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well, hello folks, its burning hot here, and im bored
firstly YAY! summer break has begun and my happiness knows no bounds
second, im back with another os!! well, that might or might not be good news, tell me if you like it and don't forget to comment
its not short or anything but im not sure you would like it, i'd be supeeerrr happy if you guys can prove me wrong
done with my bak bak
go ahead and read,
loads of love sakshi
a twinj imagination

"kuuunj" twinkle stomped into the room,

listening to her whine made kunj's head jerk up with concern. his work and laptop forgotten he pushed them off his lap and made his way to his wife, her face scrunched up in frustation.

"twinkle? kya hua? tu thik hai na??" twinkle almost smiled. here, she was mad and kunj, god how better could her hubby get.

"nahi, mai thik nahi hu," twinkle groaned. she leaned into kunj for support, who instantly wrapped his arms around his lady, concerned and confused at her words.

"mughse kuch thik se kyu nahi hota hai," she almost cried.

NOW ..kunj was really tensed. his full on punjabi pataka aka siyappa queen was mad at ...HERSELF ?

damn, someone was gonna get it. he was already mad at the person who had made his twinkle feel like this. "tughse kuch thik se isiliye nahi hota hai, kyuki tughse sab perfectly hota hai, " he said softly, tightening his arms around her little frame. she snuggled more into him.

"tum mughse pyar kaise kar sakte ho kunj,? i suck at being a human , and im sure i suck at being a wife and a friend and a sister and a DIL and.."

"shhh" kunj shushed her, how could she even think about it, the person at fault was gonna pay bad for making her feel like this.

"tu please mughe bata ki kya hua hai, did someone say something? did something happen ??" concern was literally dripping from his voice, twinkle was already teary eyed when she tightened her arms around his waist and shook her head, into his chest.

"i was trying to make pancakes for you," twinkle said, her voice tearing up"they got burnt." she said disheartened.

kunj took a breath. damn. trust his queen to scare him to death over pancakes.

"and tughse isliye lagta hai ki tughse kuch ache se nahi hota hai?" kunj spoke in her hair and upon feeling her nod in his chest he moved back, taking twinkle along, who was still in his embrace, till the back of his knees toched the handrest of the yellow chair. he plopped down on the handrest itself, and looked up at a sad twinkle, her eyes were sad, her lips turned down, her nose was red. he grabbed her hands and put them around his neck, resting them their he wound his arms arounf his wifey's waist, pulling her closer -a lot closer-in the process.

"tu mughe bilkul nahi janti hai twinkle," he spoke, trying to hide the teasing tone. the difficulty level went up when he saw her face, bewildered and ashtonished. of course twinkle knew him well, damn, she knew him better than anyone on this earth, better than he himself, he was teasing her and she wasnt understanding.

"tu pancakes isilye bana rahi thi na kyuki woh mere favourite hai??" he looked at twinkle with this innocenet baby expression, to which twinkle nodded, still confused at the revelation.

"toh mere favourite dessert ke chakkar mein tu is puri duniya mein jo meri favourite cheez hai usko kyu kho rahi hai?? woh mere liye zyada important hai," kunj whispered, looking up still, his eyes genuein,all teasing gone.

"all pancakes be damned queen, im not risking your smile for any damn thing in this universe." he spoke with so much love that twinkle's face relaxed instantly.

a small smile appeared on her face ,as she moved one of her hands to his face, pushing back some hair and placing a soft kiss on his hairline. kunj closed his eyes and basked in the moment. honestly, he felt lighter now, you know like soulmates they were connected, his pain hers and her pain his. always, forever.

"you know that i love you kunj, " twinkle spoke, straightening herself, but not moving a milimeter from his emrace, her happy place,"always have, always will" she murmured.

kunj poked his nose into her ever so flat perfect stomach. "i love you more siyappa queen, always have, always will." kunj whispered. his face pressed into her stomach, making her smile, as his nose tickled her.

"trust you to make me smile after all of this," twinkle giggled. suddenly kunj stopped his nose session."promise me queen, you're never ever gonna feel that you arent good enough, cause you arent just good enough, you're perfect. " he spoke sincerly, his fingers making circles on her waist, and her fingers doing magic in his hair.

"toh pancakes toh gaye" twinkle pulled a baby face, to which kunj grinned and pecked her cheek, "lekin teri smile toh aa gayi na, tinwkle," kunj said smilingly"woh hai, toh mai khush"

twinkle melted at his words. he was truly her happy place, she thought as leaned in for another bone crushing hug.


outside, the stars twinkle and the moon shine, the wind blows, playing with the leaves, a peace and quite silently overcomes the world

but inside? well, its more beautiful here. dinner had just ended and the family was retiring to their rooms.

twinkle and kunj walked to their room, kunj's arm swung lazily across twinkle's shoulder and her arm wound around his waist. twinkle was now happy-ish, the evening pancake incident almost forgotten, thanks to kunj, who had distracted her enought to make her happy again.

they entered their room, locking the door behind them. twinkle moved towards the wadrobe, taking out kunj's track pants, she turned to hand them over to him. why only pants, you ask? well, (a.) it was hot, it was the summer season and she believd the weather couldnt get any hotter and (b.) well, she loved a shirtless kunj, and when in the sanctury of their room they were two carefree people, not caring a bit about what happens outside their room.

by the time she turned to hand over the tracks, kunj had started unbuttoning his shirt. for he wanted to see his wife blush, a flustered twinkle was very very cute, and he was ready to do anything for the small smile he would recieve for silently obeying her orders. with his hand opening the last button of his shirt he leaned in for a kiss, which lasted for long. "mai change karke aata hu" he mumbled against her cheek, giving her time to look for her clothes.

twinkle smiled blushingly, her baby always does that, obeying her orders without her voicing them and then leaves her to blush silently. she turned around to look for her clothes,actually his tshirt. that was what she would wear to sleep every night. anybody could say they were made for each other, she slept without pants and he slept without shirt, two halves of a whole.

well they had being doing this for quite a long time, but seeing kunj being speechless again and again was a total pleaure, the slow blush, creeping up his neck and his jaw hanging slighly open was a source of eternal happiness to her . she quickly changed from that annoying anarkali to kunj's t shirt, this time it was blue, a light faded blue that smelt like kunj already. she searched for her white tiny shorts , wearing them, and there, she was happy.

kunj got out of the washroom, only to drop his jaw at the drop dead gorgeous beauty in front of his eye, who was luckily, his to claim. he winked and moved towards the bed, switching on the ac and opening his arms, inviting her home. she almost ran towards him, reaching home, she cuddled upt o him and closed her eyes, sleep winning over her tired little frame.


kunj opened his eyes and looked at his lady. twinkle was fast asleep, and had intertwined her hand with his. her face was at peace, just like she was. he hated to disturb her sleep, but he wanted her to smile again. he shook his head and pressed his lips to hers.

she woke up with a start, and understanding that kunj was kissing her, she responded. knowing that she was awake, kunj kissed her a little more and then smiled, pulling back.

"c'mon,baby, its time" he grinned his beautiful smile and looked to twinkle, his eyes excited and his face glowing. "time for what,kunj?" twinkel asked, confused once again.

kunj turned and sat on the bed, his legs dangling from the side, "climb on my back,quickly" , his voice betrayed his excitement once again, but succeeded in bringing a full blown smile on twinkle's face

"you're giving me a piggy back ride !?!" she spoke as she wound her arms around his neck and her legs aruond his waist."kuch aisa hi samajh le, "kunj spoke as he picked her up. she laughed, he smiled. her laughter was his favourite sound, he wounldnt trade it for anything.

the couple quitely sneaked out of the room, kunj and twinkel now quitely smiling, as they softly walked down the stairs."hum kahan ja rahe hai kunjjj!?" twinkel spoke, actually whispered, as kunj walked.

"surprise for the lady" kunj whispered dramatically

twinkle was now preactically jumping on his back, pleasured by his silent laugh. they reached the kitchen and kunj helped twinkel down. intertwining their hands again.

"the kitchen," twinkle spoke, "a wierd distination for our little ride, dont ya think?"

"no," he pulled her closer by the waist, "we" he emphasized on the word"are gonna make pancakes," he smiled at her face, delighted that she was happy. it was so obvious that anything both of them did together,never went wrong.she was pulled by kunj to a shelf, which he had secretly asked kaka to supply with stuff that was required to make pancakes, and the session started.

(sorry for disturbing, but i really have no idea how to cook,so forgive me)

they made the mixture, taking turns. kunj made twinkle sit on the kitchen counter and stood between her legs, which were gracefully wrapped around his waist. they had fun, expecially when twinkle turned on her kid mode and spread a lillte mixture on kunj's cheek. taken by surprise, kunj wuicly composed himself and reached out to return the favour. twinkle escaped, running around the kitchen, finnaly caught by her hubby, who leaned in for a kiss, and spread a lot of mixture on her face, twinkle whined again, and the game continued. they shaped the pancakes and put them in the oven, to bake, whice kunj and twinkel had quite a romantic cleaning session, tickling and hugging the other, and the kitchen rejoiced, glad it could make the couple a secret hangout for half past one at night.

the pancaked ready and perfect, twinkle aquealed, damnnn they had to be yummy, she lifted off a pancake to feed kunj, who balanced it between their mouths, both ate together, as their lips met again when the pancake was over. a few more pancakes nd they were full, kunj asked twinkle to keep them in a box they could carry up to their room, while he cleaned up the baking utensils. all work done, the piggy ride back to their room was giggly as twinkle kept tickling his waist and he her thighs.

he helped her down and she kissed his cheek"im one lucky girl, touchwood" she whispered, and kunj replied with a kiss"im luckier dont you think?, touchwood."

another sweet hug, and kunj dragged his feet to their bed, inviting her again, his arms open,she shook her head, smilingly.

he frowned, but he wasnt able to keep off that smile still, asking her with her eyes about her wants. she merely grinned and held out her hand, kunj grabbed it and was pulled by twinkle to thier spacey balcony, the swing there was lying in wait and the air was cool enough. twinkle silently pushed him on the swing(imagine the actual swing of kunj;s balcony) and fit like a baby into his arms, her legs dangling off the sides of kunj's thighs, and kunj grasped her waist with his left hand , while the right was grabbed by her right one, her left one drew patterns on his chest , with her head on his shoulder. kunj's hands started making circles on her waist. both were at peace.

"i had a dream i had to tell you about, king" she whispered looking at his hand. on getting his go on, she begun"long back i used to have a dream, with this guy, whose face i couldnt see. he was supposed to be my prince, but i never could see his face, and yesterday i had the same dream again, about eight months later and i saw his face." she looked up, kunj was looking at her intently, "it was you kunj," kunj smiled, "it was always you, it was meant to be, us, WE were meant to be," she smiles, lost in his eyes, as tears formed in her eyes"i always thought that babaji never let me see the face, and that he would never let me see, not that i cared anymore, i didnot need a prince, i already had MY king with me" kunj smiled wider, tears forming in his eyes as well,"but baba ji ko dekho, unhone kya masterplan banaya tha na?" she looked at the sky and blew a kiss to her best friend.

kunj did not say anything, he sat their, silently, absorbing the love that twinkle had for him, hugging her tiny frame closer to his, he pressed a kiss to her forhead"i love you queen, always have, always will"

"i love you more king, always have, always will" twinklw whispered, snuggling up to her husband, as sleep won over the two angels of god, who yawned and whispered"and i love you both," retreating to his bed, god thought of this extraordinary love story he had planned, his all time favourite. twinj, forever.

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great work... seriously i appreciate ur talent for writing such a sweet os
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Wow. Well done dear. Such an amazing OS. It has love, romance, emotion, fun, and most importantly trust. Twinj in their little world are just perfect. Please do write more. Smile

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This is so cute yaar
Absolutely loved it
Very well written
Loved the luck dialogue it was so cute Smile
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Originally posted by dikshakilla

great work... seriously i appreciate ur talent for writing such a sweet os
aww thank you, I thought I;'d probably bore you guys
thanks for reading
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Originally posted by Cloudy_Noon

Wow. Well done dear. Such an amazing OS. It has love, romance, emotion, fun, and most importantly trust. Twinj in their little world are just perfect. Please do write more. Smile
of course I will write more
you guys make me wanna write more
glad you liked it
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Originally posted by harshi2000

This is so cute yaar
Absolutely loved it
Very well written
Loved the luck dialogue it was so cute Smile
thank youuu
im real glad you liked it
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What a beautiful piece of writing! Clap Loved reading it dear

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