April 2016 at 8:05pm | IP Logged

Tuesday April 26 epi            Episode on nothing! Poor script

Deceptive script. Looks like something is happening but nothing happened.

Convo in car with Tanu, Purab, and Akash about shifting sides is bizarre. Raj says he's not on anyone's side. For now.

Tu jhooti hoon. "Harishchandra got training from you about truth" - says Abhi. Interesting convo on truth and lie. Hiding truth is not a lie - according to Pragya. I wish Pragya got funny lines. I wish writers showed humor in Pragya's character.  After last night, I wish Pragya told him Tanu called her. Forget about baby truth, etc. Just the facts about last night! It makes no sense now.

Heavy dose of tradition. Pandavas, kauravas, Harishchandra, Lakshman aur Sita. Poornima. Amasvaya. Wow. Who're they going after? I think script has been outsourced to some uncleji or dadaji somewhere.

Tanu pushed him into shaadi with "Baby is premature." ROFL What a ridiculous line!! No doctor says that! Abhi agreeing to marry her is laughable. Najaais and jaais lines are so canned.

Team's meeting - tells me they're back to useless planning and plotting.

Lousy pranu scene coming up tomorrow. Tabhi wedding is another pseudo feeling of exposure. Total farce now.

In the SBS, Sriti said sometimes Abhi is the hero and sometimes Pragya is. Between pranu winning and losing and Abhi and Pragya playing part-time heros they're going to drag till June.  I don't think exposure will happen till after IPL cricket is done. Zee wants exposure to get KKB back to #1 in ratings. That won't happen until cricket is done. So get used to more stupid plots, challenges, and tasteless abhigya scenes.

Precap - Abhi says "I want to carry you." Childish and immature wish/line. She's not stuffed toy to carry around. That wasn't even a romantic moment between them. Sub-stupid episode.



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Naina- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 April 2016 at 9:27pm | IP Logged
So someone was very sweet to provide me with a link to Monday's episode! Thank you Minama! Smile
*Watching now!* I'm sorry, please bear with me one more time tonight lollz. 
  • I'm loving Pragz's saree and the emerald earrings! So have you basically learnt to dress up so exquisitely or do you still take advice from the ladies of Prada Team? Just curious.
  • I dont know whether its just the Tanu effect...but I feel like Leena falls flat on some of these scenes. She tries to pull off evil laughs and smiles and dialogues...idk, she just doesn't look as evil as she's supposed to? Idk.
  • When I said I love vest coats...I meant solid vest coats. What was Nikhil thinking? And has anyone mentioned his razor-cut hair yet or should I innaugurate the curiousity of when Nikhil went from "Formal and business-like" to "Hitting clubs as a DJ" Nikhil? 
  • Wait, Tanu said all the truths out loud? Maybe this could be used later for a point when Abhi heard her from behind the door?
  • Nikhil smiling like he's done such a good deed. *rolling eyes*
  • Whats the "chaal?" Why are Aliyah and Nikhil inwardly praising Tanu? I dont get it...if I were Pragz, I'd fake promise Tanu and then go straight to Abhi as soon as they get home! Pragz, its okay if you break Tanu's promise, for Gods sake!
  • Awww. Pukash are adorable people. I know I always complain Prags has no friends to be her support. But these two are pretty cute to have in your confidence. 
  • Daadi saying how she can't see her children in "Museebat." Ummm, Daadi, what do you define as "museebat?" I'm guessing not when BB died, or when Sarla got paralyzed or when Pragz has been taunted by Abhi?
  • Of course our Hero is going to get his heroic entrance at JUST the right time. Why dont we get these things for Pragz? 
  • WHY ISN'T ANYONE TELLING HIMMM??? He's practically begging each one of them!
  • Brownie points to Abhi for asking Nikhil what the hell he's doing here. 
  • Okay, I'm liking this. Him asking Pragya to tell him what she's hiding. Its a win/win situation, Pragz. Its not like you've done anything wrong! He's coaxing you to tell him in front of an uncomfortable Taaliyahkhil! Might as well make use of it and spill the beans! 
  • Shabz did an awesome job at interrogating each person with a different tone/emotion. Clap
  • Aww, Abhi trusting Pukash for having a reason to be stealing the files. Nice change from an Abhi who didn't think twice before assuming Purab was with Pragz. 
  • Is Pragz going to be blamed for being the family member involved in cheating him? Ouch
  • I'm guessing since I watched today's episode before watching Monday's episode, I don't find Abhi as pro-active as everyone else felt. He basically knows everyone is hiding something from him. Which is actually a big development. But I guess the drag effect is killing the intensity. Had this happened four months ago, I'd be more satisfied. 
  • I hate body doubles. And TiSha have horrible body doubles (in that they look nothing like them).
  • Rachna looks cute!! God, this Prada team has gotten hotter, if anything else.
  • Abhi kis ko "alag se ice cream khilayega?" Pragz or Tanu or Purab?
  • Ooh they both gave good burns to each other! Her accusing him for deceiving her while intoxicated, and him saying people can deceive while they're sober too. 
  • Aliyah Mehra?? So she still gets to keep the last name? Anways, way to shut creepy Nikhil up! Go Aliyah Go! 
Hmmm...I'm not sure whether I liked the episode or not lolll. Abhi was definitely the star of the episode after quite a while. And Shabz did wonderful, but thats stating the obvious!! However, I think everyone staying silent kinda ruined it for me. Also, Abhi should have figured out everyone's weird behavior long time ago. Like what about Nikhil being in the house at the most randomest times? And what about finding the team in Daadi's room several times in the past? And what about everytime you've felt Pragz was hiding something? Why so pro-active right now? 

This episode would have been MUCH more satisfying had it come 4-5 months ago. Ermm

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-mina- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 April 2016 at 9:27pm | IP Logged
Prani, " Who're they going after? I think script has been outsourced to some uncleji or dadaji somewhere." <-- ROFL ROFL Clap

Mili, aww Hug I'm glad you enjoyed my rambling show today! But I don't know how it would make sense if you hadn't already seen the epi, so it's probably a good thing you did. Sorry it was so disappointing though Unhappy

For my part, I enjoyed the episode a lot more than yesterday's. Might not be leading anywhere but for itself it was entertaining and interesting enough for me! I meant to come back for my last comment and say I liked it overall...but I got distracted watching other shows LOL Tongue

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