Sanaya : Gifts frm Fanz (I-F/2016) - [Prt-5 @ P-08//Prt-6 @ P-09*] (Page 6)

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Thanks for this one stop, Jo. Nice caps.

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Sanaya : Gifts frm Fanz (India Forum/2016) - Part IV


Written Update :

Sanaya - From Abhinaya Balan, Chennai... Ok... (reads) Dearest Sanaya, message for you inside. Please  read aloud... Ok

Mohit - Loudly...

Sanaya -(reads) Many Many  Many more happy returns of the day. I have been your biggest fan since Miley Jab Hum Tum days. You are a big source of inspiration to me. Thank (To Abhinaya) Oh, am I??

I think it's really great if I can inspire anybody for anything in life. So, thank you. I hope I am inspirational in a good way & you do something good out of it.

(reads) Thank you for being my support & motivating me to be a better person by being yourself. (to Abhinaya) How sweet!! That's so sweet. That's such a nice thing to say to somebody.

PS, the photo on the left on the photo frame is myself. (seeing the photo frame) Oh... That's you...Hey... Hi... it's good to see you & thank you for your sweet words. I hope I inspire you in a good way & you do good things in life, & you are always happy & like my mom always says,  Good things happen to Good people , so just keep that in mind.

Thank you, this is very very sweet. There is more stuff inside that??

(Reads a card) Birthday wish for you. Some people have a away of making the little moments of life count. They are special people like you... (to fans) Yeah, I actually do that, yeah, it's quite an apt card.

How sweet!! (reads) You are 1 in a million. We love you so much, you are our role model... (to the senders) oh, there's a bunch of you guys... ok,

from all of us Sanayaholics, Abhinaya Balan (to fans) it is written,'It is pronounced as Abhinaya Balan'... Oh, Balan, like Vidya Balan. Ok, yeah I get it, sorry... I was being a little firang (foreigner)  with the 'Balan'... (reads) Ok, so it's Abhinaya Balan, Sunara, Diya Tals, Jaya, Anisha, Deepthi, Sayari, Neloufer. Please take our names, we would love it... (to the group) I did take your names, see.  I didn't even have to read that.

Thank you Guys, thank you for the very big card & the sweet sweet things that you'll have said in it... thank you so much.

Sanaya (reading on the envelope) 'Most Urgent'... (to fans) I am so sorry. before I open this, I would like to say something. This person had seriously thought that Sanaya Irani would give an interview on time. I apologize before opening whatever is in here, because, clearly it was very urgent for you to get this to me, but, I have been so late...

Mohit - Her next birthday is coming over...

Sanaya - I am feeling so bad after this interview, I swear, my next time... of course I am hoping there isn't a gift segment  because, like I said, think of me, think of something nice & give it to someone who really needs it. But, I will do my segments on time,that's for sure.

Mohit - Please baby...

Sanaya - I feel really bad. My phone is never with me. It's always here-there, so I never answer only people's calls. So the calls automatically go to Mohit. Any call, any...even the courier boy, even the Insurance guy. If I go anywhere & they ask me for my number, I just give Mohit's phone number, I never give my number.

Mohit - This is my condition post marriage.

Sanaya - Ok, Gunjan Shukla, you are from Indore & this is... oh so sweet... baby, I kind of looked like this on our wedding day. But this is actually Rangrasiya...

Mohit - (pointing to something on the pic) you didn't have this...

Sanaya -Yeah...yeah... I wasn't so dramatic...

Mohit - Yeah...

Sanaya - Ok, how sweet... (shows us the gift) this is really sweet... you've made like a collage & written a lot of things here,which I can't read right now because these people will fall asleep around the camera. And they are already looking at me like they want to...

Mohit - Why are you reading everything that's written??

Sanaya - Oh... (reads) Happy Birthday  Sanaya. You are an angel. (to fans)  I know. See, I think that too. People just don't think it.

No..no, this... (reads) Dear Sanaya, wish you a very happy birthday May God fulfill all your dreams & may you wih Jhal... (to Gunjan) This is like... guys... ok, let's assume I won Jhalak. Ok... (reads) we are all doing everything we can to make you win it.

(to Gunjan ) Oh, I am so sorry guys, but, I know... I know I got the highest number of votes... I know that. Anyone may say anything, I know you guys have done what you'll had to do  & really, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you, guys.

I know a lot of you'll have had sleepless nights  voting for me. And if I could say, I am so sorry or I don't how to help you'll, but I, it's just... I wish I could. But thank you... thank you for putting all your energies for me for Jhalak. That's really, really sweet. Thank you.

(Reads) Sanaya, Miley Jab Hum Tum was the first show which I followed religiously only because of you & Mohit, my SaJan...

Mohit - awww, thank you...

Sanaya - (reads) My name is Gunjan too (to Gunjan) yes, I know... (reads) &  I had a little more attachment towards you. (to Gunjan)  Awww... (reads) and has turned out to be an angel in my life...

(to Mohit) baby see yaar, baby...

Mohit - You are an angel, baby...

Sanaya - Baby you never say it...

Mohit - I say that...

Sanaya - Now you are saying it...

Mohit - No, no...

Sanaya - Look at him... he doesn't even... he is not even believing it while saying it... (reads)  So,I got a job & MJHT ended & then, somethings happened & I went into depression. (stops reading) Oh...

Mohit - Why??

Sanaya - Ok...

Mohit - So sorry, yaar...

Sanaya - No, but... no... this is not good what I am reading, Gunjan. And this is not how it should be & if you are ever upset or depressed about something, you should talk to people, be it your family, your friends or somebody you should meet regarding it. Depression is a very strong word, so, I hope that you have not used it in the wrong sense & you've...

And if you were, I am just glad that you are out of it. And if it ever occurs again, you should meet somebody regarding that...

(reads) But then Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon happened...   (to Gunjan) That's right... (reads)  when I saw the promo I felt a lot better to see you back onscreen & that too with Barun & as the show progressed, I completely fell in love with ArShi & especially Khushi.

I was so inspired by Khushi, that if she can smile & be happy ... (to Gunjan,happily) See...(then with fake anger) I can't believe you're saying with Khushi... you should be inspired by Sanaya. Sanaya is always smiling & happy... what do you mean by Khushi?? What do you mean by Khushi?? I am upset!!...

(reads) Ok, If she can smile & be happy after so many problems, why can't I ?? Iss Pyar Ko.. brought me out of my depression. You guys gave me a new life. So, I would like to say, Thank You Sanaya for giving us Khushi. (to Gunjan) You're welcome... (reads) Sanaya, I am getting married this 24th November...

Mohit - Oh, wow...  congratulations...

Sanaya - I missed it... congratulations... (reads) So, consider this a personal invite, your wishes would mean a lot to me... (stops reading) Aww... ok, so I am sorry, but, Happy Belated Wedding...  & congratulations on a beautiful married life which I am sure you will have. And you will always be happy, always be smiling & make everybody around you happy & smiling.

(reads) Sanaya, you are an amazing person, stay the way you are. Happy Birthday, God bless you... give my love to Mohit...

Mohit - Thank you, thank you so much...

Sanaya - (reads) Lots & lots of Love, Gunjan. Happy Birthday Sanaya... I thought of giving you the cutest gift ever... but how can I gift you yourself... you are a wonderful person...

(to fans) Mohit is thinking... only if someone had lived with her, then they would know her for real... this cute & all...

Mohit - No, baby...

Sanaya - (reads)  You are a wonderful person & a perfect blend of  bubbly, hardworking... (to fans) oh, at least someone said hardworking... (reads) down to earth & humble personality. May you always have that 1000 watt smile. (ting... she grins)  ok, on your face... (to fans) 1000 watts smile on my face.. (reads)  may this year be the best of your life until the next one comes along, of course. Stay blessed & keep rocking... (to fans)  I will...

(reads) this is Deepti sending out this message... (to Gunjan & Deepti) thank you very very much... Deepti - Gunjan ,I will read this  in my own sweet time.

(reading another card) For someone special... on your birthday... (stops reading) how cute.. what a pretty card...

Mohit - Very pretty...

Sanaya -  Mohit is impressed. Mohit likes cards & you know, artistic things... (reads)  Dear Sanaya, wish you a very happy birthday & a great year ahead. I hope all your dreams & wishes come true. (to fans) I know, I know, I hope so too. 

(reads) thinking of you today. I look back to see how many people have smiled because of you... & Barun... (stops reading) Oh... (reads) and I am sure in return all those smiles have turned into countless blessings ... (stops reading) Aww, so sweet... yeah, I think so. I do feel blessed & maybe that's why.

(reads) you are a strong willed person & once you put your mind to it, you will surely make sure to do  your level best & that's why  your fandom is standing behind you for every choice. You make... (stops reading) I guess something like that... you have cancelled a few things... that's really sweet & yes, I am a strong willed person & I work really hard towards what i want to do, so...

(reads) We have full faith in you because we know you are a capable and an honest person. Best of luck for Jhalak (to the sender) that's right, I lost... (reads) you do your thing, your fandom has your back & we support you with everything... (to fans) aww, so sweet...

I know things can be hard, painful & confusing for you, but soon things will change you...more happiness will add to your life with bloom...  Wish you all the luck & happiness on your birthday, love, Hamala... (to Mohit) what is this?? hamla?? & Amoday...

Mohit - Hamla, yeah...

Sanaya - Ok, thank you so much... thank you for this sweet card & the sweet things you have said in it.

to be Continued @ Page-08...

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Pix (01/03) :

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Pix (02/03) :

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Pix (03/03) :

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Joseph, thank you sooo much for the link and pics!!! You made my day Hug -Abhi

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After watching these segs I have started loving Monaya as a couple more.Also started liking MS more as a person.Both r lucky to have each other.But IMO SI is so lucky to have very supportive Hubby.Who is so happy seeing her wife being loved by all.

Loved how SI reacted when MJHT was mentioned N SaJan was mentioned.How cutely she titled her head on MS shoulder.That peck MS gave when SI was saying he must be thinking if some live with me .Then they will know my truth.

God bless Monaya.Hope they both find a good project soon. 

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Originally posted by Joseph_A

Originally posted by VIMAL.M

Thanks Joseph for the detailed WU .You covered every minute details from the iv.Thanks for the caps.This must have taken so much time for you to do it.I really appreciate your efforts bro.

Monaya glowing after marriage.Both r looking so dam good.Such a adorable couple god bless them.

Sanaya Heart she is a bundle of joy.Factory of cuteness.She never fails to bring smile on fans face.

Welcome Vimal ! Glad that you liked this effort.We covered her all Gifts segs (till date) so,It was necessary to complete this Section.

Yes ! Totally agree wid you.After marriage they are glowing more. 2008 to 2016 - I didn't notice any changes in their tuning or repo wid each other. Her expressions n Smart answers are main High Point of this segs.

@Red - Completely agree.Her expressions r to die for.She knows how to answer smartly to some weird n ridiculous letter .Love the way she speak.To the point .

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