Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi
Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

What makes KRPKAB Different?

...Maham... IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 April 2016 at 5:51pm | IP Logged

So I'm relatively new to this show, only started to watch it last week and while it held a premise I am generally not fond of, the few glimpses that I did catch on TV seemed pleasant enough for me to give it a chance. On the face of it, it seems relatively straightforward. A possessive mother who can't share her son even with a prospective wife, son falls in love with a girl but is unable to be upfront about it and so their relationship eventually comes to a standstill, most probably followed by a parting of ways.

Atleast that's what the promos of the show depicted.

However, Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi packs a lot more within it's basic storyline. The strongest point of this show is its characters followed by its casting. There is Dev Dixit, the cold business tycoon yada yada yada... Is this yet another done to death interpretation of the 287483 millionaires that we see on Indian TV? As Sona so accurately points out - Hoga koi rich snob, jo khud ko intense dikhane ke liye kam baat karta ho. ROFLSo is that really all there is to him? The answer is no. Dev Dixit might not be the most expressive man around but he is not a stiff robot. He smiles, he cries, he feels happiness and pain alike, he loves his family to death and has struggled through adversity to make something out of himself. Yes he might appear indifferent and far too stoic sometimes and is rude, arrogant, unnecessarily interfering and controlling but then he is also considerate and caring. His moments of compassion catch you off-guard. He is not an ideal man, he might not necessarily make you dream either but it is this very mix of imperfections that makes Dev Dixit real. He is a difficult man but not without a good heart. Shaheer has done a very good job with this character. He emotes well for the most part. It was only a few scenes here and there that I felt that he needed to work on his dialogue delivery. Not that I'm undermining his hard work in any way here. I respect his efforts completely.Smile

Then comes Dr. Sonakshi Bose (There, I made a conscious effort to write in the Dr. haha! Big smile). And will you look at that? She isn't another silly air-head who is going to fill the hero's life with laughter and love as If she has nothing better to do. Sonakshi is sensible, practical, independent and just as strong-headed as her dear Mr. Obodhuro. Her world is relatively simple as compared to Dev's. She takes pride in her independence and her job, loves her family and is the kind of romantic who although believes in love, never made a conscious effort to find someone. She is funny, kind and thoughtful with just the right amount of fire. Erica is such a refreshing find and I love watching her. Her acting is subtle and real. I don't know how much she relates to Sona in real life, but her performance is honest and endearing. There is a certain dignity about this character that Erica absolutely nails.Clap

And then finally - Ishwari Dixit, Dev's mother. Supriya Pilgaonkaris superb! ClapI have always loved and respected her as an actress. There is something so warm and real about her. Given the premise, it was absolutely essential to be able to relate to Ishwari's character and not be annoyed by it instead and Supriya ma'am does exactly that. Ishwari is kind, emotional and thoughtful for the most part. She is also blinded and partial to her son, completely unwilling to consider the idea of sharing him with anyone else so much so that on some unconscious level she despises the idea of him having a wife one day. She is a strong woman haunted by her past and the struggles that it held. She is also stubborn and manipulative but in mostly harmless ways so far. She is wise and yet also close-minded in parts. What the writers and Supriya ma'am do here is that they make a conscious and detailed effort to help you empathize and try and understand Ishwari. Yes she has some definite shades of grey but again like Dev and Sonakshi, her character and its actions are human. I love the humor they add in her scenes. The more emotional stuff is also touching. 

The rest of the cast is equally great. I love love love Sona's family. Her scenes with them are so heartwarming to watch. Superb actors there! Each character be it someone from the Bose family or the Dixit family has something to add to this story and that is something that I can rarely say for most shows on Indian TV. The characterizations are unique and well written with all the right details and are not mere cardboard cut outs as is mostly the case with secondary roles even if the primary ones are done well (Which is a rare occasion in itself LOL).

Coming to the love story... Very rarely do we see a love story built more on interactions that go beyond weak knees and general clumsiness. Their base is simple and effective. He hires her as a private consultant for his Mother because of her failing health. Unlike most of the stories I see
floating around, I appreciated the effort that the writers made in first clearly outlining the stark difference in character of our two protagonists so that their constant clashes are natural and later progress towards trying and resolving those differences as they find out more about each other. I enjoyed the realism to the growth that their relationship undergoes. They make mistakes and then
try to rectify the same, sometimes they are successful, other times it just ends up in an even bigger disaster than before but eventually through all of it, we see them making a conscious effort of understanding the other person. There is also that rare moment when one of them turns out to be unexpectedly thoughtful and caring leaving the other partially stunned but these are scant enough to make each moment special and not unnecessary additions to make the story progress faster. For the most part, Dev and Sona constantly make each other question and challenge their many
beliefs, they make the other person stop and really reflect on themselves. That is the crux of their relationship and the fact that they have achieved all of this by actually talking or even fighting it out is what really lends credibility to the understanding and connect they share.

As far as the current track is concerned, it makes perfect sense as to why Sona is falling in love whilst Dev still remains oblivious to the idea of caring very deeply for this girl. Things were going relatively well for Dr. Bose until she met Dev Dixit who was and still is about the most impossible man she has ever encountered. We have seen him getting under her skin since Day 1 even when she pretends to be indifferent. He makes her mad and sometimes hurts her but then he also ends up looking out for her and taking care of her in ways that leaves her nothing short of stunned. He intrigues her in a way that is perfectly understandable and is the kind of puzzle that she constantly tries to solve. When he flirts with her for the first time we see something stir within her and she feels things she has clearly never felt for another man before. That dance was a beautiful scene BTW, seriously good job by Shaheer and Erica there! Day DreamingThen ofcourse she comes face to face with his moments of weakness and feels the need to reach out and make sure he is alright. She also witnesses his more child-like moments as he plays a prank on her and sees him dissolve in laughter for the first time and instead of telling him off about it, we see her smile fondly at him. The idea that he finds her beautiful can't help but give her an absurd kind of pleasure even when she is so mad about the actual situation at hand. Her attraction, her intrigue and her inevitable falling in love is therefore perfectly natural. 

Dev's case is different. He is far too weighed down by the many responsibilities he has and also his past. He experiences his own moments of attraction and you can tell how he clearly likes and cares for Sonakshi but he is also so wrapped up in his own world that unlike Sona, he can forget about those moments and move on. There is also his Mother, all his life he has thought about little else so it will take a while for Dev Dixit to truly wake up to the fact that someone other than his immediate family has started to make way into his heart. As far as Dev's character is concerned there is one last thing that I would like to add. It is this secret that Ishwari is hiding from him and the rest of her children. This secret that will supposedly destroy everything. I am curious to see the affect it will have on Dev in particular. He derives so much of his strength from his Mother. She is his inspiration and his pride in every way. He worships her. The idea that she never bowed down in the face of adversity has clearly pushed him through some of the most difficult times of his life... He derives a certain sense of self from the idea of her perfection and it is exactly that, that makes his existence so fragile. To see his idol shatter, would perhaps shatter Dev as well and it might be then when he finally wakes up to the fact that his Mother is still human, that he might be able to embrace all of the things that Sona tries to tell him and also truly open his heart to someone else. 

Also the premise is useful in helping Sona experience and understand Dev's relationship with his mother and all the complexity that it holds. And with a weaker back story I might have just found Dev to be a weak man for not standing up for his love but his Mother has really suffered so much, you can see why he can't imagine inflicting any kind of additional pain on her even if its something as natural as falling in love.

And I'm going to end this ramble now. Thank you to the makers, Erica, Shaheer, Supriya ma'am and the entire cast and crew of KRPKAB for such a simple, realistic story. I love the humor and the emotions. Your interpretation of the premise has been wonderful so far. It's a beautifully shot show as well.Smile

ClapClapClap for you all!

Lots of love,


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Beautifully written.. Loved your analysis and point of view..ClapClap

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Very well written n apt to the point.Smile

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ltelidevara IF-Rockerz

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The best analysis I have ever read on KRPK.Nice to know atleast some connoisseurs are there who can relish the widely different superbly presented show that still lags behind in TRPS due to the absence of over the top ingredients we find on a regular basis. The show is mostly grounded not cinematic and artificial. The charecters look real and the credit goes to the actors who effortlessly skipped into the skin and that is half the battle won. Perfect casting is the main asset for this show and I applaud the casting team for that. It is impossible to imagine any one else in the roles be it the main protoganists or the secondary charecters.I must say Shaheer has this technique to make us believe that he is actually the Charecter he is playing and personifies it like only he can do. For me when he appeared on screen as Arjun in Rangabhumi Since then I can not identify any other actor as Arjun. Similarly Dev Dikshit is Shaheer and no one else.I am sorry I can not find fault with his dialogue delivery at all. I love his voice and the modulation ofcourse that subtlety with which he says his lines. And his smile ! Out of the world. I love his angry scenes also too much. Sorry for going overboard I know I have to appreciate others also. Especially Supriyaji.What an actress we have? Natural and spontaneous. She made Iswari look real not like some Kokilamodis or Bhabhos who look so unreal and over the Top. Her every gesture,every expression a treat to the eyes. Any one else in her place would have damaged the charecter but Supriyaji just made it so common,so realistic and believable. Erica for me also is like a breath of fresh air. She complemented Shaheer in every way.
             I appreciate the make up and wardrobe of charecters that look just the way it should be. Shaheer despite playing a business Tycoon looks casual,he repeats his suits and it is perfectly fine if we take his past into consideration. He might have been indifferent about his looks as his whole concentration is on climbing the ladder of success step by step. I like Supriyaji's sarees,they are neither too rich nor too ordinary. It suits her Charecter to wear just the required good clothing only not beyond that.All the other Moms of Indian TV should learn how to look dignified and decent on seeing Supriyaji. Erica! She also wears in sink with her status,profession and age. Just right. Looks endearing and lovable.Dev's sisters,Sona's family ,their wardrobe also looks so perfect.
                  On the whole after a long time, we see a serial like KRPK that  stands apart and unique in content,presentation and performances. Hope to see a long run for this good effort of the makers who dared to present something different.

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krystle123 IF-Dazzler

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awesome analysis of this show. you really cathed the exact point of the show and characters. its nice to see such an encouraging analysis from fans. i too loved this show to  core.Smile

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Posted: 22 April 2016 at 12:09am | IP Logged
Well written post. 
So far story every character is practical and realistic. Even I liked over possessive mother Ishwari character because we definitely find such type of characters around us . 
Secondly good acting mostly by all the actors.. 

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dupebox Senior Member

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Posted: 22 April 2016 at 12:52am | IP Logged
Wow.. this is a beautiful review... as good as the story, cast, and the entire show itself.. thanks Maham! Enjoyed it.

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tvbug2011 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 April 2016 at 2:44am | IP Logged
Excellent analysis!!ClapClapClap thank you for putting down your thoughts.
The makers have really paid attention to the characterization and it shows. There are hardly any one dimensionsl characters. Mostly grey, barring Radharani and her son. 
Also enjoying the stylistic treatment. The costumes - they are all without exception very well dressed. The sets are aesthetic. There serial has a slick, urban upmarket feel that adds to the enjoyment.
And am loving the iconoclastic quirks - Sona doesn't knows how to cook. So Ishwari ends up cooking, including for her. Sonas brother sells lingerie, and v the family is thrilled with his website.Big smile as you say warm sense of humor.
There are shades of other romances in this one. But then there are bound to be. I can bet were going to see the same stock romantic situations play out. What I'm looking forward to is the unique flavor. 
You mentioned the dance - what a spot on catch! His lambent look, tender  hold, possessive pulls, and you could see her throat drying up and confusion!!Embarrassed that's how  good Shaheer and Erica are.  
I can go on... But you've said it all. 

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