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jhfshgk!! kfhksjgh!! khfksgk!! kfhgkfsj!! I really just want to post this. Because I am speechless.
I am so so thankful to CVs and Colors and of course our RS for actually giving us an intense built up for the SR. It made it so much special for SwaSan and for all SwaSanians. Clap Clap Clap Journey toh special banayi hi hai, SR bhi itna special deke aaj toh CVs ne dil khush kar dia.Clap Clap Clap

Lets first talk about the built-up. Sanskaar has been shown trying to get romantic, but poor guy is not successful coz his biwiji either finds a way to run away or any family member interrupts them when the biwiji shows interest in being romantic. The frustration kind of build up in him as pointed out by some and that erupted out when he assumed that Swara lost her bangles, that he had gifted her, out of carelessness without even listening to her. She felt bad, not because he accidentally hit her, but because he didn't give her a chance to explain him and tell him the truth. He feels extremely bad for assuming things and apologizes as well. Swara understands his apology and also that he wasnt completely wrong, but still it was her child-like anger or attitude (as rightly pointed out by Sanskaar himself). She locks him out of their room and then cries like a baby, pouting. And Sanskaar feels even more bad and takes RagYa's help in manofying his biwiji. So Swara comes out of the room and calls out her Sanskaar as it has become her daily routine to wake her pati dev up and then realizes how she won't get a chance today to do since he is not in the room as she had locked him out. She feels bad. She misses him. She keeps looking at his picture as if requesting him to come out of the picture and hold her and adore her like he always does. But she is too mad to approach him to do so. I really like SanLak scene then where they were discussing how Swara is the target and Sanskaar is the shooter. No offense to anyone but I enjoy bromance a lot more than the sis-mance (did I just say that?)LOL Ok let me be clear, I dont mind their scenes but you know what I meanLOL So yah, Sanskaar again tries to say sorry and Swara throws her attitude of not wanting to listen and then bam, the mini-accident. For some reason, I think he did have a minor accident based on the OLV I saw, but the way he screamed maybe was fake, so that he could scare her and she could just run to him forgetting all her anger and complains. And she DOES. After all, he is her life. They way she runs to him, and hugs him and finally starts breathing after having him in her embrace. As Kavya rightly pointed out in her KDR, it felt as if she got her soul back when she had him in her embrace. The song was again perfect and apt for the situation. I was kinda mad at CVs for cutting few scenes out from this scene which I did feel were important. Their forehead to forehead touch initiated by Swara when Sanskaar was trying to calm her down by cupping her face and telling her that he was ok. Editors did cut the dialogues out when Swara was shown hitting him. I remember them. She was angry at him for carelessly walking on the streets like that and talking to her. She was scared for him. And then Sanskaar tells her how desperate he was to talk to her and that just melts her again and ends up in again a beautiful hug. She again questions him what if something would have happened to him and he responds saying then it would have been really good. Editors edited out the dialogue here as well. Sanskaar said how he should have been punished for even accidentally slapping her and then shows her his wound and she feels pain and kisses it lovingly. Sanskaar is someone who would not even let an ant hurt Swara, then how could he take himself hurting her, though it was accidental and very very unintentional. It showed how desperately he wanted to make it up for her and see her smile like before. A very meaningful, intense and a passionate patch up scene.

After patching-up, my babies decide to spend their entire day together and returns home, hand in hand. I really found that scene very cute when Swara was resting her head on his shoulder while walking. Sanskaar questions him what if something would have actually happened to him but Swara doesn't let him finish it and shuts him by putting her hands on his mouth. She doesn't want to talk and even think about a situation like even in her dreams and gets little angry. But Sanskaar again pushes the question to get a reaction out of her and she annoyingly says "main tumhe  maar dalti" How cute did Swara look here.LOL And then they bump into Laksh-manBig smile How adorably hilarious this scene was. The 1000 walt smile on his face for Sanskaar and cupping his face, literally leaving SwaSan confused was just adorablest.LOL I am saying again, bro-mance anytimeLOL I am sure Laksh-man wouldnt be so happy even during his own SR (no offense intended to anyone. Just joking because he really did seem very happy and errmmm excited for his brother's SRLOL). And then comes Mhari SujjuBig smile I love her so so much. Like I know I have said this millions of times but I want to say again, Sujju is my the fav character of the show after SwaSan. Hands down. How cutely was she trying to fake her anger to SwaSan since they came home SO LATELOL She kept saying how she didn't cook for them since they were late, how Swara cannot cook since they are lateLOLLOL My poor babies were left even more confused and Sujata enjoyed that as well. Even she seemed pretty excited for her Chora's and Bindi's special nightLOL Why not? After all she will get her pota ya poti soon.Shocked LOL Nah Sujju, I know you are my fav character but still we cannot let this wish of yours be fulfilled so soon. LOL Have patience Sujju, Have patienceLOL i would still say may all girls be blessed with a mother in law like THIS VERSION of SujjuLOL And SwaSan still very confused at the behavior of their family members end up reaching their room only to find it no accessible. And as again rightly stated by Kavya in her KDR, Mr and Mrs Sherlock Holmes decodes the code language and figures out they need to go to the terraceLOL

When they reached the terrace and saw the ambiance, they both just got surprisingly lost in the beauty. Swara walks on the rose petals carpet and feels the beauty of ambiance. And our Gerua moment made a comeback hereBig smile She is busy enjoying the beauty around her while he is still busy adoring HIS beauty, HIS wife and Her Smile which has erupted on her face. She turns and asks him whether he did it this for her because she knows its only him who would do something so special for her. He honestly and lovingly tells her how he wished he could have done this and would have become the reason of her smile and happiness again. Swara understands his feelings and immediately hugs him so that he doesn't feel more bad about it. She tells him how he really doesn't need to do anything special for her. Because he actually is the reason of her happiness and her life and her entire being. She will always be happy with him, by his side. The way she says "You always make me happy, without even trying" is just hfgshfjkhf!!!Big smile She is trying to say how she is aware of the depth and intensity of his love for herBig smile Sanskaar starts feeling little more guilty and brings up the accidental slap incident maybe to tell her how he felt so bad for hurting her then but before he could finish it, Swara just stops him in between and tells him to forget about it because it is past. She doesn't want to talk about any bad memories or past. All she wants is to be happy with him and make new happy memories with him. He obliges to her request and tells her how they can make a new beginning again. And my fav song again makes a comeback: SaiyaanDay Dreaming When the song was first played on SwaSan during the Ghangaur sequence, I had told few of my friends how I had always wished to have a SR sequence of SwaSan on this song. And my wish was yet again answered by CVs by playing this song for such a pure moment of SwaSanDay Dreaming

Talking about the new beginning, Sanskaar presents her the same bangles which caused tensed situation between them when they got lost. She is surprised, stands up and tries asking about the bangles. But knowing his Wife too well, he asks her to not to even think about how he got the bangles back and that she doesn't need to worry about it at all. His dialogue, "agar koi cheez aapke liye khaas ho gayi ho toh woh aapke pati aapse kabhi alag nahin hone denge"Clap I am just speechless here. This manClap Will I ever be able to find a man like this? Like he will do everything and anything in his power to make sure Swara has everything that she loves. He is stating again and again that his only moto of his life is to see and keep her happy and he just keeps proving it again and again.Clap And he is carefully trying to make her wear those bangles, making sure she is not hurtBig smile And all she is doing is adoring him and his love and dedication for her, being speechless at her fate. She keeps thinking how again did she get so lucky in love and how did her fate bestowed her with an amazing life partner like him. Could she even get more lucky than she already is? The lines played in the background: "Mere din khushi se jhume, gaaye raatien, pal pal mujhe dobaaye jaate jaate, tujhe jeet jeet haru, yeh praan praan vaaru, haiye esse main nihaaru, teri aarti utaaru, tere naam se jude hain sare natte" suited the situation and Swara's state so much. The way she was adoring him with the teary eyes clearly stated that she was literally worshipping him. His gestures always manages to touch her heart and leave her speechless. Sanskaar is lost in making his wife wear those bangles and when he looks towards her, he finds her teary eyed. He knows she is happy and thats why she is crying but he cannot see those tears in her eyes be it for happiness or for sadness. He wipes those tears like a gentle men and lovingly tells her how he can spread and create bloodshed for even a drop of tear for hers.Clap Amazing dialogue by raja beta and Amazing delivery by VarunClap I just dont have words here to describe my feels here. All I can say is, I am so jealous of Swara. Man, she is so damn lucky to have him. Sanskaar just doesn't stop proving how he will do anything and everything for her happiness. So yah, talking about the editors again, they edited out the hug that Swara initiates after his blood shed ka dialogueConfused I understand they had to do it have a 30 min epi, but still. I wished they didn't edit that hug out. That hug initiated by Swara had literally came out of her love and worship towards him. Kher chodoBig smile

Next, I love the way Sanskaar says how he is the only one who will decide what he needs to do for his wifeCool Yes smarty, you are right. And I think only Mr Sanskaar Smarty Maheshwari has the capability to turn the most un-romantic gift LOL into a meaningful yet a thoughtful giftLOL A pepper sprayLOL Even he knows that Swara aaye din apne detectivegiri main kissi na kissi se bhidti rehti hain, toh pepper spray kaam aayegaLOL You know what guys, with the recent spoiler of ML track of Swara going around, I have a feeling this pepper spray will come into play when Rajat (right?) would attack Swara (provided if the spoiler is right and reliable). Kher, tab ki tab dekhenge, coming back to the scene. Swara finds it funny and adorable and tries to make fun of him by asking him what would i do when I would actually forget it? Knowing his asanskaaripan, I expected Sanskaar to say that its ok, I will teach you some stunts honeyBlushing. But Sanskaar instead of showing his asanskaaripan, ends up showing his chichorraapanROFL The way he slightly caresses her waist, almost tickling her and blushingly shocking herLOL OMMMAAGGGEEELOL This guy. He teaches her to tuck the pepper spray in her saree like she would tuck her phone sometimesLOL That slightly turns her on and him more and he is about to kiss her but biwiji again stops him and ask him whether they should have food. LOL

So they head to the decorated table and Sanskaar being the gentle man he always is, makes her sit on the chair. Swara notices the pendant the chain in his coat and ask him about that. Realizing that he had forgotten his ultimate gift, he takes it out of her coat and shows it to her. The SS pendant for her. He makes it wear her and the BG again plays "Banke mala prem ki tere tan pe jhar jhar jaaun, main hoon naiyaa isshq ki Sansaar se tar jau main, tere pyaar main kho jauu". Amazingly shown and Apt line chosen for the scene. The pendant is definitely very beautiful and I think Swara will take care of that one even more than her own mangalsutra. The pendant I think will connect them back after the upcoming separation track (if the spoilers are true). All the dialogues of Sanskaar and his gift right now is kind off again indicating towards the upcoming separation track via ML of Swara and how all this moments and especially his gifts will bring them back together with a completely new journey. Ok again, sorry for bringing this up again and again. So they feed each other happily and then...

Sanskaar stands up and ask for a dance to which our Swara happily agrees. "Heere moti main na chahu, main toh chahu sangam tera, main toh teri saiyaan, tu hai mera" He twirls her around and holds her by her shoulder. Ok, here I am going to say what I saw in the segments. Bear with me!! In the segments that I saw, Sanskaar is actually holding Swara by her waist and not her shoulders and they are dancing slowly. Her forehead is on his. She starts feeling shy and she turns her face a little bit to avoid his intense gaze that is literally burning her skin and making her nervous and shy. Her forehand is still touching his while she is turning and then she ends up sliding her face on his cheek and ends up into the shy hugEmbarrassed They break the hug and Sanskaar cups her face and tries to kiss her (the one we saw in the scene) and she tries to run away as she feels really shy. He holds her and almost back hugs her, moves her hair slowly and nuzzles in her neck, almost kissing her there, leaving her hyperventilating and us as well. The BG "Tu jo chule pyaar se, aaram se mar jaun, aaja chanda baahon main, tujhmain hi gum ho jaun main, tere naam main kho jaun". Perfectly chosen lines and scene nicely directedClap

And the scene after this is straight out of my dreams and also my OS (Drabble)LOL The end of song which again has the part "Heere moti, main na chahu, main toh chahu, sangam tera, main na jaanu, tu hi jaane, main toh teri, tu hai mera, main na jaanu, tu hi jaane, main toh teri, tu hai mera, main toh teri tu hai mera". He slowly lifts her in the bridal style, constantly looking at her in her eyes with passion and her eyes reflecting the same love and passion for him. She looks at him with the same intensity he is looking at her. He slowly and carefully places her on their bed and slowly climbs over her making sure she is ok and also ready. He holds her hand and then what happens next is left to our imaginationBlushing Clap Clap What a scene. I felt goosebumps and butterflies in my tummy every time I saw this scene.

And then comes the morning scene. It has been a trend that every time I make a post on the scene, i have to tell how did CVs hack my brain for SwaSan scene ideas. This one, is straight out of my dream (yah, for real. I promise I didn't even mention this scene in any of my OS and double promise I did think of a morning scene of SwaSan literally similar to this. Dialogues would be little different but not completelyLOL) So in the morning scene, SwaSan are sleeping very close to each other, holding each other. Sanskaar is protectively holding her by her waist and Swara is holding his hold. It literally felt like they both just didn't want to let go of one another. Swara is the first one to wake up. She turns a little, only to find her Sanskaar sleeping next to and very closely to her. She smiles looking at him and feels this was the best start of her morning. She feels like getting lost in his embrace again and cutely cuddles him by touching her face with his and holding his shoulder. He senses her movement and cuddles and smiles and holds her even more tightly. Swara then realizes that she is really late and she should be up. (So scene until here is straight out of my dream. Like ditto. What I imagined after was her slowly trying to move out of the bed, not disturbing him and she does but he pulls her back on himEmbarrassed). What they showed was, Swara literally gets up and wakes him up in the process as well. He stops her and ask her why she is in such a haste and she tells him how they are so late for the aarti and that they are never late. She is about to go and he pulls her on himDay Dreaming He asks her who gave her those bangles and she lovingly yet intimately responds someone who loves her very much. Sanskaar questions her about the depth of that someone love and Swara finds an opportunity to get out of her husband's morning naughtiness and gets him out as well. Poor Sanskaar, he is so ready to file the Pati Soshan case against SwaraLOL LOL Ok so here what I imagined was.. Wanna know kya? Nahin!! not saying! Lets see if my brain can get hijacked againLOL

PS: Normally any married girl after their is shown to feel shy when she is sleeping so close to her husband after consummation and tries to go away. But here Swara was shown cuddling Sanskaar and going even more close to himEmbarrassed Just made me so so so gslgskjhgks!!

Haayyeee!! My babies are finally one!! Such a beautiful SR. I loved it so so so much. It was emotional, intimate, passionate. It just had everything that could make the beautiful and meaningful journey of SwaSan even more special.

The aarti scene of SwaSan was even more beautiful. The way Sanskaar is not able to keeps his hands off Swara. Gosh, it was so adorable. Now we can expect Sanskaar to be even more naughty at night and Swara won't be able to do anything. After all SwaSan finally got their HAQ (As pointed out by TeMish in their IVLOL)

Overall a magical SwaSanlicious episodeClap Kudos to CVs, raja beta and VaHeClap

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Swara-Sanskaar - Truly Do Dil, Ek Jaan!

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OMG ur post is awesome ... every detail is mentioned .. thats lovely ..  lucky us we get to read such lovely post ..Smile
I loved the pepper spray gift how sweet n thoughtful of him 
Loved the morning sequence .. it was just so nice ..
Everything amazing and wonderful SmileEmbarrassed

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Amazing Post ShonaliThumbs Up

Thanks to Rs cv's, Raja Beta's dialogues & VaHe for giving us so memorable SR sequence of SwaSan which is something special in every way like Gerua Date sequence.

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I had a smile reading your post dear.. Not good with words but will just say i completely agree with your POV and also i really loved  Last Night episode .Cvs for once surprised me and i am really thankful towards them for giving me SwaSan and such a beautiful scenes

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Hey shona fantastic post Hugyou went into such details of the epi that I felt like I was rewatching the epi ! All in all I am glad RS and the CVS gave such a build up towards swasan suhaagraat ,it was romantic intense everything anyone could dream off !

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mindblowing post shona!!!!
reading each line,the scns floating in4nt my eyes...its so BBEEAAUUTTIIFFUULL!!!!
(copy pasting from KDR thread)
dnt knw wht to say,jst finished watching repeat again...
everythng is so DREAMY,MAGICAL,PERFECT...specially SIZZLING HOOTT..
the waist scn was jst surprise...my eyes bcm wide & smiling lk idiot...
tht scn gv me butterfly iin my tummy...
main swasan SR aise dekh rahi thi ki kab khatam hogaya patahi nehi chala,dil mange more...
tht scn sanskar on swara,entertwining thr fingers tht was simply dgfhkstxzbjfkk!!!
morning scn cherry on the top really,the scn was simple yet intimate...
i'll never forget ths SWASAN SR never ever...
vahe swasan really set screen on FIRE...
those dilgs of sanskar was die for...the FEELS,the DEPTH of thr LOVE soo beautiful,its really need to FEEL...
overall scns with BG was so scenere...beautiful...

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Hey buddy!!
Amazing post dude! Well, I haven't watched it but I assure ya that the pics have made me go all mad and so have the LUs! Oh poor poor me!
But you and Kavya are such amazing writers! It's a treat to read your posts. Love you both so much!
Thanks for the PM!

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