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Sanaya : Gifts frm Fanz (India Forum/2016) - Part VI


Written Update :

Sanaya - Ok, this is know your fans, an initiative on behalf of Samaira & Divya... ok, so I guess there is a lot of stuff here  which will... (looks at a big blue envelope) what is this??  Oh... ok..ok.. ok...

(reads the card)  Missing you a lot!! (aww, somebody is missing me) you are dearly thought of & missed from the bottom  of the heart. Miss you... Divya, Samaira & all your fans ... miss you onscreen badly, please comeback soon... (to the fans) Yeah, I kind of miss acting too, guys. But what do I do??  I really need to get something that I enjoy doing &  I want to do.

So, of course, unless I reach this point where I am just tired & have nothing to do  & then I'll do anything, but, I hope I get really something good & something that ... something that you guys will love & you guys will enjoy... because I don't want to disappoint you guys... and I don't want you to feel like... Why is she doing this... 

(opens the card) Aww, it's a pop-up card... (reads) I actually love you much much more than words can say... (aww, so sweet) love, Fizz (?) from Hyderabad. ...

(opens a letter & reads) Dear Sanaya, please, please, please, we request you to please go through our letter & the messages sent to you by Sanayaholics across different countries. To know your fans, please go through there first, then the goodies sent to you, our princess... hope you like all that you read & see in it...

(to fans) ok, so  I will read it. I just cannot read it right now, so... ohh, it's from all of you'll,everywhere. There are people from Indonesia, from Kerala, from Ahmedabad, Pakistan...oh... Turkey... oh, I love... I want to see Turkey...

I will read this guys & I will get to know you'll. But, my memory is bad, I will forget then... so, I am sorry for that. But, but I will read it. Thank you.

(takes out another bunch of papers) ok, this is, I guess just more stuff about you guys which I will read. (she however reads) These are a few questions from the fans.

Q - You are not on any social networking sites. Your die hard Sanayaholics know it, but you can please clear it for your new fans. The imposture on twitter  create confusion...

A -  Yes guys, I am going to say it again... that I am not on any SNS, so please stop following any Sanaya... I am not on Insta, I am not on twitter, I am not on FB, I am not anywhere... like I'm... I'm nowhere. People can't find me. It's hard to find me...

Mohit - You are at home...

Sanaya - Yeah, I'm at home. Doing the cleaning & sweeping, hanging clothes... yeah... pretty much.

Q - How do you prepare  for your emotional scenes as you are happy go lucky type of person, always cheerful & the way you enact them is outstanding... those scenes  get imprinted in our minds, in the minds of the audiences.

A - I don't really prepare myself. I remember during Iss yaar Po..., Gul used to shout at me & she used to be like, you are always laughing & joking, that's why you can't do the crying scenes properly & stop laughing & sit seriously.

But I don't believe in that. It's just like 5 mins before the scene. I think, when I read the scene, I get so into the scene, like when I am actually reading the scene, I get tears in my eyes. I also... I'm  emotional in a weird way. I cry  really fast, so it's not that hard for me.Ask Mohit. I am crying in every movie that we watch. And he is like, ok, ok... now he's just used to it.

Q - Kashmira Irani is not your sister.

A - That's right.

Q - This again your fans are aware of. But unfortunately your biographical details  on Google WIKI mislead the new fans, then we have to clarify it. But if you say, it will be better.

A - Yes guys, Kashmira Irani, I know her, she's a very sweet girl, but she is not my sister. And because we share the same surname, doesn't mean... & Boman Irani is not my father... just so a heads up...

Q - Do you know that you have fans from more than 150 countries of the world...

Sanaya - What??!! No, I didn't know that.

Q - And belonging to different age group. If not, then please see.

Last one, you are not a Techno geek , reason??

A - I am .. it's not like I am not a Techno geek, it's just that I like my life the way it is & I don't want everybody to know what I'm doing & I know you guys love me & you'll want to know what's up with me & what I'm doing, but I just feel that, I feel that my work should speak for me.

 You know, like, I want to shows which connect with you'll & things that connect with you'll & I'm just very private... like (looks at Mohit) I mean, ask Mohit. I just don't like... even with, friends &  like, just acquaintances, I don't just hang out, don't go to parties, I don't do all of that...

So I am just that kind of a person. Maybe, someday I'll change, someday I'll join a SNS, but, not right now. I don't know why... but, I get to speak you guys , meet you'll like this through delayed interviews. So yeah, thank you. I hope I have answered all your questions.

Oh, I have got another dolll... dolll... her eyes are... oh... she does have eyes... (turns the doll to face us) look... look.. look... (pushes the fur hat worn by the doll back) look, can you see her eyes??

Mohit - Yeah...

Sanaya - But she doesn't have a nose & a mouth, which I will make Mohit draw because she just looks incomplete without that. But how cute is she!! Look at her... look at her (moves the doll's feet)... oh, I really like the hat... so soft... & she has better hair than me... the doll has better hair than me... yeah... that's right...

Ok, how cute ...how cute is this!! Oh, she has a little bag... ok... thank you... thank you...

And I have got something... oh, it's a mirror... so I can check myself out, baby, means check an eye at one time... then my lip...  Ok, this is actually a very cute thing to keep in your bag. Not that I really check myself out ever, because I am not really fond of the mirror. But maybe you can, baby...

Mohit - No Baby, I am not that kind...

Sanaya - Baby please, you love checking yourself out...

Mohit - No...

Sanaya - Shut up... ok, that's it... there is something on this which I have to open & (reads the letter) Dear Sanaya, thank you a lot... you are so... well done?? (one second) Thank you a lot... you are so well done... you are fantastic actress, better than all HW stars... (stops reading) And yet I don't get work... and yet...

(reads) your emotions which are transmitted to us are forced to cry , laugh at the same time. (how sweet) I like to continue to see you on the screen for the time being in Russian TV ... Russian on TV only one series is Iss Pyaar Ko... , but we are your fans ... had long viewed series with your participation with sub titles on the internet.

(to the fans) you know what, if you'll want to watch my shows you'll can get in touch with the channels... does that happen?? With the different channels & tell them to telecast the show in ,well, in Russia, in wherever you'll are.I don't know. I don't know how it works, but,  maybe, maybe you'll can try.

(reads)  You are very cool (that's right) we love you...PS, don't be offended that we send you gifts coz we can hardly see you in live...

(to fans) Ok, I am not offended guys, I don't feel offended, but, I just feel that this could go to a needy person. And it will make a big difference to somebody who needs it. That is all I feel. So if you feel the same way, then do it.

(reads a card) I wish you much happiness, mutual love & prosperity in career (thank you)  With love, from, Russia, Elena Konovalova.

The wonderful actors game in show Iss Pyaar Ko..., Rangrasiya...  you showed us deep, beautiful, traditional India. Through your tremendous work, we the audience in far Russia fell in love with Khushi, Paro, Myrah... learnt about your beautiful traditional wedding rituals... sangeet, haldi, mehandi, family values & traditional celebrations in India.

The simply stunning colorful   & bright & informative. (that's nice that you'll got to learn something about India & our culture...) accept my present as a part of our great and multi faceted Russia as we accept your works as part of India.

(to fans)  Ok, so you'll are just finding ways to give me gifts now. Ok, accept it like this but not like this... (reads) this doll is made masters hand. It's specially by my order. Personally for you, it is dressed in traditional clothes in Russian style... (to fans) See the Russian hat... yes... yes... this furry hat, I know... yes (takes the doll) this furry hat, I think this is really cool. Very very cool...

(reads) Personally for you, it's dressed in traditional clothes in Russia  style. I hope you will also interesting our deep history, culture & traditions of Russia. (Sure) Congratulations on your award 'Best actress' ( Where?? Who??)

Mohit - When??

Sanaya - When?? (reads) Garv Indian TV awards, 2015 (when did this happen??) We are pleased they appreciated your... (to fans) I never get Best Actress & the one time I got it, I didn't even know!!

Also with much love for you will watch & vote for your new project JDJ 8 ... with hope, wait for your new work. good luck and  all the best. With great love & respect, from  far far but so close, Russia. Olga Kurgovaskaya, Olga, with love from Russia.

(to Olga) How sweet, thank you so much, I do accept your gifts as a way of your love & your work & your stuff from Russia. But, remember what I said.

Thank you guys, really really sweet, your doll is really sweet... but I'm going to add, sorry, I'm going to add a nose & a mouth. I will.

Ok, and we are...

Mohit - Done!!

Sanaya - Officially done with the gift segment. Thank you so so much for  all the gifts, for all the sweet things you'll have said... for all the love, for all the good wishes for Mohit & me. Thank you so much... we love you.

Mohit - Thank you guys.

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Pix (01/03) :

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Pix (02/03) :

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Pix (03/03) :

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Originally posted by luminescence

Thank you for the super duper WU, Joseph! I know how tough it is to write word by word. It needs a tremendous amount of patience so hats off to you for patiently writing the entire segment every single time ClapClap

Welcome Abhi ! Thanks for liking this effort. Finally,this seg series is over now Smile Actually,this time I-F was testing our patience level that's why,post this 67 min (Approx) vid in 6 installment. LOL

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Thanks Jo for updating each part of this lovely gift segment. Heavy MoNayalicious dose we have got. Sanaya is such a down to earth celeb. Her every talk is direct dil se, no pretense. Her soulmate by her side, she enjoyed this more than an hour segment, both teasing each other, such bliss to see the happily married, much in love couple.

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@Joseph  Another super Wu &Beautiful caps .Clap. One of the bestBeautiful Monaya gift segment ever.Enjoyed every bit of these 6 parts of the segments.Monaya are not only cute most genuine simple &down to earth celebrty couple have ever seen.Their nokjokes are Soo enjoyableLOLLove the Sanaya hit Mohit play fullyLOL

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Loved each and every segment 

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