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#2 Arshi FF: A Long Wait *COMPLETED* Epilogue updated on page: 25 (Page 15)

ranogill IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 May 2016 at 5:17am | IP Logged
loved it

Alicia2012 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 May 2016 at 7:00am | IP Logged
Wow great story please update soon 
I can not wait for the next part of your story and i'm really glad that Adi ask forgiveness from his wife Malar and  I feel so sorry that about Nani died.
Rimi_BS IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 May 2016 at 7:36am | IP Logged
Lovely...but yaar there is too less arshi..tooo very less...
Lily30 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 May 2016 at 9:16am | IP Logged
Loved chapter 53 Clap
Thank you for the pm Big smile
Eager for the next part Big smile
MysticRiver IF-Addictz

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nisha_mehta IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 May 2016 at 10:28am | IP Logged
Nice part. 
Everything had fallen into its rightful place
Continue soon 
prerna1 IF-Sizzlerz

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nice part
liked it..
ArchanaSuresh17 Senior Member

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5 years later

New Character Sketch

  •                 Parineeti Singh Raizada (11)
  •                 Shivada Singh Raizada & Sharada Singh Raizada (6)
  •                 Kumud ChandraVyas (5 3/4)
  •                 Arush Singh (5)
  •                 Karan Singh Raizada (4)
  •                 Sanskriti ChandraVyas (4 3/4)


  •           Arush is called as Aru
  •           Kumud is called as Ku
  •           Karan is called as Kiddo
  •           Sanskriti is called as Sanu

   Pari, Shiva and Shara are Aryan-Shaina's kids

   Arush is Aditi-Ranveer's kid.

   Kumud is Saras-Aashi's kid.

   Karan is Adi-Malar's kid.

   Sanskriti is Priya-Sharath's kid.


Pari is in 6th grade now.

Shiva and Shara are in 1st grade.

Kumud was not 4 when Shiva and Shara was admitted in nursery and was admitted the next year along with Arush and the duo are in UKG now.

Karan a.k.a Kiddo, the youngest of the family and Sanu are in LKG now.



Chapter 54


Shantivan didn't have a piece of shanti in it, especially during the time intervals 8.00 am - 9.00 am and 4.00 am - 5.00 am. After all, this is the time when the kids leave and arrive.

It was now 8.15 am.



Khushi walked through the corridors of Shantivan when she passed Aryan's room.

"Come on Shaina, why are you so arrogant?"



"YES I DID!" Shaina shouted.

Khushi sighed and walked away to her room.

This is the daily routine. There wasn't even one day when Aryan and Shaina didn't fight. They both will shout at the top of their voice and then will apologize each other and will be happy couple again. They fight in the morning and make up in the evening!

"Arnav ji!!!!!"

She shouted as she walked in to her room.

She ran and kept the coffee tray on the table. Turning to her husband who was in front of the mirror, she shouted, "What are you doing?"

Arnav asked confused, "What am I doing?"

"Arnav ji, why aren't you applying hair dye?" She asked with her hands on her hips.

He chuckled and said, "Khushi, I don't need hair dye because my hair isn't grey. Your hair is grey not mine!"

"Still, you have some grey locks!" She said coming close and examining his hair.

"Says the person who has all her hair grey and dyed in black colour!" He said and she pouted.

"Then what should I do? You look so young and I? I look a very very old lady! I also need to look young!" She said with pout.

He laughed and pulled her by waist.

"Who is old here? You are still in youth!" He said in his husky voice, "Who would say that you're a grandmother of three children?"

She pouted and pushed him.

"You're flattering me. I'm old!" She said looking at her in mirror.

"Who said that?" He asked.


"What? Aryan said that you're old?" He asked shocked.

She nodded and said with pout, "Yesterday we were talking and he said that I shouldn't use dye because no matter what I do, my face shows that I'm old! Arnav ji, do I look old?"

"Arrey nahi, my princess, you're still the same beauty who fell in my arms!" He said hugging her.

"What a soapy dialogue dad!"

They both turned to door to see a smirking Aryan.

He came in and said, "Mamma, your husband is fooling you. Even Shaina said that you're old!"

"WHAT? WHEN DID I SAY THAT?" Shaina who came there heard it and shouted.

"Just now, you said right?" Aryan asked with a smirk.


"Let me see Lavanya maasi, I also have to complain about you!" Aryan said seriously.

Shaina smacked his arm and said, "You're a jerk!"

"You're an idiot!"




"Bas karo, tum dono!" Arnav shouted and both stopped instantly.

"Come on, you both are parents of three children and even your three kids are far matured than both of you!" Khushi said.

"Mamma, that was rude!" Aryan said.

"Khushi ma, your son is immature, not me!"Shaina said.

"Mamma, your bahu is immature, not me!" Aryan said.

"YOU'RE IMMATURE!" Shaina shouted.

"YOU'RE IMMATURE, NOT ME!" Aryan shouted.





"STOP IT!" Arnav and Khushi shouted.

Arnav said angrily, "Ok that's enough. Both of you, go!"

Aryan and Shaina pouted their lips and Aryan said, "Mamma, I said the truth. You look very old!"

"ARYAN!" Khushi shouted and tried to chase but he ran away.

Arnav and Shaina laughed.

"Why are you both laughing?" Khushi asked angrily.

Both of them stopped their laugh and Shaina said, "Err...I think Pari didn't have breakfast!" and she ran away.

"You all are pulling my leg!" Khushi whined.

"No no" Arnav said and hugged her but she pushed him.

"Look at you. You're like Salman Khan and I look like your mother!" She said with pout.

Arnav laughed and said, "Come here!" He hugged her tight and whispered, "You're still the same Khushi! And I love you a lot!"

Khushi smiled and hugged him tight. "I love you too laad governor."



"Kiddo...drink this milk!!!!" Malar ran around the living room, behind her son who had no intention of drinking the white liquid. He sang while running,

"Milk is yucky...

So is egg...

I need chicken, not a bug..."

"Chicken!" Malar exclaimed as she was running behind him, "You need chicken this early?" "YES!!!" "Very funny, Kiddo, stop fussing and come and drink this!"

"No..." He cried and ran to Adi who was coming downstairs. "Pappaaa..." He cried and Adi lifted him up. "What happened to my kiddo?"

Kiddo pouted his lips and said, "I don't need milk..." "But you have to drink it!" Malar said and came to him with the glass.

Kiddo hid his face in Adi's coat and cried, "Pappaaa, milk is yucky, and so is egg... tell mamma..."

Adi chuckled and said, "Kiddo, how about chocolate milk?" Kiddo lifted his head with a sweet smile and said, "Choco milk?? YIPEEE!"

Malar frowned and said, "There is no way that I'm gonna give him chocolate early morning. Kiddo, there is no need to drink milk but come and have breakfast!" Kiddo pouted his lips and jumped down from Adi's arms. He ran to the breakfast table to see his siblings sitting.

"Di..." He cried and ran to Pari. Pari smiled and lifted him and placed him on the chair near him. He gave a toothy smile. "Good morning Kiddo!!!!" Everyone screamed and he said, "Good morning, Pari di, Shiva di, Shara di, Aru bhai..."

Aditi came and placed a glass of milk in front of Arush. He gulped it down in no minute.

Malar came and said, "Kiddo, learn something from your bhai! Look how he drinks milk!"

Kiddo pouted his lips and sang,

"Milk is yucky,

So is egg...

I want chicken, not a bug..."

Everyone laughed and Malar frowned.

"Papa..." Shiva and Shara called together as they saw their father coming down the stairs. He smiled and said, "Good morning kids!" "Good morning Papa/Chachu/Mama"

Soon everyone of Raizada family settled on the dining table for breakfast.

Shara kept on fussing over roti as she wanted aaloo paratha. Kiddo threw his boiled egg to Shiva's plate earning a smack from his father.

He pouted and cried, "Egg is yucky..."

Adi said in a firm voice, "Karan, you didn't drink milk. Eat the egg or else you won't have chocolates for a week while all your cousins will have!"

Kiddo gulped down and leaned and took his boiled egg from Shiva's plate and started gobbling it down. Adi smiled and patted his head.

Arush shouted, "I forgot to ask. We all are going to cinema today, right?" All the kids sharpened their ears for the reply.

Ranveer said, "We'll go, only if you kids stop doing mischief in schools." All the kids shouted, "PAKKA..." Others smiled.





Everyone has left for office. Payal was cooking while Madhumati went to temple along with Khushi and Anjali.

Manorama sat in her bed and kept thinking about the past years.

Her eyes were overflowing recalling the death of her husband and Shashi and Garima. She was also a victim of the accident which has left an imprint in her mind and body. The wheel chair near her bed depicts her disastrous past where she witnessed her husband and her daughter-in-law's parents burning into flames along with the car. Her husband had pushed her out of the front seat that she fell out of the car, thus saved from dying.

But for her dying was the better option!

She looked at the bed table and saw their family photo along with the kids.

She caressed all the kids and her hands stopped at Kiddo.

She recalled the day when kiddo came into their life.

Malar and Adi was always sad of not having kids. Adi never said it aloud but Malar knew his pain. Yet they suppressed their pain and enjoyed their time with their siblings' children.

One day Malar was given the charge of a delivery.

Malar did the delivery. It was a boy! She gave the child to the girl, but to her horror, the girl didn't hold the child. Rather the girl and boy said, "We don't want this child!"

Malar stood in shock when they said, "We're in a love relation for the past three years, but none of our family knows. If they come to know about this child, they will kill us. We don't want this child."

Malar was electrified. She nodded a yes with great difficulty, and the couple went. She had said the yes to get rid of them. She didn't want their shadow to be on this child for any more second.

She held the child tight. Priya came the way and asked to Malar, "Malar whose child is this?"

Malar looked at her and said with determination, "He is my child!"

Manorama wiped the tears from her eyes recalling the great act of her granddaughter-in-law. Malar brought the baby home and everyone welcomed it with hands wipe open. Adi named him Karan Singh Raizada and they called him Kiddo, the kiddo of the house.


Malar smiled and said, "TODAY IS HOLI!!!!!!!!!"

"SO GUYS, ITS HOLI...SHOULDN'T WE HAVE A DHAMAKHA?" Aryan asked, and everyone cheered.

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