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Originally posted by Nynaeve

Dear Veena, Kamila, Lucky, Shru (Hug for breaking your self-imposed exile), Mukta and Sneha,
Love you for lovely lovely lovely comments - I had such a busy Sunday and I check the Forum now to read them. Makes me feel very happy. Will revert by tomorrow, even if it is a Monday.


I know I promised to revert but I got stuck with some last minute work and then reached home late only to start ranting on the ML track. I promise to get back soon. But in the meantime, I request all of you to have a look at the collage on Page 1 - it has been prepared by Lucky (@lucky.m) for me and I am simply overwhelmed by her affection and generosity.

Lucky, I so love youHeartHeartHeartHeart


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Originally posted by blindassassin

Nyna dear
Beautiful update, especially the one which described dragons past.Hope swara and sanskar will not have to face any heartbreaks. Your Ragini is subtle yet powerful. She is the sister whom we wish swara had in the series also.
Waiting eagerly for the next update 

Dear Veena,

I am so happy that you liked Dragon's past - was a little unsure about putting in too many back stories. 
Swara and Sanskaar, no more heartbreaks, we are close to the end now.

Ragini - I always felt sad about how such a layered potential character was ruined in the show - and since there is no reason for her to be jealous or envious she does come into her own light, a normal loving sister.

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Originally posted by Vaiyambar...

Nyna.. darling soo bitterness is ended here.. I lived the whole journey of this part... How the facts hits Maheswari family... I loved Sanskaar here more being a responsible son.. he is doing his best to overcome this situation... they get to know about their son Laksh... who is weared a mask before..

Dear Kamila, yes the bitterness ends here, most of itWink Sanskaar was always the responsible son, unless you consider his reaction to his family's opposition to Kavita as an aberration. Lakshya, was simply behaving like an ostrich, now he would have to face the consequences.

Gadodias state was clearly penned down... mmmawh I left with tears...

Same happened with Mrs.das biography... Reason behind that R.. song.. 
So you liked the back stories - I had to have the twist of the family thinking the sisters died, otherwise, why would they not search for them, the Gadodias were strict but did love their daughters.

Is anyone died in baadi... why sisters are shocked...

Nah - nothing so shocking - as I said, this story is all fluff and candy floss

Update soon..

With love...


Dear Kamila,

Updated above,

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Originally posted by lucky.m

That was a beautiful chapter ..Annapurnas reaction was so perfectky captured, her apprehensions and that motherly love kicking in for few minutes in defense of her son and then realization after listening from laksh himself ..so maheswari's and gadodias are connected ..well that was unexpected  so gadodias are under impression that both their daughters dies in an accident ..I can say that is good bcos living with taint of daughters  running away would have been much more difficult for them and dadi realised how her too many restrictions could be one of the reason for the sameConfused

Lucky, HugHugHug

Annapurna - well as I said in the introduction, no character is perfect and each has some good or bad - so this was Annapurna's flaw, though she would prefer to be known as one who loves all the three sons equally, she does love Lakshya a teeny bit more, a very natural one but her greatness lies in the fact that she recognises the flaw she has.
Since they belong to the same community, they would be aware of each other, especially when then stay in a city that is not in their home state. 
I wanted the Gadodias to be under the impression that their daughter had died so that it would explain why nobody searched for them (it would be an easy job, right, with technology, track the mobile and you would be able to track them down). The Gadodias would have given up the search only if there was a solid reason to believe that it was no use searching for them. And as you said, maybe, some felt it better to believe they were dead rather than face the fact that the sisters had run away from home

One doubt how come they have belongings  of swaragini from the bus to which accident happened ..Did I miss something in between ??

That is one small quirk of fate, or the strange workings of the universe, which I did not feel needed a backstory, you remember, Swara had flung her mobile after Lakshya had cut the call? I did not track the same and let that loose end stay loose.LOL 

DP acting sensible and deciding to narrate the same to gadodias..but will laksh be forgiven easily??  

Lakshya being forgiven would depend on him, how he acts and how Ragini reacts.

Dragon ka story is heart touchingCry.her connection with sisters and she deciding to go with them, dragon is not dragon after all Embarrassedand both of them standing near the door contemplating and they are shocked bcos they have both gadodias and maheswari's in baadi...I think I am rightWink

Oh no the Dragon is quite a sweetheart much like your Mrs. D'Souza. And they are shockedD'ohasle pedda suspense ledu, ala guess cheyekodadu. Not going to say a word

very well written chapter like always Star..subtle play of emotions and grippingSmileClapClap and superb flow ..i didn't even realize when I have completed reading it

You did not realise when it was over, because you found it grippingEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Dear Lucky,

Replied in blue above.


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Originally posted by tootiefrootie11

Hey Nyna dearest

As you know from our PM exchange, I have been MIA from the forum for various reasons and hence have been very remiss in even reading and commenting on the wonderful offerings by way of ff's here. This is briefer than I would like but I had to break silence today to write to some and I just wanted to say that your nervousness on 9 is again unwarranted. After all that has come before it, this chapter in my very humble opinion was very necessary. I can see that you are drawing threads together to bring this lovely tale of falling in love sweetly, with bitterness exercised along with it as the journey progressed, to a close soon. There is sadness for that as there always is with good stories soon to end but in the nicest way. For now this chapter I felt was woven with your characteristic flair and really helped bring the next juncture about. I really enjoyed reading how you handled Annapurna, the complexities of her character came out. My personal best bit was the part about Mrs Das and how her journey with the girls, linked to her own past experiences, played out. Liked how Lakshya too wants to take responsibility firmly and Sanskaar ofcourse was the glue on that end that is slowly but surely gelling things together:). Looking forward to 10! Lots of love

Shru xoxo

Dear Shru, HugHugHug 
I am so glad to see you back, even though I am aware that this is a brief visit. Missed you so much.

And yes, as you so rightly got it, I am starting to wind it up, another couple of chapters and then this deal is done. How did you deal with ending DK? - that was a mammoth epic!

Annapurna - as I replied above to Lucky, I really do not think anyone is perfect so her flaw had to be her preference for Lakshya but then her greatest trait was her attempt to be fair despite her heart protesting her decision. I think there is a certain strength to doing what is right out of a sense of fairness rather that on account of the absence of a vice, such as jealousy or envy.

Mrs Das - she was a kind soul, who took almost fifteen years to make peace with herself and in one of those dramas that the universe plays out, she was given a chance to truly make amends, in a way that mattered the most. I was actually nervous about her backstory, and it turns out that this was liked the most. Smile

Lakshya yes, impulsive as usual, though this time round he is vocal and firm about his love and intentions for Ragini.

Looking forward to seeing you more here.

loads of love,
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Originally posted by muktai

Hi Nyna...

Dear Mukta HugHug

According to Sunny boy's rule there is no room for sorry and thank you but my sincere apology for not reverting here till 9 chapters. I still remember I read intro and first part in middle of ongoing presentation...res'd my place saying I'll revert as I get back to home but then things got messed up in personal and professional life and I lost track of everything. Sorry for that and thanks for sending me pm inspite of my lateness.

***Sigh*** you openly state that you will not follow Sunny boy's rule - bechara - no one seems to be listening or even hearing him, not in the show nor hereWink
And I can understand how hectic things can get in professional and personal life (if we are unlucky, it gets hectic in both lives simultaneously, a serious case of bluesDead)So please do not apologise for it

I am actually in love with this tale of yours. So much yo learn through this. Sister's bond that we were promised to be given in the serial and we got ...well lets nt discuss that but you very beautifully portrayed that. Well I too have younger sister so I can very well connect to the possessiveness, care and love you wrote.

The sister's bond - for a serial that is named after a pair of sisters, their bond made me feel glad I did not have a sister Wink(have a younger brother, whom I adore), so in this story, I made up what I felt sisters should be (was a little difficult, since I have a brother, but then the emotional connect would not be different,) when you say you could relate to the bond, I know I have got it right.

They were wrong, mislead, hurt were in pain away from their families but thankfully were together in that bad phase.

Yes, Swara was misled by her own affections and Ragini carried away by her emotions, but the saving grace was that both were together, and each blamed themselves for the mess both contributed to.

Sanskar ! No words for him. You made me fall in love with his character more than I already was. He slowly and steadily stole his princess's heart, while assuring her, supporting her, providing strength to her more on emotional level.

Sanskaar - he is truly a gem of a man - I keep falling for him so welcome to the clubSmile I sometimes think, that in the next story I write I shall make him a little less perfect (not that it worked, in the OS - A Love Like None Other, I made him even betterConfused) but I shall tryWink

Those kisses they shared...( sigh)...pure bliss!

Thank you (Here I go, breaking Sunny boy's ruleOuch) I had such a tough time writing them, so I am glad you liked themEmbarrassed

Lakshya in his immaturity spoiled many lives. Just one sorry can't rewind everything and people can't move on. Five years ! Long time for changing person and their lives. 

Laskhya and his immaturity, guess he would have to show that he is sorry rather than simply mumble those words. Five years is indeed a long time.

Mrs. Das such a sweetheart!She took care of GIRLS in her words because of her own reasons but in 9 th part the way she was the reason Swara and Ragini decided to go vack to baadi. 

Mrs Das is indeed a dear, she took care of the girls but she also gives them courage to go back to their family, she is the best person to convince them, after all they could now see how a mother would feel being away from her children

I liked your way of writing very much. Trust, family, love, bondings , learning from mistakes and still being there for your loved one list continues of what you perfectly portrayed.

Quotes u used in this tale...All in all I loved everything.

I am thrilled to know you liked my style - and have loved what I tried to portrayEmbarrassed

For me Swara and Ragini, their love and bond is highlight and most loved part amidst of all other beautiful things.

SwaRagini - that is what the serial promised and ...well no point going down that roadConfused

So Nyna you did brilliant job my dear for penning down this tale. Hats off to you !

And I amDancingwith joy andBlushing red

Stay blessed

Dear Mukta,

Replied in blue above,

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Originally posted by sneharay

Nice Update.. Thumbs Up

Thanks Sneha

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