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#2 Arshi FF: A Long Wait *COMPLETED* Epilogue updated on page: 25 (Page 9)

amus5 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 April 2016 at 3:53am | IP Logged
will Malar ever come back ...if she does then what about her father???

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imanech Senior Member

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Well he got a point aryaan the raizada are so egoistic if it didn't concern them so it's not right to accept her fathher 
But if she got to forgive him what will stop aashi from doing the same !!! He is her father after all 
This is a tricky situation now how to convince them waiting for more 
hajr IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 April 2016 at 5:43am | IP Logged
Poor Malar feel sorry for her. 
Aryan has a point . 
What will Arnav say now.
ArchanaSuresh17 Senior Member

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Chapter 50


Aryan watched Malar's retreating figure and looked at Adi who was standing emotionless, without even looking at her. Aryan felt his blood boiling. As soon as Malar disappeared from their vision, he shouted,


"Aryan stop shouting!" Arnav raised his voice. Aryan laughed mockingly and said, "The daughter in law of the house is being kicked out and you're asking me to silently watch it?"

"Whatever it is Aryan bhai," Adi said, "What she said is unforgivable. She wants us to accept her scoundrel father. More than us, more than Priya, more than me, he is important for her. She said me that! I cannot forgive her bhai. She is wrong, and unless she apologizes for that..."

Aryan cut him and said, "You are telling that she is wrong! No Adi, she is right! Whatever it is, we should not ask her to let her father die."

"Aryan stop!" Arnav said, "A scoundrel like him can never be accepted!"

Aryan said in a loud stern voice, "If I can accept you as my father, then why can't she also do the same?"

Everyone gasped at the statement. Arnav and Khushi stood rooted.

Akash found his voice and said, "Bhai didn't do anything like he did!"

Aryan laughed mockingly and said, "He didn't do anything like her father did, but he did more than that! You hurted my mother, but her father didn't. You threw money on my mother for sleeping with you, but her father didn't. You gave money to kill your child, but her father didn't. You broke my childhood, my school life and social life. Her father did that, but he was under someone's magic spell. But what about you, you were not under anyone's spell. Despite knowing the truth that your brother in law was a scoundrel, you supported him, for your sister. But her father didn't do of any sort.

He was wrong. He realized that and apologized to her. You knew that you are wrong, and yet did that. So now tell me, IF I CAN ACCEPT A MAN LIKE YOU WHOLE HEARTEDLY, WHAT'S WRONG IN MALAR'S DOING?"

Everyone stood without uttering a word. Adi finally said, "You are right Aryan bhai, he is changed. But I cannot accept him as my father in law. What you said is not completely right! I agree my mama has hurted you and mami a lot, but he lived the rest of the years in pain and guilt. What about her father? Please don't compare your father to her, because there are hell differences in them."

Aryan smiled and said, "Whatever it is Adi, both the fathers had destroyed the childhood of their children. Just remember one thing, you all, no matter how the person is, his daughter or son can never hate them. Whatever it is, no matter how hard you try, you can never hate your father. I have experience, and that's why I'm supporting her. One day you all will realize that, and that day you'll apologize to her, but remember one thing, please don't be late in that!"

With that he walked upstairs.



Malar looked at her father lying on the bed. She sat on the living room of her rented two bedroom house, and recalled the conversation she had with Priya, just after she left the Raizada house.

"Hello Priya..."

"Hey Malar, what's up?"

"Priya I needed the key of our apartment!"

"Keys, but why?"

Malar explained the matter to her. Priya was silent for a minute. Malar expected her to ask her to come to Vyas house and get the key, but her words shocked her to core.

"Why should I give you the key for accommodating that scoundrel?"

"Priya!" Malar said shocked. "Oh please Malar," Priya said, "Your family is right! I don't believe that you're forgiving that man, who have hurted you to core. Just throw him to streets!"

"Priya stop! He is my father!"

"Father! WOW Malar, till yesterday you call my dad as papa, and today you are accepting your father again! When he and your so called step family hurted you, only we were with you, only Adi was with you. And you're forgetting all of us for this scoundrel? Fine Malar, go and do the service of your father. But don't extend your hand towards me. I'm not gonna help you. And one more thing, if something happens to you, then don't come running to us!"

And with that she cut the phone call.

Malar leaned her head on the sofa. No matter how strong friend circle you have, how trustworthy relations you have, you'll not be supported for a thing which they feel wrong!



One month passed in swift. No one of Raizada, Gupta and Vyas family bothered to call Malar. Priya found out from the hospital that Malar was on leave for two weeks. Adi missed her like hell, but his big fat ego prevented him from dialling her number.

It was only Aryan and Shaina who were worried about her. He had tried to bring her topic in front of others but was asked to shut the topic.

Finally it was the day of the merging fashion show of Larks and AR. Fashion houses from different parts of the world were invited. Both the company teams worked for 18 hours a day to complete the preparations.


Fashion show venue



The whole area was grandly decorated. The audience and media clapped when the host of the show Aman Mathur, the senior most and the most reputed employee of AR and the left hand of ASR, walked into the stage.

"Ladies and Gentlemen," he announced, "Welcome to the MERGERR FASHION SHOW OF AR AND LARKS"

Everyone clapped. Aman continued,

"I know everyone have a slight confusion! AR and Larks have been working together for the past one and half year, and why are the companies merging now? Let me clear your doubts. The merging of the companies was decided one and half years before, but the authorities of both companies decided to hold it under the presence of one of their authority member. And so that he is back, the both companies are merging it now!"

The media noted his lines. The question which puzzled them is now solved.

Aman continued, "So here I welcome the both CEOs of the companies to inaugurate the show. Give a big hand for the CEO of AR, Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada!"

Everyone cheered as Arnav walked into the stage.

Aman greeted him and continued, "And now, give a big hand for the CEO of Larks. Sorry everyone, it's not the beautiful Shaina Oberoi, the temporary CEO of Larks.


The media and audience was in a state of shock seeing the bed ridden Aryan Singh Raizada walking over the steps and entering the stage. After a minute of shock, everyone dawned upon from their dream world and clapped hard welcoming Aryan Singh Raizada!

Aman gave the mike to Arnav. Arnav spoke, "Welcome ladies and gentlemen for this merging show. We all had waited for one and half years for this moment. This is not just the merging of two companies, but this is the union of mine and my son. Out of many circumstances we're separated for twenty six years and it was the last year we were united. But again fate played its game and my son was again kept away from all of us. So today, in this merging fashion show, I declare a father's union with his son!"

Everyone cheered and whistled. Aryan took the mike and spoke, "Good evening everyone. It has been one and half years I am standing before an audience. What my father said is right. Fate had played its game, once again on us, that I was kept in a state where my own body was a barrier between me and my family. Today, after a torturous experience, here I am standing in front of you all with my family declaring the merging of mine and my father's company!

Today I also wanna say that, please don't blame my father or my mother for our separation. We had many problems, personal problems it is, due to which we were away, and also unknown to each other. Whatever it was, now I'm not a Rathode, but a Raizada. Aryan Singh Rathode was the prince of the fashion world, and I would like to replace it by the name Aryan Singh Raizada. And I prefer to be the prince of Raizadas not the fashion world!"

There was not one person who didn't clap. Aryan hugged Arnav and media clicked the dad-son duo, in 100% surety that the pic was going to be the hit picture of the week.

Aman Mathur held the mike and said, "So now everyone, let's all clap together for the start of the MERGING FASHION SHOW OF AR AND LARKS, but before that I request the both CEOs for introducing their new name and symbol."

Aryan took the mike and said, "We're not having any new name. Larks was my creation, where as AR was my father's. When we're merging the two, we had a small stubbornness that the name should contain both the names!"

Arnav said, "And I would like to thank Ms. Shaina Oberoi for suggesting an idea so that none of the name is swallowed. And so we declare the name of the new company as Larks."

Aryan said, "Everyone please note the point that the first three letters of the world Larks is capitalized. The AR stands for dad's company and the Larks stand for mine!"

Arnav said, "And here we introduce the new symbol of our company!" And the symbol was slide showed.

The new symbol had a speciality. It was the symbol of Larks, but the symbol of AR was placed in the letters A an R of the word Larks.


The show began.

First came the party wear section. Many models swayed the ramp wearing the excellent designs of Mrs. Ashwika Vyas, with herself as the main model.

Next came the traditional Lucknow chikkinkaari sari section, with Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada as the main model and also the head designer.

Many sections followed and then were the casual section.

Aman Mathur held the mike and said, "Next is the casual section. The casual section is always striking. The models whose walk are said to be sexy! But, should it be always sexy models? LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, GIVE A BID HAND TO THESE SPECIAL MODELS!!!"

Everyone saw tiny tots walking on the ramp in casual wear. The crowd broke into an enormous applause. The little kids swayed over the ramp with their sweet innocent smile, winning hearts.

Everyone applauded and then came the main model of the casual section. The media clicked the pics and audience cheered as Parineeti Singh Raizada walked over the ramp in a red-pink leggings and a floral top.

Pari walked away and the casual section ended as the head designer of the section Mrs. Aditi Singh walked over the ramp.

"So guys, the most awaited moment has come. THE SHOW ENDING SECTION! Usually it's western wear for Larks and anarkalis for AR, but for Larks its bridal costumes.

Give a big hand for our beautiful models swaying with bridal lehengas and sherwanis."

Many models walked over the ramp, and the section ended with Lavanya Oberoi and Anjali Singh Raizada as head designers. Finally the moment came. The show stopper moment. Aman held the mike announced,

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the most awaited moment has come! Let's all give a big hand for the beautiful show stopper of Larks, Ms. Shaina Oberoi, along with the head designers, Mr. Aryan Singh Raizada and Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada! Yes. The show stopper dress is exclusively designed by the king and prince themselves!"

Everyone cheered and saw Shaina Oberoi, looking gorgeous in bridal outfit, walking over the ramp with Aryan Singh Raizada who was in a red-cream sherwani and Arnav Singh Raizada in a sherwani himself walked beside her.

Shaina walked and stood before the media with the men by her two sides. Aryan took the mike and said, "Ladies and Gentlemen, here the fashion show ends, and we officially declare the merging of AR and Larks to Larks."

Arnav took the mike and said, "Everyone please don't leave unless you attend the function which's going to take place in minutes!"

Aryan smiled and Shaina looked confused.

Arnav smiled. Shaina turned her head and saw the entire family coming up to the stage. They all stood behind them and Arnav continued, "I know this announcement of function is a surprise! Actually it's a surprise for our dear Shaina Oberoi!"



Shaina stood tear stricken and looked at Aryan.

"You knew?" She asked and he nodded a yes.




Adi leant on the headboard looking at the picture of his wife.

"How is she? Is she fine? Why didn't she call me? Is everything okay? Did something happen to her?" Many questions pondered over his mind, but his big fat ego stopped him from calling her.

Please scroll down for an important note.

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Friends, my 12th std classes have started and there are LOADS and LOADS to study! So i won't be updating both Arshi FF: A Long Wait and Arshi SS: Memories regularly. I promise you, i'll update in three-four days gap. I'm sorry guys but what to do, it's studies and we cannot ignore that!

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gantapragnaja Groupbie

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I love your ffs. I going to miss it.

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Good wishes for your studies!
amus5 IF-Rockerz

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A perfect merger of business and family reunion...but feel sad for Malar

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