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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste

EDKVsets A Tribute to Our Beautiful&Beloved Ek Duje Ke Vaaste p14 (Page 11)

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Originally posted by bharkha

Spee darling bcoz of u I m in the ekdv forum... Hugs man.. as usual tera itna long post.. N from wen onwards u started writing shayaris yar.. I m speechless... Totally seeing ur romantic side...
Luvly post n u better pm me ur posts.
Chalo me Ll also be active member here after.. Bahut silent ho gaaye.. Spammin kiye arsa ho gaaya
haha varshaji u r anyways used to my long posts!!

lol not my romantic side but Our Beloved ShraMan's romantic side!

Thank u so much yaar...

Sure sure we will get back to our crazy spamming days!!!

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Originally posted by orion23

Spandana this is awesome!
Lucky you!
Amazing pictures!
Thanks for the PM!

Aww thanks a lot dearie...hugs!!
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Originally posted by Sneha.ko

wlcm to forum Spandana
Beautiful post Embarrassed
Thnx for sharing lovely pictures Day Dreaming
Awww thank u so much yaara!!..hugs dear...

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Originally posted by Ana_mika

Beautiful pictures Spandana!
So happy for you and thank you for sharing these pictures!
Aww how sweet...thank u so much dear!
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SHRAMAN Baatein Kuch Unkahi Si Kuch Unsuni Si Hone Lagi...



Dear EDKVians,


Finally after a long time, here is something for you guys..not sure whether this is Episode analysis or OS! First of all, I'm so sorry for the long post again & also thank u so much guys for everything!..Also, writing might be all over the place so please bear with it...Thank you!


Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 29th july 2016 episode

ShraMan phone conversation & Hug

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 29thjuly2016 epi Our Sweetheart ShraMan Awww Beautiful Heavenly Pure Bliss Magic Beauty in Simplicty Heart-touching Lovelyyy Superb AdorableDreamy Smiling through Tears Outstanding Cute Perfect Bestest of the Best Left us Speechless & Spellbound Flawless Unique Epic Masterpiece Precious Gem Treasure Wonderful Amazing Awesome Fantabulous Out of this World Hats off to TEAM Ek Duje Ke Vaaste EDKV..EDKV EDKVians Our One Big Happy Crazy Family!!...Kudos to you guys seriously! Thank u so much...Lots of Love & Hugs..Take care..Spandana


Now coming to the Episode, it showed how SHRAMAN's self-respect & love both can peacefully co-exist, infact yesterday both won...Sometimes due to unfortunate circumstances or ShraMan's immaturity or unawareness or reacting in fit of a moment creates a lot of misunderstanding, but now I guess their Mutual Trust Understanding Respect Concern Love Friendship, Love in Friendship & Friendship in Love is getting re-established to such an extent which might never shake or break that easily...Akhir Mil hee jaate hai jo bane hai Ek Duje Ke Vaaste...


ShraMan Phone conversation shows how deep their bond is..they not only understand each other when in front of each other but also in their physical distance because now there is no emotional distance, they just know understand each other from their silence, their voice, they know when someone is happy or sad in tears, their fears, concerns...Their understanding comfort level compassion concern trust everything was visible yesterday & ShraMan are each other's safe heaven where they find their utmost peace bliss where they can forget all their worries fears problems...Yesterday's ShraMan's smile peace while speaking to each other on phone & also sleep after sharing each other's emotional burden, relief contentment assurance peace was visible in their peaceful sleep until Sumo got a call  that HER Shravan was missing which again took away her world her life her Love & Similarly, Shravan on seeing HIS Sumo so tensed worried her voice full of fear concern helplessness completely shook him & when Sumo all of a sudden hugged him, he was in disbelief, shock surprise but at the same time HIS Heart not only knew but also assured that HIS Sumo is ONLY His ever & forever...The deepest bond is when someone not only understand's someone's words tone of voice but also eyes which express those feelings which lips sometimes hesitate or try to hide those feelings...ShraMan can heal each other miraculously & magically...Kabhi dusaro ke diya hua dard ko toh kabhi kabhi jaane anjaane mein diye gaye ek dusare ko dard lekin har dard ki dawa ban hee jaate hai chahe woh jaane ya na jaane chahe woh maane ya na maane...Also, ShraMan know how to lighten serious & sensitive moments with their childish adorable nok-jhok which is also so meaningful & beautiful!...Also, unconsciously unknowingly when Shravan confessed he will be ALWAYS with HIS Sumo, both froze for a moment because both know the TRUTH both are aware of their feelings but still holding those feelings for so many reasons...Just like Shravan can read HIS Sumo's mind, Sumo can read HER Shravan's mind...both cannot hide anything from each other even if they want to...For Shravan, right now, his Sumo's peace was more important than any third person so kept his talk for later...Yesterday, so many confusions, fears, concerns, guilt, anger, unanswered questions were kind of getting washed away & hopefully even when new confusions arise due to unfortunate situations, they can sort it out themselves more than depending on any third person. SHRAMAN are experts in covering THEIR LOVE with Friendship Frienship game but what they have not yet realised & if realised still do not want to accept or confess is that LOVE with FOUNDATION of FRIENDSHIP is infact The Most Deepest Truest Beautiful Long-lasting Purest Eternal Kind of LOVE & FRIENDSHIP & here tho Our SHRAMAN are BEST FRIENDS for Life, SOULMATES for Life, Life Partners, Partners in Crime haha & sometimes even FRENENEMIES afterall there is always LOVE in FRIENDSHIP & FRIENDSHIP in LOVE & this is the reason they know each other in & out, they know about each other' likes dislikes & also their crazy mood swings, & also both sometimes let the other person see each other in their real form without any disguise or mask, mask which they sometimes wear in front of the world, sometimes in front of their families & friends & sometimes even in front of each other but how long they will be able to hide such strong feelings for each other  is something to watch out for afterall Mil hee jaate hai jo Dil bane hai Ek Duje Ke Vaaste SHRAMAN...Yesterday's epi ShraMan had taken off their masks so all we could see feel was just THEIR PURE TRUE DEEP LOVE...


ishq chupta nahin chupane se

tera ashiq hun main zamane se


There is no place for any third person afterall it is Our Beloved Ek Duje Ke Vaaste Sweetheart ShraMan's Paradise...We all are Our EDKV EDKVians ShraMan ShraManians One Big United Happy & Crazy Family be it good positive times or testing times!


ShraMan both had taken off their masks-ShraMan's hug when Shravan saw his Sumo His LIFE His LOVE who was about to slip off from terrace during their friend Anjali's birthday party, Shravan embracing his Sumo so tightly compassionately passionately & ShraMan's hug now when Shravan's whereabouts were unknown to Sumo so Sumo hugging her Shravan with same compassion & passion...Both these hugs have so much in commom...When ShraMan realise that they are going to lose their life, their love, their soul, then the fear automatically takes away all the masks, that time Family responsibilities, Society, Frienship or Love Inner Battles, Their Anger Guilt Pain of so many years, unawnswered questions, confusions, doubts, helplessness, restlessness, impatience, excitement, all negative thoughts take a back seat & what we get to see is Our ShraMan Jo Bane Hai Ek Duje Ke Vaaste Their Pure Genuine Feelings Their True Mutual Concern Compassion Understanding Trust Respect Admiration Gratitude Friendship Love where their eyes their silence depict their deep true mad feelings for each other, those feelings which their lips or words could never express or try to hide...At that moment, it is Heavenly Beautiful Heart-touching Magical ShraMan moment where we get to witness sheer bliss utmost peace contentment on their faces, glittering spark in their eyes,  their divine smile, when Our ShraMan are smiling through tears, where they are so lost in each others' embrace like Their World Their Safe Heaven is just them ShraMan together forever  For Eternity'...


Title song of EDKV perfectly suits SHRAMAN here...

Honton pe tere shikwo ka shor hai

Par yeh nigahe kehthi kuch aur hai

Jo hai mile lamhe kahi

chuthna jaaye haath se

Kyun hai dabi si khwaishein

Dil mein tere bewajah

Jaake zara usse bolde chahtha jisse tu raha 

Kahi teri khamoshiyan jeet na jaaye pyar se

Mil jaane de dil jo bane hai

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste


Also one more song apt:


Baahon ke darmiyan,  Do pyaar mil rahe hain

Jaane kya bole mann, Dole sun ke badan

Dhadkan bani zubaan




Teri Meri Prem Kahani Hai Mushkil

Do Lafzon mein yeh bayan nah o paaye



   I have never felt that ShraMan need any pre-planned confrontation or confession but just a heart-to-heart talk, their small gestures, their simple eye-to-eye talk silence or conveying something though simple yet deep meaningful words convey everything so beautifully..might seem simple but there is so much depth honesty such genuiness truth which is above saying 3 words I love you or candle light dinners or diamond rings or roses chocolates & all but ShraMan under natural moonlit starlit sky & their heartfelt convo, their hug is the most mesmerizing & beautiful sight ever...No wonder Our Ek Duje Ke Vaaste ShraMan are unqiue precious gem beauty & magic at their best!


Destiny has brought ShraMan together in such a way that they will never separate again...Akhir Mil hee Gaye jo Bane hai Ek Duje Ke Vaaste...


Love need not be measured or expressed in fancy ways but just needs to be expressed & felt with heart that is the purest truest most beautiful form of LOVE like Our SHRAMAN'S LOVE & OUR SHRAMAN R JUST SUCH A HEAVENLY DREAMY BEAUTIFUL COUPLE...A Dream Come True JODI...

SHRAMAN Two Perfectly Imperfect Individuals who together will take their journey from imperfection to perfection & make it a beautiful evergreen everlasting heart-touching & memorable one!



      Until here was EDKV 29th July episode analysis but I just could not stop myself from writing AN OS which is a continuation of Friday's epi...So Here it goes,



    SHRAMAN are so lost in each other in their own world when Pushkar & Ramnath come & Ramnath's voice brings ShraMan out of their trance...Both enquire Shravan if is he is ok & he says he is absolutely fine & sorry for bothering them all so late at night but Shravan's smile could not hide the fact how his heart swelled with happiness pride love for getting back HIS SUMO after so long that to in her Real Avatar Her caring sensitive emotional avatar where she even scolded him like she has full right to scold Her Shravan when he acted so carelessly or childlishly...somehow, ShraMan had unknowingly given this HAQ to each other & also had ZIMMEDARI towards each other without any pre-decision or pre-condition...


Pushkar Shravan are having Bro talks separately when Ramanth tries to remind Sumo of her promise to which she admits fearlessly with pride with Love that she will not confess HER LOVE TO HER SHRAVAN but still nobody can take away the feelings of LOVE FOR SHRAVAN nobody world nor society nor each others' families...Ramnath shocked seeing this side of FIRM STRONG Sumo but then is shaken by Pushkar's voice tho ab ghar chale Sir ki sab teek ho gaya hai...


SHRAMAN are still lost in each others' eyes & given a chance they would want time to stand still so they can be with each other for eternity...Both are approaching towards each others' cars but their eyes still fixed on each other...Sumo gets in the car & tries to start but as usual her ambassador cluth got her in trouble but not really this time!

Shravan Pushkar both start laughing while Sumo is first of all worried because of car breakdown so late at night plus now she is superangry seeing her two closest friends laughing at her condition...Shravan Pushkar both walk upto Sumo,

Shravan: Sumo chalo mein tumhe ghar drop kar deta hu...

Sumo: (In heart jumping with joy & thanking her car for breaking down at this moment but because of Ramnath's presence says no): Nahi Shravan, mein taxi ya auto le lungi...

Shravan with voice full of concern: Tum paagal ho kya..ab toh tum apni yeh self-respect lecture shuru mat karna please!...tumhe apni fikar ho ya na ho par muje hai...itni raat ko tum taxi logi aur woh bhi Mere hote hue..Mein Tumhare Saath hu (words left his mouth even before he could realise what he said or before Sumo could register what Shravan actually said)...both stood their frozen, in disbelief...

Pushkar smiled heartily & said: SHRAMAN yeh dono itne ziddi kyun hai...please inhe koi samjaaye ki yeh dosti dushmani ka khel band kare aur apni real feelings ko accept aur confess karne ki sadhbuddhi mile...agar SHRAMAN itne slow aur hide & seek game khelte hee reha gaye toh, mere bache hide & seek khelne ke umar ke hojaayenge par phir bhi yeh dono DOSTI DOSTI hee khelte reha jaayenge haha!!

Puskar calls out to Sir & informs Ramnath, they should leave now & Shravan will come home after dropping Sumo...Ramnath was too helpless in that situation so unwillingly but he had to agree!

Shravan (after few minutes): Ab Chalegi bhi Sumo Madam ki chalne ke liye moharat nikalna padega?!

Sumo still lost so blurted something which she would have not if she was in her full senses: Shravan meine kab kaha tumhe ki muje tum godhi mein utake chalo!!

Shravan grinning: Haha Sumo tum teek toh hona, kahi muje doondte doonthe apna dil aur dimag kho toh nahi li?!   Aur agar tum chahthi ho toh meine tumhe apni godhi mein bhi uta saktha hu!!

Sumo coming out of her dreamworld:Shup up Shravan, aise hee kuchvi...hits him on his chest!

Still Shravan laughing like a small child & Sumo furious...

Sumo:Shravan jab tum mere aise Mazak uda rahe ho to mein tumhare saath nahi aa rahi warna poora raaste mein pata nahi tum kya karoge...kya kya taane maaroge...

Shravan laughed because Sumo's dialogue has double meaning which she didn't realise while saying but just blurted out like a baby but Shravan is sure not going to let go off this opportunity for some more taang kheechayi of Sumo haha: Sumo waise tum kya chahthi ho mein karu tumhare saat raaste mein?!

Now realization strikes Sumo to whatever she had said & how Shravan was interpreting which made her blush so hard which Shravan so loved it he loved the effect he had on her but bechari Sumo could not hide even after immense effort...Sumo looked down & Shravan stopped laughing, now with full concern love & respect, he cupped her face & said, I'm sorry baba mein Mazak kar raha tha...waise tum toh Duniya ko apna gundagirdi se darati rehthi ho aur ab aise chup hogayi sharma rahe ho jaise ki MEIN TUMHARA BEST FRIEND NAHI PATI HU!!!

Sumo's eyes popped out hearing this but she had to hide her feelings so she also tried to hide her feelings in laugh but both knew their feelings something had definitely changed between them today but still Sumo tried to divert the topic:Haha Shravan Malhotra tum itna bhi hawa mein mat udo ki tum itne mahaan ho, London returned lawyer ho, itne dashing lagte ho, apni Family aur Friends ki itni care love aur respect karte ho, ki tum itne trustworthy ho, you have a heart of gold blah blah & all, Tum jaise akadu ziddi sadu ladaku se mein nahi shaadi karne waali...muje toh taras aata hai uss bechari ladki pe jo tumhari PATNI BANEGI aur tumhe jhelegi ZINDAGI BHAR!!


Shravan still laughing!: Sumo tum jaane anjaane mein meri tareef kar rahe ho ya burayi kar rahe ho..pehle yeh decide karlo...anyways, I will take it as a compliment afterall mein jaantha hu meri charm hee kuch aisa hai ki koi bhi ladki mujpe mar sakthi hai!!

Sumo again getting lost in Shravan's world..Shravan surely knew what kind of effect he has on her & smiled contently...Before Sumo could say anything, Shravan grabbed His Sumo's hand with Full Haq & took her to his car, opened the door & made her take a seat...Sumo slowing coming out of trance...Shravan takes driver' seat & looks at Sumo, hinting wear your seat belt...She was about to wear but then it started raining so she pulls down the window & starts playing with rain water with her innocent hands & now Shravan adoring his innocent adorable Sumo in her child avatar, Sumo sprinkles few water droplets on Shravan because she very well knows how much he hates it but still she knows he has given her the haq & she has full haq to irritate him to glory, Shravan instead of getting angry smiles at her contently seeing her innocent actions, Sumo gets out of car even before Shravan could stop her & starts playing in rain dancing in rain whole-heartedly, & Shravan watches her contently, she tries to pull him out of car to enjoy the rain but Shravan Malhotra being so reserved & introvert does not get out of the car but after a while when he is lost in his Sumo having so much fun in rain, unconsicouly he gets out of the car & approaches His Sumo...

Background songs


Behne de mujhe behne de mujhe behne de

Behne de ghanghor ghata behne de paani ki tarah

Saagar mein jaa girna hai behne de nadiyaa ki tarah

Shart lagi hai mar jaane ki jeena hai toh pyaar mein...

Deh kahi bhi ho mera, jaan rakhi hai yaar mein,

Beh jaa beh jaa, hai saagar ka kehna,

Beh jaa beh jaa, hai nadiyaa ko behna,

Mera pal pal ang ang bhar diya,

Tune jaan pe junoon sa kar diya,

Mera hai kya jo main haar doon,

Jaan teri hai tujh pe vaar doon


Shravan slowly approaches Sumo but then a speeding car comes towards Sumo so in reflex action, Shravan pulls His Sumo towards him & hugs her tightly to never let go off her...Shravan's embrace is so tight & Sumo can also feels his teary eyes, so she tries to comfort him...


Benaam rishte woh Bechain karta jo

 Ho na sake.. jo bayan Darmiyaan..


Sumo:Shravan please shaant ho jaao, dekho mein bilkul theek hu, ab darne ki koi zaroorat nahi, please meri taraf dekho, she cups his face who looks so innocent like a baby but at the same time had so much fear concern love...

Shravan:Sumo tum paagall ho kya, itni careless kaise ho sakthi ho, agar tumhe kuch ho jaata ho mein toh bilkul akele ho jaata...

Sumo: Shravan muje poora bharosa hai ki tum mere saath kabhi bhi kuch bhi bura nahi hone de sakthe ho...tum mere koi sapna tootne nahi de sakthe balki meri kushi ke liye tum kuch bhi kar sakthe ho...

Shravan looked down in guilt & Sumo knew why he was feeling guilty...

Sumo: Shravan PCT aur meri accident ke maamle mein tumhari koi ghalthi nahi thi, woh sab toh sirf accidents the aur accidents toh unintentionally aur unfortunately ho jaate hai, isliye please apne aap ko unke ke liye kasoorvar maanna please band karo...

Shravan: Lekin Sumo, agar mein chahtha toh woh dono incidents hone se rok saktha na...

Sumo: Shravan please aisa mat bolo warna tum muje bahut guilty feel karwaoge...muje lagega ki meri wajah se tum itne guilt aur dard mein ho aur kya tum chahoge ki TUMHARI SUMO iski wajah se guilt aur dard mein rahe?

Shravan: Looking deep into Sumo's eyes, Sumo agar mere bass mein hota toh mein koi dard asu takleef guilt fear worry ko tumhare aas paas batakne bhi na du...Muje toh Meri paagal jaalli Sumo hamesha muskurathi hue sab ki taang kheechte hue sabko apni baat manwaati hue achi lagthi hai!

Sumo:SHRAVAN MALHOTRA aapko nahi laghta aapko kabhi kabhi muje paagal ziddi ladaku bachi ke awala ek sensitive matured aur independent ladki bhi samjana chahiye!!

Shravan: Lekin Sumo tumhe wob sab shobha nahi deta!!

Sumo hits his leg...

Shravan:Ouchhh Sumo, mere haath pair toodwane ka program banake ayi ho kya, kabhi chest pe toh kabhi haath phaer pe maarthi ho...bhoolna mat mein lawyer hu tumpe physical assault ka case kar saktha hu!

Sumo: Tumhe jo case karna hai karo lekin MY BEST FRIEND Shravan Malhotra mere liye mere saare case jeetega..She said with so much PRIDE so much CONFIDENCE which made Shravan's heart smile so contently...

Both start laughing!

Sumo:Waise kisi ne kaha tha muje ki mard ko dard nahi hota par aaj toh aapka kuch aur hee andaaz dekhne ko mil raha hai Shravan Malhotra Lawyer saab!

Shravan:Sumooo in cute anger...Kabhi toh meri baat maan liya karo, Kabhi toh yeh self-respect ego ko hamari dosti (says pyar also in mind) ke beech mein mat lao..kabhi toh mere liye (hamare liye says in mind) haar jao ek baar haar jao (taaki Tum ya Mein se Jyada HUM JEET JAAYE..says this in mind)

(Sumo in mind: Shravan tumhare liye mein kuch bhi haar sakthi ho..agar meri haarne se tumhe jeet milthi hai toh mein zindagi bhar haarne ke liye tayyar hu)


PAR SHRAMAN yeh bool gaye hai ki SHRAMAN ki haar aur jeet EK HEE HAI akhir SHRAMAN BANE HAI EK DUJE KE VAASTE...

Haha SHRAMAN both start laughing & walk towards the car...



They were about to leave but while closing car window, Sumo's fingers get jammed & tears automatically flow out of her eyes which shakes Shravan more than her...

Shravan:Sumo phirse tumne kudh ko kaise chot lagayi...mein sahi hu jab boltha hu ki tum ek choti bachi ho...Sumo could feel his immense concern love in his anger & scolding so she does not say anything...Shravan holds Sumo's hand & tries to soothe her pain...tum theek ho na Sumo...Sumo could get hurt 1000 times in a day just to be with HER SHRAVAN every moment to see this caring sensitive Shravan...



Pal.. do pal ki kyun hai zindagi

 Iss pyaar ko hai sadiyan kaafi nahi

Jo tu mera humdard hai

Suhaana har dard hai



Kaise mujhe tum mil gayi, kismat pe aaye naa yakeen


Now Sumo is fine, she tries to put the seat belt but because of her wounded fingers, she cannot so Shravan helps her with her seat belt...no matter how hard they try, their presence, their proximity their silence always deeply affects each other, even if they don't want to admit it right now...


Sumo breaks the moment & tells Shravan muje bahut tand lag rahi hai baarish mein bheegne ki wajah se...

Shravan: Sumo madam baarish mein bheegne ka bahut shok hai na toh aisa hee hoga na...baarish se tand nahi toh kya gharmi lagegi...waise let's go home soon...I don't want u to fall sick again...

Both Smile & drove Home...

SHRAMAN Stars Moon Rain Slow Music & A Long Drive At Night with someone who is not just your BEST FRIEND but also Your LOVER...

(Background songs...Zindagi kaha kaha se guzarathi chali gayi...mein sochti sochti hee reha gayi...kehta hai dil lipatkar tujme samah jao, ankhon se tere dekho, tere labzo se mukurao...Ek pal ki hasrat tadapte hee reha gayi...kuch baat hai adhuri, kuch raat adhuri hai, hoti jo akele mein mulaqaat adhuri hai...har arzoo hamarai tarasti hee reha gayi...zindagi)


Khamoshiyan aawaaz hain, Tum sun'ne to aao kabhi

Chhukar tumhe khill jaayengi, Ghar inko bulaao kabhi

Beqarar hain baat karne ko, Kehne do inko zaraa..khamoshiyan




SHRAMAN's relationship had surely progressed today in a way which cannot be expressed in words but both knew it felt it...


They reach home, seeing home again Sumo's mind recollects Nanu's words & again fear concern take over her & she is almost about to break down so she gets out of the car before Shravan could speak to her but then Shravan very well knows Sumo & comes to Sumo & hugs her, let her tears drop one by one because he knew it is better she cries her heart out in his arms than keep her pain fears concerns inside her because who better than Shravan Malhotra knows how suppressed feelings kill a person from inside...

After a while,

Shravan wipes Sumo's tears:Sumo, please ab chup ho jao, bass bhi karo, shant ho jao...He tries his best to console her but she is sobbing terribly, so Shravan thinks best way to get HIS SUMO out of this emotional state is by bringing in light moments...

Shravan:Sumo, kya tumhari tears ki tank kabhi khatam nahi hogi?!

Sumo:Shut up Shravan hits him on his chest...Meri ankhen hai meri asu meri feelings hai toh tumhe kyu problem ho rahi hai...

Shravan: Woh sab toh theek hai, par shirt toh meri hai na!!...tumne meri shirt itni geeli Karli hai ki iss delhi ki sardi mein muje aur tand lag rahi hai...

Sumo:par tumhe toh kaha thi tumhe yaani mard ko kabhi dard nahi hota...

Shravan:Sumo, muje please phirse tumhari woh lecture nahi sunni!

Sumo:toh tum maan kyu nahi lete ki Tumhari Sumo jeeti aur tum Haare!!

Shravan:Theek hai agar tumhe mere haarne se kushi milthi hai toh theek hai, tum jeethi aur mein haara...

SHRAMAN both laugh...

SHRAMAN dono ke dusare se dil haarke apni PYAR KO JEETAYA HAI...soon they will not only realise but also accept this reality BIGGEST TRUTH OF THEIR LIFE!


SHRAMAN both come of the embrace & try to leave, Shravan approaches car & Sumo approaches door but then both look back at each other, their eyes wishing to be with each other forever, unconsciously both walk towards each other, Both in one voice, Muje need nahi arahi hai' & both start laughing...'Toh hum dono koi movie dekh le...kitne time hogaya hame saath mein hamari favourite movie Kaho Na Pyar Hai dekhe hue'...

Sumo: Shravan lekin iss baar hum koi aur movie dekhenge jo hum dono ko bahu pasand ho..

Shravan:Theek hai Madam jo aap chahengi!

Sumo:please Shravan tumbhi suggest karo na!

SHRAMAN both thinking & say in one voice Kuch Kuch Hota Hai ya Yeh Jawani Yeh Deewani ya dono!!'

Both started laughing & they both were very well aware why they love those movies of two friends meeting, separating & meeting again to be together forever!

SHRAMAN go to Sumo's room...

Shravan:Sumo, please jaldi se change karlo warna tum bheemar hojaogi, he says this & goes out of her room & closes door from outside...

How can SUMO not admire respect trust adore love THIS GEM SHRAVAN MALHOTRA...she is so proud of him & thanks destiny for her good luck best luck for having him in her life...without saying or doing anything he conveys so much...SUMO's heart was filled with PRIDE only for Her Shravan & only because of HER SHRAVAN MALHOTRA...

Sumo changes & comes outside...

Sumo:Shravan, tum bhi change karlo

Shravan:Sumo checks her forhead, Sumo tumhe bukar wukar toh nahi hua ki tum chahthi ho ki mein change karke tumhari kapde pehnu!

Sumo:Very funny Shravan, jab tum meri accident time yeha rehte the tab tumne apne kuch kapde yehi bhool gaye the aur mein bhi tumhe dene bhool gayi thi isliye tum woh pehan sakthe ho...

Shravan with mischievous smile:Sumo, tumne muje mere kapde wapas dena bhool gayi thi ki jaan bhoochke nahi diya tha?!

Sumo:Shravan tum apne aap ko kya samjathe ho...mann ko padne wala baba!!..waisa kuch nahi hai...waise bhi tum jaise lambu qutub minar ke kapde leke mein kya karungi!

But in reality pruporsely she had kepy Her Shravan's clothes with her because that made her feel he is with her even he is not around...

Now Shravan is annoyed because she again taunted his height but she looked so adorable so SHRAMAN both laugh...

Sumo:Tum change karlo tab tak mein coffee banake lathi hu aur movie terrace pe denkenge warna movie ki sound se saare gharwale disturb hojaayenge...

Sumo comes back to her room, Shravan takes her laptop & Sumo coffee popcorn & both approach terrace...

Starlit Moonlit Sky Soft Breeze Weather is Heavenly because of Rain earlier that night...watching favourite movies with YOUR CHILDHOOD BESTIE WHO ALSO HAPPENS TO BE YOUR FIRST & ALSO LAST TRUE LOVE...Coffee & popcorn...Can there be anything more beautiful than SHRAMAN in their Small Adorable Lovelyyy Paradise!!

Both are smiling having tears laughing while watching the movies, both are reacting to movies like two little children, & enjoying to the fullest even though they have watched those movies so many times...

After a while, Shravan realises Sumo's voice is not heard anymore so she looks at her, she is sleeping like a sleeping beauty like a baby...Shravan adores his cute little beautiful beauty in front of his eyes...she was looking ethereal not because of her outside beauty but because she was so beautiful from inside because of her heart of gold...given a chance Shravan would adore love his Sumo see her like this get lost in her forever...Shravan Could not believe his destiny THEIR DESTINY that Finally They were Together like this...Obviously, when An individual like Shravan Malhotra has a past filled with so much pain separations guilt confusions loss fears concerns problems, it is very difficult to believe that one day DESTINY can be so kind to him one day HIS REALITY would be more beautiful & blissful than any DREAM...

Shravan sees Sumo' head tilting so automatically, he goes to her & lets her sleep on his shoulder, comforting consoling protecting loving Sumo like she is his existence...

SHRAMAN sleep in each others' embrace, holding hands...Time stood Still to watch to treasure this BEAUTIFUL MOMENT forever Jaha Mil Hee Gaye SHRAMAN Ke Dil Jo Bane Hai EK DUJE KE VAASTE...



Mere haath mein, Tera haath ho

 Saari jannatein mere Saath ho

 Tu jo paas ho, Phir kya yeh jahaan

 Tere pyar mein ho Jaaun fanaa



Next morning, SHRAMAN both wake up next to each other not in surprise nor disbelief but with  happiness respect pride gratitude love peace contenment relief assurance promise that no matter what they will be together forever... ShraMan have not fallen in love but risen in love...Kal Kuch Unkahi Unsuni Baatein hui ki ab SHRAMAN ka pyar Khamoshiyan se jeet gayi aur Mil Gaye Dil Jo Bane Hai Ek Duje Ke Vaaste...


Baatein Kuchh Ankahee Si, Kuchh Ansuni Si Hone Lagi

Kaabu Dil Pe Raha Na, Hasti Hamaari Khone LagiWo Wo O O O O O...Shaayad Yahi Hai Pyar...

Keh De Mujhse Dil Mein Kya Hai, Aisa Bhi Kya GuroorTujhko Bhi Toh Ho Raha Hai Thoda Asar JaroorYeh Khaamoshi Jine Na De, Koi Toh Baat Ho...



   Actually, this post itself got so long so did not want to add further but one last thing, before Shravan leaves, when Sumo has gone to get him breakfast, Shravan accidently or co-incidently comes across SHRAMAN's box of memories & he is smiling through tears realizing how his Sumo had treasured everything about him about THEM...Now tho, he was 100% sure FEELINGS OF LOVE were truly TWO-SIDED SHRAMAN! Now, Shravan Malhotra will sort out everything because now HIS ONLY DREAM WISH AIM of His Life is His SUMO!





Credit for songs goes to original song composers & uploaders...



Thank you so much lovelies & sorry once again for such a long post!


Lots of love & hugs,






A New Crazy EK DUJE KE VAASTEian ShraManian' in town!



Ek Duje Ke Vaaste ShraMan'-Ek Khoobsurat Ehsaas-updtd p3




ShraMan-Tu mera humdard hai-OS on upcoming track! P3 updated




Episode Analysis-ShraMan-Adhuri si Poori Kahani-updtd p4




A Memorable & Beautiful Visit to Our Beloved EDKV sets!!




SHRAMAN Baatein Kuch Unkahi Si Kuch Unsuni Si Hone Lagi...

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sapphire3 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 July 2016 at 2:02am | IP Logged
Spandana thank u so much for writing this Hug
Beautiful writeup Clap
Even I imagined the song playing in bg in hug sequence Embarrassed
And the OS was so cute .. loved it to core Heart
Keep writing!!
Thanks for the pm Smile

Edited by sapphire3 - 31 July 2016 at 12:12pm

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Zenab78 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 July 2016 at 10:13am | IP Logged
It's awesome dear brilliant analysis and lovely OS it's mind blowing

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pinky.padda IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 July 2016 at 3:56pm | IP Logged
absolutely brilliant
totally loved it

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