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RaBir FF - Recasting the Princess CH 11 pg8 03/12 (Page 8)

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Hi Kelly i just read both updates Star loved it Star KT  is doing a good job taking care of his son and family but I want Ra to learn the truth from him soon she keep trying to find out naomi is doing a great job of handling the situation but i fear Kunal may cause harm
Egerly looking towards the next update.Day Dreaming Big smile

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Originally posted by Sharlene1410

Hi Kelly i just read both updates Star loved it Star KT  is doing a good job taking care of his son and family but I want Ra to learn the truth from him soon she keep trying to find out naomi is doing a great job of handling the situation but i fear Kunal may cause harm
Egerly looking towards the next update.Day Dreaming Big smile
Thanks for the comment Sharlene, they keep me going. Going to try to be a bit more diligent in my updates so I don't have you waiting too long between updates for either story.

I hope that you enjoy the next update which is coming up.

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 Chapter #10

Rachna watched as her mother dished the soup into the thermos so that it could be delivered to their neighbor.

"The poor child, as I understand it, the illness is particularly hard on its youngest victims," Shail mentioned to Seema who nodded in commiseration.

"Haan Di Di we have been very fortunate that none of the children have contracted it. And heaven forbid that Gunjan come down with whatever it is: especially now..."

Her words were an alarm for Rachna, who turned her attention from her mother to her aunt. "Aacha, is something wrong..."

"Nahi, nahi ," Seema sputtered, frantically looking to her older sister-in-law for direction.

"Aacha thik hai," Shail continued calmly as if Seema hadn't said anything out the ordinary. "Here you are beti. Leave now so Sanjay especially can have some right away while it is still hot."

 Rachna reached for the container. "Ji Mummy," she replied, figuring that she would have to go directly to the source if she wanted answers to whatever Seema Aunty was referring to. She smiled and nodded to the two women and then left for her errand.

That the home: almost in direct sight of her own, had been one that  her mother had felt the need to give her exact directions to, seemed ridiculous, even to her, and as Rachna walked the route from her home, she pondered  how frequently in the past she had trekked the distance between the two houses. It had to have been often, because she felt as she knew down to the exact step, how long it would take her to get there. She stopped suddenly when she reached the front door. "I recognize this," she declared aloud. The fact had her hesitating as she pondered what discoveries lay behind the decoratively paneled entry. She raised her hand with the intention of reaching for the doorbell, but instead found herself tracing the design engraved in the wood door. She realized how silly she was being in thinking that she could discern the home's interior by simply connecting with the elaborately carved board, so shaking her head, she finally reached over and rang the doorbell.

Glancing one final time over her shoulder up to the second floor, Daadi hurried to the door as quickly as her crutches allowed.  Shail's telephone call had given them just enough time for them to prepare for Rachna's arrival, which ended up being perfectly timed. Sanjay had been awake for some time, and was probably due for a nap, so there had been ample time to explain once more to the little boy the rules relating to his mother's visit.  If he was able to keep up his end on the arrangement, then most likely this would be the first of many visits, but it was important that that none of them put any undue pressure on Rachna, and that meant Sanjay had to be brave and enjoy the time he would have with her, no matter how strange her memory loss made the visit. However to the little boy, it seemed that she would never reach, and it had made for some impatience on his end.  At last reaching the door, the elderly woman spared one final glance towards the second floor, and after taking a deep breath opened the door to greet her bahu.

"Namaste Beti, how are you?"

She looked flushed, Rachna immediately thought of the welcoming grandmother who opened the door, and the smile she had worn faltered slightly. "Namaste Daadi," she returned as she entered the home, passing the woman who stood aside to allow her entry.  She was a few steps into the home, when she spied the houseman. "Robin," she called out sternly, "Why didn't you answer the door; can't you see the difficulties Daadi has getting around?"

The uniformed man stood in shock, the ramifications of this personal chastisement not lost on him nor on his employer who stood behind the peeved young woman, with her mouth hanging ajar. Taking his cue from his boss, he muttered his apology, and collected the container from Rachna, who straight away turned to help Daadi cross the room and take seat in the lounge.

"Beti you were too harsh on him. My mobility will increase only if I..."

"Ji Daadi, of course I understand that, but given the enormity of your home..." Rahcna said, waving her hand around the expanse of the great room, before suddenly falling silent when her eyes came to rest on the stately staircase leading up to the second floor. It was yet another recognizable feature. She turned back to the woman, with a melancholy expression on her face.

"Aacha beti; what is it?"

 Rachna raised one shaky hand to her suddenly tremulous mouth. "I was so shocked to learn from Naomi that we had been friends prior to my accident that I hadn't focused enough of what else she had mentioned." She scanned the woman she sat beside. "We were together when it happened: your injuries a result..."

"Haan Beti, it's true," Daadi interrupted. "We had travelled together to attend the baby shower. It was such a joyous time for all of us, but on our return home we weren't so lucky."

Rachna shook her head, "Nahi Daadi, we were. We both have suffered life altering injuries, but in fact we were very, very lucky. We're still here for one, and it seems that I get the opportunity to meet and get to know an incredible woman all over again. Personally, I can't think of many things better than that."

Daadi beamed. "Aacha, you certainly know how to warm an old woman's heart, beta."

Rachna, rotated and pointed to the staircase. "That's their staircase isn't it, which means that we were in cahoots in uniting my Sir and my best friend, right Daadi?"

"In a matter of speaking, beti, however what I really am interested to know, is if it was the mural alone that has made you aware of this or if perhaps..."

"The kitchen is that way, " Rachna pointed before rotating back towards the entrance and towards something...some space that she knew to be in the vicinity. "And over there..."

"Madam, I've prepared the tray for Sanjay."

Bemoaning the mistimed interruption, Daadi thanked Robin, and then turned back to her bahu.

"I'm so sorry Daadi. I'm here babbling, and totally ignoring the reason I have come. How is Sanjay, and are you taking precautions yourself to avoid falling ill?"

"The doctor believes him to be over the worst of it, but his illness has lingered far longer than we would have anticipated or hoped for," she conceded.

Rachna nodded in understanding. "At least he is getting better. Even Kabir's: my boss that is, even his child has suffered from the same with identical effects." Her thoughts strayed momentarily to the young boy whom she had spoken  to on the telephone recently. She hoped that he too was recovering. Unfortunately with Kabir not back to work himself it was difficult to ascertain the little boy's progress, so she would have to wait some to get an answer. Here though, she had the opportunity to do some good. "May I attend him, Daadi," she queried thinking to kill two birds with one stone by having the older woman avoiding the stairs, and allowing her a long visit with the personable child.


The second door on the left when she reached the landing.

No she hadn't remembered this room as his, but when Rachna entered Sanjay's bedroom, she couldn't say that she was surprised either. The room was just as she would  have envisioned, with everything a little boy his age could want: from the choice of the superhero bed linens to the collection of books and carefully selected toys, both educational and those for pure enjoyment in plain sight. In fact the only surprising thing Rachna found was her discovery that the occupant of the room was missing.  Frowning she placed the tray holding the steamy bowl of nourishing soup as well as a glass of juice and the little boy's medicines which were now due.  She went out into the hall and stared first in one direction and then the other. Unwilling to start calling out for him, and alarming his grandmother who was resting downstairs, Rachna chose a direction and began making her way down the corridor checking each room she came to.

Working on his laptop in his bedroom, Kabir raised his head when he heard the dulcet tone of Rachna's voice softly calling for Sanjay, accompanied by the opening and closing of doors. Torn between his worry for his son, who clearly could not have gone far, as he would have run into both his mother and grandmother had he gone downstairs, and the distinct possibility that he would be found out, should her search for the little boy extend as far as the master bedroom, Kabir completely froze.  As the seconds passed, the latter looked to be more probable as it seemed Sanjay had yet to materialize from wherever he had hidden. In truth Kabir welcomed this option; he was quickly reaching the end of his tether, and was finding life unbearable without his spouse.  Discovery would not be a bad thing. He sat back waiting, knowing that Rachna was growing ever closer to discovering him and everything she needed to.

Rachna had checked two other bedrooms with no success, and thought that she would have to bring the missing child to Daadi's attention shortly, as she was rapidly running out of spaces that the youngster could have absconded to.  She was about to push open the next door, whose knob she had just twisted, when she caught sight on the pajama clad child closing a door further down the hall.

"Sanjay beta," she cried out as she closed the door she held, shut. She hurried to the child who carried a book under his arm.

On the other side of the just shut door, Kabir shook his head at how capricious fate was. It was okay he thought; after all, this visit was solely orchestrated to assure Sanjay, and he could live with another day of waiting he supposed.

Rachna helped the little boy back into bed, propping his pillow behind his back so that he could rest comfortably against his headboard. He felt slightly warm to the touch, and his eyes had that glassy appearance that often accompanied illness, but regardless, Rachna felt she had no choice but to reprimand him for his error. "Beta you are not well, and should not have gotten out of bed, do you understand? It's not fair for those caring for you to have to look for you because you are not where you should be," Rachna continued thinking how troublesome this behavior would be for Sanay's grandmother in her condition.

"But how about when I have to go to the toilet?" Sanjay asked cheekily just happy that Mama was here at last, even if she wanted to scold him a little.

He had her there, Rachna reckoned, but considering that the washroom was next to his room, and not in the direction that he had returned from, she looked back at him wryly. "Aacha, so it was from the toilet you were returning from beta," she asked him sternly.

"Nahi," he confessed. "I'm sorry."

"Aacha thik hai. Just promise me that you will not go wandering off too much from now on."

"I went to get a storybook that I wanted you to read for me, that's all. Daadi told me you were visiting and...I'm sorry"

He looked so woeful that Rachna could not help but stop berating him.

She smiled and the little boy and leaned and softly kissed his forehead. "I was worried Sanjay. I've heard that this virus isn't very nice to little boys, and I want you to get better. How else will you ever get to come over and play with Aryia again," she asked, recalling how much the little girl had enjoyed his company. "And to help you do just that, my Mummy has sent over some good soup to help you on your way."

"I've had a lot of soup," Sanjay said skeptically.

"Aacha beta? Well I'm certain you haven't had anything like my Mummy's soup. But if you don't want it, perhaps I will have it all myself," she teased.

"Nahi, I want to get better."

Rachna winked at the little boy, "And then you need your medicines. Will you take them nicely for me, beta?"

This was all he had wanted ever since the first day he had fallen ill. Papa had done a good job caring for him, but nothing compared to having Mama with him. He nodded enthusiastically and then got ready to have his meal.


 Rachna smiled benevolently at Sanjay, who true to his word had eaten all of his soup, and had now taken his medicines rather nicely. "Well done, beta," she exclaimed as she removed the tray and then readjusted his pillows. "I do have a bit more time, so why don't we enjoy the story you were so insistent on having," she continued as she reached for the book, that had been placed at the foot of the bed. It definitely wasn't the average run of the mill storybook, Rachna noticed as she picked it up. For one it was bound with a beautifully, not to mention expensive, embossed leather cover, and as she turned it over, Rachna noticed  the gold gilded edged pages  that composed the body of the book ,denoting its uniqueness. Only by its pristine condition did Rachna know that it wasn't an antique, but still it wasn't something a young child, given their propensity for rough handling should be in possession of.

"Beta, perhaps we should pick something else to read; something from one of your shelves thik hai," Rachna insisted, ready to place the book aside on one of the dressers until she could return the special tome back to Daadi. "Something with super-heroes, perhaps," she asked spying a collection on a nearby bookshelf.

"Nahi, Aunty...please can you read that one. You will like the story, everybody likes the story."

"Let's compromise, one of your books from your shelf first, and then if we have enough time, then yes we will try this one; deal?"

"It's a good story," Sanjay muttered, not quite willing to give up yet, but not wanting Mama to get upset either. "Okay," he agreed, "but pick a little one, so we can get to the other story."

He had been determined that was for sure, but thankfully, and as Rachna had expected, the medicines that the little boy had ingested soon took hold of him, and before they could even  complete the story that they had  finally decided on, the little boy was drifting back to sleep. As she noted this, Rachna made certain to temper the expressiveness of her voice, as to lull the little boy into complete slumber. She realized her success when stopping mid-sentence brought no objection from the closed-eyed youngster.

After returning the story book back to its shelf, Rachna returned and gently settled Sanjay so that he would rest comfortably. Not stirring a peep when she did this only told her how very much the rest he was taking was needed, and for several minutes, Rach couldn't help but just watch over and smile at the innocent child. She was glad that she had come to visit him today, and should time allow, she thought she would very much like to do so again. He was entirely lovable, and something about him fulfilled something that until today she hadn't realized was missing from her life - just to be needed.  Vaguely another situation came to mind, and she again wondered what sort of deficiency would make a mother forsake her own offspring. She dismissed these thoughts for now, and looked at her watch. There would be plenty of time for that, and for now she hoped to enjoy the remainder of the time she had with Daadi.


Descending the stairs, naturally Rachna's thoughts returned the significance of the route she was taking, and how it factored in her friends' love-story. Just as she passed "Naomi's confession step" it dawned on her what had been relayed to her: an early morning confession in her pajamas could only mean that Naomi must have spent the night here; surely she hadn't eloped from next door for the event. Yes, that had to be the reason, she supposed, although that didn't at all explain how Rajeev Sir would have come to be here at the same time. This was definitely a question to be posed to Daadi before she left, Rachna thought.

At the foot of the steps, Robin met her and offered to take the dinner tray she was returning. Smiling at the houseman, Rachna retrieved the book from it and headed to Daadi who she noticed, was now relaxing with a cup of chai.

Carefully, and much to the older woman's surprise, Rachna placed the book on the coffee table.

"Beti, how..."

Rachna sat beside Daadi, and explained Sanjay's errand to retrieve the book, and his persistence that she read it to him after his meal.

"And did you beti," Daadi asked cautiously. "It truly is a beautiful story."

For the first time, Rachna looked past the costly appearance of the book, and really studied the hardback.

"Lord Khadoos and the Princess..." Rachna's head came up. "A fairytale: Daadi? I can't believe that he would, I mean why on earth would Sanjay make such a fuss over a fairytale?"

Daadi sat there shaking her head. "Nahi beti, there are fairytales and then there are fairytales. This is such a story. Perhaps you should read it. At least start it if you have the time," she insisted with a smile.

"Thik hai," Rachna answered now intrigued herself over the to-do being made over the story."

The doorbell rang just then, and out of the corner of her eye, Rachna noted Robin rushing to answer it. Satisfied, she opened the book...

"It all began at Diwali..."

"Rachna Ma'am, you have a guest."

Rachan paused and looked towards the door, and then checked her watch.  Had somehow more time had passed than she expected? It seemed that she had to leave now. She closed the book.

"I'm sorry Daadi, I have something to take care of..."

"Beta, please there's no need to leave immediately. Invite your friend in and introduce us."

Rachna nodded and stood as Robin escorted the visitor into the house.

"Daadi," Rachna offered, "May I introduce Kunal Tiwari, my co-worker and friend. We are working on special project together."

Daadi studied the young man intently.  "So in effect there are two KTs at KT Creations now," she exclaimed. "How very interesting."

Rachna laughed, "My exact thoughts when we first met, believe it or not, Daadi."

The young man in question nodded sheepishly, and folded his hands "Namaste."

"Kunal this is Daadi."

Offering his respect, Kunal stared directly into the eyes of the woman who warily eyed him, as he rose from touching the her hem  and offered her a genuine smile as he waited to see if she would confer her blessings  on him.

For second the older woman seemed taken aback, before she smiled in return.

"Bless you Beta, if you are indeed a friend of my Rachna, please call me Daadi."

"Forgive me for intruding," he began.

"Nahi, think nothing of it," she dismissed him before turning to bid her bahu goodbye, blessing her when she bent to offer her respects. "Come back as soon as you can beti, we look forward to your return, thik hai. And again, it was very good to meet you Kunal."


For the first time since the accident Daadi made her way upstairs to the home's second floor , albeit slowly and with Robin accompanying her for assistance, but she had had no other choice. She paused at the top landing to catch her breath before proceeding directly to her grandson's bedroom. Without knocking she entered and asked Robin, who had followed her in, to give the book he carried back to Kabir.

"Daadi, for God's sake, what are you..." his glance went to the book that told his and Rachna's story and returned to his grandmother.

"Your son decided that this was the story he wanted his mother to read to him this afternoon."

A huge smile broke on Kabir's face at the thought of Sanjay's determination, not to mention the acumen to have devised such a scheme.  Obviously that Daadi was returning the book, and not Rachna, meant that the strategy hadn't panned out, but clearly it was simplest and most straight forward resolution to everything; and it had only taken a six year old to come up with such a plan.

He expected that even Daadi should have appreciated the effort, and yet she stood there with quite the opposite expression on her face.


"Please, I need you to tell me who exactly is this Kunal Tiwari, that he would have the audacity to come to Rachna's Sasural to collect her without so much as a by your leave, as if he has every right to? Bolo Kabir Tirpathi?" she demanded her displeasure on full display for her grandson to see.


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Kya di aap bhi naa bahut der karti ho it was a nice update BTW Happy dusherra of course belated
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Hi Kelly love the update I too am displeased with this Kunal Angry how dare he interupt Rachana i just love Sanjay he want his family back together Heart
continue when time permits LOL
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**Author's Note...12/28/16**
In the event that there remain any readers of this FF  still about please note that I will be picking up this story early in the new year. My sincerest apologies for just disappearing however in revisiting the story myself  recently after so long made me realize that I do really want to continue with it.


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Chapter #11

Immediately outside the door, Rachna stopped. Her companion, a few steps ahead of her noticed and turned back in order to return to her.

"You're early, far too early Kunal. Why?"

Her co-worker, who had now reached her, grabbed her by the elbow hoping to usher her away, all the while nervously glancing back at the entrance door of the home they had just exited. "Chalo Rachna," he whispered conspiratorially, "once you see what I have discovered, you will understand that I was justified." Out of the corner of one eye he noticed an oncoming auto, and hailed it by enthusiastically waving one hand. "Chalo, we can go the cafe and grab a cup of coffee. Trust me you will need one." He insisted as he all but tugged Rachna in his wake.


"And this special project warrants his showing up unannounced here, today of all days, Nanhe," Daadi questioned, unmoved by the explanation provided to her. "Why am I not convinced of this, beta, and further how exactly did he know where to find her after work hours, eh beta?"

Kabir stopped trying to rationalize with his grandmother. She had a point: a very good one to be exact. Since when had Rachna's and the IT specialist's association develop to the point that they would be meeting outside of office hours? Logically, he could only surmise that his wife had provided directions to her location today, if as Daadi had indicated, she hadn't been at all surprised by Kunal's arrival.  Clearly he would need to have a word with the man to determine his objective in coming close to a married woman. He had no doubts in regards with his wife's trustworthiness, however it dawned on him, for the first time, that he did not truly know the man he had introduced to their lives. Naturally, with this new development he could not help, but to speculate if something else was afoot.


"Two coffees: black," Kunal presumptively ordered. Beside him Rachna sat impatient for some clarification of what was of such critical importance. She didn't have to wait long. The waiter had barely walked away, when Kunal removed his tablet from its case, and hastily pressed the keys to navigate where he needed to be. There seemed to be some issue with connectivity, and as he waited for the problem to resolve itself, Rachna observed as the man seated beside her, impatiently began tapping on his knee. She looked at him expectantly.  Having absolutely refused to conduct the necessary searches at the office, Kunal had generously offered his own time on her research. Judging by his reaction, Rachna suspected that he had met success. Tearing her attention away briefly when a mug of black coffee was placed in front of her, Rachna raised her head, coffe cup in hand, to encounter the Cheshire Cat like grin on her companion's face. With flourish, he turned the device around to face her.

"May I present said absentee mother: Sonal.

Rachna sat back in her chair, shocked.

Leaning over the image, Kunal  looked up  from his study of the photo , when Rachna spoke up suddenly.

"Kunal are you sure?"

The man switched to something else and then offered his recitation: detailing how the pair had known each other in New York, most likely predicated by the fact that the woman had had a career as a model. He told of Kabir and Sonal's long -term relationship concluding with the latter's subsequent travel to Banaras in pursuit of the man she loved when he had relocated back to India. He stopped then and considered Rachna who still looked dubious of the information.  "Honestly it wasn't hard to discover and there is ample proofs of these facts, Rachna, if you need to see." He moved to pull up something else on his device.  "Let me just..."

" Wait Kunal. May I just see the picture once more Kunal?"

The man obliged her request, and handed the tablet over to her after switching back to the original page.

Rachna's first thought was that they suited each other; that at face value, the handsome designer and the exceptionally stunning woman in the image were definitely a match physically. And yet, there was still something, a brittleness in the woman's smile that belied the fact that she could ever Kabir's equal. Even if this association was found to be factual, Rachna could not fathom that their relationship to have been a happy one. She couldn't explain it, nor could she expect Kunal to understand what she meant, when, in fact she herself quite comprehend her doubts either...

"They became engaged soon after she travelled to Banaras, at Holi to be specific. Her son was born in December of the same year," Kunal continued, carefully scrutinizing the woman across the table from him. "She would have been here during the time you were first employed by Kabir, Rachna. Is none of this familiar, can you say that you have never seen her before?"

"I...I don't know," Rachna replied in what she hoped was a calm voice. All the while, she felt as if she was struggling internally: her heart palpitating in her chest, and an uncomfortable heat seeming to have risen from the same area.

Ignoring her troubled expression, Kunal reached out across the table. "May I," he asked, looking to take back the pad. He quickly brought up something else, and then re-offered it for Rachna's  viewing. "And now this here, Rachna is the kicker: the answer to your original question of what would make a mother abandon her child."

If she thought her reactions to be abnormal before, they were nothing in comparison to now, when it felt as if her throat would completely constrict. She gasped, attempting to draw in breath as she scanned the article in front of her.


 "Hey Ra, I'm bored, do you have time to stop by today?"

Naomi scrunched up her face as she waited intently on the other end of the line for her friend's response. If that hadn't been the lamest excuse, she thought, of the request she had just made. She should be so lucky to be in a position to be bored, she thought swiftly before she reverted back to worrying that she would be caught out. You see, she fully expected Rachna to see right through the invention behind her request. 

"Um, Nahi... I mean I'm sorry, I just unable to... well today at least," Rachna stuttered finally.

"You have set plans, I guess," Naomi asked pressing her friend for information.

"Haan, and only because what I am doing is vitally important can I not come over, Naomi, but I promise as soon as I'm done..."

"It's okay Ra, we can touch base when you are free. But...if you don't mind me saying, you sound a litte frazzled. Is something going on?"

"Hmm," Rachna mumbled , "not's just..."

"Hey it's cool Ra, if you have something going one, we can  talk later, thik hai."

"Haan, bye."

Naomi bit her lip, as she lowered  the phone. Daadi was right; something was definitely up with Ra. If she wasn't mistaken, wherever she was; whatever she was doing with Kunal, Rachna was rattled.  Naomi had no idea what it meant, but she had every intention of finding out.  Stuck home as she was she realized that she, herself was somewhat limited, and she would have to be careful going about looking into things, not that she would be stopped .


After finishing with her telephone call Rachna turned her attention back to Kunal.  "Is it really possible, I mean surely it will hard to schedule a visit with her at all? If so I really need to meet his woman."


"I don't think so, it seems a straight forward process to arrange an official visit through the warden's office told me; we haven't even missed the time she has allotted for her visitations. And every indication is that she would welcome it.  What would be harder would be getting there.  I don't expect that your family will be keen on you travelling so far." Kunal waited for Rachna's response, and then shook his head when it appeared that she was still seemed skeptical. He had clearly mistepped, so he backtracked his position. "Nahi, wait never mind...just forget it. It]s crazy for me to be encouraging any of this. Look you wanted to locate the mother of Kabir's son, and I've done that . The rest of it, well it's probably better that we leave that well enough alone." He studied Rachna, who it appeared he hadn't quite convinced. "Look Rachna, maybe you need to level with me, and tell me what's really going on. Just tell me why you feel the need to be involved ; what's behind this concern you have?" He reached out  and grabbed her hand, starling her with the tight grip that prevented her from withdrawing it. "Be honest with me Rachna: what is your relationship with Kabir?"


She came home, her mind solely on her destination. She needed to confide in one of the few people who understood, and she had to do it immediately.  Her head felt tight, but she remained  focused  on reaching Gunjan to speak to her. So distracted, she did not immediately respond to her mother's greeting, and only stopped, when the hand placed on her shoulder, held fast, checking her progress through the house.

"Beta, are you okay; did you not hear me when I called out?"

Rachna spun around to acknowledge her mother. "I'm sorry Mummy; I was just in a hurry." She swallowed when her mother reached out to feel her forehead. "Beta you look a little peaked, are you certain you are okay?"
"Ji mummy, I mean I have a bit of a headache, but I am fine," Rachna answered spinning her head back toward the direction she had to go. "I just really need to speak to Gunjan for a second."

"Wait a minute, Rachna, at least come and get something for your headache,"Shail insisted.

"Nahi, please, Mummy if I can just have a moment."

Since the accident, Shail had never seen her daughter so agitated, and wondered if it could mean that such a moment that they had been advised by the physician to watch out for had occurred. Something had assuredly occurred, and instinctively Rachna had felt the need to reach out to one of her closest confidants. Shail was left with no alternative, but to allow her child to seek the solace she needed from her sibling.

She sent a prayer up to the heavens that it some progress would be seen in the situation, that would bring an end to the separation of her daughter from her husband and children.

"Go beti," she called.


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Kelly di u need to updateasap
ok coz I'm so in love with your story 
btw happyholi

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Rosid ff:The Princess Of My Life..completed ff

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Author: Ramya-22   Replies: 600   Views: 22387

Ramya-22 600 22387 06 August 2017 at 11:50am by Ramya-22
Taarey os superstars princess

Author: Taarey.swaron.   Replies: 3   Views: 501

Taarey.swaron. 3 501 22 July 2016 at 11:57am by _khwaish_
Rabir FF - True Love never Die

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Author: Nuritzur   Replies: 92   Views: 8825

Nuritzur 92 8825 30 April 2016 at 11:25am by Nuritzur
RaBir FF - Hennaed Hands -COMPLETED Final Update on page 43 (9/21)

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Author: crtkelly   Replies: 390   Views: 46469

crtkelly 390 46469 29 August 2015 at 1:51pm by crtkelly
RaBir FF- Reserved

Author: crtkelly   Replies: 0   Views: 429

crtkelly 0 429 28 August 2015 at 8:04pm by crtkelly

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