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Posted: 31 May 2016 at 2:48pm | IP Logged
If you guys have worries of not being able to move into a new EDT quick, don't worry!

Bookmark this link in advance!

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Posted: 31 May 2016 at 6:12pm | IP Logged
Dad was reading out comments from his site. One girl was saying the preggo track started when she was in grade 12, now she has finished high school, etc. One guy wrote all in Hindi and dad got through two sentences but then gave up because he doesn't speak much Hindi. Then he was reading some comment from someone who said the show will soon end because a replacement is in the wing. I got angry and ranted about how it's still top 5 told him not to read such stuff or I would throw things at him. Then mom scolded me for being rude. And thus runs KKB drama in my house!

Now Mom is complaining why does Dad watch in the morning when I'm at work only to watch again with me when I come home. She really hates the show and thinks it is stupid LOL 

Dad REALLY liked today's ep and is excited to watch it again.

Also he asked me to "neatly organize" his thoughts and post about how there should be CCTVS in the hall and in Sarla's room b/c she was sick. Err so consider it posted!

Now onto today's ep!!

As if Tanu is bragging to Prags about saving Abhi with his own/Pragya's actual money!!!!

Tanu's mom gave her money for jewelery? How...khandaani. How does Tanu's mom feel about the pregnant out of wedlock factor now.

Sooo Daadi says "abh Tanu ki accha nahin hoga". Ok but then the reveal of her natak is a little too delayed and a lot too extended. Why break with a Mithali aside when they could've ramped that up for drama! Even when they write Daadi interestingly they don't do it well.

Srsly W*F. This being daadi's chaal could've been written so much better. And I am lil disappointed that no one else was in on the plan! Sigh! 

Note numbering? When did Purab-Aakash develop this habit? As if it's a childhood game. Waise I wonder how it works between them now, sharing the role of Abhi's manager...which Pragya also has a share in now.

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Posted: 31 May 2016 at 6:15pm | IP Logged
What is this! Abhi instantly says that Sarla accepted blame to save Pragya! Well done Abhi I did not expect such logic and good sense from you.

lol wait did Aakash individually examine 5,00,000 notes...or I guess they are not in 1rs notes.

Odd moment of Pragya touching her hair...

Ok now everyone is acting as if they were in on the plan what the actual what...

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Posted: 31 May 2016 at 6:19pm | IP Logged
How can Taiji and Mithali be so ridiculous as to want to steal from Abhi. Like choti moti chori yes but talking as if they could actually steal 1 crore...

Hey why can't Mithali or Taiji speak up about the chest now??

Dad is praising Aakash for using a handkerchief to touch Tanu's closet.

Why are we getting a scene of Aakash searching alone for money. What is this.

This show makes no sense to me.

"Tanushree Mehta" ok thanks for un-bengali-fying her CVS :p

I succumbed to certain factors and subscribed to Ditto TV for the month. I am very disappointed and agitated that the highest resolution of their video is merely 480p!

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Posted: 31 May 2016 at 6:25pm | IP Logged
Daadi and Pragya miss the cash exposure?
What is the weirdness of this sequence! Was sriti unavailable to shoot or what?

Ohhh my god. Freeze frame in black and white. I have almost never seen this kind of old serial trick on KKB! What a low standard of editing. But hey I guess it worked in the past so why not bring it back. Retro is in fashion. 

Khare Khare adaalat indeed Taiji! This was a lot more interesting in summary than in execution.

I might like this better if I was solely watching rather than live reacting, idk.

What book is this in Tanu's trunk?

Police and fingerprint dhamki? Bah. Abhi should keep a fingerprint specialist on retainer. Also, I think it's difficult to lift fingerprints on paper na?

Yay Mithali told!! Despite Tanu's totally uncalled for snake glare! Nice!

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Posted: 31 May 2016 at 6:39pm | IP Logged
WHY must Pragya be made to sound like an air-headed child when she's asking Daadi for explanations in awe.

Oh my god??? Cleverness is not even behind this chaal!! Daadi happened to hear Mithali spelling it out?????

This show would make one despair of human intelligence unless you stop and think of how much intelligence and cunning it takes to make a show without any fresh or interesting content such a success. There is something to be admired in giving the audience what it wants par excellence :P

Dad says he is impressed that the "budiya" gets ideas too. Also he says Ekta can get some marks for maturity in the writing of today's ep.

I am confused as to how Daadaji's best friend was a third of his age or what. 

I don't like this precap at all. That's not how you handle a stealing pregnant girlfriend when you think she's pregnant by you. This kind of thing offends me. I want to see more responsibility - yes even while enraged. 

Dad asked me what the forums are saying so I told him about the news of Tanu falling. He categorically refused to believe it and insists that Tanu is really going to be kicked out this week Tongue

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Posted: 31 May 2016 at 7:37pm | IP Logged

Tues May 31 epi                               What a joke! Total mockery!


The best part of today's epi is Tanu got caught for stealing the 1 crore.  Akash proves Tanu stole and Abhi asks Tanu to leave MM. But the way it happened? It made every character look foolish!! And took away the high of Tanu getting caught. 

Why was Purab not there today?

My reactions to today's epi - OuchAngryShocked - mostly upset!!!

I feel this show has crossed all limits in its lack of respect to the genre, storytelling, characters, and most of all us viewers!! This is a farce now. CV's are acting like an employee before she/he quits a job. You know, you're quitting your job and you don't care about the projects or deadlines and feel like thumbing your nose at the customers??  Makes me suspicious. Is something happening to the show?Shocked Or the actors?

For many epis they ignored everything sensible leaving so many loose ends, and now suddenly the show is dwelling on details about hospital receipts, driver who got Tanu's box as proof, serial numbers on stolen notes, hospitals needing deposits, Akash careful about fingerprints, oh my lord and other ridiculous things. If they'd done this before with Pragya, game over.Confused

So the story so far is about the team struggling to get proof over the last 10 months. Pragya slogged and slogged in recording Tanu's truth. The team risked their lives blackmailing and dealing with criminals. BB ending up "killing herself" after she saved Pragya from Vijalia's plan. Poor Pragya's ma went through hell with takhil and yet she wasn't allowed to tell Abhi anything. And who ended up trapping Tanu for stealing as if it was a piece of cake? Yeah, the team's leader - don dadi. So after BB died and ma went through hell, dadi decided to do something to trap Tanu now?? Dadi wanted to be boss today. Unhappy

I'll set that aside for a minute.  Uncleji doctor was a joke! So dadi messed with a medical professional who is like a brother to her and fed lines to him just to suit herself and mislead others. Fantastic! Now the show is mocking the professions! DeadOK, I'll ignore that.

What was totally ridiculous to me was Pragya and dadi were not even in the room when Akash proved to Abhi Tanu stole the money.Angry What a joke!! So what I got out of that is Tanu getting caught for stealing is not important for them. Instead, both dadi and Pragya happily sat on the bed and gloated over their victory over a mean girl like 2 BFF's. They made Praggy look so naive asking all those questions. Things have gone back to old Pragya and dadi deal - Praggy learning from guru dadi. Oh good Lord! So I guess we have Mithali also to thank for Tanu getting caught too. Wait, 10 months ago Pragya told dadi what she heard and dadi takes no action against Tanu, but 1 day ago she overheard Mithali and sprang to action? AYYO, partial dadi.Angry

I had hoped Abhi set the trap for Tanu. I'm disappointed he didn't. I've always wanted Abhi to deal with Tanu exposure. Tanu is his problem, his baggage. I've always wanted him to clear his name about this false accusation. If he doesn't ever get to do that, then to me more than questioning Abhi's capabilities, I'll have to question why Praggy is hanging on to this guy??  If I accept Pragya as intelligent and smart, I'm accepting her choice of Abhi as her suniye too!! If I don't, what does it make Pragya for choosing Abhi then??  And I don't want to go there.  Great job, Akash, for proving to the whole family, not just Abhi, that Tanu stole.  Actually I'm glad Abhi didn't stop Akash. I'm glad he didn't defend Tanu. Clap

Now that I know dadi was behind this, now I'm kinda mad Pragya didn't get to win either. She didn't get to do or say much today. To me it's a form of betrayal in that dadi set Pragya up to be Abhi's savior with all her ladai, sach aur manzil dialogs but she went behind Pragya and stole her victory. So all Pragya gets to do is to pack Tanu's bags? That's it? To me that's an insult to Pragya's character. At least Abhi got to play judge. Pragya was left out, not fair! Now there's nothing sacred or reverent about dadi-Pragya relationship either to me now. Dadi pinky swore they're a team and ditched Praggy!!Angry

Biggest problem with dadi's trapping Tanu is that it's short-lived. Tanu now fakes a fall to stay back in MM. Probably copied dadi!! Tanu always strikes back when confronted. So what's the use of all this, dadi??Shocked

If the show has an equal opportunity statement promising importance for all characters, I suggest CV's give Robin a chance to trap Tanu for something. A while ago I had posted if Tanu would be exposed like Murder on the Orient Express style where 12 people get the villain.  Akash and dadi got their chance today. Stand in line - Rachna, ma, Purab, Mithali, tauji, Raj, Aliya, Pragya, Abhi(?), Nikhil(?) Vijay, and BB!! Janki, Robin, etc. are back ups!! What a joke this exposure has become!! Why would a show mock its own story?? Something is not right here. 

Almost 280 episodes of mugambo track and dadi goes solo. Chalo, Tanu got caught for the first time. I did not like how the episode was written or directed. I so wanted to enjoy Tanu getting caught. But CV's didn't let me.Ouch

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Posted: 31 May 2016 at 7:56pm | IP Logged
Prani, agreed it was a weird and unsatisfying epi in terms of writing and direction. I just don't get why they want to make a plot point out of exposing Tanu for theft...except it's part of their ongoing stretch strategy to give us all these false starts while keeping the ultimate exposure until they have nothing else to do.Confused

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