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RaBir FF - Recasting the Princess CH 11 pg8 03/12 (Page 5)

sandjanarai Senior Member

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Posted: 29 June 2016 at 4:41am | IP Logged
AmaIng. I loved it. Update soon an please pm me

Sharlene1410 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 June 2016 at 8:07am | IP Logged
Kelly i love it things are moving along nicely Star with Rabir 
Sanjay almost sold out who she really is Smile and overwhelm daadi 
continue soon KellyBig smile

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crtkelly IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 July 2016 at 2:35am | IP Logged
Originally posted by DLSR

kya baat  multiplied by three ROFL
kelly didi iHeart this update
dont worry didi main itni bhi badi gadhi nahi hoon ki fail ho jaooon
update asap warna i will do hunger strike in front of your house Silly
*flying kiss* andHugs for u
 Of course I am glad that you enjoyed the update.Thank you so much for commenting - your words are very encouragingSmile

Trying to get better with the timing of the updates; so hope you aren't mad with time between this time!

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crtkelly IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 July 2016 at 2:36am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sandjanarai

AmaIng. I loved it. Update soon an please pm me

Thanks much! New update coming in a minuteSmile
crtkelly IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 July 2016 at 2:39am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Sharlene1410

Kelly i love it things are moving along nicely Star with Rabir 
Sanjay almost sold out who she really is Smile and overwhelm daadi 
continue soon KellyBig smile
Thanks Sharlene. Being  confronted with her past will have a definite affect on RachnaSmile, but that is to be seen. Ahh our dear Sanjay...what can I say other than he is ready for his mother to get back homeLOL.

New update coming; I hope you enjoy it.

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crtkelly IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 July 2016 at 2:47am | IP Logged

Chapter #5

She was assuredly one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen in his life, and it only made sense that she would belong to another. Not that this would have stopped him; in fact it was this very detail that made it even more crucial that they become closer. Rachna Tripathi: he had suspected her identity that very first day as they waited to be interviewed, and now that he had absolute confirmation, he knew that she would be the key to his plan. He had come to her office, fully expecting her to be focused on one of her designs, but she was distracted this morning. This had worked in his favour, providing him the opportunity to inconspicuously enter her office and study her.  He actually managed to proceed towards her, almost to the point where he could just about make out what it was on her computer had her so engrossed. However, as luck would have it, the excuse he had used to come and see her, was also his betrayer. Rachna sniffed and turned her head slightly before jumping with a start, realizing his nearness. Hastily she switched from the search engine results to her screensaver, and turned fully towards her out-of-the-blue visitor.

"Kunal, you frightened the life out of me."  Frantically she peeked out of the corner of her eyes to make sure her computer screen was deactivated.

"Oh ho...were you internet shopping on company time, Racha," he teased, admiring the rosy hue that swept her cheeks. He nodded towards her computer, and continued. "You know it would only take someone with a little know-how just a couple of keystrokes to know exactly what you have been up to." His baiting had quite the opposite affect than he wanted, as her face became fiery red now. He decided to change the subject in order to save her from whatever was causing her discomfort. "Namaste Rachna," he properly greeted her. "You have two choices: black coffee or chai," he offered, alternating between the two large disposable hot beverage cups he held. "I don't mind either; so you can choose your preference." He smiled warmly when Rachna made her selection and then backed away, and out of her personal space. Walking back around her desk, Kunal took a seat in the chair opposite her and waited while his co-worker gained some semblance of control.  When she had settled enough to enjoy her first taste of the chai she had selected, he finally spoke his mind.

"It was rather of-putting to realize that you had stood me up yesterday, Rachna. Clearly I had no choice but to seek you out this morning for a do-over...or is this a raincheck?"

It took her a second, but then Rachna removed the hot cup from mouth, and bit her lower lip, recalling their impromptu agreement made on the day they had met. "Ahh...Coffee...we were supposed to meet in the breakroom on our first day on the job. I totally forgot Kunal; I'm so sorry."

Kunal's smile broadened. "It's not the end of the world, Rachna, trust me it was a busy day for me as well...but  since I can see that you are completely remorseful, you can make it up to me by agreeing to  having lunch with me."


"Today: itself," Kunal confirmed. "Something quick and completely my treat."

He knew she would reject him just by her expression, and wondered why.

"I wish I could, but actually I'll be out with Kabir..." Rachna said, tapering off into silence as she briefly turned back to her computer.

"Out with Kabir: of course you will be," Kunal mumbled under his breath, before he plastered a rueful grin on his face when Rachna turned back to face him. He held up his cup and toasted to the designer. "Well you can't fault a guy for trying..."

"Are you free tomorrow," she queried, shocking him to the core.

His mouth fell open, as he stared at her in disbelief. Hastily he placed his cup on her desk and grabbed his phone out of his pocket and checked the planner on his mobile.

"Is one o'clock good for you, Kunal? And for your information we can still go for something quick...but it will be my treat to make up for standing up a new friend."

It was more than he had expected when he had decided to visit her, so he quickly agreed.


Kabir was running late.

After his brief telephone call to Mayank the previous night, the anxious father had taken Sanjay to school the next morning and then returned home to await word that Rachna had left for work. When the call came from his mother-in-law that she had, he had checked the time and hastened next door.  He was torn between the need to see how his children fared and hurrying to the office where their mother waited. Despite knowing that Rachna would have taken good care of their son, Kabir had been concerned over the baby's blatant discomfort the night before. Having gone through an intense colicky phase with Aryia, he was worried that little Piyush too may be susceptible to the same issue. He was led directly to Rachna's bedroom, where Gunjan waited. He couldn't blame his daughter for wanting to be there, even when her mother was absent Rachna's essence filled the space. Thankfully, Rachna had had no issue with this either.

Aryia brightened when she caught sight of him; squealing as she jumped up and ran to her Papa. Kabir hoisted her up to his shoulder and kissed the little girl before approaching the bed where Gunjan sat with his precious baby boy.

It was a brief and emotional encounter, but one much needed, especially from his point of view. Assured that both children were well, and that it had only been a temporary ailment that had befallen his son, nothing that necessitated a visit to his doctor, Kabir had thanked Gunjan once more for going over and above anything that could have been expected. In his mind, he thought that would have to find some way to properly show his appreciation to his sister and brother-in-law when all was said and done. Perhaps a vacation - a second honeymoon- to an adult only locale would be in order; he was sure that the pair would have had their fill of children by the time things got back to normal. Now, as he approached Rachna's office, he smiled in anticipation of being able to do this for his family - he knew for sure that his wife would heartily approve when the time came. He knocked lightly and absently opened the door without waiting for a response, to discover his wife and their new employee in an apparent meeting and clearly enjoying each other's company.

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything," he posed, as he approached the smiling pair.

"Not at all KT Sir," Kunal responded. "I just decided to rescue this hard-worker by ensuring that she partook of a coffee- break." He looked at his watch, and stood. "Which: by my watch is technically over now." He bid goodbye to Rachna and nodded at their employer as he exited.

When he heard the door close behind him, Kabir sat in the now vacated chair.

"Did you receive my email this morning, Rachna?"

"Ji Kabir, I did." She scanned her desk for the document detailing the names of wholesalers they were to visit, only to realize that she had been so distracted that she hadn't actually followed through on her intention of printing it out. Embarrassed, Rachna turned back to her computer. She flushed self-consciously when her computer opened up where she left it. She had been a fool to do this particular search here at work. It would have been bad enough had Kunal surmised  what she had been up to, but even more so had the man in question were to learn that she was Googling him. She closed the page and took the extra step of clearing the search history as well. This definitely called for a more covert step, and possibly some outside help.

"It looks as if you need a few minutes, so..."

Afraid that he had become impatient with her disorganization, Rachna looked up, her face full of apology.

"I'll just grab myself a cup of coffee from the breakroom," Kabir concluded genially.

"Thik hai. I promise I will be ready by the time you are done."


One or two of the fabric suppliers, she actually recalled, so it was a relief for Rachna to have some knowledge of the wares that they offered.  Particularly as Kabir was so adamant that she take the lead in the textile discussions and choices for the collection she was working on.  Hesitant at first, Rachna soon hit her stride as she discussed the viability of the different fabrics for the designs she was envisioning. By the time they had hit the third store, she had confidently taken the lead in the consultations. He doubted that she was even aware that she had regulated him to the role of a casual observer as she met and negotiated with the various tradesmen. And he couldn't be happier.

As they concluded their dealings with the second to last vendor on their list, Kabir queried whether she was ready for lunch.

"We're actually not very far from the caf that I had in mind," he stated.

Rachna blinked and flushed slightly at the thought on the one-on- one interaction the two of them would have, sharing a meal. The prospect felt more overwhelming than any of the business discussions she had conducted this morning, and yet she couldn't deny her eagerness to learn more about this man, that their noon break would afford her.

"If we are close..." she responded neutrally.

 They walked a while longer and then after a right turn came to their intended destination. Out of the corner of his eye, Kabir noticed Rachna's surprise. He stopped suddenly outside the establishment which had her following suit. "I hope this is okay; if not..."

She stopped his words when she nonchalantly placed her hand on his arm. "Nahi, this is actually one of my favorite places..." Still holding onto him, she turned back in the direction they had come. "It must have been the route that confused me as to where we were. I was actually planning on having lunch here tomorrow," she confessed with a cheeky smile. She then moved ahead of him and started for the door. "I'm just surprised that you would like a place like this, KT."

His sense of chivalry wouldn't allow him not to get the door for her and  he rushed past her to get it.

"Well I'm not certain exactly what your perception of me is, Rachna, but I can assure you that this indeed one of my favorites as well."


Kabir was grateful ,that when she had been finally able, that both Rachna's family and friends had made a point of bringing her back to the restaurant where they now were about to order their favorite meals.  The obvious reason in doing so was the hope that the familiar place would jog her memory.  Unfortunately it hadn't, but at least it had provided a logical explanation as to why the server had been able to identify the pair of them and call them by name.  Kabir was well aware that he couldn't control every situation, as he had in the office where everyone was aware of his wife's memory loss.  However as they spent more time together, as he fully intended for them to, sooner or later someone would bring their connecton to the fore. His hope was that he would be further along in reestablishing their relationship before that happened, but there was really no way that it could be avoided. It was guaranteed to happen at some point. He was only grateful that she hadn't been confronted with the truth just yet. It was more than obvious that she was not ready for such a disclosure.

 After they had established this was indeed one of their favorite eateries , they had settled to enjoy their orders. Kabir had steered the conversation back to one that would make her feel more comfortable: basically querying how the wholesalers they had visited would influence the designs she would need to complete. She was very forthcoming due to the nature of the conversation, and it became so easy to forget the situation they found themselves in. To Kabir it seemed for this moment in time, that he had his wife back.

 For her part, as their conversation deepened, Rachna felt more and more at ease in his company, so much so that when she noticed that Kabir had the tiniest speck of sauce on the side of his mouth she automatically reached over with her napkin. Halfway out of her seat, she suddenly became conscious what she was about to do and came to a complete standstill. Kabir stared at her -the question evident on his handsome face. She sat suddenly mortified that she would act so forward. Her hand trembling, she pointed. "Um...y-you just have something..."

Kabir understood immediately, and grabbed his napkin off his lap and ran it over his mouth. He never took his eyes off of her, and could see how unnerved she had become. Casually he turned to take a sip of his beverage, thinking how best to settle his wife's apprehensions.

"Did it take long for the baby to settle last night, Rachna?"

She blinked and looked up at him, and took a deep breath, thanking God that he hadn't questioned the action she had almost taken.

"Nahi Kabir...your advice actually helped him tremendously. Thank you so much for suggesting it." She paused to take a long draw of her own drink. It was as good an opening as any to try to get to know the real Kabir Tripathi. "Do you have much experience with children, Kabir?"

 Not exactly what she wanted to know, but it was the best she could do. For some reason she was afraid of his answer, that she would learn that he was actually married with children, and this rapid fascination that she was developing was ill-fated. Having posed the question in a way that the answer wouldn't necessarily shatter her perceptions of him, Rachna keenly awaited his answer.

"Some," he answered evasively. "And the child you were caring for?"

"He's mine," Rachna replied immediately. She closed her eyes and shook her head. "I mean, he actually my nep..."

"But he feels as if he could be yours: right? What I mean to say; you're so close to your family that it feels as if..."

"Haan," she answered softly. "That's it exactly. But how did you..."

"Just a feeling, Rachna," Kabir replied. He peeked at his watch. "We have about twenty minutes before we have to get going. "Why don't you tell me about him?"

"It's not just him; he has a sister too..."

"The both of them then: tell me about them, Rachna."


Once she was back in her office, Rachna realized that aside from his Kabir's enigmatic response that had indicated his familiarity with children, that she hadn't really learnt anywhere as much as she had hoped to about her boss. In fact quite the opposite had occurred whereas she had done most of the talking. He had been so easy to talk to, both during the remaining minutes they had before their last appointment, and then afterwards on in the car on the way back to the office.  She was sorely tempted to put aside her work and do a proper online search on the man, but knew she couldn't chance it. Definitely not here at work: or for that matter at home. Aside from Gunjan, if anyone at home were to discover... She shook her head, that didn't bear considering knowing how overprotective her family was.  What she needed was a PI who was computer savvy enough to know how to unearth all the facts on someone.

Thankfully, she had just so happened to have recently met such a person. Walking over to her office door, she locked it so that she could make her telephone call.

In his office Kabir pondered on his and Rachna's time today.  Although he sensed her confusion  as to the  how and whys of it, Rachna was rapidly becoming comfortable with him; in fact far quicker than he had ever expected her to. He was hesitant to put a timeline on their reunion, but he was encouraged.

His attention was drawn away from his thoughts by a skype message coming through. He looked at the ID of the caller and answered.

"Namaste Pari; how are the girls today?"

"Good Bhai. They're actually resting now."

"So why aren't you, Pari? You do know that you should take advantage of their naptime to rest yourself."

"Well to tell the truth I had full intentions of doing just that - that is until about two minutes ago."

"Aacha," Kabir asked worried that his friend had a problem. "Is something wrong Naomi?"

The attractive woman on the other end smiled brightly. "Au contraire, Kabir Tripathi, far from it. As a matter-of-fact I would say everything is very right. I just wanted to clarify with you, exactly what and how much information I should be disclosing to Rachna, after my computer search on one Kabir Tripathi.  Are you ready for all of your deep dark secrets to come to light just yet, Bhaiyaa," Naomi asked cheekily.


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Sharlene1410 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 July 2016 at 6:20am | IP Logged
As usual i enjoyed the update Star that Kunal guy i don't trust
Ra is moving subconsciously moving closer to KT and the kids, poor Ra is so confused.
Continue soon Kelly

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DLSR Groupbie

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Posted: 08 July 2016 at 12:55am | IP Logged
kabir bhaiya ko naomi behen blackmail kar rahi hai Wink
kelly didi update was very dilicious *licking my toungue*
hum update ke bhuke logon ko update jaldi dete rahiye.LOL

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