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EDKVsets A Tribute to Our Beautiful&Beloved Ek Duje Ke Vaaste p14 (Page 3)

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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste' ShravanSuman ShraMan'-Ek Khoobsurat EhsaasDay DreamingHeart

ShraMan-They have gone through all phases of friendship-close childhood friendship to one-sided love phase to frenemies to a newly blossomed matured & sensitive friendship.


     During childhood, Suman in Sumo's avatar was very outspoken, bindaas, my way or highway type girl & also a rebel. She acted chilled out about everything just to cover up her loneliness, fears, pain of losing her parents so young. On the other hand, Shravan was very soft, sensitive, caring & responsible. It is true, opposites attract be it friendship or love! Sumo loved to cook for her bestie Shravan & Shravan loved to do his bestie Sumo's assignments, clean her room etc. Basically, during childhood, ShraMan completed each other & complemented each other by compensating for each other' weaknesses. ShraMan childhood friendship was pure, fresh, unconditional & selfless.


     Due to teenage issues be it peer pressure or immaturity, Sumo unknowingly & unintentionally hurt her best friend Shravan. Shravan on the other hand, who always secretly loved his Sumo was completed broken into pieces when he felt his bestie Sumo left his side when he needed her the most, let others mock at him, never read his letter nor reciprocated his love but only took him for granted.


     Due to so many unfortunate circumstances, immaturity, teenage feelings which drives everyone crazy & where logic never works, & due to lack of guidance & support from families & friends, misunderstandings between Besties ShraMan grew. These strong-rooted misunderstandings, anger, pain, loneliness, frustration, helplessness, restlessness, guilt, so many unanswered questions, unsaid feelings, bitter feelings took away their rationality to such an extent that two best childhood friends entered tit-for-tat revenge mode'. In the process, Two people who were meant to heal each other' pain actually ended up hurting each other the most.


   ShraMan had a lot of past baggage, so giving a peaceful closure to past was very crucial to rekindle a beautiful special precious friendship which would last for now & forever!


   Coming to ShraMan, I feel Shravan is very much aware & conscious of his feelings for Suman but he does not want to impose his feelings on his Sumo, his Suman. During childhood, Shravan fell for Sumo but now meeting her after 10 years, & seeing & knowing the sensitive, soft side of Suman, he is understanding Suman's hidden secrets, her pain, the unmasked Suman, the real Suman, & hence, he is respecting not just Sumo but also Suman. Shravan admires Sumo's chilled out behaviour & Suman's strength, her independent nature, her self-respect, her concern & love for her family as well as his family, her work, & ofcourse their friendship'. Finally mutual trust respect understanding concern between ShraMan is blossoming into a new fruitful friendship tree with green leaves, colourful flowers with fragrance spreading everywhere, outside as well as inside their hearts. Shravan has always loved Sumo but now he is loving Suman also & he will always do. At the same time, he does not to impose or force his feelings upon Suman nor does he want her to accept his love due to indebtedness. Shravan has let Suman free as it is said if you love someone, set them free, if they come back to you, they were yours or else you both were not meant to be'. He has let Suman choose whether she wants just friendship or something more than that. Shravan has already been hurt during teenage due to one-sided love & somewhere that ruined their beautiful & precious friendship. So, now Shravan is taking extra care & trying to make things normal, nothing awkward or uncomfortable between them. If Shravan loves Suman more than a friend but if Suman loves him just as a friend, then both are right in their respective places afterall dil pe kisika zor nahi chaltha'!Sometimes, the pain & fear of losing your close friend due to one-sided love is greater than happiness of being with the same friend whom you love deeply, purely, truly, madly. So, Shravan has friendzoned not just Suman but also himself just to ensure neither Suman nor himself are hurt in the process.


    Suman is matured & sensitive now compared to her childhood days. Now, she thinks & feels for Shravan from her point of view & her heart & not depending on what friends or family or society think of him. Now, she has realized unknowingly she has hurt & lost her best friend her gem her Shravan but she will never repeat those past mistakes. Now Suman respects, understands & trusts, adores her Shravan & is so proud of him. Suman is surely affected by Shravan's absence & presence, his words & his actions. But, She is still confused whether she just likes him as a friend her best friend or something more. Similarly, Shravan has realized that in the revenge mode he has actually hurt & insulted his Sumo his Suman the most-his best friend whom he cannot see in pain in tears even for a moment. It is true anger, grudge, ego, misunderstandings can kill any relationship.


Shravan has always been very sensitive & an introvert since childhood but Suman in Sumo avatar' is an extrovert but in Suman avatar' is an introvert. ShraMan both have some similar & some different approaches to deal with situations & feelings their special feelings. Title track of EDKV sums up their feelings beautifully! Shravan has suppressed his one-sided feelings for so many years & acting like he has moved on but in reality he has not & he can never...Similarly, Suman's slow realization of special feelings, mixed feelings...these special feelings given the name of Ek Khoobsurat Ehsaas-Kabhi kushi bankar toh kabhi gham bankar, kabhi doori bankar toh kabhi nazdeeki bankar, kabhi khwab bankar toh kabhi haqeeqat bankar ya phir kabhi kathi meethi yaad bankar'.

Honton pe tere shikwo ka shor hai

Par yeh nigahe kehthi kuch aur hai

Jo hai mile lamhe kahi

chuthna jaaye haath se


Kyun hai dabi si khwaishein

Dil mein tere bewajah

Jaake zara usse bolde chahtha jisse tu raha  

Kahi teri khamoshiyan jeet na jaaye pyar se


Mil jaane de dil jo bane hai

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste'

      ShraMan are atleast lucky enough that they could self-reflect, realize, accept, repent & correct their past mistakes & start a new phase in their life-whether it is friendship or love-it is a special feeling, as Shravan says sabse khoobsurat ehsaas-dosti'. Whether as friends or lovers, ShraMan Mil hee jaayenge jo bane hai Ek Duje Ke Vaaste'. Time Distance Life Death cannot separate people who are together in hearts. Until then, let us relax & enjoy ShraMan's cute beautiful nok-jhok friendship-love in friendship. Let us cherish ShraMan's smile through tears' moments! Only destiny will tell whether this love in friendship' turns into friendship in love'!.


Kuch Kuch Hota Hai dialogue- Agar woh meri sabse achi dost nahi ban sakthi toh mein usse pyar kar hee nahi saktha is so apt for ShraMan'!


ShraMan's stages of friendship & love described in songs-


ShraMan's childhood friendship-


KK - Yaaron

yaaron dosti badi hi haseen hai         

yeh na ho to kya phir bolo yeh zindgi hai'


Shravan's one-sided feelings-


Pyar Kar - Full Song - Dil To Pagal Hai

4.36 mins to 5.49 mins

"Jispe hum mar mithe usko pata bhi nahi,

Kya gila hum kare woh bewafa bhi nahi,

Hum ne jo sunn liya, usne kaha bhi nahi,

Yeh dil zara sochkar, pyar kar, haa haa haa pyar kar"



Tu Ne Jo Na Kaha - Song - New York

 Tune jo na kaha

Mein woh sunta raha

Khamakha bewajah Khwaab Bunta raha

 Jaane kiski humein lag gayi hai nazar

Is Shehar mein Na apna tikana raha

Koi chahat se na ab apni chalta raha


ShraMan's feelings when they were away for 10 years-


Lyrics from ladki badi anjaani kuch kuch hota hai

3.35 mins to 4 mins


Bheed mein bhi thi tanhai

Yaad har pal teri aayi

Roke koi mujhe zara

Bhar na aaye ye dil mera

Behke behke mere kadam hain

Aise mein tu sambhaal to zara



Now, present newly blossomed friendship-


from 17.36 mins to 21.12 mins


Ajeeb daastaan hai yeh

Kahan shuru kahan khatam

Yeh manzile hai kaunsi

Na woh samajh sake na hum


Guzar gaya jo kal gaya,

Jo ayega woh kal naya,

Hame kya bulayega, tumhe hai na muje pata



Darmiyaan Jodi Breakers


Benaam rishta woh, bechain karta jo

Ho naa sake jo bayaan, darmiyaan

Darmiyaan Darmiyan

Kuch toh tha tere-mere darmiyaan'


Credit goes to original song composers & uploaders

I'm not good at making vms so please imagine Our Beloved ShraMan in these songs!


Don't know if & when ShraMan's friendship will turn into love!



Thank you!Hug








A New Crazy EK DUJE KE VAASTEian ShraManian' in town!


Ek Duje Ke Vaaste ShraMan'-Ek Khoobsurat Ehsaas-updtd p3


ShraMan-Tu mera humdard hai-OS on upcoming track! P3 updated


Episode Analysis-ShraMan-Adhuri si Poori Kahani-updtd p4


A Memorable & Beautiful Visit to Our Beloved EDKV sets!!



SHRAMAN Baatein Kuch Unkahi Si Kuch Unsuni Si Hone Lagi...

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You have nailed it 
I am speechless 

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Originally posted by cherrynicolem

You have nailed it 
I am speechless 

Aww thank u so much dear.
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Originally posted by sptrno

Originally posted by SahSah

Spee is that you Embarrassed
Haha yup...

R u from Geet forum?

Ansah Malik?!WinkLOL


Geet forum it was but it's beyond that Wink

So good seeing you here

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Originally posted by SahSah

Originally posted by sptrno

Originally posted by SahSah

Spee is that you Embarrassed
Haha yup...

R u from Geet forum?

Ansah Malik?!WinkLOL


Geet forum it was but it's beyond that Wink

So good seeing you here
Awww great to see u here  yaar!Hug
I guess we have same likes, dislikes & craze!!ROFLWink

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Spandana dearHug
You write beautifully! Please continue to write. I loved reading what you had to say, esp that poem on pg1. I wish I could write that poetically & beautifully. 
I love how you described ShraMan's relationship as that which is blossoming into a fruitful tree. What an apt analogy. And indeed they're building a strong foundation/bond...by starting from the roots & where it all began - friendship.. which was always intact but had shaken over time. 

Won't comment about ShraMan because their relationship has progressed a lot from your last postLOL
How about writing another post? Pretty please. I will comment more there.

The songs were quite apt.. especially Darmiyaan & Tune Jo Na Kaha. I usually don't complete VMs..i always make them half way but I'll try to make something on these songs.. Its been quite some time since I made a last ShraMan VM. 

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ShraMan-Tu mera humdard hai-OS on upcoming track! P3 updated


Dear EDKVians,


Just felt like writing an OS on the upcoming track of Ek Duje Ke Vaaste...I will keep it as an OS until you guys want me to make it a SS! Hope this OS makes sense..please bear with my crazy writing...Thank you & sorry if someone finds it too long!!


Here it goes,


ShraMan-Tu mera humdard hai-OS


Characters-ShraMan, Ramnath & Shravan's Mom


The scene is quite intense & an emotional one...Also I have mixed up Hindi & English..hope it is fine...


Suman is trying to convince Shravan to listen to his Mom's side of the story as she believes Ramnath & Shravan's Mom both have different stories to share regarding their separation 10 years back & both were & still right in their place...afterall every individual has a right to their own opinion & feelings on every circumstance...sometimes, two good people get separated & hurt due to misunderstandings, unfortunate incidents...


Shravans Dad & Mom just had an intense argument & Shravan is so heartbroken again & decides to leave from there...


Suman: Shravan please ruk jao...please ek baar meri baat suno...

Shravan: Sumo please muje jaane do...ab aur kya dekhne aur sunne ke liye raha gaya hai...

Suman: Kya tum aise apne toote parivaar ho chodke chale jaaoge? Kya tumhara farz nahi hai ki tum tumhare iss parivar ki koyi hui pyar aur kushi wapas lao?

Shravan: With a sad smile, Sumo kaunsa parivar, kaunse apne, kaunsa pyar, kaunsi kushi...yeh sab sirf kitabi baatein hai, lekin asal zindagi mein aisa kuch nahi hota...


Shravan's Dad & Mom have tears in their eyes seeing how so much bitterness, pain, helplessness, zero hope, negativity has engulfed their son's heart & completely shattered him from inside that once young soft sensitive & emotional Shravan has now become so hard like a rock which nobody can shake nor break...


Suman:Shravan please aisa mat bolo yaar...tumhe ek baar koshish toh karni chahiye sab kuch teek karne ki...

Shravan: (Already he is so disgusted with his parents' argument & now his pain is going to burst as anger as volcano & poor Sumo is on the receiving end)...Sumo bas karo ab...muje mat sikhao ki kya sahi hai aur kya galat...mere paas bhi dil aur dimaag hai...

Shravan is walking away & Sumo holds his hand from back to stop him but Shravan is superangry now...

Shravan: Sumo, tum apne aap ko kya samajthi ho, meri dost ho toh dost bankar raho, meri family matter mein interfere mat karo, woh mere parents hai tumhare nahi, isliye muje kya karna hai ya nahi karna hai woh mein sochunga aur karunga, tumhari advice ya meharbaani ki koi zaroorat nahi...


Hearing such painful words from Shravan, Sumo is completely heartbroken, tears start rolling out of her eyes her heart & Shravan's Dad & Mom are feeling so guilty & hurt that because of them ShraMan are hurt so badly...


Sumo has become lifeless after hearing such harsh words from Shravan, someone who is not just her best friend but also something more...


As Sumo starts walking away, realization strikes Shravan that he has hurt Sumo his Sumo where it would hurt her the most...

Shravan: Sumo please muje maaf kardo, mera woh matlab nahi hai...please ruk jao...

Sumo is not in a state to hear or see anything because after her parents she has always considered loved & respected Shravan's parents as her own but today Shravan even took they away from her...

While walking away, Sumo hits her leg against a table & gets hurt & starts limping so shocked Shravan comes for her help but Sumo...

Sumo:Shravan muje kisi ki humdardi ki koi zaroorat nahi aur tumhari toh bilkul nahi...muje aaj phir se ehsaas hogaya hai ki mein bilkul akeli hu aur muje aise hee akele jeene ki aadat bana leni chahiye...kya pata kab kausa dost, kaunsa parivar muje apnake tukra jaaye...Sumo is crying inconsolably now...


Shravan's eyes are getting filled with tears, tears of pain of seeing his Sumo in pain, tears of guilt of hurting his Sumo so badly, tears of helpleness that he cannot do anything to take away her pain...


Shravan tries to stop her again but this time Sumo pushes him hard that he ends up hurting himself against the table...Sumo looks back worried, guilty & for a second approaches towards Shravan for help but then turns back & starts walking away...

This song is played in the background for ShraMan-


Jo tu mera Humdard hai

Suhaana har dard hai'


(please listen to songs mentioned because I don't know how to make VMS!)


Shravan's Parents come close to him & with their moist eyes convey it to him how much he was so engrossed in his own pain that he hurt Sumo so much that she has become lifeless now...His parents also feel Shravan should really apologise to Suman asap & heal her wounds, wounds given by Shravan to his best friend Sumo jiske saath woh sabse khoobsurat ehsaas-dosti ya pyar' share kartha hai...

They all reach garden close to the gate...


Shravan hurries towards Sumo before she could leave & turns her around & goes on his knees...

Shravan:Sumo, please muje maaf kardo, mein bahut hee selfish, arrogant insaan hu, tum sahi kehthi ho mein kadoos, bewakuf, badatameez hu, meri height bad gayi hai par akal nahi...mein toh tumhari dosti ka bhi layak nahi hu..muje please maaf kardo..aage se mein wada kartha hu aise kabhi nahi hoga...

Suman (smiling in her tears but trying to hide her smile)...she is in aww of her Shravan...

Suman: In shock, she says, Shravan tumhe kaise pata ki mein aise tumhari taarif karthi hu..yeh saari gaaliyan ke saath?!

Shravan: (Shravan in angry sweet look) Sumooo, meine toh aiveyi bol diya tha lekin tum sach mein tum yeh gaaliyan deti ho?!

ShraMan both laugh..so does Shravan's parents...

Suman: Shravan upar utt jao, kneel down hone ki koi zaroorat nahi hai..hum dono dost hai aur dosti mein hum equals hai, koi superior nahi, koi inferior nahi, so utt jao...aur waise bhi abhi tumhari sprain teek hui hai...

Shravan: (Stunned & happy look)Sumo toh iska matlab tumne muje maaf kar diya?!

Sumo: Maafi ke baare mein sochna padega in her sumo style! Shravan is so upset...After few seconds, acha teek hai iss baar maaf kar diya lekin itni asaani se nahi!! tumhe meri baat maani hogi...agar shart manzoor hai toh bolooo...

Shravan: Sumo teek hai tum jo kahogi mein karunga, mein manunga...Shravan in his mind, pata nahi yeh paagal ladki mujse kya karwayegi aur mein isse bhi bada paagal jo iski baton mein araha hu...

Shravan: Sumo toh ab agar aapne muhurat nikalli ho toh, shart batane ki kripa karenge...


Suman: (Trying to think, & to make Shravan impatient, having a evil smile) mein soch rahi hu Shravan intezaar karo...

Shravan:Sumo please ab bata bhi do...

Suman: Mein tumhe maaf karungi jab tum apne Maa-Papa se maafi mangoge...Shravan's & his Parents' eyes are filled with tears & smile looking at this girl who has been hurt so badly & lost everythingin her life but still wishing to Shravan her best friend' family together & happy...


Shravan's Parents walk towards ShraMan & both say in one voice: Shravan tumhe humse nahi balki hame tumse maafi maangni chahiye...hum dono ne hamari dard, hamari dreams, hamri ego, hamami nasamji, hamari misunderstandings ki wajah se alag ho gaye, hum bahut selfish hogaye the, itna kudgarz ki humne tumhe, tumhari kushi, tumhare dard, tumhare asu, tumhare akelepan, tumhare umeed, tumhare darr, fikar, tumhare ghusee aur kadwahat ke peeche chupa dard ko dekh hee nahi paaye...ache parents toh kya hum parents kehalaane ki bhi laayak nahi hai...usually maa-baap apne bacho ko acha sanskar dete hai par aaj hamare bacho ne hame seekh di hai zindagi ki seekh...



Song in the background-Chalte chalte Shahrukh KhanRani Mukherjee-title track for Shravan's Parents

"Pyaar Humko Bhi Hai, Pyaar Tumko Bhi Hai

To Yeh Kya Silsile Ho Gaye

Bewafa Hum Nahin, Bewafa Tum Nahin

To Kyoon Itne Gile Ho Gaye

Chalte Chalte Kaise Yeh Faasle Ho Gaye

Kya Pata Kahan Hum Chale"


Shravan's Parents both with folded hands & teary eyes apologise to Shravan & Shravan burst into his Parents's arms & hugs them tightly...tightly that so many  years of loneliness, misjudgements, pain, bitterness, helplessness, anger all get washed away in that hug, in those tears, n those smiles & Suman similing through tears is just aww of this moment as he sees herself in Shravan & his Parents...Slowly, they three come out of hug & adore Suman with their filled with immense love, gratitude & blessings to how Suman united Shravan's family, completed their family...Shravan's Mom calls Suman closeby & Shravan's Parents & ShraMan  have a FAMILY Hug' which Shravan & Suman always wished for, dreamt of, jiske liye sadiya taraste te woh dua woh sapna aaj haqeeqat ban gayi...jab haqeeqat, khwab se khoobsurat ho, toh tab iss jahan mein hee Jannat mil jaati hai...


Kabhi kushi kabhi gham title track in the background...Family Reunion



All four are lost in the heavenly hug tabi Suman, Muje bahut bhook lagi hai & everyone looks are her in surprise, with smile...

Point to be noted: Suman calls Shravan's Mom as Mom & not Aunty...


Shravan: Sumo, tum toh muje bukkad kehthi ho par tum toh mujse badi bukkadi nikali!!

Sumo: gives angry look to Shravan & also looks at his Mom as if asking her to scold her son for being mean to her...

Ramnath-Suman aur Shravan tum dono bachpan ke dost hoy a dushman..pata hee nahi chaltha!

Suman in her mind-Ramnath uncle, Shravan aur Mein sirf bachpan ke dost aur dushman nahi balki aur bhi bahut kuch hai par aapa yeh bewakuf aur ziddi beta kuch samaje toh sahi, pata nahi, yeh kab samajeya, maanega aur confess karenge, kahi iss intezaar mein hum boode na hojaaye. Sadooo kahika!

All four share a good laugh!



Shravan's Mom gets plate with Roti, Rice & Dal-her signature dish loved by Shravan & Suman...she only gets one plate...All are surprised why one plate...

Shravan's Mom-Aaj mein itne saalo ke baad mere bacho ko apne haaton se khilayungi...ShraMan's eyes are filled with tears of overjoy, disbelief, excitement...

ShraMan again start arguing ki kisse Mom pehle khana khilayegi...

Shravan's parents-tum dono bache ki bache rahoge, kabi bada hone ka irada hai bhi ki nahi!

ShraMan are arguing like Tom & Jerry aur tabhi chalu Sumo acts like her stomach is paining & Shravan & his Parents get worried, in the meantime, Suman has the rotidaal bite in Mom's hand, & she gives that victory laugh to Shravan ki buddhi tum phirse mujse haar gaye!

Shravan is superangry but Shravan's parent smile & after sometime so does Shravan because what can be more peaceful & blissful to Shravan than seeing her Sumo so happyyy!

Now Mom feeds Shravan & both have tears & seeing that even Ramnath & Suman eyes get moist...Shravan hugs his Mom so tight to never let go off that embrace...Son-Mom are so lost in each other when they hear background voice of Ramnath, maa-bete toh ek hogaye aur muje bhool gaye...Ramnath to his wife-ab muje bhi khilana padega Mrs.Ramnath Malhotra! This was so not expected from Ramnath so Mrs.Malhotra is blushing but trying to hide it but Ramnath & ShraMan can see it & try to tease her even more, she tries to get up & walk away but Ramnath stops her & says dil se sorry for everything that happened between them & even Mrs.Ramnath Malhotra says sorry & both hug & are so lost & ShraMan are giving that naughty look to each other & whisper shayad hum dono ko yeha se chala jaana chahiye! Ramnath & his wife's so many years of distance, pain, guilt, anger, misunderstandings are washed away in that hug & now it is filled with relief, peace, happiness, contentment, love which was missing for so many years...

Ussi time Ramnath & his wife come back to their senses & stop ShraMan...tum dono kaha jaa rahe ho...

ShraMan to Parents: (with evil naughty smile) hame laga ki ab hamari yeha se jaana hee behtar hoga...kyu newly weds?!

Shravan's Parents to ShraMan: Apne Maa-Baap ko aise chidate ho, sharam nahi aati?!

ShraMan to Parents: hame kyu sharam ayegi..humne toh yeh sab aapse hee seekha hai!

ShraMan & Parents share a good laugh.


Now, Shravan' Mom goes out of Ramnath's embrace to hide her blush & Suman follows near the swing...

Suman lies on Shravan's Mom lap on the swing & is so peaceful & Shravan from far also wishes for the same but he being so shy, introvert, Shravan's Mom only calls him with her hand, & Shravan like a cute innocent baby approaches his Mom's lap & now ShraMan both are on Mother's lap staring at the sky blue sky stars moon, sky had never looked that beautiful anytime before, Ramnath is teary eyed, thanks life for this beautiful dream cum reality...

ShraMan are again arguing to why one is taking more space on Mom's lap...

Sumo:Shravan tum itne lamhe kyu ho?!

Shravan:Sumo tumhe kyu jalan ho rahi hai choti..nahi nahi moti?!

Sumo again giving that look to Mom-aapka beta muje itna pareshan kartha hai!!

As usual, Parents cannot take any child's side so Mom has a plan...ShraMan tum dono utt jao...Makes Suman sleep on one shoulder & Shravan on the other shoulder & Mom kisses both on their forehead...Ramnath comes closer & starts swinging the swing...Mrs.Ramnath Malhotra raises her head back smile & Ramnath smiles as well...

Starlit Moonlit sky, heavenly happiness, contentment, all smiles, dream come true moment for The Malhotras!

Ramnath & Mrs.Ramnath Malhotra-Parents with their Son Shravan & their Daughter Suman who is gonna be their future daughter-in-law (if Shravan ki dil aur dimaag sahi disha mein chalegi toh haha)!

"Perfect Hum Saath Saath Hai Beautiful Family moment"



I will write next part only if u guys want it-

Precap-Sumo is asleep on Moms' shoulder & Mom realizes Sumo has high fever, Shravan & Parents get worried seeing their dear Sumo unconscious...

Also, now that Shravan's Parents issue is solved, so next part will focus on changing dynamics of ShraMan-Dosti ya Pyar ya dono?!



I have not proof read this OS, so please bear with errors...

Youtube songs-Credit goes to original song composers & uploaders


Thank you!








A New Crazy EK DUJE KE VAASTEian ShraManian' in town!


Ek Duje Ke Vaaste ShraMan'-Ek Khoobsurat Ehsaas-updtd p3


ShraMan-Tu mera humdard hai-OS on upcoming track! P3 updated


Episode Analysis-ShraMan-Adhuri si Poori Kahani-updtd p4


A Memorable & Beautiful Visit to Our Beloved EDKV sets!!



SHRAMAN Baatein Kuch Unkahi Si Kuch Unsuni Si Hone Lagi...

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Hi spandana!!! Welcome to the world of EDKV maniacs Ermm
The poetry on pg1 was spellbinding. Loved it to bits. U r an amazing writer. Do keep writing moremore Smile

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**Ek Duje Ke Vaaste Introduction Corner: Introduce Yourself**

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|| Ek Duje Ke Vaaste Help Desk #1 ||

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ShraMan/NiMik AT#22 - Hum Tohre Vaaste, Tum Hamre Vaaste

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