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Abhigya TS:Its All About Trust[COMPLETED] (Page 6)

chubbygirl IF-Rockerz

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Its awesome Scarlett.
Please continue

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Originally posted by chubbygirl

Its awesome <font face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif" size="3"><font size="2">Scarlett.
Please continue
Thanks dear...will continue soon...
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Originally posted by .Zoya.

Awesome Start
Thanks dear...
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Amazing start. 
Loved it. 
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Originally posted by SWARNA99

Amazing start.
Loved it.
Thanks dear...glad u loved it...

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update soon buddy
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Originally posted by illa8

update soon buddy
will update today dear...

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Mrs.JamesBarne IF-Dazzler

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Hey friends I am back with the next chapter.Thank you for the lovely  feedbacks.Enjoy reading and let me know your reviews.

''So there is no need for this papers anymore''said purab and took the divorce papers which pragya signed from his pocket and daadi smiled seeing this.
''Arrey beta how did you get this?''asked Daadi and purab smiled.
''Well i called lawyer  yesterday and threaten him to give the papers back.So he gave me back ''said purab with a smile.
''That good purab.Now please tear those paper.It gave us really a big trouble''said Akash and purab went to tear it with a nod when pragya's voice stopped her.
''No purab don't.I want this divorce''said pragya shocking everyone and Abhi felt like someone pulled his life out of his body hearing this.
''Beta what are you saying?''asked daadi in confusion.
''Haan daadi i want this divorce.Why should i continue a relation with Abhishek when he never trusted me and always betrayed me?''asked pragya .
''Beta I am know whatever he did is wrong .But beta why you want this divorce now when everything is fine?''asked Daadi 
''No daadi i had enough.Even after all the pains he gave me i fought for him because i loved him.But that love died last night when he ended our relationship.You don't have any idea how much pain i felt when i saw him in Tanu's apartment on our wedding night daadi.That's the worst punishment a girl could get in her life.But i forgave him even for that.He continued to insult me and hurt me both physically and mentally for something i never did Daadi.I tolerated all that just for the sake of my sister and our family.But crossed all the limits last night.So i want this divorce so that i can leave his life for good as he wanted.Please don't stop me this time daadi''said pragya and daadi looked her with helplessness.
''Pragya i know what i did was wrong but please don't leave me.Even you are at wrong by keeping all this from me.What is need for all this drama you guys did for the past months.If you informed about Aaliya and Tanu i would have believed you.''said Abhi and hearing this pragya started to laugh bitterly.
''You would have believed me Abhishek.Really?But how?Like you believed me on the Aaliya's wedding day when i said that i am  not at fault in purab running or on the MMS issue when i said that i never did something like that?.The truth is Abhishek you never believed in the past and you will never believe me in the future.you always need prove whenever it comes to me.But you just blindly believe whatever your sister and so called girlfriend says.Do you have any idea whatever i went through during that 24 hours deadline you gave me to prove myself durning the MMS issue?I mean who gave you the right to question my character and loyalty when you took Tanu to our honeymoon and spend time with her.You hurted me so much in this few months to an extent that it nearly broke me.okay let us forget about our past Abhishek.But why didn't you believe me just before few minutes when i said that the baby is not Tanu's?''asked pragya in ager and Abhi didn't know how to answer all those questions.
''I didn't believe because i thought you changed pragya.I thought you are not my fuggy anymore.That's why i didn't believe you''said Abhi.
''Well if you really loved me as you claimed you should have known i would never do all these things without any purpose.You never understood me Abhi and never will.Even after whatever Aaliya did you allowed to entry this house again just because your girlfriend told me.You will never change Abhi and I am tired to tolerating all this pains and forgiving  you againa and again.Do you how much dreams i had when i married you.But  you broke all my dream the same night.so i want this divorce and no one can change my mind this time.''said pragya with determination in her voice.Then she looked at daadi who was sitting on the sofa and sat infront of her on knees taking her hands into his.
''Daadi i know this decision of mine is hurting  you ,but daadi please understand me.I can't do this anymore daadi.As a bahu of this house i did my duty by exposing Tanu and Aaliya and securing this house.But i can't be in this house anymore which gave me only pain and insults.If i was your own daughter would you let me live in a relation like this?''asked pragya and daadi looked her with tears in her eyes.
''Beta i wanted to see you and Abhi together because i wanted a selfless person like you in his life who can give him unconditional love but now i can understand he didn't deserve you or your love .Leave this house as you want beta.But please don't forget this daadi okay.Just remember that i will always love you inspite of whatever decision you make''said daadi and pragya hugged her the next moment letting the tears flow.Daadi too hugged her back with love and everyone's heart melted seeing their pain and love.After few moments pragya broke the hug and wiped her tears.
''Thank you for understanding me daadi''said pragya and daadi nodded with a small smile.
''Its okay beta.As i said you like my daughter and  a mother always understands her daughter''said daadi with a smile which pragya returned.Then she stood up and went towards Akash and Rachana.
''Rachu take care of yourself and your baby okay?''asked pragya and Rachana nodded with a teary smile.
''I will di.please take care of yourself  and be in contact with us''said Rachana and pragya nodded.
''I will Rachu.you can't get rid of your sister that easily you know''said pragya and Rachana hugged her tightly.
''I will miss you di''said Rachana and pragya too hugged her back tightly.
''I will miss you too Rachu''said Pragya and both the sisters broke the hug after few moments.Then pragya looked at Akash and smiled.
''Thank you  for everything Akash.If  you didn't helped me i could have never exposed them''said pragya and Akash smiled.
''Its okay Bhabhi.After whatever you did for me its the least i could do.''said Akash.
''Take care of yourself and my behan okay''said pragya and Akash nodded.
''I will bhabhi''said Akash and pragya then moved towards purab.
''Take care of yourself and other okay''asked pragya and purab nodded with a smile.
''I will di.But please you too take care of yourself''said purab and pragya nodded.Then she took a deep breath and looked at daadi.
''I will come back talking my bags daadi''said pragya and left to her room.Seeing this Abhi rushed behind her as he is not ready let her go after every misunderstanding cleared between them.
As pragya entered her room she looked around the room and remembered all the moments she spend in this room.Remembering all those moments she got emotional and closed her eyes as she didn't want to get weak now.Then she took a deep breath and started to take the bags which she already packed.Just then Abhi entered the room and saw pragya who was taking her perfumes and other cosmetics and putting them in her hand bag and walked towards her.Once he reached her she turned her towards him holding her shoulder.
''Pragya please don't do this to me.I know whatever i did was a mistake.But please give me another chance.I can't live without you pragya please''said Abhi but pragya just looked him with a blank look.
''You can't live without me?''asked pragya and Abhi nodded.
''Well if its true how could you divorce me knowing that you have to live without me for the rest of your live when i signed the paper?''asked pragya and Abhi didn't know how to answer this question.Then she removed his hands from her shoulder and looked him with a pained look.
''You know what Abhishek even after everything happened between them i loved you and i only got pain and betrayal from you in return.I never asked you anything from you till now from the day we got married.But today I am just asking  you to leave me alone.so please leave me alone if you really loved me like you say.You hurted me too much to an extent that you can't do anything to make me forget those pain.Just move on in your life and leave me alone''said pragya and left the room taking her thinks leaving a broken Abhi behind.
Once Pragya entered the hall she saw everything still waiting for her there and asked Robin to keep her things in the taxi which she booked.
''Daadi i will take maa with me once i made arrangements to take care in my house.Till then can you please take care of her?''asked pragya and daadi nodded.
''Sure beta''said daadi and pragya hugged her one last time and left the house which only gave her pain and tears for good.

Once she sat in the cab she closed her eyes and felt at peace after a long time in her eyes.Just then she felt a hand on her shoulder and opened her eyes to see purvi looking at her with worry.
''Di are you alright?''asked purvi and pragya gave her a small but content smile.
''Yes purvi''said pragya and purvi gave her smile back knowing her sister is saying the truth this time.
Abhi who saw her cab leaving the house finally crumbled on the floor and broke down completely.He can't believe he let the best thing happened to him because of his own stupidity.But he know this time he can't earn her forgiveness as he broke all the trust she had on him.Abhi know this is punishment he is getting  for hurting a innocent soul like pragya and he has to live his life without her from now which is the worst punishment he could ever get.

Abhi entered the marriage venue with his family and when he looked around the venue he started to remember his marriage with pragya and a small smile appeared on his lips.Its been 7 years since his fuggy left him and still none of his family members forgive him for making their lovely pragya leave them.But he can't blame them as he never forgive himself till now.In these 7 years his memories with his fuggy is the only thing which kept him alive.At first Abhi tried to contact her when he came to know pragya left the country with sarla maa and purvi once their divorce passed.But daadi made him promise on his mother's grave that he will not disturb pragya any more.She always said that it was his punishment for hurting her daughter and he left the idea of winning her back when he understood that daadi is right and pragya will never forgive him.These 7 years without her is like a hell on earth but he know deserved it.But today he is going to meet pragya after 7 years and he was so nervous and excited.Today was purvi's wedding and they came to canada to attend her wedding.Abhi came to know that pragya decided to settle in canada once they got divorce as she got a job here with the help of her college friend from Akash when he gave the news about purvi's marriage to others before a week.So they landed in Canada yesterday and he can't wait to see pragya again.Just then he saw purvi walking towards them with a smile and she hugged Rachana tightly once she reached them.
''How are you Rachu?I missed you so much''said purvi once she broke the hug.
''I am fine purvi.But what are you doing here on your wedding day when you must be in the room?''asked Rachana and purvi rolled her eyes .
''Oh come on Rachu you know i never listen to this stupid rules.And moreover i can't wait to meet you all.''said purvi with a smile and then she greeted other with a hug and smile.Then when she saw Abhi her smile faded. 
''Kaise hai aap?''asked purvi politely.
''I am fine purvi.How are you?''said Abhi with a small smile
''I am fine''said purvi again politely and turned towards others.
''Okay guys come on lets go inside''said purvi with a bright smile and they followed her.
Once they reached inside the resort where the marriage was held purvi took them to a cottage type house in the resort and made them sit in the living room and ordered drinks for them and joined them.
''So Purvi where is pragya di?''asked Purab and Abhi's heart skipped a beat hearing this.
''Actually purab she was getting ready as she was busy with the preparation till few hours back.so James litearlly dragged her to get ready''said purvi and everyone nodded.Just then Arjun[Akash and Rachana's son]saw someone and jumped from Rachana's lap and started to run towards the person.
''Maasi''shouted Arjun and when everyone looked at that the direction they saw their pragya walking toward them with a smile.When she saw Arjun running towards her  she took the small boy in her arms and laughed when Arjun kissed her cheeks.
''How are you maasi?''asked Arjun and pragya smiled seeing his cute smile and kissed his cheeks.
''I am fine.How is my little prince?''asked pragya as she started to walk towards them.Abhi heart started to beat fast seeing his fuggy after 7 long years and she looked like an angel to him in her peach and silver lehenga with matching diamond necklace and ear ring.As she reached she hugged daadi first tightly.
''How are you beta?''asked Daadi with a smile caressing her face.
''I am fine daadi.How are you ?''asked Pragya with a smile seeing her love and care.
''I am fine beta''said Daadi and then pragya greeted everyone with a tight hug except Abhi whom she greeted just like purvi and it hurted Abhi like hell.Then she sat beside purvi with Arjun beside her 
''So di how was the animal  foundation work going?''asked Akash.
''Its going  fine.Tonight we are going to open it and i want all of  you to  attend it''said pragya and they nodded.
''Ofcourse we will di.''said Akash with a smile.
''Di where is Day i can't see him anywhere.I thought he will be with you?''asked Rachana.
''Well Damien and Williams is getting ready in the house they will be here soon.Actually Damien is not feeling well so i asked him to take some rest''said pragya and hearing this everyone got worried except Abhi as he was confused what they are talking about and who is this Damien and Williams.
''Beta what is wrong with him?''asked daadi in a worried voice.
''Nothing to worry daadi.Just a mild cold.''said pragya and everyone sighed in relief.As Abhi was about to ask who Damien and Williams to purab when a voice got everyone's attention.
''MOM''called a shout and pragya turned and gave a bright smile seeing a 4 or 5 years old boy who just shouted.
''Come here my darling''said Pragya and the small boy ran towards her and sat on her lap.
''How is my darling doing now?''asked Pragya with a smile.
''I am doing  fine mom''said Damien and Abhi was shocked to hear this.
''Daadi,chachu,chachi and Maamu you didn't say you are coming''said Damien in his cout candian with Indian accent making everyone smile.
''Actually we decided to surprise you champ''said purab with a smile.
''Well i love the surprise maamu''said Damien and they started to chat with Damien while Abhi just looked the little boy in shock.
''So where is your father?''asked Pragya and Damien smiled.
''Well dad got a call once he parked the car.He said he will join us once he finishes it.And you know mom dad promised me to get me ice cream tomorrow''said Damien and pragya looked her son in disbelief 
''HE SAID WHAT?''asked pragya in irritation and before Damien could replay someone replayed her.
''Son you said you won't tell your mom about this''came a voice and when Abhi turned towards the voice he saw a guy walking towards them in a black sherwani and buy the looks of his he is sure the guy is Canadian.
''William Alexzander Matthews you are going to buy our son ice cream when was suffering from cold?''asked pragya with a glare and William smiled sheepishly.
''Okay i won't now.Stop giving me those glare Cara mia''said William and sat beside her placing a kiss on her cheeks in affection.
''Sometimes i wonder who is five years old here Will''said pragya shaking her head with a smile.
''Hi guys how are you all ?''asked williams looking at everyone and they nodded with a smile and started to caht with him and pragya.
Abhi sat there frozen in shock as he can't believe that pragya got married and even has a son of five years.Just them he noticed the wedding band on her and williams finger and his blood boiled in anger and jealously.
''So where is brother who is marrying my saali?''asked William putting a hand on purvi's shoulders.
''James is getting ready Jiju''said purvi with a smile.
''Okay i will go and check on him.You guys keep talking''said Pragya and stood up from the sofa shifting Damien from her lap to William's and left to check on James.Once pragya left Abhi excused himself and left the place taking purab with him.
Once Abhi and purab came away Abhi looked purab with a glare.
''You know pragya is married and has a son all this time and you didn't even bother to tell me?''asked Abhi with anger.
''Why i tell you Abhi?Who are you to my di to tell you about her personal life?Yes its true we all know about this and we are happy for her.You are the one who made her leave your life so stop getting angry as you don't have any right on her anymore.She is happy in her life Abhi so please don't do anything that will make her regret inviting us here''said purab and left the place in anger leaving a sorrow filled Abhi behind. 
Abhi was sitting in the opening event of  the 12th branch of the ''Let's pet them'' animal  foundation with his family members including newly wedded purvi and James with Damien while Pragya and William are waiting in the back stage.The marriage ceremony ended happily and grandly and everyone  could see the love between purvi and James.Just then a woman in red gown came on the stage and stood infront of the mike with a smile.
''Good evening everyone.Thank you all for coming to this beautiful event and making it special.So here comes the man of our event with his beautiful and talents wife.Please put up your hands for Mr and Mrs.Matthews please''said the woman and as everyone clapped pragya entered the stage with william hand in hand.Then William with a smile stood in-front of mike and started to speak.
''Thank you everyone was coming here and investing in this foundation for a good cause.As everyone know today we are opening 12 branch of ''Let's pet them'' all over the world and i thanks everyone who supported me and my wife in this all this years.I just hope you guys will continue to support us in the future too''said William and the reports came forward to say questions.
''Mr.Matthews can we know the reason why are you opening especially animal cares around the world?What or who inspired to do this?''asked a reporter and william smiled at this question.
''Well before 7 years when i went to India regarding  a project i saw a woman helping a wounded dog in the park without caring what others will think and i really wished to meet the woman again in my life.But I never thought i will see the woman after 2 month in my home town and that too next to my house.Then we became friends and she is the one who inspired to start this foundations.After getting to know her i fell in love with her and now i married to that amazing woman''said william and looked pragya with a smile which filled with love and adoration.
''Mr.Matthews there are rumors that Mrs.Matthews give a tough time when you asked her to be your girlfriend is it true?''asked another reported and William laughed lightly at this.
''Its absolutely true.I literally begged her to be my girlfriend and give me a chance and after many attempts she did give e a chance''said william with a smile remembering all those moments.
''Mrs.Matthews do you think you did the correct decision by giving him a chance?''asked a reporter.
''Yes.I know i made the best decision by giving him a chance and marrying him.He makes me feel the luckiest girl in the world and i am the most happiest woman in the world now''said pragya with a smile 
''Mr.Matthews we known all your properties which you already have and whenever you buy a new one its in Mrs.Matthews name can we know why?''asked a reporter.
''Its because i trust her more than myself.She is a great planner and she never uses the money unnecessarily.I have full faith in her that she will manage our life better than me.Its the reason all my properties are in my wife's name''said Williams with a smile.Hearing this replay Abhi felt like he was slapped as he never had this trust on his wife.He then watched how pragya answer the other questions the reporters asked with a content smile and came to know the guy who was standing beside her was the reason behind it.After answering all the questions by the reporters william and pragya toasted for it and Abhi too did it with a sad yet genuine smile knowing  his fuggy was finally happy in her with a husband who deserves her and trust her a lot.Not just with money but with everything.Now he understood a relation is not about money or other things,but its all about trust which he never had on her.He just prayed to god to keep his fuggy like this happy forever.With this he stood up and left the venue to his hotel room to pack for this departure with satisfaction that pragya is in good hands.
                                     **THE END**
Author's Note:

Hey guys i know many of you will be disappointed by the ending.But guys i really wanted Abhi to regret his actions in the worst possible way and pragya to find happiness in someone else as i can't see Abhi taking her for granted.BUT I decided to write an alternate version of this if you guys want which will have a happy ending for Abhigya in it.
And yea NICK BATEMAN is playing Williams here.I just love that guy

With Love,

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