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Posted: 23 April 2016 at 7:34am | IP Logged
This was really awesome as the first one...
How I loved the conversation and this need to happen in the series 

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-GrilledCheese- Goldie

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Posted: 23 April 2016 at 9:22am | IP Logged
lovely ss! waiting for more!

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Sugarbabe14 Senior Member

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Posted: 23 April 2016 at 10:24am | IP Logged
Awsum mandy 
Read both chapters in one go 
Really nice concept...
Continue soon 
Waiting for next part 
Update soon 
Love Ishita 

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gauriangel IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 April 2016 at 12:27pm | IP Logged
Ohh..this is nice..u building a ss around the promo...
Update soon..

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Posted: 23 April 2016 at 3:21pm | IP Logged
awesome update
cannot wait

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Posted: 24 April 2016 at 1:57am | IP Logged
Originally posted by gauriangel

Ohh..this is nice..u building a ss around the promo...
Update soon..

Yeah it is loosely based around the promo. I am hoping they will show some similar scenes on the show too! 

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MrDarcyfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Kuch Toh Hai - Part 3

*"Khud Se Naraz Hu...Kyon Beh Awaaz hu...Meri khamoshiyan hai sazaa...dil main yeh sochatha...phir bhi nahin patha...kis haq she kahu batha?"...


Suman's eyes widened as she looked up at Shravan. "Oh God...he knows...He knows I have feelings for him! I've made myself so totally obvious! Why doesn't this floor open up and swallow me whole?" thought Suman in her mind as she tried her best to think of how she should respond to his statement. Suman closed her eyes for a second and opened them again to see Shravan still looking down at her intently.


"Will you stop?" said Suman in desperation as she looked away.


"Stop what?" asked Shravan in an incredulous tone.


"Looking at me like that!"


 "Why Suman?"


"I can't think straight when you do that!"


"Why does the way I look at you bother you so much?"


"You're not just looking...your..." Suman turned away from Shravan "Stop OK?...just stop!"


Shravan moved forward and reached for Suman's arm as he turned her around to face him.


"Stop what? Looking at you? Why should I stop? What's wrong with the way I look at you?"


"Tum nahin samjoge...Everything is wrong with it. Why must you complicate things Shravan? We are friends and we will always be friends...but..." Suman's voice trailed off.


"But what Sumo? What? Yes we were friends, we are friends, and I guess we always will be. But why do you pretend it's nothing more than that? Why can't you admit it is? What's so hard about it?"


"You want ME to admit it's more...what about you Shravan? Why won't you say it?"


Shravan let go of her and turned away.


"Aab koun nazarain chura rahe hai? What's the matter Shravan? Not so easy when it's you who has to admit things?"


Shravan turned back to face her.


"Yes it's not easy. I never said it was!"


"Then why do you expect it of me?"


"Maybe because I already put myself on the line with you many times before. Maybe I NEED to hear you say what I mean to you this time! Something you never verbalized in our whole relationship Suman! Maybe it's time you did!"


"Tum sunna kya chathe ho?"


"Jo tumne khabi kaha nahin! Main kaun ho tumahare liye? Who am I to you Suman?"


"Hum Aapke Hai Koun?" said Suman with a small laugh.


"This is not a time to joke Sumo. I am serious! Main janna chatha hu ke main tumhare liye kya hu? Koun hu? What is my place in your life? Kya Rishta hain humare beech?"


"Rishta? Since when did this word come into play? Why is it that we have to over think things so much? I mean... there was a time in our lives when we spent all our free time together, and we didn't care about this word "Rishta" and neither did we try to give a name to our relationship. WHY is it important to name everything?"


"Kyun keh ab hum bachain nahi rahe Sumo. Adults give names to their relationships. We are adults now and I want to know what the name of the relationship between us is? Don't say "friendship" because we both know it's more than that! Don't insult my intelligence by denying it!"


"I am not denying it. But that doesn't mean I am free to accept it either!"


"What does that even MEAN Suman?" said Shravan in an angry tone.


"What it means is..." Said Suman as she took a breath. "Look...we both know, you are from this high class family, Oxford educated and London returned and all that...while..." Suman was saying when Shravan cut her off.


"PLEASE don't tell me you are going to talk of some meaningless class crap? Since when was that an issue? Yes I went to Oxford. That makes me better educated than most, but not better than anyone Sumo! Surely you don't think me so shallow?"


"It's not you who thinks that way Shravan. But the world does. Maybe your family does too" said Suman in a low tone. (She knew how Kamini Chachi and Vandy behaved towards her. They always tried to show her she was not of their status. She didn't want anyone to accuse her of wanting Shravan in her life because of what a great "catch" he was. She had her pride and self-respect and she didn't want to compromise that).


"MY family? You know very well Papa doesn't think that way, and Pushkar is friends with you himself!" he said and then he suddenly paused. "You are talking of Chachi and Vandy Bhabhi right?" said Shravan, ever shrewd.


Suman looked away without responding. That was enough for Shravan to confirm what he just said. He knew his aunt and sister in law. They were class conscious and snobbish women. They may think a person's worth was judged by their bank balance, but he didn't and neither did his Father or his cousin whom he considered a brother and a friend. He knew they would always stand by him, if he wanted Suman in his life as more than a friend. Frankly their opinion is the only one in his family he valued, other than maybe his uncle. He was not very close to him but he respected him. He was a sensible man, not like his wife and daughter in law.


Either ways, Shravan was not the type of guy to let anyone stand in his way if he thought he was right. There was nothing more "right" than the way he felt about Suman, and he was sure of it. He just needed HER to accept it and tell him she wanted him in her life. That was the only reason he would stay. He would only stay if she was ready to give up on her ego or the petty opinions of his family members or society to be with him. She had to want him more than she wanted to keep any false pride intact. "Ek baar kehedo Sumo khi main tumhare liye sabse badakar hu! That is all I need to hear. That one line from you will change things for good, including my future plans. Aur yeh sirf tum kar sakti ho!" thought Shravan as he looked at Suman looking towards the garden, but she was actually starting into the distance.


"Tell me Sumo, is Chachi and Vandy Babhi's opinion more important to you than I am?" asked Shravan in a quiet but firm voice.


"That's not a fair question Shravan. This is not about just them. I don't want people to think..."


"People? WHO are these people Suman? Do you really care what random people think? The Sumo from high school never did!"


Suman turned around and faced Shravan. "In one breath you tell me we are adults now, and in the next breath you say you expect me to act like the Teenage Suman? That Sumo who didn't care about anything? To whom image was everything?"


"Has that really changed?"


"What do you mean?"


"Are you not choosing image above everything else even now? Yes it's not the cool girl image you had in school. This time it's the independent woman image, the image of someone who won't have anyone think less of her or misjudge her in any way. Or let's say "judge" her in any way!"


"That's not fair Shravan...this is not image this is..."


"Fair? You talk of what's not fair? What's not fair Suman...is the way even today you choose your pride and your need to be in control over anything else? How 10 years ago it was important to you to look the part in front of your friends at the expense of our friendship. 10 years later you are choosing looking the part in front of society over your relationship with me. You are so concerned that people will judge you for being with me that you are willing to choose looking good in front of people, looking righteous over me! You can't handle being thought less of. You couldn't then and you can't now. The casualty then was you're your relationship with me, which you didn't want to admit to, and the casualty today is also your relationship with me, which you don't want to name, which you don't want to acknowledged. At least not the way I want you to!"


Suman looked at Shravan with wide eyes. She didn't realise how Shravan viewed her dilemma. He didn't understand it was not about him at all. But maybe he was right? Maybe she was putting her need to not be "judged" over her feelings for him? Maybe to him this was again proving that he was not important enough to her to risk being thought less of, or having to fight for him. The truth was, Shravan was worth fighting the world for. He was worth it. More than worth it. Was she really going to lose him over her fears? She would be a fool to do so. If she could not be sure of anything, she could be sure of that.


Shravan looked intently at Suman. "Dare to let go of your control Suman. Dare to be vulnerable. Dare to choose happiness over some perfect image. Dare to choose me!" said Shravan gravely. Suman stared at Shravan unblinking. It was like she was not able to find her voice. She was feeling overwhelmed by her feelings. She knew if she wanted Shravan, it was up to her to voice it. Up to her to admit it, up to her to stop him. HE was not going to stop of his own accord. Not this time. She had to earn it this time.


Shravan pursed his lips as he looked at Suman for a long moment, and with a sigh he turned around. He started to walk away as Suman watched him. As the distance between them grew inch by inch, Suman stared at Shravan's retreating back. It was like with him he was dragging away a part of her. The part of her she had missed the most the last 10 years. That part of her that had only existed with Shravan. That part of her she called home. Since being with her parents, it was only with Shravan she had felt that sense of belonging. There was nothing in this world that mattered more than that. She suddenly remembered a line from a song in a movie about friendship.


"Main pass apane nahin...bas door jabse hain tu...Jaane dil main kabse hain tu...jabse main hu thab se hai tu...mujko meri raab ki kasam...yara raab se pehele hai tu!"


Suman closed her eyes. The truth was Shravan meant more to her than anything or anyone else. She had been too naive and immature to understand his worth in her life 10 years ago. But time had taught her a lot. She had spent the last 10 years waiting to see him again, to have him back in her life again. When he had rejected her, she had felt that there could never be anything between them again. But even in that rejection had been his need to be heard. His need to be seen by her, acknowledged by her. Maybe in a way she had not done in the past. She knew she had seen him this time, she had wanted his attention, she had felt more comfortable accepting this fact more than she had been 10 years ago. Maybe the outward changes in Shravan had compelled her to acknowledge this. To acknowledge what she had not seen or understood back then. Even though she had not really even admitted it to herself. The truth was she had waited for him for 10 years not because he was just her friend. She had waited for him because she was in love with him. Yes she loved him. She had loved him then, and she loved him now. There was no way she was going let Shravan walk away this time. 10 years was a long time. Even 10 minutes more was too long!


"Shravan..." Said Suman. "Rukjao".


Shravan stopped in his tracks, but he didn't turn around. Suman walked towards him and passing him stood in his path.


"Mat jao" she said looking up at him.


"Mat jao?" asked Shravan his eyes intense as he looked down at Suman. "Be clear Suman...Iss jaga se mat jao...ya tumahari zindagi se? Because if I leave now..." Shravan was saying, when Suman stood on tip toe and covered his mouth with her hand.


"Don't leave!" she said her voice breaking with the emotions she was trying to contain. "Iss jaga se mat jao. Aur meri zindagi se?...Meri zindagi se khabhi math jao Shravan!" said Suman looking him in the eyes.


Shravan lifted her hand away from his mouth as his fingers curled around hers.


"Kyun?" he asked softly. "Kyun nahi jaun? Kya rishta hai hamare beech?"


"Wahi rishta...jo hamesha ek saath rehene ki kasam kathain hai!"


"Aur iss rishte ka naam?"


"Pyaar. Iss rishte ka naam hai pyaar! I love you Shravan. Khabhi muje chorkar mat jana!" whispered Suman, her eyes filling with tears.


Shravan's fingers tightened over hers as he used his hand to pull her close.


"Tumhe chorkar main zinda nehi rehe paunga Sumo. I never want to spend a day away from you again! I love you!...I loved you 10 years ago, and I love you now. I tried. I tired so hard to foget you. Lekin bhoola nahi paya!" he said softly.


"Looks like you're stuck with me!" said Suman with a teary smile.


"Gladly! I will gladly be stuck with you forever Suman Tiwari!" said Shravan as he held her check within his palm. Suman turned her face into his palm as she placed a soft kiss on it.


"And I am glad you want to be stuck with me Shravan Malhotra!" whispered Suman.


Shravan bent his head and brushed her lips with his. Suman threw herself into his arms and Shravan hugged her to him. Neither knew how long they just held each like that. It felt like they were finally were they belonged. With each other. Yes there will be challenges. But they will face them together. Because together they were strong. Finally on the rooftop terrace of Tiwari Killa, Shravan and Suman were home. They were each other's home and always will be.


"Kahi Teri Khamoshiyan...Jeeth Na Jaye Pyaar Se...Mil Jaane De Dil Jo Bane..Ek Duje Ke Vaaste!"

The beginning...

*Lyrics derived from the song - "Main Hu Hero Tera" - Movie - Hero - 2015

Previous Part - Kuch Toh Hai - Part 2


OK folks so that was the conclusion to this story. It was a Three shot. I will make an effort to continue to write more on this lovely and passionate yet different couple in the weeks to come! Hope you enjoyed this story and please do leave your comments and dont forget to like! :)



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Hey ...
Read all the parts in one go
That was an awsome fantabulous TS(wish it was longer,dil maange moreWink

All the parts were perfect especially the endingEmbarrassed

All is well that ends with hugs and...Wink

 BTW l am shambhavi 
New to the forumBig smile

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