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ArHi: Innocence to a half-mad city [Complete] (Page 92)

SharuAG Senior Member

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Posted: 20 March 2017 at 4:42am | IP Logged
The best so far

The blow to the bullheaded

Will she try to go into the light and try to take different angle.

Anyways, Suman did it. Blow the girl..,

Wanting anxiously for the next

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niyaarshian Newbie

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Posted: 20 March 2017 at 8:38am | IP Logged
Loving Suman...!!

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Prettycool Senior Member

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Posted: 20 March 2017 at 8:41am | IP Logged
Nice update

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Javeria3991 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 March 2017 at 10:34am | IP Logged
Thank goodness, the fog in front of anjali is lifting. 
I loved the character of suman, her confidence, boldness and smartness. 
I wonder how will anjali redeem for every thing after she find out the truth. 
Can't wait to read more. 

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Greyasr Senior Member

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Posted: 20 March 2017 at 12:10pm | IP Logged
Omg omg omg spine tingling

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RockBarbie Goldie

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Posted: 22 March 2017 at 2:27am | IP Logged

Chapter 19: When friends of friends meet

Arnav panics in silence as Aman and Khushi talk about grandfather clocks. Aman insisted on meeting the woman who has created the magnificent clock and made his stoic best friend to resemble something to an old dream. He hadn't simply insisted but told Arnav in no less terms - we are going to meet Khushi now. Lavanya had pouted several thousand kilometers away and the men promised to make the meeting happen between her and Khushi in near future. Aman, for what its worth, was polite and engaging.

"We haven't had any conversation yet," Aman says offhandedly while looking through a collection of watches made for children. "I am a man of melancholy while Arnav is all that of angst." Khushi leans across the barrier and smiles. "And Lavanya?"

Aman smiles right back at her. "The one that glues us all together. A body of sunshine. A f**king unicorn, if you will." Khushi throws her head back and laughs heartily.

"I never thought I would see the day Khushi would be talking to strangers or be open to the possibility of being affectionate to another man." Payal says quietly to Arnav, watching Aman and Khushi interact.

"There is so much joy and warmth between the two and it's hard to believe that they met less than an hour ago," Arnav admits with mild sense of jealousy. Payal elbows him in the ribs.

"Aman is charming no doubt. But it's your brooding ass she seems to like," Payal doesn't hide behind hyperboles or complex metaphors.

Arnav can't help but grin helplessly. "It's awesome, isn't it." He says.

"Malavika should be here soon. She wants to talk to you," Payal's voice turns serious. At Arnav's questioning expression, she continues. "She is a cop by profession and works with women who are victims of domestic abuse. I met her when I was trying to get Khushi out of her husband's house. We hit it off and have been friends ever since. She is quite fond of Khushi and wants to talk to you."

Arnav smiles earnestly. "Of course Payal. I understand." He answers simply. Payal's shoulders eases from tension and her movements become looser. Arnav shifts a little closer to Payal and nudges her shoulder gently. Payal smiles to her tea mug and the two watch Aman's grand hand movements and Khushi's rapt attention to the man.

"I want a watch like Arnav. Something cool and limited edition as well." Aman says looking at wide array of watches in front of him that are made for a five or six-year-old.

"There is a Captain America watch if you want. Or Iron Man?" Khushi hedges.

"No beauty and the beast? Cinderella?" Aman asks instead.

Khushi watches him for a moment and nods. "I have something perfect for you. Be right back." She leaves him alone at the workstation and walks briskly towards the back of the store. Aman looks at Arnav and Payal and grins widely at them.

"It has been a long time since I have seen him this carefree." Arnav says softly. Payal turns a little towards Arnav and cocks her head. "We have a complex relationship and last year has been a giant mess. We all went through some major changes and I didn't take it well."

"Is that when you started hanging around Khushi?" Payal asks without judgment.

Arnav nods. "She was a change from the routine I never thought I wanted. Once I interacted with her it was impossible not to come back for more."

"Come back for what?"

"Sanity." Arnav says. He falls quiet when Khushi bounces back to the shop, arm ladled with packages.

"What are these?" Aman peers at them. After opening one of them, his voice hits a high note. "Oh my god! This is so adorable!"

The watches are all done in warrior women theme with large dials and great art. "You like them?" Khushi asks, smirking at Aman and pushing half a dozen boxes towards him. "Pick whichever. My gift."

"Thanks!" Aman gushes and looks through the boxes. Turning to Payal and Arnav he says, "Could you two go hover somewhere else? Please?" He asks pleasantly. Arnav and Payal look taken aback but honor his wish. Arnav looks at Khushi once and nods at her before disappearing in the staircase.

"I have been in love with Arnav all my life." Aman begins as he fastens a watch on his right wrist. "Not the platonic kind but the variety that is illegal and what people find disgusting. He doesn't feel the same."

Khushi intervenes and fastens the watch properly. "I am sorry. It must be hell to be on the side of relationship where one is not invested as you are."

Aman quirks an eyebrow. "You don't seem to be afflicted about my I-want-to-have-your-babies love I have for Arnav."

She shrugs. "It is what it is. Love is love. Affection is affection. Fondness is fondness. You can't control nor dictate. I don't care about that."

"I admit I am surprised." Aman blushes for reasons he cannot fathom.

"My ex had sex with me after dosing me with sedatives. That was his expression of love which is somehow more acceptable than two men loving each other. As a victim, the hypocrisy is unbearable." Khushi takes out the watch and pulls another one from the package. "I do hope you extend the affection you have for Arnav to me as well. I do hope we can be friends."

Aman leans over and kisses her on her cheek. Khushi freezes for a moment but wills herself to relax. "I am sorry, was that sudden?" He asks, apologetic.

Khushi shakes her head. "It was and apology accepted. I don't do well with physical contact."

Aman looks harried at that. Khushi places her palm on his open palm and squeezes it gently. "I am relearning how to be myself Aman. I am learning how to accept innocent touches, affectionate gestures and hugs as well." Khushi hides her face behind the curtain of her hair.

Aman places his other palm on their joined hands. "You have you no idea what an incredible woman you are Khushi. You fought your way through abuse and here you are. You inspire me to try harder."

Khushi doesn't respond and her discomfort becomes obvious to Aman. He changes the subject quickly. "I do like women as well you know?"

"So, its Arnav and women?" Khushi asks, feeling less shaky.

Aman nods happily. "Mostly Arnav because he has been around me always. I have dated some women in past but my affections never went past several dates or few months. It came back to Arnav and the long history I have with him."

"Are you-"

"Hey Khushi!" Khushi turned around to see Malavika walking into the store. She was in her usual get up of khaki pants, police instituted tan belt, white shirt and a gun holster. Khushi waves and turns to look at Aman who is watching Malavika wide eyed. Malavika smiles inwardly and introduces herself.

"Aman. Arnav's friend. Hi. Hello. Khushi's new friend as well. Hi."

Khushi hid her laughter behind her palm while Malavika gently extracted her hand from Aman. "Nice to meet you too." Sparing a look at Khushi she walked towards the back of the store and went upstairs.

"Wow," Khushi says looking at Aman's dreamy expression. "Weren't you waxing poetry about Arnav's eyes like five minutes ago?"

"f**k off." Aman replies with a toothy grin. "She is..."

"She's got a gun and knows mixed martial arts. One of the best human beings I've ever met," Khushi says simply.

Aman smiles in response.


"I'll be in the kitchen," Payal says after Malavika and Arnav have introduced themselves. "Stay for lunch," she tells the room and doesn't wait for response.

Arnav motions Malavika towards sofa.

"I cannot tell you everything that's happened with Khushi. But I can tell you what to expect when you are with her." Malavika begins. Arnav appreciates presence of Malavika in Khushi's life and adores her a little for her protective streak.

"Don't touch her unexpectedly. She hasn't been touched without intent of sex or some sort of mental manipulation. She is learning to accept offhanded casual touches from Payal. She doesn't know how to accept compliments as well because-"

"Because Teddy equated that to some sort of reward and recognition. She doesn't equate compliments to appreciation." Arnav finishes glumly.

Malavika nods. "Being with Khushi will be most difficult thing you have ever done in your life. She will have some bad days and during those days you cannot be expected to be her priority or get hurt for the things she says or does or doesn't do. Okay?"

Arnav nods. "I know this isn't an easy ride. And Khushi isn't going to dive into this, relationship, heads on. It's going to be slow and we have agreed upon that."

Malavika looks surprised. "That's very mature of you. I am glad you have had this conversation with Khushi already."

"It wasn't anything detailed." Arnav rubs the back of his neck sheepishly. "It just came up last week and we went along with it."

Malavika smiles gently. "I advise you to go into therapy as well Arnav. I may not know all the dealings in your life but I am aware of what is happening these days. With your sister, I mean."

"Yeah, I have started seeing someone." Arnav replies carefully.

Malavika sighs heavily. "Under normal circumstances I wouldn't advice you or Khushi to be with each other. Both of you have enough issues from your past and a relationship brings it all up front. It can blow up on your faces quite easily."


"But you both have good support systems around you. You both have friends you can rely on and Khushi has had help longer than you."

"Malavika, I am scared." Arnav confesses. "I don't want to be one more person in Khushi's life who has let her down. I..."

"Hey, look at me." Malavika shifts closer and nudges Arnav's thighs. "Look at me." She gently urges. She smiles at this man whose own issues are monumental but is careful enough about the person in the relationship. "It is okay to be scared. Don't transfer your fears on to her. She is very sensitive to others around her."

Arnav nods mutely.

"You guys are going to be okay." Malavika says, patting his arm.

Arnav's face breaks into a smile when he sees Khushi and Aman rushing in. Malavika sits back and sees a matching smile on Khushi's face, the fondness taking over her features.

Yeah, they were going to be okay.

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meera30 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 March 2017 at 3:15am | IP Logged
I thought I was coming back to leave a comment on the previous chapter! But who will talk about Anjali when Aman is in the house! Now you are talking!

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shils28 Goldie

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Wow! Love it!

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