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Sanaya has received our gifts. I'm so happy!

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Sanaya : Gifts frm Fanz (India Forum/2016) - Part V


Written Update :

Sanaya - (opening the next gift & showing us the card) Awww, how cute... look at this... look at this... Ok, (reads)  Just sending a few little 'Laugh out loud'  birthday wishes for someone who is charming, delightful, fascinating, good natural, terrific, clever, first class...

(shows a box of Ferrero Rocher) Thank you to the ferrero rochers for not being eaten, or melted,  (looking at the chocolates) I would like to thank you Ferrero rocher...

Mohit - Well packed, well packed... 

Sanaya - (to the chocolates) for coming in my life... for being the way you are...

Opens the bag of gifts... Segment on time...

Mohit - Correct!!

Sanaya - See guys, this is why I say that  you'll shouldn't be like spending money on these things... I really feel really bad now... I feel... ok, I will do my segments on time now, but   I feel really bad that you'll put in all this effort &  money into buying me things & see, yeah, like... I am so sorry... I will really do my segments on time. Thank You so much for the sweet stuff that you'll send me.  But I am, I am so sorry.

Mohit - We will freeze them... don't worry...

(Opens the next box to show us a magnet & another box)  Pandora... Oh...

Mohit - We can fix this on the coffee (bar??)...

Sanaya - (taking out the bracelet) Oh, this is so sweet!! It is a bracelet & it has like a little 'S' hanging off... how cute is that!! Thank you!! This is so sweet... thank You!! It's like Pandora's box.

(looking at an album & says to Mohit) You know what, Baby?? Let's take some time & think about how our wedding album is not yet made. But people have sent us albums... Ok... (as she opens the album) Okieee...how nice!!... (as she flips the pages) oh, so sweet... this is really nice...like can you...

(she changes the position of the album, helped by Mohit, so we can see it properly) maybe I should keep it like this... see...  so nice... so much time & so much effort & this is so, so nice... awww... so this is where you'll are from... see, I can't come there, but you'll find me ways to show... how nice is this!!!  Wow guys, I love this... thank you... thank you so much... this is so, so nice...  how nice... I ,like, really, really liked this...

Mohit - Very nice!!

Sanaya - This is so, so, so nice...thank you so much. I can imagine how much time must have gone into doing this & saying all the sweet things you'll have said in there... I haven't read, but I will. So, thank you!!

(reads the card)  Our gift... Mateyouska in an interview with Mohit... the second doll is a brownie... he brings happiness into the house & protect... (to Mohit) I think these are the same people who sent us those (pointing somewhere behind them) which are lined on the fridge. (to us) The big to the small... I am assuming ... we have kept it, right above our fridge there... 

(continues to read) & it brings happiness to house & protects the owners. We know that you like Ferrero rocher ... we hope you will like the Russian chocolate too...

Mohit - We must have eaten that...

Sanaya - No, that's the one that's spoilt...

Mohit - Oh...

Sanaya - I am so sorry guys... I... I am so sorry I can't taste your Russian chocolates because I was so late at this interview... in giving it...

(opens the next box to see the clutch) Ok, see guys, you'll don't need to do this. You'll don't need to buy me stuff like that. But for yourself. You'll are young girls out there. I am sure you'll love shopping, going out there, buying these things for yourself... do it... or buy something for your mom or dad or  something... it's like... it's so sweet when you'll send me all this, but I just feel like you'll don't need to...

(opening another box) Ohhh, there is one more... It's like a set... it's a similar kind... it's really very cool guys... I really, really like it. Thank You so much!! Thank you...

(the next gift) Ohhh, a candle... it's like a candy candle. Oh, I feel like eating it. Ok, but I don't know who this is from... nothing is written here. So...

Mohit - It's actually a very nice candle...

Sanaya -
(takes a card) Is this the person??

I don't know, maybe it's from the same person, from Russia, I am not sure... but... but it's really really nice... thank you...

(Looks & the next box & reads) from Divya & Samaira... oh... you'll have sent more stuff?? You'll already sent me stuff... (takes out an envelope & says) So again, this is from  Divya &
Samaira . (takes out another envelope & reads)  To the star who inspires us every time & with a beautiful personality.

(Reads the card) You are a star performer. there was never a doubt that there was someone... (she flips the page) Ok, here... (reads) we have never seen such a talented with extra ordinary acting skills onscreen till date.

Mohit - Very good!!

Sanaya -  No, but there are much better actors out there, guys, just a heads up... (continues to read)  Have seen many Bollywood, Tellywood & Hollywood actresses, but you stand out always as an actress, as a professional, as a celebrity & more importantly, as a person. (How sweet!!) Love you hamesha, Sanaya... Sanayholics always feel proud to be your fans. Best wishes, always!! You are an international star, loved & adored around the world. Good luck for your future...

(stops reading) How sweet!! Thank you so, so, so much. This is... lots of sweet things for me here.

(opens the box & takes out chocolates, excitedly)
Chocolates... OMG... Yum... Yum.. Yum... Yum...

(reading the label on the next bag filled with chocolates)  To the most chocoholic person... whom we love & admire... (to fans) firstly, I want to say that, yes, I am really a chocoholic. Mohit  used to never eat chocolates, ever since I have come into his life...

Mohit - She has given me this habit...

Sanaya - I have to just tell you'll that Mohit eats chocolates like food. Like sometimes, his mouth is full of something & he is chewing & I am like, what are you eating??... & he is like, After 8... & I am like... that much in your mouth?? So, he eats, yaar. So, I have.. I have spread the vibe...

(reads)  Every chocolate that you will eat from this bag will remind you that your fans belong to these countries. (ohhh)

Mohit - Ohh!!!

Sanaya - Ohh... (continues to read) As well from where they are... eg. France, UK, Switzerland...

Mohit - How did you'll pack it from around...

Sanaya - USA, Saudi... how sweet... that's so sweet... ohhh, marshmallows... this is...my mouth starts watering... my pronunciation has become ...so sweet, ok,  I don't want to behave this way. It's not like I don't get chocolates. I do get chocolates. I like chocolate. It's just that... it's...

Mohit -  It's a gift, that's why...   

Sanaya - It's just that, it's so amazing to just look at chocolates. Like, it just makes me happy... so, ok... ok, thank you so much...

(Opens the next gift) Oh, it's a clutch. Oh, how cute. Oh, how pretty... this is actually pretty. Thank you so much... you will very soon see me holding this at some award function. Thank you, this is very sweet... thank you so much. It's pretty. It's really nice...

Mohit - Very very nice...

Sanaya - Thank you...thank you...

(opens the next box) Oh, it's a Virgo mug... so sweet... (reads) symbol- the virgin... elements- earth... planet- mercury... Virgos are usually  observant, shrewd  (hey, I am not shrewd

Mohit laughs out loud... pulls her cheeks & then, pulls her close...

Sanaya - I am not shrewd... (reads) critically inclined (yes) ... judicious, patient (to fans) patient??!! I am not patient... (to Mohit) Patient!!??

Mohit - No, you are not patient...

Sanaya - Practical...

Mohit - Yes, that's true...

Sanaya - (continues to read) practical supporters  of the status (?)  & tend to be conservative in all departments of life... (to fans) yeah, I agree with everything except for shrewd & patient. Ok Virgos... (surprised...  to Mohit) Mother Theresa was a Virgo...

Mohit - That's what they got, patience, so...  don't take it wrong... don't take it wrong...

Sanaya - Baby, Mother Theresa was a Virgo.

(opens the next gift) hanging things, how cute... oh, this is so cute... (one piece falls from her hand) oh, oh, sorry... this is so cute. I love stuff like that. Mohit doesn't, but I do.

Mohit - No, I like it.

Sanaya -  I think these are so cute. they are really very cute. Thank you...thank you so much... ok, lets keep this here... ok... & where's the... there's one...

Mohit - This... this... this...

Sanaya - Ok, & this is ... (handing over the box to Mohit) baby... this is... baby will open & tell us what it is... I made him sit in this gift segment with me... when he has a gift segment, he is going to make me sit with him...

Mohit - Yes... you have to...

Sanaya - & open everything... (looks at the gift) Oh, so pretty... this is like an evil eye with a butterfly key chain... (shows us) this is really, really pretty, thank you very much... what is this?? (reads a note) Sanaya, love you. Hope you like the key chain... (to the fan) I love the key chain... it is really so pretty... thank you. &  there is one more thing... this key chain, Mohit will keep, because he is very fascinated by it...

Mohit - No,no, I don't keep key chains...

Sanaya - But, this is really cool. It's like a whole calendar & I think, this is an opener...  (to Mohit) Baby, am I right...

Thank you... thank you so much...

To be continued...

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Pix (01/03) :

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Pix (02/03) :

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Pix (03/03) :

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Thank you for the super duper WU, Joseph! I know how tough it is to write word by word. It needs a tremendous amount of patience so hats off to you for patiently writing the entire segment every single time ClapClap

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Fantastic Wu&caps JosephClap. i can see how much hard work you are doing for caps &wu.ClapThis is longest segment ever Monaya did ever for If.Enjoyed each and every segment &Monaya mastiHeartThis was biggest ever segment they did after their first longest segment after Mjht of air.How cute &genuine people they are.

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Thank you for the superb  WU  Joseph

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