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Originally posted by NitaReid

Hi Nyna dearestHug..

Dear Nita, HugHugHug

                                 You knew i was busy rightCry.. And when  i saw your PM as always i had to read ..But i cant believe that i missed reading chapter 9 till now..So just finally gotten around to read Chapter 9 instead of 10... Will read 10 right after i post this comment..

I knew how busy you were and am touched that you did manage to read in spite of your hectic schedule

And just like that i checked when was i commented last in this beautiful story..Cant believe i have been MIA for the last three chapters.. Sorry Nyna dearest.. Well i would not be so sure about forgiveness but reading what Ms Das said about forgiveness in chapter 9 maybe the author of the story would also like to forgive me..Cry.. Sorry dear.. I have read chapter 7 and 8 as soon as you posted , it just that i didnt res as i might not be able to unres but i didnt mean to completely go missing from commenting.. Blame my busy life not me..See even know instead of telling you how much i loved those chapter ..Here i am busy with my excusesLOL..Enough of that ..

I totally get the not res'ing part (I am guilty of it too - I somehow feel a little less guilty if I do not res especially when I know that I am running short of time and would not be able to unres soon - which by my standard is a week to ten daysCryCryCry) But I am a bit upset - you are not to apologise (that word is  banned). And please do not ask for forgiveness - it is totally unnecessary among pals like us. As I often say, the very fact you read and take time to comment, that itself means the world to me.

   Chapter 7:

                   I will never say it for the show but here you go i love Swaragini bond in your SSBig smile..The way Ragini choose to go to her sister ,and her complete trust on Swara word ..  Then Lakshya excuses..Sorry Lucky you are not forgiven from my side eitherLOL. But i really loved Ragini here..The way she asked you dont love him ,so he has no reason to live was awesome ..Sanskar was the rational mind that saved Lucky ..I loved Sanskar reply to Lakshya feeble apologies.. And lastly i loved Swara confrontation with Lakshya ..She was a amazing ,the way she acknowledged her folly in believing him but her concern for Ragini, i have seen in the show as well but here as i love the Swaragini bond ..I was so happy about it.. Totally loved the update dear.. 

I feel so nice and warm reading how the sisters' bond is appreciated (the serial truly butchered it beyond salvationConfused) - I had always been a tad apprehensive about how their bonding would be received, but each comment I get appreciating their bond makes me happy.  Lakshya - well his deeds are such that forgiveness is difficult but then he does repent and takes adequate steps to atone for his deeds so maybe he would be forgiven. 

Chapter 8:

               I have no words to say how much i loved the SwaSan moments in the beginning of the Chapter , i simply loved it Day Dreaming..The kiss was magical Embarrassed.. And yeah how can he resist kissing her when she was meliting in his embraceLOL... Ragini pov made me love her more ..As if i didnt love her enough for her sister bond Embarrassed..You have brilliantly written her character Nyna dear,, i wish for that in the show but then again it wont be fullfilled ..So moving on..Finally Swara decide to meet her family, i know they still havent met in the next chapter..LOL...Really loved this chapter dear..And sorry for not being timely with my comments..

The kiss - well, I am sure you would understand when I say that those kisses are the toughest to write. But then it was worth it, that kiss truly sealed Swara and  Sanskaar love for each other, no more, "I am not sure how much in love I am" from Swara and Sanskaar's tiring "I will wait for you" chants. Gives a whole new dimension to the phrase - sealed with a kissWink. Ragini had to be in her character, a strong person with just a tinge of selfishness, which actually is better because Swara is selfless to the point of being stupid at times. Swara and Ragini do meet their family in Chapter 10 - how - by now you must have read it and I am a little eager to know your take on itEmbarrassed

Chapter 9 :

As i said , i just read it and this time it was Ms Das who won me over..Her story was so heartbreaking to read yet it kind of gave insight the mysterious character she was till now.. I totally understand Swara and Ragini hesistance.. But finally it was Das who convinced them to go.. I am sure the girls will be welcomed back happily..I suppose ..Yet to read but i am sure Wink..Will let you know if my theory goes wrong in my comment for next chapterLOL...
So AP has karma coming back at her in full force..Currently the show AP annoys me ,so this was welcome relief to see her suffering due to her son impulsiviness.. Finally we got to know what happened to the Gadodias..It good to know Dadi was feeling bad about her strict parenting.. Shomi believed her daughters are aliveBig smile..I loved that about her..But AP and Suju has swara in laws ..I am worried how much trouble this two will bring into SwaSan love life and for a change i am curious about what will happen to Ragya as well..Which makes you an amazing writer for giving all the character enough story to make them interesting .

Mrs. Das - well, she did have to have a reason for taking the girls - as Shruti (lanny) said it was quite stupid of the girls to go with a complete stranger (I totally agree) but then from her POV she also took a great risk taking two strange girls in. Mrs Das felt a kinship with them (one of those cosmic messages) which coming almost immediately after she asks for her daughter's forgiveness. It does put her in a completely different light, does it not - she is brusque towards them for she does not want to get attached to them - not that it worked, she ended up loving them as she would have loved her own granddaughters.
Annapurna - well Karma does give it back, exactly in the way you deserve. Read Chapter 10  and all your worries will be put to rest. 



Dear Nita,

Replied in blue above,


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Nyna dear...
Im late...sorry

Chapter 9 n 10 were superb jointly...

I just loved how u formed entire background from swaragini runningfrom home n meeting Mrs Das...how gadodia n maheswari family womens knew each other..they knew how swaragini family suffered after knowing about their daughter disappearance n news of their false death...all they emotion they felt were carefully n amazingly woven...

I just adore sansku how he handled everything with mrs Das for swaragini return...lucky apologised wholleheartedly but itwill take time to forgive him completely.afterall soo many years have gone now..swaragini seperated from their family.

Was happy to know family found out about swasan...want happy life forthem...raglak needed time to sort out their differences...hoping everything will be fine...waiting eagerly for next..


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Originally posted by Alvapriya



Hi dear Nyna Hug

Dear HarshadaHugHug

First of all I am so very sorry for being this much late.CryCry
You don't know how guilty I am for delaying so much in replying for this beautiful piece of writing but really could not help it dear.
Past two months went in settling down the messed up things in life and then struggling for recovery from my health issues.
I hope to get forgiven for my delay.

I am upset - because you have said sorry CryCryCry (Which is in absolute contravention of Sunny boy's rule and should be followed with no exceptions.) So please no sorry, no thank you and absolutely no asking for forgiveness for delayed comments. As I just mentioned to Nita above, I am aware of how hectic life gets and the fact that you have not only read but are taking time out to write a comment - that itself is a great reward for me.

I read this today at 5 AM...my sleep got broken as it was raining heavily here.
There was no meaning in getting back to sleep and remembered about this.
And read five chapters [5 to 9] in a go.
Once I started reading, there was no way to stop in middle.
 I was kind of lost in this amazingly wonderful world of sweet deals.Day Dreaming

I feel absolutely great that my story was engrossing enough to make you read it and not miss sleeping (I am a voracious reader and at times have to be threatened with physical violence to make me go to bed when I read a book) so your words have me floating in the cloudsSilly

I just love the quotes used and the titles given by you in this SSEmbarrassed
I missed commenting from 5 th chapter so will give a short reply about all.

You loved the quotes - I sort of collect them and simply look for an chance to start quoting them, so as it is my story I simply could not resistEmbarrassed

I really like the conversation in between Swaragini.
Ragini's description about how she fell for her 'special friend'[ aka bipul aka laksh]
The way Swara blurted over Ragini for hiding her relationship from her for almost 10 months, it showed her care and love for Ragini.
I am the one who really like Swaragini in serial as well [ though I never liked when Ragini was negative...but I just love these sisters when both are positive...fighting for each other not with each other...protecting each other]
I loved how Ragini was determined if Swasan doesnt approve her BF, she would break all the ties with him because she knew these two would never take any wrong decision for her.

The sisters' bond in the serial was - as I have oft repeated myself - completely butchered. I do not have any sisters, only one brother, but I am sure that the sibling bond is anything but that which the serial portrayed, especially Ragini turning a tad too negative (her molestation charge against Sanskaar was the one that finally killed all my sympathy for her). And Ragini - as she said, Swara and Sanskaar are her family, and after knowing what they went through, decided to take their approval for her love story.

No words to write something for SWASAN moments Day Dreaming

But that itself says so muchHug
Beautfully described Sanskar's confession...Embarrassed...I loved how simply and elegantly Sanskar put forward his feelings for Swara, "I CAN NO LONGER IMAGINE  MY LIFE WITHOUT YOUDay Dreaming"

That is Sanskaar - he does have a gift of words and understands exactly what to say, especially when it comes to Swara. I agree that frills and long declarations of love are very thrilling but then something is to be said about those short and sweet speeches which convey the deepest emotions in the least possible words. And then those words do convey everything that Sanskaar feels for and wants from SwaraSmile

Loved the way Sanskar held his lady love with his soothing yet loving words when she was too feared to get into that phase again which had been proved as a scary nightmare for her...for which she was still repenting...
You took my heart by writing the philosophy of wabi-sabiEmbarrassed
It was so beautiful reading all what you wrote taking that point.
Sanskar was ready to wait no matter how long swara would take to make up her mindHeart
Sanskar MaheshwariDay Dreaming...name itself is enough to make me fall for him again and again.

As I said above, Sanskaar does have a way with words. And he was well aware of how Swara could feel about love and affections as she had made up her mind that she would never have a chance at that love once again after her fiasco with Lakshya. And when Sanskaar tells her about kinstugi - it must have been so lovely to know that one could be beautiful in spite of past scars - often most of us try to convince others that scars do not matter, that mistakes donot count - but to acknowledge that one could be beautiful with scars - that is indeed true love. And the very assurance that she could be loved in spite of her stupid mistake, was just what she needed.

The point when Swara told Sanskar that Ragini not only adored him but considered him as a big brother and a father figure which she always craved for.Your tale made a special place for Sanskar an ragini bond in my heart.

Ragini and Swara both had a father but not much of one, so Sanskaar did become the elder brother /father figure Ragini always craved for. 

Not to miss the hilarious conversation between swasan when he said "Or I am not a man to which I vehemently disagree" LOL I was all ROFL by reading that para.

Am so glad you liked it, I simply was on a roll and actually love that bit the most in my storyLOL

Well I had slight guess about Laksh being Bipul.
I seriously do hate Laksh here for the deeds he had done.
Laksh's revelations made me hate him even more.
He left a girl after igniting rays of hope and expectations in herAngry 
The way she stood up for her sister despite of the fact that she loved Laksh.

Well, that was a small attempt from my side to build up some suspense - but then I guess it was not difficult to identify that impulsive and immature person as Lakshya. Ragini, there was no way she could choose Lakshya over Swara.

Chapter 7 made me absolutely adore Swaragini's bond and especially ragini here.
Ragini took a knife for Laksh saying he did not deserve to live after what he had doneClapLOL
SanskarDay Dreaming he once again took my heart by saying Swaragini might forgive him but he would not.Such a perfect he is as a personEmbarrassedWell done Ragini...I love her for thisDancing

Ragini - well she was always the more passionate one - so there was no way she could keep calm after all those conflicting emotions that Lakshya caused in her - she knew she loved him and hated herself for that because she knew how much Swara suffered - so she did resort to that attempt. Sanskaar - a cool guy - with a very capable head on his shoulders - he knew that she would regret it the most and that rather than resort to a physical restraint (Which Swara had already done) decided to appeal to her sense of reasoning. It worked, did it not?

Such a lovely swasan moments and described so very beautifully.
The way swara ran into sanskar's arms and broke down in front of him and the way he held her protectively without stopping her, letting her to cry out all what she had inside but at the same time not letting her to lose herself in that process...he stood like a firm support for her
I am kind of person who likes reading this little little moments.A big hug to you for writing this Hug

You are so right - it is such small moments that lead to large decisions, when a simple gesture can convey what a thousand words do not. She need to have one last cry and who better a support for her than him? Sanskaar simply holding her and letting her cry - it gave a strong message to Swara - he would always be there for her. Am so glad that you could read into it and get back with such a lovely commentHeart

Our darling Sanskar, blaming himself and our sweetheart swara, made sure to not let him feel guilty for something he had no role in.
"Wow what a transformation!!! my wet bedraggled kitten seems to have metamorphosed into the bengal tigress that she should be" what a line NynaHugDay Dreaming
Swasan's one more kiss Blushing

Swara is a bengal tigress - she just need Sanskaar reminding her of it. And Sanskaar is such a gentleman, so much in love with her, he will take any blame rather than have her feel sorry. But Swara is no less in love with him, how can she let him do that - the kissEmbarrassedEmbarrassed - it did stop the need for further words, right?

Wonderfully written Raginis's self realization that she could have done better years before because of which they might had not forced to live the way they had to, her guilt about the way Swara had to live her life in that bakery while she herself went on living the one she wanted to

Ragini - well - every person does have a chance to introspect and make amends, but Swara's selflessness did make it a little difficult for Ragini to make amends, so she does carry a sizeable amount of guilt. Finally Lakshya's truth gives her a chance to come out.

Annapurna Maheshwari Confused  So her karma is coming back to her... Well the one have to repent their deeds here only ...today or tomorrow.
Mrs Das's story was extremely touching and heartbreaking at the same time. Reading this chapter, did clear about the mystery of character Mrs. Das.
The flashback was a revelation of what happened to gadodiya family.Liked Dadi's character here, for thinking it might be her strict behavior her granddaughters left because of.
Sharmishtha believed her daughter's were aliveSmile
Finally Mrs Das convienced swaragini to get back to their home with assurance of being their for them always.
It was so beautiful when Swara said she wished Sanskar was thereEmbarrassedDay Dreaming
And ragini's statement about the sanskar and mrs das who sort of dragged them back thereLOL

Karma - well - it is indeed payback time for Annapurna. As you said, you pay the price for your deeds in this material world itself.
Mrs Das story - it was a sad one right - there is no greater sorry than to bury your child but in her case she never even had a chance to seek forgiveness. It must have been a very heavy burden to carry. And yes, about the Gadodias, they did believe the sisters to be dead, most of them - that was the only way I could have them not search for Swara and Ragini.  And as I said for the above point, every person does need to do some introspection, the shock of getting the news of her granddaughters' death and overhearing some of the people did convince her that her unnecessary strictness might have been a reason for the girls to leave home. 
Swara now needs Sanskaar with her always and Ragini -she was right, was she not - it was Sanskaar and Mrs. Das who did convince the girls to go home

You are an amazing amazing writer Nyna.Clap
I must say your choice of words about describing anything was so strong that it literally made me to visualize everything right in front of my eyes.Embarrassed

Reading the above lines - I am overwhelmed and thrilledEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

I am yet to read 10 th chapter. Will read and comment as soon as I can.
I would not deny saying I am currently in love with this taleHug

And I love you for loving my tale and for the lovely ones that you writeHugHug


Dear Harshada,

Replied in plum /brown above,

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Originally posted by Bennet.Lizzy

Res.. Embarrassed

Going to bed with a smile. Will wake up and unres happily:)
That line makes me goBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing each time I read it


Dear Nyna,Embarrassed

I love your Dragon. She vaguely reminds me of 'old Smaug' smart witty and could see through everything. But I love for a much different reason. She just laid out everything  on the table there and made things extremely easy for Swasan. She is a co-shipper in other words. So I love her.

My dragon - yes she is a fire breathing, scaly thick hided one in appearances, but hides a large heart of gold. And based on her own bitter experience of handling the love of young people, she surely did not want anyone, parent or child to go through that experience. So she is going to be a SwaSan shipper, no two ways about it.

The surprise was expected nyna, but to have everyone there was not. It was quite a pleasant scene thanks to Sanskaar and Mrs Das who made sure to make it "in as few tears as possible" 

Sanskaar and Mrs. Das left no stone unturned to ensure the girls got the best welcome possible, all the families as well as most of the members of the Baadi, their family  being there was the only thingk they wanted, but having everyone there, it was like the whole world had turned out for their welcome.LOL

Shomi did rock though! She breathed fire for quite a few minutes there! I could imagine Durga Prasad taking a step back in shock and shame. Always wanted to see how they could have a face off on screen and this just fulfilled my wishes. They both have some sort of fierceness to their characters that it sets the very pages ablaze when such people come into the scene . Well played off by you as usual .

Shomi took over the mantle of the breathing dragon - hearing what DP had to say brought out the fact that their daughters had indeed runway from home for a guy, and it also brought to fore the dark possibility that they were dead - she was almost at the breaking point. And yes, DP must have taken quite a few steps back - he knew her fury was justified and that nothing he said or did would abate her anger

But then Sanskaar just grabbed the moment as he rightly stepped in, having caught the anguish of a mother. He understood what she just needed and gave her the same in a clam voice. He just knows how to break those tough walls the Bose ladies build around them, doesn't he? That was one thing that stood out to me in the whole story. And I so loved it. His patient and measured approach to every problem. The guy is cool :D

Sanskaar ****sigh****one of these days he is going to be death of me. As it is, the one in the serial itself is enough to make us go weak in the knees, and he seems to getting even more irresistible with each fic that is written on him. And his persona is so strong, that even if you want to water him down, you are unable to do so. With such magnetism, how could the Bose ladies stand a chance, Swara, Ragini and now Sharmishta, each in different ways, but equally bowled over by himLOL 

The other thing I love here is the spine Ragini never failed to show. She has a certain resilience that needs to appreciated, especially when it comes to the ways in which she handled lakshya. Also, a little appreciation goes in favour of lakshya for his repentance, especially when he said he would like to stay away to not cause any discomfort to Swasan. 

Sanskaar and Ragini - cvs really need to take a leaf from your fic here. Of all the fics I have read I guess I like this the most when it comes to these two. They have been amazing since the start of their friendship, may it be while playing guardian angels or while giving each other a shoulder to lean on. The best moment they both had however was in this chapter when she just walked to him and to,d him that she doesn't want to be a reason if delay in the already long story Swasan set out on. 

Ragini - does it make me a bad shipper if I admit that I like the layers she has D'oh- I mean as a SwaSan shipper, I do love Swara, but Ragini always managed to fascinate me, a little bit more. And true to her layered personality, she had to be true to all her emotions, she admits that she does not doubt either her love for Lakshya or his love for her, her grudge is wholly on the account that he dumped her sister. Yes, Lakshya too is on his way to redemption, he had decided that their relationship now depends wholly on Ragini, so the next best course would be to move to Mumbai, so that his presence does not cause Swara any discomfort. (which though taken with his usual impulsiveness, would turn out the best decision - both Sanskaar and Swara would find it easier to forgive him - Swara already seems to have done so) and Ragini would be forced to consider this in deciding whether to forgive him or not. The other thing, which he did not know when he made that decision was that Ragini would also be in Mumbai for a couple of months - could go a long way in trying to smooth his way - if he plays his cards right this time.Wink

Sanskaar and Ragini - true friends - and she loves both of them and knows that they could adopt the ideal but stupid course of waiting for her to make up her mind - and that would have been painful for all concerned. At least with Sanskaar and Swara engaged, the only thing she and everyone would have to worry about is RagLak.

An over all good piece again. Couldn't wait for the next one!

Next one - maximum by tomorrow - and that is the final oneSmile


Dear Nalini,

Replied in blue above

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Originally posted by The.Lannister

Res for 10

Laptop troubles once again! 


Ah! Sunny standing leaning against a pillar! Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming

That is indeed a very dreamy sceneDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming, quite irresistible from a man who is so self assured that he can be casual

OK...now going back to other thingsLOL

That was a pleasant surpriseEmbarrassed No drama but true loveClap The best bit was Daadi not holding any grudges, so finally the love has won over "log kya kahenge", "samaaj mein naak kat gayi" & more blahClap Kudos Daadi & welcome to the 21st centuryLOL 

See, I told you not to worry - my story, my way! - Dadi has had five long years for introspection and actually came to the conclusion that her unwarranted strictness was partly responsible for the girls leaving home. So this was her way of making up for her lapses. And yes, she did a lot of growing up - from the dark ages to the modern century - but it was worth itLOL

I loved that bit about Swara munching on Rasogullas as Daadi & Shomi fill the sisters in on what happened before they got home. And also liked how much Swara is already comfortable with talking about Sanskaar & their relationship. So Mrs. Das knew & approved of Sunny before handClap But then he is hard to refuseEmbarrassed

Swara munching on rasogullas - they have such an important role - they were also responsible for her confiding in Sanskaar and for the breaking of the walls she had build around the way. Finally, now that she is home she can relish the rasogullas that she had missed so much. Swara is very much in love and is now quite a practical and mature girl - confident of both the man and her love for him. Dragon Das - you are right, how could anyone resist SanskaarLOL

It makes me really happy that everyone is behaving so maturely, the Maheshwaris, Gadodias, there is no bitchiness anywhere. Its all a very very sweet deal indeedEmbarrassed I loved Ragini here when she insisted that she wont make SwaSan wait for her decision. Such a good sisterEmbarrassed And Sanskaar has come to mean so much to her...she finds it difficult to refuse him outright, she will at least hear him outEmbarrassedClap A real mature decision to ask for time, to go to Mumbai & settle things. 

As I said before - this would be a sweet fluffy story, not much of drama and angst (the serial has enough of itOuch) Ragini - loves both Swara and Sanskaar and knows that left to themselves, they would wait for her to make up mind and then for Lakshya to come to a conclusion, and in the meantime, if Adarsh and Pari had a kid, they might decide to wait for the kiddo to come to a decision too - they are a little too selfless to put themselves first - so she beautifully blackmailed them into getting engaged. Now all she needs is time to sort out her feelings.

Dear Shruti,

Replied in blue above,


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Originally posted by iam_aheli_98

Hey Nyna,Smile
This was an awesome update.Clap Just like Swara and Ragini, I was also pleasantly surprised by the scene at Baadi.Embarrassed SwaRagini's moment with every members of Baadi and with the MM family was very touchy and emotional.Embarrassed Even Mrs. Das and her SIL was present there.Big smile The flashback part was very emotional.Cry Loved SwaRagini's bonding with Shomi and Dadi.Embarrassed So Sanskar and Dragon planned this surprise for the sisters.Big smile Even the MM family were relieved that SwaRagini didn't blame them for their sufferings.Embarrassed They liked Swara so much and were happy for SwaSan.Big smile They even liked Ragini but were concerend for RagLak. Laksh is genuinely remorseful for his act.Embarrassed Loved they way Shekhar, Shomi and Swara tried to convince Ragini for giving a chance to Laksh.Embarrassed Though she didn't agreed with them, but asked for some time to think about Laksh.Big smile And finally Swara and Sanskar r going to be engaged.Big smile Update soon and thanks for the pm.Big smile
With love,

Dear Aheli,

Glad to know you liked the surprise - I had all of them down in Baadi, so that there would no doubt that Swara and Ragini were forgiven and actually truly welcome home. Mrs. Das was there, she did promise, right, that if they were not welcome, she would take them back to Mumbai. And the Maheshwaris, well, they wanted to apologise for Lakshya's folly, which the sisters did not agree to. And yes, all welcomed the idea of having them as their daughters in law, though they were scared that Ragini might not agree to marry Lakshya. But then he did mature and showed actual remorse, which is why the Gadodias requested Ragini to think over her decision. Swara and Sanskaar, already engaged  and the story draws to a close with the next chapter (it would be the final oneLOL


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Originally posted by lucky.m

Lucky, HugHugHug

I guessed it  at baadi but what surprised me pleasantly was ..DP letting know them about karnaama of laksh and sanskaar and Dragon making everything fall into place and das approved sunny ,Shocked..that was one more surprise and such a sweet oneSmile

You did say you guessed but still it was a surprise - all of them being there - best way to let the girls know that they were completely forgiven and absolutely welcome. DP was the patriarch of the Maheshwari family and decided that it would be better if all of them were there when he told about Lakshya (I think he did not trust Lakshya to put the things in correct perspective - he knew how impulsive his son could beWink). 
Of course, Mrs. Das would have to approve of Sunny boy - she was already quite protective about the girls (they were like her granddaughters, so she would want to "test" him before Swara fell for him - quite the protective dragonLOL

and ragini ..I already told this but saying again ..you make her sound so real and human ..unlike in SR ..Her stand was absolutely outstanding and both sisters already bowled down MM's waasi's with no need of maafi line

Ragini - as I mentioned in one of the earlier posts - I am quite fascinated by her character and thoroughly disappointed by the way the serial butchered her. So much potential wasted. Both the sisters have truly grown up and matured, so they realised that even though Lakshya did lead them up the garden path, they were quite willing to walk that road. So they were not going to accept the elders and the rest of the family take the blame, a stand which went a very long way in the Maheshwaris accepting them as their daughters in law

and I love ragini and you know for whatWink  engagement of swasan .. and I am bowled over bit where sunny boy leaning on wall shrugs his shoulder looking at swaraEmbarrassed with that smile

Ragini is indeed a true SwaSan shipper - her dearest sister and her best friend, what more could she want. 
Sunny boy - I made him a little too irresistible here, but what to do, he has such sheer magnetism that even we, who write about him cannot tone it down.Embarrassed

absolutely lovely chapter ra bangaram..ClapClapStar  Cant believe we  just have one more chapter down the line but I am very much eager to read your take on Ml with new SS ..this would remain as sweet memory..a sweet story close to my heart

Yes - one more chapter to wind up my tale (I have managed to make it more that the eight I intended, though I did cheat on the length for a couple of the chapters - I will let you know the reason whyWink)

My other story - working on it - will let you know once I complete the first draft - hopefully should be soon.Big smile


Dear Lucky,

replied in blue above


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Originally posted by Vaiyambar...

Awesome update Nyna... Dearest sorry for one word comment I'm very busy... yaar.. hope you understand.. 

Dear Kamila,

No violating the Sunny Boy's rule - so do not apologise. I just love it that you have read and commented - even that one line says a lot.


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