KDR: Suhaagraat ho toh aisi ;)

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Chemistry is YOU touching me and it setting fire to my soulHeartHeart

Chemistry. Love. Intimacy. Words too easy to write but too difficult to define. They can't be explained, they can only be felt and FELT is exactly what we did today watching SwaSan on our screens. I have seen SO many intimate SR scenes, in movies, on TV be it our desi shows or international and some of them have been really really HOT but the magic, the intimacy that I've seen today, I don't, can't think anything else can compare. It was pure, sheer, unmatched! I am still in a daze, it was sooo pure, so intimate, so serene, so magical HeartDay Dreaming

So I haven't been able to write KDR on last two episodes too which have been SwaSanlicious and I am really sorry about that. I had my last exam today and could watch SR yesterday while having dinner. It was an amazing episode and I SOOO wanted to write but I couldn't :( Anyways I just loved how they actually built a story up for SwaSan SR and didn't just show them doing it one fine night. No, it was perfectly built up. Those serene moments which were preceeded by some intense, angsty ones. The moment yesterday when Swara is wailing like a small baby, her voice choking and nose running due to the constant crying, god she's sooo innocent and then Sanskaar's guilty expression for not being able to protect her and then scold her for something she didn't do, goddd my babies <3 Her pushing him outta the room with full authority and then entering the same room next morning to wake him up and realising that it was HER who sent HIM away and our AGAR TUM SAATH HO makes a comeback Heart Her getting ready in front of the mirror, looking at his photo throughout as if feeling him beside her through it Day Dreaming I LOVED how they kept focusing on the photo and then on her face, where she's desperately craving for him Embarrassed Mannn Sanskaar knows to hit where it'll hurt the most and fakes accident, scaring the shit out of Swara who runs to check whether her life, her Sanskaar is fine and there he is, sitting on the log of a tree and Swara feels like her soul just came back to her body after departing it while she runs towards him and the soulful tu mere pass hi haina plays Day Dreaming God I love the CV's for such intense build up for SwaSan always Hug Everything about yesterday was sooo amazing! Her hitting him when she realised he was just playing a prank on her, one which she couldn't tolerate cos he joked about HIS and in return HER life <3 Him catching hold of her hand and telling her how his desperation to get her talk to him forced him to do this and then he jokingly shows his hand to her where he really hit himself and she kisses him there to ease his pain out and they both share a passionate hug, not letting the other go xzvbdvnhffhngfg Day Dreaming I am speechless by the sheer beauty Day Dreaming

Which brings us to the wonderful today! Man I loved how the episode begun with their smiling faces, showing the happiness on their faces after spending the whole day with each other and she resta her head upon his shoulder while he's looking adoringly at her Day DreamingHeart He's still not satisfied with those punches from her and goes ahead to ask, WHAT IF, something deadly actually happened with him and Swara immediately shuts his mouth with her fingers, asking him to not say such stuff ever, cos she cannot imagine her life without him but he still goes on asking until Laksh interrupts them and gives a knowing look to Sanskaar while cupping his face and showing his batteesi which my Sansku rightly pointed out felt like him posing for a toothpaste ad ROFL I actually thought he'll break out into, kya aap close-up karte hainnn? Yaa duniya se darte hainnn? Aap close-up kyu nahi karte hainnn? ROFL Looking at Ragini pulling and pinning Swara to the wall yesterday and Laksh cupping Sanskaar's face so lovingly, it felt VERY weird ummm Ermm I just DON'T like the vibes from them okay? Stern SmileLOL Waise gotta say one thing, Deverji ko Bhabhi and Bhaiya ki Suhaagraat ki sej sajaate hue dekhkar, kaleje vicch thand pe gayi ;) Bolo RS maata ki JAY! Der hai magar andher nahi SmileROFL Another one comes who makes the two feel even weirder, who else but dearest Sujju! LOL God she's so fidgety and panicky LOL I was also watching SR on Rishtey as it's my favorite phase going on there and how vehemently was Sujju against making Swara her bahu there despite seeming to like her and seeing how much her son loves the girl now just because she is a Bangalan and here, she made arrangements for their impending Suhaagraat! Awww Sujju has really come a long way no? LOL She literally tries to desperately shoo them away tp their rooms, asking them to stay hungry and have their next fill directly at the breakfast table and SwaSan are appalled at her behavior and Sanskaar is in shock that the fussy mommy, who thuss thuss ke khilao's desi ghee laden food to her chhora and who's biggest fear is him becoming dubla-patla and losing pounds, is actually asking him to stay hungry all night despite his insistence for food awww LOL Cutest mother-son-MIL trio ever and Ramu is the ultimate FIL adding full flavour to the family Embarrassed Uttara is generally nice too except being juvenile and annoying these days.

SwaSan are still shrugging off the weird behaviour they witnessed and reach their room only to find a lock at their door and a note asking them to jaao and hawaa khao ROFL Swara decodes it as going to the terrace (BINGO Sherlock) and her watson cum shooter follows HIS target (BIG SHOUT TO GABBY AND KITTEN! YOOO NIMMI Day DreamingLOL)

They reach the beautifully decorated terrace which is a reminiscent of Gerua proposal and both of them are left pleasantly shocked and mesmerised to see the arrangements Embarrassed Swara starts walking towards the rose laden carpet and of course thinks her romantic hubby is behind the arrangements and happily asks him whether he was the one who did all this? Sanskaar stares at her bright happy face taking in the sorroundings and wishes in his heart that WISH it was HIM who was responsible for that beautiful expression on her face but alas, he isn't and he regrets it. Regrets that it wasn't HIM but someone else to bring that heartbreaking smile on her face. He wishes that may she always smile like that and wish he could always be the reason for that smile on her face which found way out of his mouth and as soon as he says it, Swara let's him know that HE'LL ALWAYS BE THE REASON OF HER SMILE, COME WHAT MAY! HE DOESN'T HAVE TO DO AMYTHING SPECIAL TO MAKE HER SMILE, HIS PRESENCE ALONE IS ENOUGH TO MAKE HER FEEL COMPLETE and Sanskaar is overwhelmed Embarrassed and quickly wipes her tears seeing her crying and she immediately tries pacifying him by saying these are tears of happiness while he cannot bear those tears in her eyes, be it out of happiness or sadness and that he can kill, die and let his own blood flow but cannot see those tears making way out of her eyes eeekkksss Heart Man, he loves her so damn crazily! I have heard this khushi ke aansoo dialogue a million times but never heard such awesome counter response to it. Sanskaar, what are you made of? Day Dreaming I love the way the hug and he always cups her face so intimately Day Dreaming Since he couldn't make those special arrangements for her, he instead decides to shower her with gifts where first come the Kangans that he had so lovingly gifted her, which found their way back to the hands where they always belonged. He retrieved them only because his precious considers them the most precious and so they shouldn't ever part away from her <3 Swara is just recovering from the amazing feeling that's overwhelming her heart when he presents the next gift to her which is a WAIT-FOR-IT, a pepperspray ROFL This has to be the most hilarious at the same time most thoughtful gift EVER seen! Awww Sanskaar Maheshwari, you truly are the man of my and every girls dream Day Dreaming At first I thought he brought it so that if next time he accidently hits her, she can just spray this onto his face ShockedROFL But it was for self-defence phew LOL Swara cannot stop smiling at her hubby's adorable behaviour and cheekily asks him, What if she forgets to take the pepper spray along in her purse? And Sanskaar, totally sensing her cheekiness, gets his asanskaari mode activated which is triggered even more by the romantic ambience, rests his chin on her shoulder and taking the pepper spray in his hand, tells her that he'll tuck it in such a PLACE where she won't ever forget and his uncontrollable gorgeous fingers sensually find their way at her bare waist and he slowly caresses it and brings them to her belly where her pleats are tucked in, in order to put the pepper spray into it (OF COURSE HE WANTED TO PULL THOSE PLEATS OFF SFFSVBDFBGMGDHNHFFB) and before he could proceed to do this punya kaam, Swara senses his asanskaari mode and immediately parts away, blushing furiously and breathing heavily. Omggg my senses here sfscbfdhnfcbjndd Silly Damn it, this was so amazing, unexpected and sensuously HOT! I was hyperventilating here and both I and my sisters were looking at our TV, gawk eyed Shocked The way his fingers caressed her waist affsvnfsgbdfnjg Day Dreaming Damn NOW THIS IS HOTTT! FIREEE BABYYY LITERALLY! HeartSilly

Sanskaar senses her shy mode and decides to just not let this opportunity go and starts stripping by taking his blue blazer off in which he btw looked like a million bucks and my heart did a flippin somersault looking at this hottie in white, looking so dishy UFFF MY RASSMALAI AA TUJHE KHAA JAAAUUU MAIN, MAMMMAAA Day DreamingSilly God my thoughts about him, let it be forum is censored anyways Stern SmileLOL So they both sit down to have their dinner and relish it together while the beautiful Saiyaan plays in the BG Heart I LOVED how they placed this song BTW. Like when he gifts her the bangles, the verse mera dil khushi se jhoome, gaaye and then my favorite moment when Swara looks at Sanskaar happily making her wear kangan and the haaye aise mai nihaaru, teri aarti utaaru plays in the BG and Swara's expression shows that she actually wants to worship him OMG MY FEEELSSS HERE Heart Pure, magical, sheer bliss right there <3

The next gift, which is beautiful pendant with SS engraved on it Heart He makes her wear it, adding one more addition to her precious Embarrassed They dance, the hug and he goes oh so close to her, breathing into her neck and nape and she shivers at his touch Day Dreaming He picks her up in his arms and lays her down on the bed while she closes her eyes in complete surrender and pure desire for him and her face is enough permission for him to finally make her HIS in all senses. God, I have never seen a consummation scene so beautiful, intimate and aesthetically shot. The way he's leaning on top of her, hiding his face in her chest while clutching her palms into his and she's in complete surrender, waiting for him to engulf her senses Day Dreaming God, I had goosebumps watching this LITERALLY Day DreamingDay Dreaming

The morning after scene was like the cherry on top! God it was sooo intimate, the way her jewellery lay on the bed, and both of them lay next to each other, cuddling and touching, almost crashing into each other dgdfhgdhjffhh Day Dreaming I loved how she woke up first and seeing him sleeping so close to her, blushed furiously and then smiled happily touching his face and he smiled in his half sleep daze Day Dreaming THAT'S CHENISTRY RIGHT THERE WHICH CAN ONLY BE FELT Day Dreaming She immediately realises the position they are in and the sun above their head and gets up, realising that they are late and they NEVER are late while rushing from that place while trying to wake her beloved patidev up but of course, after making love beneath the moon and the stars, he's in mood to welcome the sun and neither in the mood to let his beautiful wife go away and he pulls her on top of him again for some more *ahem* under the sun while the wifey knows how to pacify her husband and blackmail him to follow her downstairs in the name of love. When he still doesn't listen, she physically forces and beats him to come along while poor Sanskaar is left complaining about the husband torture on him and the follows his wifey dearest downstairs. Goddd they are SOOO IN LOVEEE Day Dreaming My babies had the BEST SR EVER and I am just sooo happy, I just cannot... OMGGG thanks a ton CV's for such a BEAUTIFUL and MEMORABLE #SwaSanKaMilan Day DreamingEmbarrassed VaHe are sooo brilliant man, they're just unbeatable together. That's how the best jodi rolls baby Cool These two are fire together, SOOO MUCHHH CHEMISTRY UFFF Heart

The family teasing them and knowing that they hadn't consummated yet and just had their SR last night was sooo ummm weird Ermm God when Laksh says, aaj pehli baar tha, aadat ho jayegi dono ko dobara late nahi honge OHAMGEE ROFL Spoken like an experienced man, eh Laksh? WinkLOL Oh yes, yesterday when Laksh called Swara "target", Sanskaar was appalled and immediately reminded him that he cannot refer to HIS wife as TARGET ROFL and then himself called her MERI TARGET ;) Did I smell the green eyed monster here? Wooo Sanskaar Day DreamingHeart

Can we get full, uninterrupted kisses, now that they've done much more? I love CV's EmbarrassedLOL

Haven't got energy to explain or mock rest of family drama so aaj only drooling! Enjoy Day Dreaming SwaSan ki unforgettable magical Suhaagraat Day DreamingEmbarrassed

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I am up for it

Finally KDR

Thanks For Writing It Inspite of being Busy

Kudos To You

Seriously Lux was like close up,Meswak add ready LOL

Ragini They way she pinned Swara yesterday I was like Confused

The SwaSan Is Divine
They are out of world
You just pointed correctly what exactly they mean for each other Day Dreaming

Swara And Her Feluda and Bymokesh Bakshi Antics LOL

Sujju Is The Rock Star

I was silent reader

Can't Resist Today after reading KDR
So commented
With Love,

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todays swasan suharagaat was amazing, the gifts he gave swara, the romantic song saiyaan in the background, the decorations, the petals on the bed and on the floor. the way they looked into each others eyes. 
their suharagraat was amazing

but i just wish the CVs could make their suhagaraat more intimate, there was hardly any touching and all that romance stuff LOL you know what i mean right? it needs to be sexy loool 

the CV's didnt even make raglak suharagraat so intimate hardly any touching LOL 

for us swaragini fans they should add abit more spice to it and make it so intimate that we all go crazy lool 

but on a happy note it was still amazing 

p.s what a lovely post 

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KDR the much awaited one
Btw i am silent reader in your KDR posts so its my firt time to hahaha

Res will post in an hour

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unres 2mr mrng!
Nw too sleepy,jst waiting 4 KDR!

dnt knw wht to say,jst finished watching repeat again...
everythng is so DREAMY,MAGICAL,PERFECT...specially SIZZLING HOOTT..
the waist scn was jst surprise...my eyes bcm wide & smiling lk idiot...
tht scn gv me butterfly iin my tummy...
main swasan SR aise dekh rahi thi ki kab khatam hogaya patahi nehi chala,dil mange more...
tht scn sanskar on swara,entertwining thr fingers tht was simply dgfhkstxzbjfkk!!!
morning scn cherry on the top really,the scn was simple yet intimate...
i'll never forget ths SWASAN SR never ever...
vahe swasan really set screen on FIRE...
those dilgs of sanskar was die for...the FEELS,the DEPTH of thr LOVE soo beautiful,its really need to FEEL...
overall scns with BG was so scenere...beautiful...

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@kavya w'ful KDR . i don't've any more word 2 add it.if i cum out of this i:"ll add more.
tho i liked swasan SR but i wanted bit more. if they cud'd shown bit more physicality it wud b more hot.yeh dil maange more.WinkWink
if any1 wud b at swasan/VaHe place i don't think they cud create such chemistry. i wish we get more hot swasan scenes now.

but i liked raglak ystrday & laksh-sujju 2day.

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Since last 2 days i have been waiting for your kdr , specially yesterday ...but Today's KDR  was EmbarrassedSmileTongue
I don't know  what to say cause you said everything ...but phir bhi, #vahe are amazing  as #swasan ...ClapClap 

Sujju & Lakshya = These 2 were best today  , Their planning was perfect  '...

&yes , today my favourite scene was morning scene of swasan ...Tongue

I know no1 is interested in family drama but Prayer scene was funny today because in BG they played Aarti  Song but every member who presented  there ,only physically  presented but mentally not even 1 single member's attention in prayer LOLLOL..

Ragya = Waiting for swasan ..& giving each other expression ...

Sujata-Ap= Sujju's  taunt  about pari & AP 's reaction to it  LOL

Pari = New "Malkin" .During Aarti , her 1 hand was  on Keys & gave expression like  now everything is under control LOL

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Kavya, already #SwaSan gifted sleep deprived night for me...
And your KDR made me dgjhngdjgvlcxjcvnkmzfb once again in the #SwaSan world..
Badly want to watch it once again...

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