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#2 Arshi FF: A Long Wait *COMPLETED* Epilogue updated on page: 25

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Here I am with the Thread 2 of Arshi FF: A Long Wait.

I really thank all of you for your support. If you all hadn't encouraged me, then I wouldn't have updated regularly.




Chapter 45: Scroll down

Chapter 46:

Chapter 47:

Chapter 48:

Chapter 49:

Chapter 50 and IMPORTANT NOTE:

Chapter 51:

Chapter 52:

Chapter 53:

Chapter 54:

Chapter 55:

Chapter 56

Chapter 57:

Chapter 58:

Chapter 59:

Chapter 60:


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congrats for the new thread.. 
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Chapter 45



Shaina sat by the dressing table and combed her hair. The blue long skirt and white silk top specially designed by her father in law was looking excellent on her. She wore other accessories, and was about to take her mobile to have a phone call when a high pitched cry startled her.

She ran to the cradle and took her 18 months old baby. She had left the baby asleep but looks like she is a bit active today. She caressed her back and tried to put her into sleep but she kept on playing with her hair clip.

"Gaaahhhaa...haa..." She made noises and patted Shaina's crook of neck. Shaina smiled and kissed on her cheek.

"Shaina..." She turned hearing someone calling out for her. A lady in grey sari walked in. "You are ready? Come have breakfast!" Shaina nodded. She was about to give her baby to her when another cry turned her.

Shaina smiled and said, "Malar, can you please give her a bath?" Malar smiled and said, "You don't need to ask that Shaina. Dr. Malar is at your service!" And she walked to the second cradle and took the second baby.

It was then they felt someone running to them. They turned back and saw Aditi. She ran to them and said to Malar, "I need to take her. Please give her to me." Malar was about to reply when another cry of a baby was heard from the other room.

Malar giggled and said, "Go and take her!"

Aditi nodded and ran at her top speed. Malar called out, "Aditi stop running. It's not good for you..."

Aditi didn't listen. She ran to Aashi di's room and found the baby crying. She got inside to take it when Saras took it. She looked at him with pouted lips.

Saras looked at her and asked, "Aditi, why did you run all the way?" "Jeeju, I wanted to take her, so I ran..."

"But you shouldn't run like this Aditi. You're three months pregnant!" Aditi turned and saw Ranveer with angry eyes.

She but her tongue and said, "Sorry Ranveer I will never repeat this. Actually I so wanted to take babies. So I came..." "Here, take her!" Saras handed over the baby to Aditi.

Aashi came out having a bath and saw the three. Aditi saw her and asked, "Can I ask you something? Di, Jeeju, why did you name your baby as Kumud?"

Saras smiled and said, "Kumud means Lotus!" "Hm...You are the moon. Aashi di is the courageous bold one. So your daughter is the courageous bold lotus which blooms in moon. Right?" "Right!" Aashi said.


They all went to Shaina's room to see Shaina and Malar busy with the babies. Aditi handed over Kumud to Aashi and ran to them. "Malar bhabhi, now I want to hold my Shivada." Malar smiled and gave her to her.

Shaina looked at all and smiled. She was applying powder to the baby. Aashi made Kumud sit near the baby.

Aditi played with Shivada, but after a while she started crying loudly putting forward her hand towards Shaina. Shaina came and took her, but she doesn't stop crying.

Shaina smiled and kept her near the baby. Shivada stopped crying and patted the hand of the other babies. Everyone smiled at the scene. Kumud pulled the lace of Shivada's frock and Shivada was rubbing her hand on the baby's skin and smelt it. She liked the scent of the baby powder and giggled. The other baby also giggled and patted Shivada's cheeks and also Kumud's.

"Shaina di..." Aditi said, "The babies are so cute na?" "Yeah," Shaina said, "And they can't even stay separated for a minute." They watched the babies playing. Shaina made the baby dressed and combed her hair. The baby giggled and started pulling Shaina's long hair.

"Aooww...Shara...leave my hair..." The baby left her hair and giggled. Shaina pinched her nose and said, "You're being so naughty."

"She should be, after all Sharada is exactly like her father." Everyone turned back and saw Khushi at the door. She walked in took Sharada in her arms and said, "Do you all know, when Aryan was six months old he dipped my new frock in his food and started to eat it."

"WHAT!" Everyone exclaimed.

Khushi giggled and said, "Yes. Actually he saw a picture of pizza and the design in my new frock was somewhat like a pizza. So he dipped it in his food and made it look like pizza." Everyone giggled.

Suddenly all became silent. They all looked at the bed to see Aryan lying lifelessly with some medicines near him. Shaina felt tears rolling down but she hid it cleverly. She walked towards her twin daughters, Shivada and Sharada, and started adjusting Shivada's frock so that no one would notice her tears.

Khushi sat near him and caressed his hairs and said, "Too naughty he was. Whatever new dress I would bring, he would take a scissor and make it something else. Loved to irritate me, pull my hair, and now look at him. Doesn't even bother to pull my legs." She felt tears flowing down. She hurriedly wiped it and said, "Arnav ji must be waiting. Let me go..." And she walked away.




Malar sat in her cabin leaning on her chair. She looked at the table only to see a picture of hers and Adi's.

She smiled thinking about her past one and half year.

Living as Adi's wife was the best gift god has given her. Although she refused to accept him due to the reasons' she couldn't stay away from him. She felt happy when he introduced her as Mrs. Aditya Singh Raizada when gone for some parties. She felt happy when he took care of her when she was ill. The feelings she had for him increased ten folds a day.

The six months of their life flew like wind. Finally the day came by when their contract officially ended. Malar felt tears flowing out of her eyes remembering how she left him and joined as surgeon in Georgia Medical School. Everyone tried to convince her except Adi. He just let her go. He let her pursue her dreams. And she went, away from him.

Malar wiped her tears. She recalled her three months life at Georgia. 

She had a good work atmosphere, but didn't mingle with anyone. She worked over time because every free moment of her drove her mind to the moments she spent with Adi.

Everything has a limit. Seven months was the limit for her. Now she cannot control. She cannot live without him. She had tried it for the past seven months, but not anymore. Malar decided to leave her job, leave her incomplete life at Georgia and she packed her bags to India, to her Adi.

Dr. Malar Singh Raizada recalled that day when she came to Raizada house.

She expected everyone to be in the garden or at the balcony, but didn't expect a huge crowd in the mansion. As she walked in she could feel a negative feeling engulfing her. With wobbly steps she walked inside and saw a board. She read the letters on the board and it broke her heart into pieces.

Aditya Singh Raizada
engaged to
Maya Kapoor

Malar felt weak. She wanted to sit down and dug her face in her knees and cry out her heart. She turned her vision right and saw Adi in a black and white suite with a girl near him in violet gown.

She clutched her bag tightly that her knuckles turned white. She heard people behind her talking, "Isn't this that doctor girl, Aditya's ex-wife?" "Yeah, they divorced three months ago right?" "Why is she back?" "May be to get money. She may be pregnant with someone's child." "Right, girls always finds some way to trap rich boys. Otherwise, why would she come exactly on the day on his engagement?"

Malar felt suffocated. She decided to leave the place when she left someone's glance on her. She looked up and saw all members of the family looking at her. She looked at Adi, who was standing helplessly. She wiped the tears flowing out of her eyes turned to leave when she heard "aaahhh..."

She turned back and saw a pregnant Shaina clutching her stomach and screaming in pain. Everyone rushed to her. Malar dropped her bag and ran to her. "Take the car!" She screamed at Ranveer. Ranveer rushed to the parking and Adi lifted Shaina up. They rushed through the hospital and Malar gave her first aid all through the way.

They reached hospital, and surprisingly Shaina asked Malar to be with her during her premature delivery. Malar helped her to reduce her pain and Shaina delivered two little princesses.

Everyone gathered around the babies but Malar stood near the door. Shaina asked her to take the baby. She took one angel and asked, "What's their names?" Shaina smiled and said, "Shivada and Sharada."

"WOW Shaina di...nice names..." Shaina smiled and replied, "These names are Aryan's suggestions. When Pari was born Aryan had said that day that if we're having girl twins then we'll name them Shivada and Sharada."


The Raizadas asked Malar to stay. Priya was staying at Raizada house even now. She used to go to her flat when her parents come. Malar walked in the terrace and saw Adi standing.

She congratulated him with a lot of pain inside her and he nodded. They talked about casual matters and he asked how her new life is. With a great difficulty she replied, "Life is good!"

Malar with tears recalled the day before Adi's and Maya's marriage. Aditi and Ranveer were also getting married on the same day. Aashi and Saras had married earlier as Saras's grandmother was in her death bed and wanted to see her grandson's marriage.

The whole Raizada mansion was decorated for the weddings which were to be taken place the next day.

Malar saw Adi standing at the balcony and went near him. Adi saw her and asked, "Malar, why did you come back?"

Malar stood numb for a second and replied, "I wanted to meet Priya!" Adi smiled and said, "So you're going back?" "Yes, I have a job there."

"Then why do you have resignation certificate of Georgia Medical School?" Malar stood shocked when she saw Adi having her resignation certificate. She hurriedly changed the topic and said, "Adi go and sleep. It's you marriage tomorrow!"

"I'm not marrying Maya!" Adi said shocking Malar to core. He turned and said, "I broke up with her." "Why?"

"She loved the money of Raizadas, not me!" "Then what about your marriage?" "I'm going to marry another girl. My friend Laxmi."

"LAXMI!!!!" Malar screamed, "Adi, she is a s**t. You know that right? We both have seen her partying with random boys."

Adi said, "Let it be. For me my family's prestige is important."

"But Adi, you can't marry her!"

"Why Malar? Who are you to say that?"



"I'M YOUR WIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She screamed at the top of her voice.

That one minute courage of hers changed her life. Malar smiled recalling how Adi played with her in the name of Laxmi. He had broken off his marriage with Maya the next day of engagement and was playing all along. The whole family was doing preparations for marriage of her's and Adi's along with others. Malar still remember how shocked she was when the family had the bridal set and jewellery ready for her.

"Hello Mrs. Raizada..."

Malar broke from her chain of thoughts and looked to that door and saw Priya.

"Hello Mrs. Vyas..." She said.

Priya smiled and sat on the chair. "What are you thinking? She asked. Malar replied, "Just thinking how life evolved in the past one and half year." "Absolutely right Malar. Life gives us many surprises. When Sharath came for his treatment to me, who knew that he would be my husband?"

"I knew!" Malar said smiling, "The day Saras came to you with his brother who had an accident, the sympathetic look you had for him was all enough for me to understand that you have a special feeling for him." Priya blushed.

"By the way," Malar said, "How is he now?" "He is all fine. Now Vyas industries are flourishing like anything. After all both Saraswatichandra Vyas and Sharathchandra Vyas are together working with Laxminandan Vyas!"

"Hey you both are coming today right? Aashi and Saras are home for the past two days. Why didn't you come?" "Saras bhai had left some works for Sharath. We'll be coming today."


By evening 4.15pm everyone gathered at Aryan's room. Just fifteen minutes after, they saw Pari hopping into the room in her school uniform followed by an angry Shaina.

"Papa..." she cooed and jumped on the bed. She patted his hands and said, "Papa, do you know today that Monty broke my pencil. I got very angry and broke his nose. For that madam called mamma and scolded her. Then mamma scolded me. Papa, mamma is on Monty's side. Please help me na..."

"Shut up Pari!" Shaina shouted, "You broke his nose. Do you know how much blood was flowing out? Poor boy and you're asking me to stay in your party?"

"Mamma," Pari said, "He broke my pencil, that's why..." "Pari," Aditi said, "If he had broken your pencil, then you should have broken his pen, not his nose!" "And Pari, you shouldn't injure anyone! It's wrong!" Malar said.

Pari made a puppy face and looked at Aryan's lying form and said, "Papa, look na...everyone is in Monty's side." "Pari stop fussing!" Shaina scolded and she took a comb and went near her saying, "Look at your hair! Come I will comb it!"

Aditi and Malar were playing with Shiva and Shara and placed them on bed near Aryan. Pari was on their opposite side with Shaina pulling her hairs and tying it.

"Owww...mamma...please..." Pari screamed, "Don't tie look at this...aaahhh...papa..." She cried as Shaina pulled her hair tightly.

Shivada and Sharada found it a bit interested. They both started patting Aryan's hand and started saying, ""

Everyone stood up shocked. Did they just stay Papa? Shaina looked at others with tears of happiness flowing out. Her daughters just said their first word and the first word was Papa! She wiped her tears and smiled.

The little babies giggled and clapped their hands and said by patting his hands, "Pa...Pa...Pa...Pa..."

"MAMMA..." Pari screamed pointing to something, "LOOK AT THAT..." Everyone followed their vision and got shocked to the core.

Aryan was moving his fingers!




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Emotional update.
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very good update
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hmmm nice updated .congratulations for new waiting aryan appear

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Congratulations on the new thread Clap Party
Loved the update Clap
Eager for the next part Big smile
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congrats on the new thread
great part
shaina gave to twins
continue soon. ...

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